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Here is the latest Pac-12 conference sports news from the associated Press | Instant News

Undated (AP) — the Association Council of governors to postpone the decision about whether to hold events in the fall championship sports. The decision comes after a request to wait from the Association of commissioners for the College and the division I Football oversight Committee. NCAA President mark Emmert said for Now to monitor the health status throughout the country and focus on the latest COVID-19 guidelines for its members.

New York (AP) — the new York jets have signed safety Ashtyn Davis in his rookie deal. Davis is the last of nine teams of players selected in the draft to get a contract. Davis was the third round selection from cal. The deal was signed on Thursday for four years and in the amount of $ 4.9 million. Davis plans to join the rest of the jets rookies, defenders and injured players on Friday at the group’s establishments in Florham Park, new Jersey, for COVID-19 testing. These players will again be tested Monday, according to the rules of the NFL coronavirus, and will be able to enter the building on Tuesday, if both tests are negative.

Undated (AP) — leaders in College football in the process of gluing the plans to try to play a regular season during a pandemic COVID-19. If it is possible to play, everyone expects that there will be disruptions, additional expenses and loads just through it. As the motivation of schools will tack on postseason games after this? Especially one that does not determine the national title? There are still bowl games scheduled for the upcoming season than ever before in major College football: 42, not including the College football playoff championship. In less than five months before the bowl season, most of them don’t even have a date locked in yet. If the regular season can be saved, maybe in the playoffs too younger?

Undated (AP) — the Committee for NCAA football requests that the oversight Board of the Association managers to avoid making a decision later this week on whether to hold a fall sports Championships. The Commission plans to meet on Friday the leaders of College sports trying to find a way to play during a pandemic. It was suggested that the Council may take the decision to call the event the NCAA Championships in the fall sports such as football, volleyball and lower divisions of the football. This may increase pressure on the conference to cancel their seasons.

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MzGee Compliments Wendy Shay For The Cultivation Of Hard Skin | General Entertainment | Instant News

Journalist, MzGee showered with compliments on the singer Wendy Shea to develop a tough skin in the entertainment business.

In 2018, MzGee was sweet meeting with Wendy Shay after performance of the singer on FB [email protected] Concert Ghana Connect, which took place in the fantasy of the dome.

MzGee was unofficial conversation with Wendy Shay, where she asked “Who is Wendy Shay?”, but the singer, who did not understand the motive of the question peevishly replied, saying, “Who am I as Wendy Shay? So we can reduce this issue. Ugh this is a stupid question, isn’t it? Who Is Wendy Shay? I don’t want to do interviews.”

Wendy Shay also recently came out of the studios of Accra FM after the host pried into her alleged love relationship with her Manager, bullets.

The singer, who didn’t feel comfortable apologized to the listeners of the radio and moved out of the room.

According MzGee, she believes, in retrospect, the singer does not have the best understanding of show business, but she thinks Wendy Shay Mature, looking at how she conducts herself in television circles.

“Wendy so quickly and beautifully that this time, she even goes looking for a way to get people to attack her grew. She now freely speaks her mind. I think she was hard leather and it is wonderful to know that she can’t be bothered…I think that she understood the space and she now lives her life”, she said in an interview on channel Nkonkonsa on YouTube.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.kom

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COVID-19 takes a bite out of West Nile virus testing | Instant News

Salt lake city — testing for West Nile virus in Utah this season has been at times less than it was last year because COVID-19 pandemic.

The mosquito control districts and health departments said they switched resources from the West Nile virus from the need to help in response to a coronavirus.

“Fortunately, this year, we just don’t see as many positive mosquito pools out there,” said Ary lightness, Executive Director and entomologist in salt lake city for mosquito control district.

Ease also the current President of the American Association of mosquito control.

“Mosquitoes do not have at home, and we can’t kill mosquitoes at home,” he said.

This is one of the reason West Nile virus is a test of this season.

Seasonal staffing they depend on for field work because of the virus.

Ease suspect many people who would have otherwise applied for work, don’t apply this year because they don’t want to work during a pandemic.

“It was very difficult for us to make adjustments at the beginning of the season,” he said. “We just did not have enough staff.”

What caused the test to keep up.

“Unfortunately, until last week, we have only tested on the state level about five percent of what we did last year in 2019,” said the ease.

Testing for West Nile virus in Utah this season has been at times less than it was last year because COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Stuart Johnson, KSL)

Some mosquito control districts as in salt lake city, failed after they donated equipment to hospitals.

