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Destiny 2’s next big expansion Witch Queen postponed to 2022 | Instant News

The illustration of the witch with the next big expansion titled

Screenshot: Bunge

Destiny 2 Since its release, it has been greatly expanded every year, but it will be different in 2021.Bunge Announced today The witch queen Originally planned to be launched in the second half of this year, Due to its size and continuing problems caused by working from home during the covid-19 pandemic, the data will be postponed to 2022.

The studio wrote: “When we started to expand the production of Witch Queen last year, we made the difficult and important decision to postpone its release date to early 2022.”[W]e also realized that we need to add an extra unannounced chapter after Lightfall to fully complete our first legend fate. ”

In addition to making fun of this extra “chapter” between Witch queen with LightlyIt is speculated that it will now be postponed to 2023. Bungie Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn (Joe Blackburn) explored the reasons for the delay in more detail:

  • The Witch Queen represents an important evolution of Destiny 2 in progress. Transcendence lays the foundation for us to weave together the world architecture of Destiny and Destiny 2, but the Witch Queen will light a flame in a closely connected narrative as we have never tried before, Lightfall and others. Characters, arcs, heroes and villains will continue to exist in multiple releases in the future. More importantly, the conclusion of these releases will also end the “Legend of Light and Darkness”, which was the first conflict we introduced when we released Destiny many years ago. During the development of The Witch Queen, we realized that we needed this version to be the first of many moments that are crucial to the story of destiny. Since there is so much leadership and it depends on what happens in “The Witch Queen”, we want to make sure that we give ourselves enough time to complete this journey in the right way, starting with the first chapter of “The Witch Queen.”
  • With Destiny now committed to becoming an evolving world, we want to make sure that we are still taking time to upgrade Destiny 2’s system base to support everything we do in the future. Our ultimate vision for “Destiny 2” still exists-the final action MMO, a unified global community where you can play “Destiny” with your friends anywhere. In 2021, this means upgrading our approach to keep Destiny’s weapon and armor games fresh, perfecting our vision for PVP, implementing transmog, and adding Crossplay. More below.
  • Finally, and the most important reason, we are proud of our uncompromising commitment to our team’s health. Since COVID-19 keeps us away from the office and requires a lot of work, we need to move the date to ensure that this year’s updated content and “Queen of Witch” are provided with the quality we pursue, and in accordance with what is meaningful to each participant Timetable.

basically, Witch queen Sounds like it can kick fateSince the release of the first game, its story has experienced incredibly slow burning, turned into speeding, and Bunge needs more time to handle it properly and lay the foundation correctly.

in tradition, fate The expansion was launched in September.last year Beyond the light It was the first to slip, but arrived in November. This is the first expansion provided by the studio after it broke up with Activision. With the announcement of these latest delays, it seems that the original predictable release cadence of the series will be replaced by a more realistic approach, “it will be eliminated when it is finished.”

At the same time, Bungie focused on improving many content in the game. Including its recently added and criticized sunset system Therefore, new trophies will be given an annual validity period.


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Warzone bans more players through anti-cheat measures | Instant News

last week, Activision and Raven Software ban 60,000 accounts in Call of Duty: War Zone Cheating, and it seems that more will be banned today. The exact number of this latest ban has not yet been announced, but this move is part of a greater effort to ensure that all players can enjoy the game. Activision has previously stated that many changes have taken place behind the scenes to better detect and ban cheaters. What impact these bans may have remains to be seen, but it is clear that everyone involved in the game is committed to solving this problem!

A tweet announcing the latest ban is embedded below.

Despite Activision’s best efforts, cheating is still Call of Duty: War Zone Since the game debuted last year, it has been a prominent issue. According to Activision, the previous set of bans brought the total number of deleted accounts to 300,000.Like a game Call of Duty: War Zone As long as the players stay engaged, the game can continue to flourish, and those who use cheating software are unlikely to let others continue to focus on the game.When cheatingers let themselves go, they will kill things like War zone, So publishers need to ensure that players are motivated to keep coming back.

It is impossible for Activision and Raven Software to eliminate every player that uses cheating software; no matter what measures are taken, cheaters will continue to find new ways to circumvent anti-cheating software. However, frequent bans will disturb those who have not been anti-cheating. If players are convinced that they may be part of the next batch of bans, they may think twice before using software that will harm the entire gaming environment.for Call of Duty: War Zone Fans, these bans are too few.

Call of Duty: War Zone Currently available for PlayStation 4. Xbox Onewith personal computer.You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

Have you met any cheaters Call of Duty: War Zone? What do you think of Activision’s anti-cheat measures?Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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Ready to get more Remasters from Activision Blizzard in 2021 | Instant News

Activision Blizzard, a major video game maker, has been relying on massive re-productions for years to make big money.

