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Disney Cruise Line Will Offer Magical Staycation Cruises for UK Residents this Summer | National news | Instant News

Disney Magic at Sea is available for a limited time from UK ports

CELEBRATIONS, Fla., March 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – great Britain Residents will be able to experience the magic of the Disney Cruise Line close to home with the new Disney Magic at Sea “staycation” cruise from British ports this summer for a limited time. Featuring dazzling entertainment and multiple layers of health and safety measures, Disney Magic cruises plan to sail most of the 2 and 3 night cruises, as well as 4 night roundtrip limited cruises from London Tilbury, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton.

“Our team brings incredible ingenuity and fun to these new cruises, carefully adapting them to our day and age, yet filling them with everything you expect from Disney, from exceptional service and entertainment to immersive dining experiences. miracles for the whole family, “said Thomas Mazloum, president of Disney Cruise Line.

Guests will stay on the Disney Magic while sailing and will enjoy an unforgettable cruise experience with world-class accommodation, stunning entertainment and a variety of dining options included. Kids and adults alike will be delighted by the space tailor-made for them, including family pools and waterslides, unique kids clubs, and adult-only retreats such as secluded pools and spas, lively entertainment districts , and a fancy restaurant.

Favorite Disney stories, characters and entertainment will come to life during this special Disney Magic at Sea cruise, including a communal celebration Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their friends, the thrill of Frozen with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, and epic encounters with Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes. Guests will cherish special moments with beloved Disney friends, from taking physically distant photos with Captain Mickey, to enjoying royal walks with Disney Princesses or seeing their favorite Toy Story friends. West End quality stage shows will captivate guests of all ages at the elegant Walt Disney Theater.

Disney Cruise Line implements multiple layers of health and safety measures taking into account guidance from the UK government, health authorities and medical experts. This includes COVID-19 testing, health checks, facial coverings, reduced guest capacity, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning.

Disney Magic at Sea staycation cruises are expected to go on sale April 2021 for this summer’s voyage, pending the issuance of British government guidelines and authorizations. For more information, visit Disneycruise.co.uk or contact a travel agent and follow our new Instagram account @DisneyMagicAtSea.

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Covid 19 coronavirus: The adult industry in Queenstown is struggling without tourists | Instant News

The absence of wealthy foreign tourists has affected the adult entertainment industry in Queenstown. Photo file / Michael Armadeus, Unsplash

The absence of wealthy foreign tourists has affected the adult entertainment industry in Queenstown, as New Zealanders are unwilling to spend a fortune.

Indulge Me NZ owner Antonia Davison-McDonald said her striptease company had lost 80 percent of bookings due to Covid-19.

Australians at bachelor parties, hen parties and men’s weekends will use the agency to hire topless waiters and order striptease by men or women.

The lack of bookings means five of its staff have moved away from Queenstown as they can no longer afford to live there.

Davison-McDonald said its staff work for Indulge Me NZ as side jobs to help pay their rent or fund their lifestyle, and in some cases the pandemic has meant they have lost their main job.

He and others in the wider adult industry say Christmas tends to be a quiet time, but his business is still recovering from a loss of revenue in August – usually the busiest time.

“This year has been very bad; last August we had 26 bookings and this year we got five.”

Small groups of wealthy Australians are usually paid to have women work on the large properties they rent, while New Zealanders book fewer staff and for less time.

However, Bon Ton’s high-end escort business has decided to open in Queenstown.

Jennifer Souness, who started an agency in Wellington, said without COVID-19 she would have no problem with demand, but wealthy foreign tourists are prohibited by restrictions so her business doesn’t accept bookings until September.

After initially struggling to recruit due to advertising problems with Trade Me, he received numerous applications from “sex-loving” women who wanted to earn money, but Christmas proved lean.

“Talking to my friends who have agencies in different cities, they told me that business is good, but Queenstown is different.”

He felt the transtasman bubble would be “big,” because his company didn’t want to serve the mass market.

An independent chaperone, who did not wish to be named, said he has had a steady number of clients since moving to Queenstown in November, mainly from the older population.

