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Snowbirds will fly over in Canada 620 CKRM The source | Instant News

Snowbirds will fly over in Canada 620 CKRM Source | Country Music, News, Sports in Sask

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Air Transat and Air Canada seek encouragement from Quebec | Instant News

Air Canada and Transat A.T. seems to be a bank of the Quebec government’s push to overcome the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Separately, the two companies modified their registration at the Registre des lobbyistes du Quebec to request, in particular, the adoption of “tax measures to promote worker retention in employment.”

The companies, which operate Air Canada Vacations and Transat Holidays agents, also want to check travel agent modification and cancellation policies, “specifically in the administration of Compensation Funds for travel agent clients (FIVAC),” which are managed by the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC ).

Air Canada and Transat A.T. did not comment Monday afternoon about the changes made to their entries in the register, which are valid until the end of the year.

In Canada, the aviation sector has not been subject to direct assistance by the federal government. However, operators, like other companies, can switch to Ottawa wage subsidies that allow workers to get 75 percent of their normal hourly wages, or a maximum of $ 847 per week.

This especially allows Air Transat’s parent company and the largest airline in the country to attract thousands of employees to be temporarily laid off due to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus.

The Canadian Press report was first published April 27, 2020.


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Seven news about COVID-19 cases in Windsor-Essex, but no new deaths | Instant News

The Windsor-Essex District Health Unit reported seven new cases of COVID-19 but there were no new deaths on Sunday.

This makes a total of 557 confirmed cases in the region and 38 deaths with 139 completed cases.

According to CK Public Health, in Chatham-Kent on Sunday, there were 46 confirmed cases, including 24 recovered cases and one death.

Across the river in Detroit, on Sunday there were 8548 cases of the virus and 912 deaths were recorded.


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Tell Congress to support local newspapers during this crisis Emergency Notification | Instant News

Community newspapers provide hyperlocal coverage of all issues that are important to you as a citizen, neighbor, family member, voter and taxpayer. Multi-faceted team at The Democratic Star, APG Media of Chesapeake’s main daily newspaper, works hard day and night to bring you the most important news.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have doubled our efforts despite facing the same economic reality as you and your family. We have made information about prevention, cases, business and event closure, corona virus deaths and much more available to the public interest, and we have united behind the scenes to create dynamic grant programs for local businesses – which, just like us – Facing turbulent times.

We are all together. You are counting on us, and we are counting on our community. It’s time for Congress to support local news sources. And we ask that you contact your elected official on behalf The Democratic Star.

“Your local newspaper provides news and information unique to your community. “Where are the testing sites and who qualifies, which businesses are open, what is the application process for local online unemployment benefits, and more,” pen Dean Ridings, CEO of American Newspapers. “But your access to local news and information is seriously threatened by economic slaughter. COVID-19. “

The Democratic Star and APG Media Chesapeake continues to break down and report expert news and information from public health authorities. There is a significant cost to our business, and advertising and other income is very important for any local newspaper in the country which has fatal consequences for many people.

That is why we ask Congress to take immediate action “to ensure you do not lose your vital source of timely and reliable information,” wrote Ridings. He continued:

“First, we request that Congress expand and clarify the Payroll Protection Program to ensure it includes all local newspapers and news broadcasters. While some of these outlets may be owned by large organizations, they must survive on their own. Naturally, if they are included in any program expansion. This loan will keep newspaper employees – your neighbors – on their payroll and help deliver news to you both in print and online. We appreciate the April 19 bipartisan letter from US Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), John Kennedy (R-La.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Mnn.) And John Boozman (R-Ark.) Who asked for disregard for affiliation Rules Small Business Administration to enable local media outlets to access funding, points to the important role these outlets play in keeping the community healthy and informed.

“Second, we ask the Trump Administration to direct current federal advertising funding to local news and media outlets. These public services and informative advertisements may be similar to those running now on the US Census. They can bring important government information about data from the CDC, access to loans small businesses, medical resources for families and other important topics, we ask for commitments that will be spent fairly on all local news providers.

“We also believe that there must be an immediate assistance package based on total editorial staff employees. Some local news organizations will not survive without some kind of direct grant or infusion related to the organization’s employees who work directly in the newsroom. “

We, together with American newspapers and others across the country, are at the forefront of providing information during this pandemic – and it is an honor to provide this public service to keep our community as safe as possible.

We ask for your help: Please contact the office of your senator and representative in the U.S. Congress and let them know that you support the expansion of the Payroll Protection Program to enter The Democratic Star and other local newspapers. Please tell them that the federal government must use The Democratic Star to convey important information through public service announcements. And finally, tell them that grants based on newsroom employees are very important at this time. Visit www.usa.gov/elected-officials for their contact information.

