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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia will jointly tackle environmental issues: Ashrafi | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PM’s Special Adjutant for Religious Harmony and the Middle East Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are determined to work together to tackle environmental issues with the vision and concerns of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The Green Pakistan Green Saudi Arabia Project and the Green Middle East are Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s gift to the world,” he said while speaking to the media in Jakarta on Monday, following a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

He said Pakistan was increasingly consolidating its relations with Arab-Islamic countries in the fields of economy, economy-tourism, culture, defense and religious affairs. Pakistan’s political and military leadership is of the view that the only solution to the problems of the Muslim world is the unity of the Ummah, he added. “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have strong defenses, economic and cultural ties and enduring bonds of faith and belief,” he further added. He said Pakistan would support Saudi Arabia and Arab Islamic countries in every possible way to plant 50 billion trees in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.


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Civil society, experts join hands to tackle climate change and coastal vulnerability | Instant News

Climate change seriously threatens Pakistan’s coast belt and poses serious threats to livelihoods, health, the economy and the ecosystem as a whole, experts say and call for public action involving youth, women, grassroots level activists and frontline communities to lead the struggle.

They say humanity has only 10 years left to radically transform economies and societies to deal with the climate emergency that is threatening millions of people into hunger and poverty. They add that the climate crisis is here and now, and it is disproportionately affecting the world’s poorest people, youth, women, indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups.

Public action is key to unlocking greater ambition on climate change and youth engagement has an important role to play because they are the leaders of the future, they said while speaking at a seminar on youth engagement in addressing coastal climate vulnerability held at Karachi University.

This event was jointly organized by Oxfam and WWF-Pakistan as part of a national campaign called the “CLIMATE project”. It is a community-driven movement, the premier campaign of agile communication that connects and amplifies the voices of women, grassroots activists and frontline communities leading the fight against climate change. Such mobilization will create a change in major climate justice measures during the current pandemic and demonstrate public support for systemic change.

Welcoming the guests, Oxfam Climate Campaign Leader Shirin Abbasy said, โ€œThe damage related to climate change is a powerful story of inequality and injustice in both cause and impact. It is a crisis that touches almost every aspect of life, provides an opportunity to connect with our work on hunger, poverty and food systems, and link to land rights, rights in crisis, and access to health care.

“We know firsthand that the crisis is here and now, and we have responded through our humanitarian and emergency response work. We are here to celebrate and support women who stand at the forefront of this crisis as climate heroes. We support climate justice and fair climate action, not only against the climate crisis. “

Dr Tahir Rasheed, wildlife director, WWF-Pakistan, said that the severe impacts of climate change are being felt in the Indus Delta, which is a hotspot for rich biodiversity and home to the seventh largest mangrove forest in Asia. He said the delta was now at greater risk due to the inadequate supply of fresh water from the Indus River, vulnerability to climate change, pollution and other anthropogenic pressures. The impacts of climate change are also impacting the loss of biodiversity in the delta region, he added.

Dr Rasheed highlighted the main results of the joint WWF-Pakistan and Oxfam GB initiative in the Indus Delta and shared that two sectoral Local Adaptation Action Plans (LAPAs) have been developed based on a Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA). This will be a guiding mechanism for policy makers to support the development of resilience in communities that depend on natural resources.

Young people who can inspire hope, must come forward to reverse climate change and protect the mangrove ecosystem in the Sindh delta area, he added.

Abdul Rahim Soomro, secretary of the agriculture, supply and price department, Government of Sindh, appreciated Oxfam and WWF-Pakistan’s efforts to engage young people and raise awareness about the issue of climate change and its impact on coastal communities.

The role of youth, he continued, is very important in overcoming climate vulnerability in the future. This generation will also witness some of the grim impacts of climate change and thus increasing their capacity and knowledge of these issues will become instruments for future adaptation plans and strategies.

Waqar Hussain Phulpoto, additional director of the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa), provided an overview of the agency and said they are working to reduce the effects of climate change by adopting the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) concept.

Sugara Hajani, a 70-year-old local resident from Kakapir, Karachi, who cares for a mangrove nursery in Sandspit, shared that coastal women are well aware of the fact that their survival depends on mangroves that protect them from natural disasters and are an important source of fisheries.

Other women from the Sindh coastal belt shared their stories and experiences in supporting mangrove conservation and improving their livelihoods through small-scale interventions at the community level.

Arif Ali Khokhar, conservator at the Sindh Forestry Department; Aamir Alamgir, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Karachi University; Shoaib Kiyani, Professor of Marine Science at Karachi University; Khalid Mahmood, Director of the Fisheries Development Agency; Hamera Aisha, Conservation Manager, WWF-Pakistan; Jawad Umair Khan, WWF-Pakistan Coordinator; Shabina Faraz, environmental writer and Kalsoom Siddique, UNEP Youth Leader, also spoke at the occasion.


