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Italy repatriates its ambassador and bodyguards who died in Congo | Instant News

GOMA, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Reuters) – A military plane leaving eastern Congo bound for Italy on Tuesday loaded the bodies of the Italian ambassador and bodyguards in coffins wrapped in the Italian flag, a day after they were shot dead in an ambush at the United Nations Convoy.

Ambassador Luca Attanasio, 43, and his bodyguard Vittorio Iacovacci, 30, died while traveling in a World Food Program convoy to visit a school feeding project. WFP driver Mustapha Milambo also died.

The two crates were loaded onto an Italian military cargo plane in the city of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, near the Rwandan border. The plane then took off for Rome.

According to the Congolese presidency, a two-car convoy was stopped on the road north of Goma by six gunmen, who killed the Milambo driver and took the other six passengers away. Soldiers and park rangers tracked the group and a gun battle ensued, during which the kidnappers shot the two Italians.


Congo’s interior ministry blamed Rwandan Hutu rebel militias called the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) for the attacks. The FDLR, one of about 120 armed groups operating in eastern Congo, has denied responsibility for what it called the “cowardly killings”.

“The FDLR stated that they were not at all involved in the attack,” the group said in a statement.

The local governor said that the attackers spoke the Rwandan language Kinyarwanda.

The FDLR, set up by former Rwandan officers and militia blamed by the United Nations and others for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, has been blamed for previous kidnappings, including two British tourists who were detained for several days in May 2018.

President Felix Tshisekedi sent his top diplomatic adviser to Goma to support an investigation by local authorities, and the Congolese envoy in Rome will hand over a letter from Tshisekedi to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the Congolese presidency said.

Dario Tedesco, an Italian volcanologist living in Goma, pays tribute to his friend Attanasio.

“He was able to talk to all of us, very differently because, he adapted to each of us, (made) us feel we were important,” said Tedesco. “He believes in what he is doing and this shouldn’t be his last trip.” (This story corrects the number of passengers to six, in paragraph 4)

Reporting by Fiston Mahamba and Hereward Holland; written by Hereward Holland; editing by Nellie Peyton, Philippa Fletcher, Giles Elgood and Peter Graff


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The most dangerous beaches in the world are listed | Instant News

While everyone loves beach vacations, there are a few places you might want to reconsider because of the hidden dangers that lurk there.

From radioactive waters to deadly animals, and even dangerous undersides – here are coastal vacation spots that aren’t quite the paradise you could imagine.


It’s one of Australia’s most popular tourist spots – even Harry and Meghan visited it in 2018. But as locals know, it’s also home to some deadly wildlife.

To start with, there are Irukandji jellyfish that live in the waters between October and May in North Queensland waters. According to the Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Services, there have only been three deaths from Irukandji jellyfish worldwide in the past 100 years.

Their stings can be so severe that they cause fatal brain hemorrhages and send an average of 50-100 people to the hospital each year.

They are not the only deadly animals on the beach, with dingoes also common along shorelines – ever on the coast the center of a number of attacks in the last few years.


While the beach at Bikini Atoll doesn’t have the dangerous animals you might see Down Under, it has a different set of deadly problems.

The islands were once used as nuclear test sites, meaning radiation levels remain on the coast.

A recent study shows that some of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean – such as Bikini and Enewetak atoll – are still more radioactive than Chernobyl and Fukushima, even though more than 60 years have passed since the United States tested radioactive weapons on these islands. .

Tests were carried out in the early days of the Cold War, and included the 1954 Castle Bravo bomb, which remains the most powerful thermonuclear weapon America has ever detonated.

You can visit, but you can’t eat or drink any fruit or water, because of the radiation.


The Skeleton Coast in Namibia was once named the Gates of Hell by early explorers because of the many dangers there.

Along the coastline there are a number of shipwrecks due to the dangerous waters, the harsh climate and the lack of water on land making it difficult to survive if the ships run into trouble.

The sand is strewn with the remains of life: an elephant rib cage mixed with turtle shells, shipwrecks and whale carcasses.

Many of the wrecks that have washed ashore have been completely destroyed by the sun, sea and wind, but some are still visible.


Playa Zipolite is a stunning part of Mexico’s coastline and a popular place for tourists to visit. But it also has a gruesome nickname – Beach of the Dead, and the reasons why often catch visitors off guard.

