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The administrator is annoyed by the plight of the Gizri Maternity Home | Instant News

Karachi administrator Iftikhar Ali Shallwani has expressed displeasure with the performance of the Gizri Maternity Home and warned that no neglect or lethargy will be tolerated.

“Public sector hospital staff must carry out their duties. This is a basic puskesmas where many people come for treatment, ”he said during a visit to the delivery house.

Shallwani was annoyed by the unsatisfactory cleanliness of the place and the poor facilities provided to patients. He also asked the management of the maternity hospital why only one patient was admitted to a hospital of that size.

Medical Supervisor (MS) Dr Sameena Arshad told administrators that every day 70 to 80 patients visit the hospital but his claims contradict the registration logbook, which he said only 16 patients visited on that day.

Shallwani also expressed anger at the fact that of the six incubators available at the health facility, five of them were not functioning.

MS said that the Gizri Maternity Home is run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and the Falah Trust and KMC pay salaries to 49 of its staff, including six doctors.

He added that the eight staff families live in government apartments inside the hospital. The doctor at the maternity home failed to provide a satisfactory answer to the administrator’s question. He rejected the briefing and said that the current state of the facility was not something that could be tolerated.

He also asked why the majority of the 49 staff were absent and most of the rooms were locked. The administrator said it was the responsibility of local agencies to provide maternal care facilities to ensure timely care for pregnant women in the nearest place.

“KMC is taking all-out steps to provide better facilities to the community and ensure the availability of medicines and other equipment,” said Shallwani. He advised that the Gizri Maternity Hospital be repaired as soon as possible so that people who cannot afford private hospitals can access better health facilities.


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The Aspen Security Forum will be online with the mayor of Atlanta, John Bolton, PM of Australia, and others | Instant News

Speakers at the Aspen Security Forum to be digitally produced will include Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom; John Bolton, former assistant to President Trump for National Security Affairs; former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The announcement was made on Friday the Aspen Strategy Group, a policy division of The Aspen Institute, which traditionally holds annual events on the Aspen Meadows campus but not this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A free digital access event is scheduled for August 4 – August 6. All programs will be broadcast live on Zoom, with conversations lasting from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm

“We are very pleased that our recorded Aspen Public Safety Forum will include an impressive array of global leaders,” Nicholas Burns, executive director of the Aspen Strategy Group, said in a statement.

Agenda, which may change, is available at http://www.aspensecurity2020.com/attend. Topics will include America’s global network of alliances, cyber technology and security, democracy in an election year, US domestic leaders at the forefront of the crisis, defense innovation, and conversations with world leaders.

Confirmed speakers included Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s foreign minister; Tony Blinken, former deputy foreign minister and chief policy adviser to Joe Biden’s campaign; Burns, also a Harvard professor; Tom Donilon, chairman, BlackRock Investment Institute; Michèle Flournoy, former deputy minister of Defense for Policy; Paulo Guedes, Brazilian economy minister; Steve Hadley, former assistant president for National Security Affairs; Kelly Knight Craft, US ambassador to the United Nations; Lower Mayor; Mitch Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans; Anja Manuel, director, Aspen Strategy Group and co-founder, Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC; Shivshankar Menon, honored colleague, Brookings India; Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek prime minister; Wes Moore, CEO, Robin Hood Foundation; Morrison; Joseph Nye, emeritus professor of Harvard University; Robert O’Brien, assistant president for National Security Affairs; Rice; Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami; Lawrence H. Summers, president of emeritus, Harvard University; Mark Warner, ranking member, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and other speakers.

For the fourth year, NBC News and MSNBC returned as exclusive media partners from the Aspen Security Forum 2020, with many of their journalists moderating the discussion.

Other moderators included Susan Glasser, David Ignatius, Margaret Brennan, David Sanger, Peter Baker, Nick Schifrin and Gerald Seib.


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Calls for Australia to stop free trade agreements with Hong Kong amid Chinese crackdown | Instant News

The Federal Government faces calls to stop its free trade agreement with Hong Kong after suspending Australia’s extradition treaty with the city.

When parliament returns, the Green Party will try exploiting widespread anger at the Chinese government’s crackdown on Hong Kong, urging the Senate committee to investigate into a free trade agreement.

Green leader Adam Bandt told ABC that Beijing seemed intent on holding back dissent in Hong Kong, and Parliament had to reconsider whether a free trade agreement could still be maintained.

“If the Government is ready to say that they are willing to defend democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, then it must be consistent. It cannot be business as usual,” Bandt said.

“Even if you agree to a free trade agreement in general, it’s time to rethink whether to go inside [free trade] the agreement with Hong Kong gave the stamp of covert approval for the crackdown. ”

The party believes that they have a good chance of getting crossbench support for a Senate committee inquiry, and also hopes to convince the conservative Government Senator to cross in support.

The government has insisted it will oppose the push, with Commerce Minister Simon Birmingham saying the Government “has no plans” to review the free trade agreement.

“This FTA provides certainty and transparency for Australian trade and business investment in Hong Kong,” said the Birmingham Senator.

“We continue to monitor developments in Hong Kong to act in accordance with Australian values ​​and interests.”

But it is not possible to end the parliamentary debate over the Federal Government’s response to the recent turmoil in the city.

