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Pakistan cricket has failed to cope with the talent of Umar’ | Instant News

Image: Kamran Akmal defended his younger brother Umar. Photo: Nigel Marple/Reuters

Discarded Pakistan wicket-batsman Kamran Akmal on Tuesday defended the strange behavior of his younger brother Umar Akmal, saying, the establishment of cricket in the country has failed to cope with the talented batsman.

Umar is currently serving a three-year ban for not reporting place-fixing approaches, but appealed against the decision of the independent Tribunal of the Pakistan cricket Board. Date of the hearing has not yet been determined.

“The off-field activities is nothing new in Pakistan cricket. Management team and a captain should know how to deal with such players. Look how Inzi bhai (Inzamam-ul-Haq) treated Shoaib’s (Akhtar), (Mohammad) Asif and Shahid (Afridi). If this was done with Omar Akmal, things could be otherwise”, – quotes its words a site cricket Pakistan.

Kamran also expressed dissatisfaction with the holding in the team, despite good performances in domestic cricket.

“I perform in domestic cricket and PSL (Pakistan super League) in the last five years, but despite this I never got a chance to play for Pakistan,” he said.

“In the recent past, a couple of coaches didn’t like me, so I stayed on the sidelines. It is unfair to keep me from the test and T20I side, especially because I can play solely as a batsman. If Matthew Wade can come back in a average of 18-20, why didn’t I averaged about 60”, – he added.

Kamran last played for Pakistan in 2017 in the West Indies, despite a successful career in the national team during a career spanning 53 tests, 157 ODIs and 58 t20s.

Kamran also advised the national selectors to choose players based on performances in domestic cricket and not RAP, and drawing Parallels with the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“Players are selected based on performance in the RAP and those who do well in domestic cricket are ignored. It’s not that you make a good team,” he said.

“If India started to do that, they would have the entire team selected from the IPL.

“Tournaments such as IPL and RAP is good for endurance and confidence, but the performances that count of four-day cricket,” he concluded.


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Exclusive | Danish Kaneria attacked Shahid Afridi for making an offensive statement to PM Narendra Modi | Instant News


Exclusive | Danish Kaneria attacked Shahid Afridi for making an offensive statement to PM Narendra Modi

Former Danish Pakistani spinner Kaneria criticized Shahid Afridi for making an offensive statement against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The former Pakistani captain made several derogatory comments to PM Modi about the Kashmir issue. Afridi faces heat for his speech from a former Indian cricketer and fan on social media.

In an exclusive interview with IndiaTV, Danish Kaneria said Afridi must not use offensive words against the Indian PM.

“Afridi should not use offensive words for the Prime Minister of India. Even Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has never spoken of India in such an insult and he will not do that in the future either. Afridi needs to learn from him and must know there are always limits when you speak. “Kaneria told IndiaTV.

Kaneria further attacked Afridi and said if he wanted to join politics then he would have to leave cricket.

“Afridi has to think before he talks about any problem. If he wants to join politics then he has to leave cricket. You can’t stay in cricket and talk about political affairs. His comments create a negative image about Pakistan Cricket in front of India and the rest of the world, “he said. (Also Read | ‘Jokers like him spew poison against India’: Gambhir replied to Afridi for Kashmir’s remarks)

Recently, former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh supported Afridi during his call for donations in Pakistan for the coronavirus pandemic. But when Afridi’s hate speech towards PM Modi went viral, both Yuvraj and Harbhajan responded to the ex-Pakistan captain for his comments. (Also Read | Harbhajan criticized Shahid Afridi for Kashmir’s controversial statement)

Kaneria also believes the same thing and says, by spitting poison on their PM, what kind of friendship Afridi pursues with Yuvraj and Harbhajan.

“That’s not fair, you ask for help from them in the first case and then spit poison to their Prime Minister. What kind of friendship are you after?”

Kaneria also felt that the cricket between India and Pakistan must be restored and the governments of the two countries must resolve their problems.

“Cricket must be restored once again between the two countries. Whatever political tensions between India and Pakistan, the governments of the two countries must resolve through dialogue so that cricket can be restored once again.

“The bilateral series between India and Pakistan in the world are more interesting than any ICC tournament. The trial series between India and Pakistan is bigger than that ash. “In such a situation, it must be returned once more for the benefit of cricket,” he concluded.

