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Human rights activists demand apology from PM for statement of ‘rape’ | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Human rights activists and civil society representatives gathered outside the National Press Club to protest Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements blaming “vulgarity” in society for rape and sexual violence.

Protesters criticized the prime minister for what they called “victim blaming” and called for an apology for comments he made during a public question and answer session when he was asked to suggest a solution to the country’s growing case of child abuse.

The protesters held placards and banners reading their apology and said such statements would encourage rapists.

“It can be taken as an opinion when ordinary people say things like that but if a prime minister makes a comment like that it becomes a policy statement. We cannot ignore statements that impose such crimes on the way women dress. That’s a dangerous statement for women like us who work in offices, fields and factories, ”said one protester.

Speaking to the media, Tahira Abdullah said he was angry with the PM’s remarks because he was asked about the increase in child abuse cases, but in response, he began to blame the increase in vulgarity and a lack of ‘Pardah’ among women for such incidents. “If this is the reason why women, animals and children who died were raped in our society,” he asked.

He demanded the PM to take back his words and apologize from the nation.

Meanwhile, former secretary of the Women’s Parliament of the Caucus Shaista Pervaiz Malik, MNA, said Prime Minister Imran Khan needed to do a reality check and speak out only after reviewing the bigger picture of the fabric of our society.

In an open letter to the prime minister, he said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks linking female grooming with sexual violence have sent ripples across the region. Unfortunately, his remarks have perpetuated the existing negative mindset, rather than alleviating the problem. This justifies the vulnerability of women and girls instead of giving them respect and protection, ”the statement added.

“We, women, deeply regret that we often find ourselves accepting inherent double standards, prevailing ignorance, and vague perceptions and myths that are ingrained in our society. All bad events in society, as a result, are traced and blamed on women as the root cause. This mindset has come out clearly as a striking example of PM Imran Khan’s recent statement that speaks volumes about his personal point of view on the issue. “

Shaista Malik advised the prime minister to “read aloud and clearly that women and girls are vulnerable when inside the four walls and also in full Purdah! They are the most vulnerable targets for sexual violence, based solely on their gender! Otherwise, how would you describe a baby girl aged four or six months who was abused, raped and murdered? “

Shaista Malik asked the prime minister how he could forget that the protection and safety of all his citizens is one of the main responsibilities of the state, and that he, as the head of the elected government, must carry out his responsibilities with due diligence.

The PM’s office on Wednesday clarified that the PM’s statement had been taken out of context. “The prime minister said that strict anti-rape laws alone would not be able to stem the rise of sex crimes. The whole community must strive together, including reducing the exposure to temptation, “said a statement issued by the office.


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Industry adversary charged under Iowa’s new food offenses law | Instant News

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – An animal rights activist whose investigation turns him into a major enemy of the livestock industry has been accused of trespassing at hog facilities. It is the first case brought under Iowa’s newest so-called ag-gag law.

Matthew Johnson was charged with trespassing at a food operation due to his appearance February 5 at a sowing operation at Iowa Select Farms in Dows.

Investigators said Johnson’s video surveillance approached one of the buildings and tried to pull open the door to determine if it was locked before escaping.

Under a law signed by Republican Governor Kim Reynolds in June, trespassing in food operations is a minor offense that can result in up to two years in prison.

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Pak activists demanded the government to repeal the Higher Education Commission Ordinance | Instant News

05 April 2021 19:32 I S

Karachi [Pakistan], April 5 (ANI): Pakistancivil society, human rights and labor rights activist has demanded Imran Khan’s government to repeal the new Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ordinance, while also calling for the re-appointment of the former chairman of the HEC. Dr. Tariq Banuri.
In a joint resolution passed on Friday in the presence of Dr Banuri at the office of the Commission on Human Rights Pakistan (HRCP), that activist expressed serious concern over the regulation, claiming that it had undermined the role of HEC and reduced the tenure of its chairman from four to two years, reports The News International.
Demanding the restoration of Dr Banuri as chairman of the HEC, activist claiming that the government has issued regulations that violate HEC law and the constitution. The resolution also demands the restoration of HEC’s independent role without government influence.
The government removed Dr Banuri last month. The announcement of the removal of the head of the HEC was issued following the promulgation of the presidential regulation, according to Dawn.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Banuri said that HEC was a regulatory organization founded in 2002, which at that time had not yet become part of the government. “Initially the government asked me to resign, but after I refused, an amendment was made to the HEC law to remove me,” he said.
The former HEC chairman said the government had initiated a systematic abuse process including filing a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) case against commission authorities over appointment issues, The News International reported.
Claiming the regulation has destroyed the higher education regulatory system in Pakistan, he said he had filed a petition for consultation at the Sindh High Court and that his next trial was set for April 8.
Dr Banuri also accused the private sector university of printing money and that he had tried to solve the problems of professors and students.
“When I joined HEC, important decisions were made feudally, which have now been changed,” he said. (ANI)


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Residents, activists staged a protest in Karachi | Instant News


Residents affected by the demolition of drives along Gujjar and Orangi nullahs and activists gathered outside Karachi The Press Club on Sunday, to raise a vote against “forced evictions by state authorities” for eliminating encroachment.

During the demonstration, Abid Asghar, who leads people affected by demolition operations along Gujjar nullah, chided, “We have spent our childhood and youth in these houses. For you, [these structures are] stone and plaster, to us, they are life. Our elders spent their lives trying to build it and it is impossible for people of our socioeconomic class to build houses in this city any more. “

He said the affected persons’ only request was to stop operations until they were provided alternative accommodation in their districts of residence, in line with a Supreme Court order.

