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Civil society, residents are afraid of large-scale displacement due to the Malir Toll Road project | Instant News

Expressing their concern over the displacement of families due to the ongoing anti-encroachment movement along Gujjar Nullah and Mehmoodabad Nullah in the Manzoor Colony, the construction of the Malir Toll Road, and the expansion and reconstruction of ML-1, a group of city planners, civil society activists and residents said on the day Wednesday that the federal government and Sindh have committed human rights violations by destroying working class homes.

These observations were made at the Karachi Press Club at the press conference, which was held under the banner of the Karachi Joint Action Committee, an alliance of civil society groups.

Among the speakers was urban planner Arif Hasan, co-chair of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission Asad Iqbal Butt, executive director of the Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research Karamat Ali, co-director of the Zahid Farooq Municipal Resource Center, permanent director of the Aurat Mahnaz Rehman Foundation and Technical Director Sirajuddin Training Resource Center.

Hanif Dilmurad, leader of the Indigenous Rights Alliance representing the affected people on the Malir Toll Road, Shazia Zafar, a woman representing people affected by anti-encroachment operations along Gujjar Nullah, and others also spoke.

Hasan said displacement due to toll road construction and in the name of operations against encroachment had added to people’s misery by increasing unemployment and poverty.

“In the name of development, the government has occupied the land of low-income communities and used it for the benefit of the rich and influential as well as builders,” he said. “In addition, the government does not consult with residents prior to carrying out operations and development in their areas.” Butt is suing the federal and Sindh governments to ensure relocation, rehabilitation and compensation prior to eviction.

Malir Toll Road

Dilmurad, a social activist and researcher who has led protests against the construction of the Malir Toll Road in recent weeks, said that the provincial government has not consulted with residents or elected representatives in the area about building a megaproject that will destroy their homes. and livelihoods in more than 26 ancient villages and regions.

In December, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari launched a toll road project, calling it “the largest civilian infrastructure project ever undertaken by any provincial government in Pakistan under a public-private partnership”.

The Malir Expressway will be built as a 38.5 kilometer controllable high-speed expressway to connect Karachi center to the M-9, the highway between Karachi and Hyderabad.

However, Dilmurad said the toll road construction would destroy more than two dozen older villages, displace large numbers of people and destroy plantations.

Samoo Goth, Old Shafi Goth, Lasi Goth, Lasi Goth, Magsi Goth, Thadoo Goth, Nai Abadi, Shafi Goth, Ayah Muhammad Goth, Gulshan-e-Maryam, Mulla Essa Goth, Nasir City, Clock Goth, Shahu Bagh, Fazal Bagh , Malir Bungalows, Yaar Muhammad Jokhio Goth, Rasool Bux Khaskheli Goth are some of the places that will be destroyed, according to Dilmurad.

“We have seen devastation during the construction of the Lyari Expressway. People who were displaced because of the project are still homeless and their suffering has not stopped even though 17 years have passed, ”he said.

Gujjar, Mehmoodabad Nullahs

Shazia Zafar, a woman from Haji Mureed Goth, said that despite having lease documents, the authorities have demolished their house in the name of eliminating disturbances along Gujjar Nullah.

The speakers demanded that the Sindh government follow up on Bilawal’s Sept. 5 speech to rain-affected people at KDA Chowrangi, in which he promised not to evict people living around Gujjar Nullah without providing alternative accommodation.

They said that in both pillars, the authorities made no effort to clear clogged rainwater drains, and instead they destroyed the homes of residents who had lived there for more than four decades.

ML-1 project

Speakers also discussed upgrades to the Peshawar-to-Karachi Mainline-1 (ML-I) railroad. Media reports quoting the railway minister said that an 1,872 km long line would be built alongside the existing line – turning it into a double track. “But there has been no survey on the demolition of houses due to the ML-1 project and the rehabilitation of victims because of that,” said Butt.

There is no EIA

The speakers also said that environmental impact assessments were not carried out prior to the construction of the Malir Expressway and the ML-1 project or before undertaking a demolition campaign, resulting in further environmental damage to the city. They demanded that the government immediately carry out an Amdal at the project site.


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Fear has gripped Karachi people over a spike in street crime: JI | Instant News

Karachi Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chairman Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said robbery and street crime were on the rise in the city.

The increase in street crime and robbery is caused by the incompetence and failure of the government, police and law enforcement agencies, he said on Saturday, adding that a special campaign had been declared by the police against street crimes; However, there was no improvement in the situation.

Rehman said the crime rate had been reduced in the past due to the actions of law enforcement officials, but the situation was getting worse again. It seemed that the residents had nowhere to go to discuss their problems.