Beijing’s new broad security law bans “subversion” and “incitement” in Hong Kong, and has invited criticism from Australian MPs across the political spectrum.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated the government would suspend the extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and allows thousands of students and graduates from cities to stay longer in Australia.

The Hong Kong free trade agreement only took effect in January this year and was separated from the free trade agreement signed by Australia with China in 2015.

Late last year, the Birmingham Senator also told the Senate that the Hong Kong agreement had “very different agreement terms” that “[gave] live in honor of two separate systems that are operating “.

“That’s why we continue,” he said at the time.

But last week, Mr Morrison said the new national security law “undermined” the principle of One Country Two Systems in Hong Kong.

The government suspended the extradition treaty by applying the Vienna Convention on the Law of the Agreement, arguing that the new security law was a “fundamental change of circumstances” in the city.

That has sparked further debate about the legal implications of the move.

police officers wore masks on Hong Kong roads with one holding a blue banner with a police warning written on it
The Green Party said Beijing intends to contain dissent in the autonomous region.(AP: Vincent Yu)

Question mark for other agreements

ABC has been told that not all agreements that Australia has with Hong Kong are affected by security and criminal provisions in the new law.

But international law expert Donald Rothwell told ABC that the Government’s legal reasons put question marks on a number of other agreements, including drug trafficking agreements and mutual legal assistance.

“An important legal argument is that the new Hong Kong national security law represents a fundamental change from the situation to Hong Kong law, and as such can be applied to all Hong Kong Australia agreements,” he said.

Professor Rothwell also predicted that Australian police and government agents might now hesitate before agreeing to work with agents in Hong Kong.

“I suspect that many Australian government agencies will, given the events in Hong Kong last year, now be much more careful in dealing with their counterparts in Hong Kong, especially in matters such as law enforcement and mutual legal assistance,” he said. the word.


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Minister of Maritime Affairs, Chair of HBL called PM | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi and HBL Chair Sultan Ali Allana asked Prime Minister Imran Khan here on Wednesday.

Zaidi told the prime minister about the affairs of his ministry, especially the actions taken at the port and other related issues after the emergence of Covid-19. He told the prime minister that the Cabinet Economic Coordinating Committee (ECC) had approved a relaxation proposal for demurrage payments by ships in case of over-stay at the port. Proposals approved by the ECC at the direction of the prime minister will now be formally endorsed by the cabinet. According to ECC approval, this facility will be available until May 31, he added.

The maritime affairs minister told the prime minister that despite the difficult situation of the coronavirus, the country’s ports continue to operate differently from other large ports in the region facing closure.

The Chair of HBL appreciates the prime minister for providing the historic and largest economic stimulus package ever for providing aid to the masses given the coronavirus situation.

He congratulated the prime minister for running the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program transparently based on merit. The prime minister praised HBL’s services and assistance in providing Ehsaas Cash to those entitled to.


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The role of Babar Clouds as Parliamentary Affairs Advisor is underlined | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Twenty days after his appointment as Adviser to Parliamentary Affairs, the role of Babar Awan has been underlined if the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s office are guidelines. An official letter dated April 24, signed by the Prime Minister’s Secretary, Muhammad Azam Khan, a copy of which was available with The News, said that Imran Khan had wanted that from then on, all legislative matters of the ministries / divisions in the National Assembly and Senate. will be carried out in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Adviser for Parliamentary Affairs. Further necessary actions can be taken accordingly. Copies of the letter have been sent to all ministries and divisions as well as the lower house and upper house secretaries of Parliament.

Separate calls were made for Babar Clouds and Federal Law Minister Dr. Farogh Naseem and text messages were sent to their cellphones to get their version, but both chose not to respond.

In general, the minister of law plays a leading role in critical legislative business in both houses of Parliament. All ministries and divisions not only get their draft laws examined by the Ministry of Law before their presentation in Parliament but also let the law minister push their bills through the National Assembly and Senate at the earliest date.

The role of ministers / parliamentary affairs advisers (the current prime minister is the minister for this portfolio) has traditionally been limited because most cabinet members do not trust him, but prefer constitutional and legal experts – the law minister – to speak on their behalf. proposed legislation.

As ordered, ministries and divisions will coordinate with advisors.

Under the rules of procedure and business conduct in Parliament, ministers or advisers for parliamentary affairs are required to carry out coordination work between ministries / divisions and the second secretary of the House for the legislature and all other businesses brought before Parliament. He also represented his cabinet colleagues who were absent in their business transactions in the legislature. When the role of cabinet members is so clear, it is not known what requires the issuance of the current order. Was the letter released at Babar Awan’s request to state his role?

However, because no Parliamentary Council met since April 20 when Babar Cloud was taken as an advisor, questions for the new legislative business for Parliament from ministries and divisions did not arise. It is even possible that the initial session of the two houses is far from considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Ways are being discussed for holding physical or virtual sittings. Both Farogh Naseem and Babar Awan are included in the official team which will negotiate with the opposition parties to prepare a draft consensus amendment in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) law. Other members are Asad Umar, Pervez Khattak and Shahzad Akbar.

There was a time when law, justice and parliamentary affairs were once a ministry, led by a cabinet member. However, parliamentary affairs have long been separated from law and justice and a minister / minister of state / independent advisor has been appointed to do so. Rules of procedure and business conduct in Parliament have not been changed.


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