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In an order issued in January 2019, two members of the supreme court judge, consisting of Hakim Gulzar Ahmad and Hakim Sajjad Ali Shah, have directed the relevant authorities to clear state land in Karachi from encroachment and provide alternative housing for displaced persons. by action.

The order stated that Advocate General Sindh (AG) had told the court that he would consult with all relevant authorities to bring Karachi glory to suit its population.

“Likewise in this case he stated that consultations should also be carried out with all the top city planners about how the existing buildings …. Will be moved [and] people displaced and displaced by such plans are being rehabilitated, “the statement read.

According to Karachi Bachao Tehreek [Save Karachi Movement] leader and legal adviser Abira Ashfaq, “a deliberate misinterpretation of the Supreme Court order” has led to rental housing being categorized as encroachment.

Responding to the protests, he stressed, “This is done with the aim of handing over large areas of Karachi to construction companies and the World Bank.”

Karachi organizer Bachao Tehreek and secretary general of the Awami Workers’ Party Khurram Ali said, “The current situation in the Central district and Kota Orangi reflects the situation of Kashmir and Palestine.”

“They asked questions that were harassed and arrested, while the builders of the mafia – the real illegal invaders [of land] – granted state protection, “said Ali, who was reportedly detained for 10 hours on Saturday by police in connection with resistance to anti-encroachment efforts.

In addition, Karachi leader Bachao Tehreek and research advisor Fizza Qureshi pointed to incomplete and inconsistent surveys being undertaken in building government action, which neglected many homes.

He emphasized that the urban flooding during last year’s rainy season was not caused by encroachment along Gujjar nullah, “but by large fenced communities and plazas built in the river delta and serving only the elite.”

Qamar Abbas of the Mazdoor Kisan Party called “forced evictions a class-based form of exploitation, in which the working class is driven from home to make room for capitalist opportunities.”

‘By the drains’

The authorities, on the other hand, argue that the demolition carried out along the water channel is aimed at maintaining the width of the nullah.

In the past, the Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee has announced to relocate and relocate illegally established human settlements and commercial units along the Karachi nullah to keep the waterways wide according to the city master plan.

The decision was made at a committee meeting chaired by Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah in October 2020.

During the meeting, participants were informed that there are 13,441 houses and 2,948 commercial buildings built on four pillars and a river in the metropolitan city.

These reportedly include 5,916 houses and 2,412 commercial units in Gujjar Nullah, 4,480 houses and 380 commercial units in Orangi Nullah, 1,049 houses and 156 commercial units in Mehmoodabad Nullah and 1,996 houses on Sungai Malir.

Call for resettlement

To this end, Awami National Party (ANP) leader Shahi Syed has shown that extending the city’s roads and nullah is necessary, but leaving people stranded under open skies is an “inhuman act.”

In a statement issued on Sunday, ANP leaders called for ensuring that all those who have fled from around Gujjar and the Orangi nullahs are resettled.

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He added that the Sindh government was responsible for ensuring that all affected people were provided with alternative accommodation.

Syed went on to say that “the Sindh government itself has leased land to affected people around the Prophet and is now depriving them of their protection unjustly.”

He called for an investigation to identify the institutions and officials involved in “looting the poor in the name of rents.”

“We are against all kinds of illegal occupation and encroachment, but it cannot be done without government support,” he said.


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Karachi police released activist Khurram Ali after 10 hours of detention | Instant News

Karachi police have released activist Khurram Ali after being detained for 10 hours.

Ali, who runs a group called Karachi Bachao Tehreek, is being held at the Samanabad police station. He has recently created awareness among people affected by anti-encroachment operations in Gujjar and the Orangi nullahs.

KBT is scheduled to hold a demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday against the demolition of rented houses along Gujjar nullah. The demonstration was entitled Ghar Bachao Ehtijaj.

Police arrested Ali from the Landi Kotal area at around 11am on Saturday. He was there to visit the site of an anti-encroachment operation, where the KMC was demolishing a concrete structure.

Fawwad Hasan, one of his colleagues, confirmed to SAMAA Digital that Ali had been released after 10 hours. Police asked him to stop protesting and intervene in anti-encroachment operations in Gujjar nullah, he said.

“They charged him for interfering with government affairs,” Hasan said, adding that the police objected to Ali’s visit and met with officials because he was not a resident of the area.

Hasan said they had been convinced by a senior police official that no FIR would be registered against the activist. The reason behind the 10 hour detention was to demoralize him and the other KBT members, he said.

“But we are determined to stage a protest on Sunday against the unjustified demolition of the rented houses in Gujjar nullah,” said Hassan.

Mohammad Toheed, associate researcher at Karachi Urban Lab, said Ali was an activist who created awareness among victims to exercise their legal right to demolish their rented house.

“The authorities do not want KBT to speak out against the illegal demolition of houses in Gujjar and Orangi nullahs,” said Toheed.

SAMAA Digital tries to contact Ali but his cell phone is turned off.

Samanabad police said they had released Ali late Saturday. He tried to provoke the affected people at the demonstration in the Landi Kotal area, they said.

Police said they arrested Ali for obstructing government affairs. He assured them not to take part in any protests over the removal of encroachment from the rainwater channels, they added.


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