There is a lot of anxiety and fear among the people, and the government should take this situation seriously and provide protection to the Karachi people and take practical steps against the elements involved in crimes.


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‘Opp is afraid to hand over a receipt in case of foreign funding’ | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed said Tuesday opposition parties are afraid to hand over receipts in cases of foreign funding because they will be exposed to receiving funding from the Jewish lobby. Speaking in the Senate, he said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) had not submitted their foreign funding reports and receipts. He said the opposition, instead of handing over a receipt to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), organized protests in front of his building. He said six weeks were given to the opposition to hand in receipts, but so far they have not submitted anything. The minister said the previous government had rented them all out. Minister of Finance PML-N has stated that buyers of Pakistan Steel Mills will be given a free PIA.

He said the Khuzdar-Awaran road project had started, while the Quetta bypass and Dera Murad Jamali bypass were also being built by the incumbent government. He said that in the last 10 years, only 1,100 km of road projects were approved, but the incumbent government began working on 3,316 km of road projects in the country.

Murad said the government previously spent money from the state treasury for the construction of Jalan Raiwind. He said fake accounts, money laundering and now the Broadsheet problem had resurfaced, adding that all of these issues were related to the previous government.

“PML-N is always used as a sign of victory as soon as there is a case decision, but later finds out the true nature of the decision,” he said.

The minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan does not own a sugar factory, adding that the sugar factory is owned by Asif Ali Zardari and the Sharif family.

He said that wheat was found from the house of the minister who sat in the Sindh government.

Murad Saeed said exports were up 5 percent, foreign remittances 24.9 percent, investment was up, large-scale and manufacturing were up 5 percent. He said agriculture showed negative growth during the previous administration. He said that 100 percent of the health insurance was given to people in the KP and the combined districts of the previous FATA. He said that the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab will also get the Insaf Health Card, a free medical facility. He said the Balochistan government was also directed by the prime minister to initiate the Healthy Insaf card project. He said that people from all provinces would get free treatment from Agha Khan Karachi Hospital, while Sindh people would not have these facilities due to their inefficient provincial government.

He said that the PTI government had paid compensation to families in the former FATA district.

The minister said European Disinfolab had fully identified the Indian conspiracy against Pakistan. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had exposed India’s ugly face in international forums. Pakistan not only exposed the conspiracy of the Indians but also succeeded in thwarting it.


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Mike Copeland: The food truck returns to Magnolia; Chicken Chicken Salad; Hawaiian L&L barbecue; HEB holiday series | Local Business News | Instant News

Austin Young, with H3y Chick Enterprises, is a franchisee of Waco. He has nearly two decades of experience in the foodservice industry, having served as district manager for the Georgia-based Zaxby chicken chain. He will work with two uncles at Waco’s Chicken Salad Chick.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is open

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has opened at Mary Avenue Market, 300 S. Sixth St. in the city center, to offer comfort food in an atmosphere with many reminders of the network base in Hawaii.

The owners of the Waco location, 207th in the chain, are Raymond Garrison and Fred Ballard, both retired US Army soldiers who started pitching the idea of ​​opening a restaurant while soldiers “served in the Iraqi desert,” according to a press release at the opening.

Ballard grew up near Waco, Garrison in Panama City, Florida.

“The marker on the floor will remind customers to keep the surfboard length (6 feet) from other customers,” according to a press release.

Real estate companies merged

Two locally owned and independent real estate companies have joined forces. Eric Williams’ Legacy Land and Ranches, which specializes in farm and ranch properties, has found a place under the Kelly Realtors umbrella.


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FIFA World Cup 2022 ™ – News – Petkovic: Switzerland has no reason to be afraid of anyone | Instant News

Vladimir Petkovic had some big boots to fill when he took over as head coach of the Swiss national team in 2014 following Ottmar Hitzfeld’s successful tenure. But the 57-year-old has proven himself, and his contract was extended to the end of 2022 just a few months ago.

Petkovic, who led Lazio in Serie A just eight months before taking on his current role, has led Switzerland to qualification for UEFA EURO 2016 in France and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™. However, they were eliminated in the round of 16 in both tournaments, leaving them with bad memories of the 5-4 penalty shootout defeat to Poland in Saint-Etienne and the 1-0 defeat to Poland. Sweden two years ago at St. Petersburg Petersburg.

FIFA.com following Petkovic shortly before the European qualifying draw for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™.

FIFA.com: Vladimir, what is your decision in 2020?

Vladimir Petkovic: The year 2020 will be recorded in the history books. The whole world was shocked by the pandemic, and it also affected football. I always take life as it is and try to make the best of it. After a long break, we had eight games in less than three months. It was an intensive and informative time for my team and me. We played against the best teams in Europe in the UEFA Nations League A League. In terms of results, there is still room for improvement, but in the games against Germany and Spain we saw that we are developing positively, can compete with the best and affirm ourselves.