The beach itself is home to deadly tidal waves that often form along the coast. Tidal form

when adjacent circular currents move in opposite directions so there is an area where the swimmer will be pulled overboard or pushed towards the shore.

Although lifeguards now patrol Mexico’s first nude beach to help people keep swimmers safe, a number of tourists are still trapped in the torrential waters each year.

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What did Fawad Alam say about an ‘epic century against South Africa’? | Instant News

Pakistani cricketer Fawad Alam poses next to PCB National Stadium, Karachi (NSK) Honors Board in Karachi, Pakistan.

KARACHI: A few weeks after cricketer Fawad Alam wowed his fans with a brilliant century during his Trials against South Africa, he finally got his name engraved on PCB National Stadium, Karachi Honorary Council (NSK).

Speaking of his experiences – both about the century he scored during the game against South Africa last month and how it felt to be registered there – he said it was “like a dream come true for me”.

Last month, mid-level hitters scored a century of “epic” fights – a first at home – on the second day of their opening Trials match against South Africa in Karachi.

I thank God that we were given so much respect – despite having had so many problems on stage – and that I was a century.

Now, however, she has spoken about how happy and healthy it is to see her name on the NSK Honors Board.

“Of course, this is like a dream come true for me. When someone comes and sees this board, they think, ‘I wish my name was on this board too.’ I can’t thank God enough that my name is now written on this board and I pray that more names are added to it.

“And, as far as winning is concerned, cricket is back in Pakistan after a long time and I never played in Pakistan – the three Trials I played abroad – so it’s like my debut in Pakistan and back.

Fawad said he was “very happy”. He explained how cricket knew that their performance had to be such that it helped their team win. “I thank God that we were given so much respect – despite having had so many problems in the middle stages – and I was a century old.”

It’s proven that we stand strong and everyone fulfills their responsibilities and we win as a team.

Noting that it was a “team effort”, he said it “proved that we stood strong and everyone fulfilled their responsibilities and we won as a team”.

“It was a fantastic win and it helps us in the next test [match], “added the cricketer.

Jan Fawad’s 27th Century is his third during a Tes match and takes place during the 14th round of his career. Alam held the stronghold at 63 as Pakistan hit 178 for six teasers, following South Africa’s first-half total with 42 rounds.

Playing his first Test at home, Alam was solid as he added 94 with former captain Azhar Ali for the fifth goal, leaving South Africa scaleless in the first session.


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Taiwan has confirmed three cases of the Brazilian variant of COVID-19 | Instant News

The Taiwan government said on Sunday that it had confirmed three cases of the first discovered variant of the COVID-19 Brazil, and that all arrivals from the country will undergo centralized quarantine starting this week. Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said the three people, whose infection officials were originally announced last month and were being treated in hospital, had been confirmed on Saturday as having what was known as P1. Brazil variant.

Chen added that starting at midnight on Wednesday, whoever comes Taiwan from Brazil or who ever entered Brazil The previous 14 days must be quarantined in a centralized facility for two weeks, from arrival Britain and South Africa should also prevent the spread of the separate variants found there. Everybody come Taiwan must be quarantined at home for 14 days, and the people are closely tracked down by the authorities to ensure they don’t get out.

The pandemic has killed 245,977 people Brazil, the worst death toll outside the United States. Brazil has more than 10 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus, as the new variant found in Amazon threatens to further damage a country where inoculation has been halted in many cities due to a lack of vaccines.

Taiwan has controlled the pandemic well thanks to early and effective prevention, including closing large portions of its borders. Only 40 active cases were admitted to the hospital.

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Italian authorities rescued 47 migrants after the boat capsized | Instant News

Migrants wait to disembark from the Italian coast guard ship “Diciotti” when they arrive at the port of Catania, Italy, August 21, 2018. REUTERS / Antonio Parrinello / File Photo

MILAN (Reuters) – The Italian Coast Guard said on Saturday it had rescued 47 migrants after their boat capsized 15 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The Coast Guard said it was continuing to search for missing people, in conjunction with the Italian tax police, who deal with smuggling and financial crimes.

Migrants were heard screaming for help in the dark when life jackets and buoyancy aids were thrown overboard Saturday morning, a video from the Coast Guard shows.

Italy is a major route for migrants who mostly depart from Tunisia and Libya to reach Europe.

Reporting by Fabiano Franchitti; Written by Gianluca Semeraro; Edited by Jan Harvey


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