We have seen the return of IP Crash Bandicoot with Tony Hawk’s professional skateboarder From Activision, and Blizzard has joined such as Warcraft III: ReforgedObviously the relationship with the fans is not good.

In the company’s latest earnings conference call, the company pointed out that at some point this year there may be more of this “remastered content”:

“In terms of re-produced content, we have other things to resolve. These content will be announced in due course. This should provide us with more opportunities this year.”

As early as 2019, Activision said that it has a lot of IP, I believe fans want to experience it again-also mentioned The successful revival of Crash and Spyro.

As for Blizzard, recent reports indicate that it may be in development Diablo 2 Remake.

In related news, the team-based hero shooter was also confirmed Overwatch 2 Used to Released this year. For more information on this, See our previous post.

Which games in the Activision and Blizzard game library would you like to see can be remade, or even transition to Switch? Please tell us below.


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Cade Janus explains: All the characters suspected of theft by Activision and others | Instant News

Activision, Infinity Ward, and Major League Gaming were recently taken to Texas court in an alleged copyright infringement case filed by writer and photographer Clayton Haugen. The plaintiff claimed that the character he once created named “Cade Janus” was the same as Mara’s character in the restart of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019.

(Photo: Screenshot: Yanrique’s Youtube video)

To make things more compelling, the roles once played for Cade Janus and Mara are the same real-life character Alex Zedra, Twitch streamer and social media character.

The character “Cade Janus” was created by Haugen at the “November Renaissance” film festival a few years ago. This is when he hired Zedra to promote the model for his concept. He successfully released a short web software science fiction film around 2017.

Haugen claims that similar appearances and photos are copyrighted by the character of Cade Janus

according to Torrent freak, Haugen filed a lawsuit requesting that the exact photo of Cade Janus be used in the brainstorming process to create the character of Mara. It was allegedly placed on the studio wall of the Infinite Ward.The full text of the complaint can be found Here.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff also claimed that Activision, Infinity Ward and Major League Baseball intentionally used the same resources that Zedra used when filming Cade Janus. In addition to hiring the same model, the two companies also hired the same makeup artist. They were told to “make up the talent like she did for Hogan’s Cade Janus.” Please see the complaint photo below.

Activision, Ward Unlimited, Major League Baseball game sued for the role of

(Photo: Screen shot: Case 2: Public complaint file in 21-cv-00035)
“The image below shows the similarity between Haugen’s Cade Janus photo and the defendant’s copy of the game character in Case 2: 21-cv-00035”

read more: COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Mode is now available: How to download

When Zedra was asked to borrow exactly the same clothing and accessories as Haugen’s own character Cade Janus, the situation did not seem to improve.

Such as Kosaku Note that these allegations are not only for the violation of Mara’s appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Even the photos used in the November Renaissance and games are very similar.

The November Renaissance creator believed he was entitled to remedies for Activision, Infinity Ward, and Major League Baseball games

The “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” game has generated more than $1 billion in revenue and $731 in revenue. Using the same model, the same equipment and the same makeup in two different projects, things can instantly become very similar. . However, as Haugen believes that he “has the right to recover all monetary compensation from the defendant’s infringement, including all profits derived from the infringement within the maximum allowed range”, this situation is being mentioned. court.

Currently, as the defendant seeks to protect his own income and Hoogen hopes to take adequate remedial measures, the parties are still trying to get people’s attention in court. It is safe to say that where there is money, there are lawsuits. However, the court has not yet ruled on the matter.

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Vicarious Visions may be undergoing a remake of Blizzard’s Diablo II | Instant News

Lord of Destruction

Before the weekend, the industry heard surprising news that the recent developer Vicarious Visions Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2 with Crash Bandicoot Remake has become Official support studio Titan Blizzard Entertainment in World of Warcraft.

Benefit from Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, The company claims that Vicarious Visions has actually worked closely with Blizzard for some time, and may have actually been working hard on the upcoming 2000 RPG remake. Diablo II.

According to Bloomberg News, Diablo II It has been developed by Blizzard’s first team, but due to another unpopular classic remake, the project fell into chaos in mid-2020. Warcraft III: Reforged. It is said that my team has withdrawn from the project (may have all been demolished), and Diablo II Placed on Vicarious Visions and Diablo IV team. Of course, all of these are unproven and should be regarded as informed speculation.

The common links here are the subject of remakes.Given that Vicarious Visions absolutely eliminated both Bandicoot: The N.Sane Trilogy with Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1 + 2 For Blizzard, it makes sense to want to apply the same expert entertainment skills to the title of Blizzard’s best work for many in the community.

Vicarious Visions has been doing a remake of “Diablo II” [Jason Schreier]

Bring it up…


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