“For example, we sacrificed our extractor machine to Intermountain healthcare. So, we can help with the testing state of the coronavirus,” said the ease.

It is vitally important machines that they use in their laboratory work. Intermountain replace it with a new one last week, and the ease expected, the extractor will be available for West Nile virus in the near future.

The mosquito control district also donated N95 masks and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

“We gave a lot of those in our County health Department, for example,” – commented on the ease. “So they can distribute them to health workers at the forefront.”

Ary lightness, Executive Director and entomologist in salt lake city for mosquito control district. (Photo: Stuart Johnson, KSL)

Collection and testing of mosquitoes does not stop.

Said, ease the mosquito control districts in the state will increase the test this week as West Nile virus occurs.

“We are very fortunate that all of our mosquito control districts to full capacity right now. We have the appropriate staff in place. So that they can carry out their operations on the ground,” he said.

While no human cases with West Nile fever were registered and reported in the Uintah basin only one positive mosquito pool.

“The good news is, our observations do not flinch at all this season,” said the ease. “We still continue to place traps in the field. We are still collecting those mosquitoes”.

He reminded everyone to use insect repellents when outdoors from dusk to dawn, and eliminating standing water in the yard to clean up breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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Fire update: lightning-caused fire of strawberries displayed on 43 acres | Instant News

High fire danger prompts BLM to impose restrictions in 11 districts of the state of Utah

Strong winds and dry vegetation have prompted the Bureau of land management salt lake field office, to impose restrictions on 11 counties in the Northern part of Utah.

Limiting exposure to BLM-managed lands in salt lake, Utah, Tooele, box elder, cache, rich, Weber, Morgan, Davis, summit and Wasatch counties.

“This year, the BLM West desert area increased by 30% – increase of human-caused fires and more than 60,000 acres of BLM-managed lands have burned,” said BLM West desert district fire officer Jeff Wallin. “We are seeing fuel in dry and critical fire behavior that is spreading very quickly, which could threaten the public and our firefighters. We encourage the public to pay attention to the warnings of firefighters and officials to adhere to fire restrictions to prevent large, catastrophic anthropogenic fires.”

For fire safety purposes shall be prohibited the following:

  • The use of any steel core, jacket, and tipped ammunition of any caliber between June 15 and Sep. 30 every year.
  • Campfires, except in Agency provided fire grates in developed campgrounds, or in fully enclosed stoves, grills, or furnaces by means of compressed gas or liquid.
  • Smoking cigarettes, only in a closed vehicle, building, developed for sport and recreation or while visiting the place at least 3 feet in diameter that is barren and cleared of all flammable materials.
  • Grinding, cutting and welding metal.
  • Working with a chainsaw, or other internal combustion engine without a properly installed USDA or Society of automotive engineers (SAE) approved the arrest device sparkle, 5-pound extinguisher and a shovel.
  • The use of any tracer or incendiary ammunition of any caliber.
  • Possession or use of any explosives, incendiary and chemical devices, pyrotechnics and fireworks, or exploding targets.
  • The use of any sky lanterns, paper lanterns, fire balloons, acetylene balloons, or similar devices.
  • The use of any off-road vehicle (ORV), which are not equipped properly installed and maintained spark arrestor. The spark arrester must meet the 80% standard efficiency level when determined by the appropriate SAE recommended practices J335 and J350.

These restrictions are the same, which entered into force on 13 July in Juab and Millard County. Active fire safety regulations are available for viewing on utahfireinfo.gov.

BLM recommends the following for all visitors of public lands:

  • Completely extinguish fires
  • Properly dispose of cigarettes
  • To stay on established roads and trails to avoid dry brush and grass
  • Selection of target shooting provides free of rocks and vegetation
  • To ensure trailer chains don’t drag or create sparks


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You’re A Rapist, If You Lie Your Way To Sex With A Woman – Maurice Ampaw | General Entertainment | Instant News

Private law practice, Mr. Maurice Ampaw has described those who lie in to have sex with women as “rapist”.

According to him, the act of sex should always be consensual, without cheating.

“If someone uses the phone as a lure for sex and later refuses to perform a promise, such an act is described as rape because the law was based on deception,” he said at the organization of show business.

Watch the interview below

Source: Josephine Acheampomaa/[email protected]

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not reflect Peacefmonline.com. Peacefmonline.com no responsibility legal or otherwise for their accuracy of content. Please report inappropriate content to us, and we rate it as a priority.

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