“Take these easy actions to ensure that your access to local information is not a victim of another COVID-19 pandemic,” Ridings said.

We work hard for you, and we appreciate you using your voice to help us.


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Loss of Cherry Fest 2020 hits hard | COVID-19 | Instant News

TRAVERSE CITY – There is no National Cherry Festival in 2020 which means there is no smell of wood smoke and turkey legs in the Open Space from Steve Smokin BBQ.

This also means huge income for Steve Randell, who with his wife Lori and son Logan owns a mobile food business, he said.

“This is a big part of my income. The devastating loss this morning so I heard it, “he said.

Randell said he had returned to Traverse City earlier than Arizona, where he sold food that fell until spring. One of the biggest shows there, Maricopa County Fair, was canceled. Then on Wednesday he learned that the Cherry Festival was postponed until 2021, also because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know the Cherry Festival coordinator and I really respect them, and I know this is not what they want to do,” Randell said.

National Cherry Festival Director Kat Paye announced the cancellation by email early Wednesday morning.

This year’s festival is planned to be aired July 4-11, and includes an annual air show in which the US Blue Navy is set to perform, festival spokeswoman Susan Wilcox-Olson said.

Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers said the city of northwest Michigan, like many other cities on Lake Michigan, relied on tourism, so canceling big events like that was not something anyone liked.

“The mayor I’m talking to across the state is not because we don’t want people here, our economy depends on it. We want people with second homes, we want tourists, we want weekend warriors here. This is not the right time. “

Michigan’s infection rate has not reached its peak, and a second wave could hit if work, travel, and other restrictions are too fast, Carruthers said. He thought all the festival leaders in the city and elsewhere had difficult decisions to come – the director of Blissfest in Harbor Springs announced on Wednesday that the 2020 festival was also not active.

Without Cherry Fest means no big crowd – the festival organization said more than 500,000 people attended more than eight days.

That drove many businesses to downtown retailer Traverse City, CEO of Downtown Development Authority Jean Derenzy. He is still trying to absorb the news Wednesday afternoon. The impact of the festival varies from one downtown business to another, but those who look for opportunities after closing all spring will not get it.

“When you have lots of people visiting your community, you know it has a positive impact on our economic ecosystem, that it is an important part of having visitors throughout the Midwest and throughout the U.S. come and visit,” he said.

A 2016 Grand State University study put the overall impact of the festival at more than $ 25 million, as previously reported.

Derenzy said he would meet with leaders of Traverse City Tourism and Traverse Connect, among other things, to think of other ways to highlight the city’s business and restart the economy when the pandemic ends.

Beginning in July is a busy time for six Cherry Republic stores across the state, and especially for Traverse City and Glen Arbor locations, said the company’s marketing director Andrew Moore.

He and everyone with the company empathize with the director of the festival because they have to make the choice to cancel, he said.

“But we praise them for prioritizing the safety and health of customers and the community, because we know it is a very difficult decision that had to be made months before,” he said.

Moore said he had anticipated an abnormal summer, given how unexpected the retail environment was. Cherry Republic is considered an important business but its stores are closed for safety while online orders continue.

Likewise, the Grand Traverse Pie Company restaurant, according to its website – cakes are still sent by mail.

The company’s owner, Mike Busley, said the restaurants had “all hands on the deck” during the festival. He was not surprised by the decision of the leaders of the National Cherry Festival. It saddens him but he understands health and safety must come first.

“I support the decision; I’m not surprised by the decision, “he said.” I think other people will follow. “

There is a 20-year plus relationship between the Grand Traverse Pie Company and the festival that goes far beyond selling pie slices, Busley said. This company is a festival and sponsor of the future Queen Cherry, coupled with other events such as make-and-bake events where children make cakes and parents learn how to keep their children safe from abuse.

Busley said that he was looking for a smaller event to promote local cherries during the summer, and hoped local farmers and processors could overcome the pandemic.

The festival volunteer, Julia Hardy, hopes to see her party family – all the volunteers, organizers and anyone involved in bringing them together. He is 18 years old, has helped since he was 7 years old in various roles for years.

Hardy was looking forward to a country music concert, and to help his father, a chef, serve backstage, he said.

“Many people don’t always realize how much work is and how much physical work is done to put it together,” he said. “As much as work, it’s also fun.”

Peter Garthe, champion of the festival pin sales 27 times, wrote in an email that only a few festivals had been canceled before, including from 1942-45 due to World War II. He was sad to think he would miss it this year, and urged people to be tested for COVID-19 to make sure they didn’t have it.

“I hope to see you all at the 2021 National Cherry Festival from July 3, 2021 to July 10, 2021,” he wrote.

Cherry area farmers began “Blessing of the Blossoms” in 1910, and the first Cherry Queen was crowned in 1925, as previously reported.


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