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‘Shahid Afridi’s comedy continues, he is a joke’: Atul Wassan | Instant News

Former Pakistan cricket player Shahid Afridi has been the target of jokes and his comedy show is unstoppable, feels former Indian player Atul Wassan, holding his latest desire to lead the Kashmir team in the Pakistan Super League, as a truly ridiculous and humorous statement from the statement. lowest class.

“I really don’t understand what he is doing. His comedy shows go on and refuse to stop. Every day he will come with a new lowest grade work. I think he has gone crazy. Now he wants to be the captain of the Kashmir team at PSL “He is from Peshawar and has nothing to do with Kashmir. And which Kashmir is he talking about? Kashmir or Pakistan occupy Kashmir. I think he is afraid of losing it too. So he came with a political statement. I think he wants to make a political career in Pakistan. “But making ridiculous statements every day, no one would take him seriously even in Pakistan. I think as we all know he is still 16 and his level of maturity remains at 16,” Atul Wasan told Republic TV on Thursday.

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Afridi has made headlines when he recently expressed his desire to lead a team named ‘Kashmir’ at PSL. Afridi has drawn the weaknesses of cricket fraternity when he said:

“I ask the Pakistan Cricket Council so that when they host PSL later, a new team called Kashmir should be included in it (At PSL). I want to lead the Kashmir team in my last year. I ask that the PCB of the next franchise should be called Kashmir.”

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Shahid Afridi traveled to PoK for Pak Army puppets, no matter the social distance | Instant News

Since the beginning of this year, the whole world has been battling the COVID-19 Crisis and countries like India are trying their best level to overcome it. However, certain Pakistanis are still busy ranting their propaganda about the Kashmir problem. This time it was former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi who was found to spread hatred and false propaganda against the Indian Army and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while showing himself at PoK.

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On behalf of providing relief material to people living in illegally occupied PoK (Pakistan Occupies Kashmir), Afridi visited the area and talked with local residents. He said, “Modi is deploying 7 lakh troops in Kashmir, equal to the total strength of Pakistani troops.” He also said that Kashmiris from India also supported the Pakistani Army. Afridi did not stop there and continued to spread his famous false narration that Kashmiri people were oppressed by PM Modi, which Pakistan had long used to continue the ISI-led regime which was led by the domestic military.

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Furthermore, this is not the first time Afridi has sold hatred against India. He has done this several times in the past too & and is known for repeating this false narrative from time to time, almost always being beaten again by his Indian cricket colleagues, especially Gautam Gambhir.

India over the past few weeks has heated up Pakistan, and explained in various operational terms that India has no business occupying PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan, with the government broadcasters AIR and Doordarshan including weather reports for cities in the region in its daily updates, in addition to the diplomatic efforts of the Foreign Ministry in humiliating Pakistan for continuing to infiltrate terrorists into Indian soil, which has even increased amid Coronavirus. In fact, social distance is not visible in Afridi’s visuals.

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Afridi, Yousuf want Shoaib and Taffazul to resolve differences peacefully | Instant News

KARACHI: Former Pakistani and all-round captain Shahid Afridi has offered to mediate between former pioneer Shoaib Akhtar and legal counsel of the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCB) Tafazzul Rizvi.

Shoaib, recently on his YouTube Channel, said that Taffazul pitted players and complicated things to get money, when handling their cases.

Taffazul then sent a legal notice worth Rs 100 million asking the former fast-hunter to withdraw his statement and pay compensation of Rs 100 million because his statement raised questions about his credibility.

However, Shoaib appeared to have the support of his former team-mates, including former captains Younis Khan, Afridi and Mohammad Yousuf.

Younis openly supported Shoaib’s remarks and asked the PCB to ‘honestly’ evaluate comments for the improvement of Pakistani cricket.

PCB has shown its disappointment with Shoaib’s comments about his legal counsel but seems to have distanced himself from controversy.

Afridi praised Shoaib for his services to Pakistani cricket.

“Shoaib Akhtar is one of the best bowlers and winners of Pakistan’s matches. When he said that he respected lawyers and lawyers, I hoped he and Taffazul Rizvi could resolve their problems peacefully in the coming days. I am ready to help them reach a peaceful solution, “he said.

Yousuf also praised Shoaib for being a star player for the country and had asked for a peaceful solution to this problem.


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