To what extent has your job as national team coach changed during the pandemic?

We weren’t able to meet or play any matches for a very long time. In the end we were only active in the field for three months. We organize virtual meetings to maintain communication between staff and players. Sometimes it’s just so we can meet and have a drink together. I often call the players and watch most of the matches behind their closed doors on television, not in the stadium. The players adapted to the new conditions, and my staff and I had to apply everything we could not do before in a very short time. As I mentioned, I accept everything and try to make the best out of each situation.

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What are your expectations for 2021? How far can you go in the European Championship?

It will be an intensive and important year for football in 2021. We are looking forward to the World Cup and EURO qualifiers, and we hope that soon we will be able to play and experience football again like we did before the pandemic. We invested heavily in the Nations League campaign in preparation for EURO. We want to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar and go as far as we can in the European Championship. Many things are possible with this team. If all goes together we can go a long way and we hope there will be a definite decision soon that the EURO can go according to plan.

You will face Italy, Turkey and Wales in your group …

They are three strong teams, but we need not fear anyone. We go into every game to win it. Italy and Turkey have a slight advantage as they play ‘home games’: Italy in Rome and Turkey in Baku. But our first objective is to advance to the next round.

Vladimir Petkovic, Head Coach of Switzerland, Senol Gunes, Head Coach of Turkey, Roberto Mancini, Head Coach of Italy and Ryan Giggs, Head Coach of Wales
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Germany has received a lot of criticism recently. Are you surprised by their 6-0 defeat to Spain?

It came as a surprise when Germany lost 6-0, but recently they beat Brazil 7-1. Everything is possible in football. There are extraordinary days like that when things like that can happen, especially because we are in a period where the teams are preparing for EURO qualification and the World Cup, and are trying various things. But the results show that Spain is very good and has taken great steps. It also shows how good our 1-1 draw with Spain was, as we had only played them three days earlier. That result didn’t receive the praise it deserves in the quarters.

Niklas Suele of Germany heads with Breel Embolo of Switzerland
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Switzerland drew against Germany in September and October. How important was the ‘prestigious’ result against Germany?

We always say that we have no reason to fear anyone. Our players play in the best leagues in the world, and a lot of times they line up with German players. We have approached the global elite. The draw is proof of that, but you can also see that we are still missing something to win that game.

Let’s talk about the Qatar 2022 qualifying draw. Is there a country you would like to avoid?

You cannot vote in World Cup qualifiers. All the teams in Pot 1 are very good, and there are also strong teams in Pot 2 and 3. We always take it for granted and wish for the luck of the draw so that we end up through with a good performance.

Would you be happy to draw against Germany?

Of course. Germany is our neighbor. We have long-standing friendships and a rich history of football together. The games against Germany are always special and that is a highlight for our fans too. But we need to improve in certain details to fully assert ourselves against a team like that. We are looking forward to the game against Germany.

Switzerland has qualified for the last four consecutive World Cups. Will That Confederation also in Qatar?

We’ll do everything we can to get there. We are very confident and confident that we can do it, although it will be more difficult to qualify because only the group winners and three of Europe’s best runners-up will get tickets. We will do our best to carry out everything positively.

To what extent has the coronavirus pandemic affected the outcome? Can there be more surprises?

I don’t think the results are affected by it. The pandemic has affected everyone, so every association and every team is struggling with the same hardships. During the UEFA Nations League, everyone has to learn how to deal with the pandemic, and we see that there is room for improvement in some places.

What is your general opinion about the 2022 World Cup? Have you ever been to Qatar?

I’ve never been there and I really want to get to know this country. I am very curious to see what awaits us. There is a short amount of time for preparation as the World Cup takes place in winter, and the players won’t be as tired as they used to be before the World Cup. The players from the top leagues will be fitter than in June, so that will make the quality and intensity even better. You can learn from that and have new experiences as a coach and as a team, all geared towards winning a good World Cup.

Will the World Cup be a special tournament because it takes place in winter?

This is indeed something special for players and fans around the world. For our fans at home, that means a public viewing in an indoor location and not outside on a nice summer night. But now those living in other parts of the world will experience the World Cup in the summer. In Europe, people will stay at home more during the winter months and will follow the whole spectacle on their screens.

Switzerland have reached the last 16 in three of their last four World Cup campaigns. Can you go further in 2022?

We are working on it. We are constantly working to be better, step by step. First of all we want to get away. The second step is to get him out of our group. And we’ll do everything we can to be able to take it a step further too.


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