New Zealand’s Sex Workers’ Collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex workers were generally made difficult in Queenstown through “hostile regulations” that were incompatible with other countries, and that few sex workers remained.

NZ Sex Workers Collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex work was generally difficult in Queenstown through "hostile regulations".  Photo / Mark Mitchell
NZ Sex Workers’ collective national coordinator Dame Catherine Healy said sex work was generally difficult in Queenstown through “hostile regulations”. Photo / Mark Mitchell

He said the sex workers continued to tour the South Island, including Queenstown, but stayed only a few days while proactively seeking clients.

“It is business as usual, but Queenstown is a tourist town so sex workers will rely on domestic men to visit them.”

Dame Catherine said the regulations, which generally prohibit brothels, created “a potentially very threatening situation”.

However, he did thank the Queenstown police for making sex worker safety a priority.

The last old brothel in Queenstown closed in 2008, although illegal ones have been discovered since then.

The Brothel Control Bylaw 2017 prohibits brothels from being on or under the ground floor of a building, within 100m of other brothels or in certain areas of Queenstown and CBD Wanaka.


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Inmates were hospitalized after ingesting the hallucinogen datura grown in Christchurch Women’s Prison | Instant News

Christchurch Women’s Prison has launched an operational review of the incident. Photo / RNZ

Three inmates at the Christchurch Women’s Prison were hospitalized after eating worms, licking spiders and consuming the hallucinogenic plant datura, which they found growing in the prison grounds.

Two of the women were so ill that they had to be hospitalized overnight, and the Department of Corrections is investigating how the hallucinogen, a tall shrub that also grows as a weed, grew in the prison.

All three have been accused of violations; but a mother of one of the women said they were “silly” and didn’t know what a plant was, and criticized Corrections for letting it grow there.

Prison director Deborah Alleyne said the three women had taken part in horticultural work at the prison on December 22.

They had been warned by the instructors earlier in the day after daring each other to “eat worms, lick spiders and taste plants,” Alleyne said.

After their lunch break, they were observed by staff to exhibit “related behaviors, including being imbalanced, confused and vomiting.”

The women were removed from work and seen by prison health staff.

The site was locked as a precaution and six staff accompanied them to the hospital.

One woman returned to the prison that evening where her health was monitored, but two were hospitalized overnight and discharged the following day.

There were no ongoing health issues for all of the prisoners involved, Alleyne said.

The women were interviewed and admitted to eating a variety of plants and insects, including plants of the datura species, a potent hallucinogen that can be deadly.

“The plant was removed from the tunnel house and immediately destroyed,” said Alleyne.

“Further checks have been completed across the grounds to ensure that no other similar plants are on site.”

Correction has launched an operational review to confirm how crops are grown in the field.

“The plant is a known weed and has been eradicated in the past few years from the prison grounds,” Alleyne said.

The women had been accused of offenses after the incident, but one of their mothers told the Herald they did not know they were taking hallucinogens.

She also questioned how Correction was able to let plants grow there, and criticized the department for not notifying her after her daughter was hospitalized.

“They didn’t know it was datura, thought it was just a flower, they didn’t even know what it was until afterward.

“They’re just playing games, challenging each other to do silly things.”

She only heard about the incident after her daughter recovered and called her, her mother said.

“He said he almost died, he vomited and his heart almost stopped. The prison has a health and safety responsibility, how could they let this happen? And then they didn’t even tell me that he was taken to the hospital. What are they going to do? have said if he died? “

Datura is one of New Zealand’s most dangerous plants.

It is sometimes eaten by people who want to experience hallucinations, which are caused by the strong alkaloid chemicals from plants.

But this drug has other side effects, including over-stimulating the heart and acting as a powerful muscle relaxant, which can be deadly.

In New Zealand, datura was responsible for entering intensive care, and indirectly caused at least two drowning deaths.

Alleyne said the women’s charges would be heard by an inquiry jury.

“If charges go ahead and they are found or pleaded guilty, they can be penalized with loss of privileges such as television or hobby material, forfeiture of income, or a period of cell confinement.

“Further action can be taken in response to the review’s findings.”

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