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PMC agrees to address the concerns of all stakeholders | Instant News

LAHORE: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has agreed to dialogue with medical professionals to address PMC agency issues, admissions, examination policies, and enrollment.

Pakistani President Dr Arshad Taqi’s Medical Commission said in a Webinar that they are ready to write to 162 medical universities and medical colleges seeking their advice and recommendations to initiate a dialogue to improve the health regulatory process. “We are also ready to release their concerns over various problems and steps taken by health regulators. We will trust all stakeholders to regulate medical education in this country โ€.

The webinar entitled ‘Pakistan Medical Commission; concerns and hopes’ organized by the Islamic Medical Association of Pakistan (PIMA), the second series on the issue of the establishment and functioning of the Pakistan Medical Commission.

The webinar is aimed at the vice chancellor of medical universities, heads of medical and dental schools, as well as professors and senior medical professionals from around the country such as Dr Rumina Hasan, Prof. Dr. Tariq Rafi, Deputy Chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Karachi Medical University; Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Vice Chancellor of King Edward Lahore Medical University; Prof. Aamer Zaman, Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore; Prof. Hussain Mehdi, Principal of Jinnah Karachi School of Dentistry and Medicine; President of the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association Center Dr Khubaib Shahid; President of PIMA Sindh Dr Fasih Hashmi; President of the Islamic Medical Association of Pakistan Karachi Prof. Azeemuddin; Prof. M Iqbal Khan, Vice Chancellor of Shifa Tameer e Millat University Islamabad; Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Peshawar Prof. Hafeez ur Rehman, Prof. hafiz Ijaz Ahmad, Former Dean of the Kidney and Liver Institute of Pakistan.

It was moderated by the leading surgeon Dr Abdullah Muttaqi. Previously, medical academics and the vice chancellor had expressed concern over the measures being taken by the Pakistan Medical Commission, saying the commission should raise its standards but that it needed to improve primary and secondary medical education beforehand.

MDCAT has such a strict policy that most of the dental colleges run out of students. The commission is supposed to include representatives of medical education, but also include people unrelated to the medical profession. In many ways, the Pakistan Medical Commission has relinquished its responsibilities to HEC and also granted autonomy to medical colleges.


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Queen’s Commonwealth Day speech before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview on Oprah | Instant News

The Queen spoke just hours before Oprah Meghan’s interview, praising a “dedication to duty” in a Commonwealth Day address with other royals on the BBC.

His Majesty appeared in a special titled A Celebration for Commonwealth Day, which also featured Kate and William, Prince Charles and Camilla and Prince Edward Sophie’s wife, Countess of Wessex.

The one-hour program runs to mark Commonwealth Day on Monday – and takes place ahead of Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, which airs on CBS in the United States from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET on Sunday (12 p.m.-2 p.m. AEDT Monday).

The Queen said in her speech: “Although last year’s experiences have been different across the Commonwealth, inspiring examples of courage, commitment and selfless dedication to duty have been demonstrated in every Commonwealth country and region, especially by those working on the front lines who have provided health care and other public services in their community. “

The rival was broadcast by the royal family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex amid great controversy over Megan and Harry’s decision to give a thorough interview about Palace life.

The headlines exposed Queen’s subtle punch

The UK Telegraph has led by: “The Queen emphasizes the importance of the family to ‘transcend division’ in the message of unity”.

The Sun has left with “The Queen praises the nation’s ‘selfless dedication to duty’ as the Royals prepare for the explosive Harry and Meghan interview”.

And The Mirror has praised “The Queen stresses the importance of staying in touch with family during the ‘testing period'”.

Sky News and the Daily Mail both noted that His Holiness praised “friendship and unity” in Commonwealth speeches.


7.25am: Prince William and Kate Award for healthcare workers

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke with “inspiring figures from South Africa, Bangladesh and Malaysia who have cared for their communities during the pandemic”.

Kate noted that there was a lot of “public recognition” for health workers during the pandemic, but said it was also “saddened by the pandemic” for it to occur.

Prince William said he and Kate, both looking very serious for much of their Commonwealth Day broadcast, have spoken to many health workers this year.

They must be feeling a lot of tension at the moment, with Meghan’s interview just a few hours away, during which she is expected to discuss her rift with Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge could reportedly be summoned to provide evidence after her former assistant claimed she witnessed Meghan’s alleged “defiant behavior” – a claim the Duchess of Sussex has vehemently denied.

6:50 a.m.: The Queen’s complete speech

In a message to celebrate Commonwealth Day, the Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, has paid tribute to communities across the nation’s families who have come together to respond to the pandemic.

6.35am: NZ praises the success story of Covid-19, the performance of the NZ Youth Choir

New Zealand has been hailed as a Covid-19 success story.

“Different parts of the Commonwealth have different experiences from Covid-19,” the Commonwealth Queen’s Day special host announced.

“In New Zealand with low transmission rates, life is continuing as normal in many parts of the country.

This allows the New Zealand Youth Choir to continue singing and continue to share their music.

“They recorded a special Mฤori chant for us, a friendly call, despite the distance.”

"The New Zealand Youth Choir recorded a special Mฤori greeting for us, a friendly call, despite the distance." Photo / YouTube
“The New Zealand Youth Choir recorded a special Mฤori greeting for us, a friendly call, despite the distance.” Photo / YouTube

6.30am: Charles calls on us to be ‘examples to the world’

Prince Charles has asked viewers of a special Commonwealth Day program for royals to “offer an example to the world.”

He praised environmental projects including green hydrogen in Australia and sustainable shipping in Barbados.

The Prince of Wales said that amid the “heartbreak” of the pandemic, “the determination, courage and extraordinary creativity to which the people responded has been an inspiration to all of us”.

The royals are clearly aiming for dignity and quiet serenity with their COVID-focused broadcast before Meghan’s interview, but there are definitely some fine lines here.

For example: is it a coincidence of the Queen’s short speech praising those who provide health care and “public services”, following a sharp exchange of how to live the “service life” with Sussex.

6.17am: The Royal Commonwealth Day broadcast has started at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Dean David Hoyle said that “distance does not stop friendships”, adding that “our future is together”.

He said the Queen, as head of the Commonwealth, regularly reminds us of its values โ€‹โ€‹- “loyalty and friendship and commitment to peace and freedom”.

The Queen said today was an opportunity to “reflect on an experience like no other”, highlighting the “examples of courage, commitment and selfless dedication to duty” that have been demonstrated in every Commonwealth country.

He spoke of online meetings that connect people despite the distances required by COVID-19.

“I hope we can maintain this renewed sense of community,” he said.

Prince Charles has chosen to praise the “extraordinary diversity” of the Commonwealth.

He said the pandemic had “robbed many people of their lives and livelihoods”, but praised the courage and creativity to which people have responded.

He said the pandemic has shown how health and economics are fundamentally linked, talking about climate change and loss of biodiversity.

The rival was broadcast by the royal family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex amid great controversy over Megan and Harry’s decision to give a thorough interview about Palace life.

The Duchess of Sussex also faces charges of bullying during her tenure as a royal, which she strongly denies, with a spokesperson for the pair saying “it is no coincidence that several years of perverted accusations aimed at corrupting the Duchess are”. briefed by the British media it won’t be long before he and the Duke will speak openly and honestly about their experience. “

Last month, Sussex officially stepped down from royal duties, after announcing that they were expecting their second child. Meghan also won a privacy battle against British newspapers over a letter she sent to her father, Thomas.

The Queen is unlikely to be watching Oprah’s interview, which royals call the Sussex chats a “circus” and warns they are ready to retaliate with fresh accusations, according to the Times.

In his usually understated style, the king is said to be eyeing a “charm attack” to show that the royal family is “focused on big issues,” the newspaper reported.

He is expected to have further official meetings this week, with his broadcast intended to reveal His Excellency’s “Lifelong Commitment to the Commonwealth”, which he has led since 1952, when he was 26 years old.

In addition to showcasing performances from senior royals, the BBC program will include reflections from British athlete Denise Lewis, two-time Commonwealth Games champion, and prayers led by the Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr David Hoyle.

Buckingham Palace said that the Commonwealth theme for 2021 is “Creating a Shared Future: Connect, Innovate, Transform” – Meghan and Harry’s futures may not feel quite connected as royal sources continue to brief them.


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PM’s address is the same as contempt of court: Wahab | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech to the state on Thursday was tantamount to insulting the court, Chief Adviser to the Minister of Law and Environment Sindh Murtaza Wahab said on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Wahab said the General Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was empowered to take action against people who tried to scandalize the commission.

He added that the PM’s statement contradicts the facts and also violates Article 104 of the Constitution.

According to Wahab, judicial powers have been granted to the ECP in accordance with the Election Act 2017. He mentioned that the ECP had adopted a clear policy to conduct a Senate vote but the people present around the PM were wrong. advice.

Wahab, who is also a spokesman for the Sindh government, said the PM had tried to make the ECP a controversial institution. He added that the Supreme Court has not ordered the use of open ballots to conduct Senate elections.

Recent statements from Pakistani leaders Tehreek-e-Insaf indicate that the PM is no longer enjoying the trust of Parliament, the legal adviser said.

He said the president was empowered to advise the PM to request a vote of confidence from Parliament if the president thought the PM had lost support from Parliament.

According to Wahab, Article 19 of the 1945 Constitution is very clear and therefore the National Assembly has been held by the president.


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