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Karachi: The target killer MQM-L was killed after a gun battle with CTD – Crime | Instant News

Published in 06 March 2021 19:27

Karachi: The target killer MQM-L was killed after a gun battle with CTD

KARACHI (Dunya News) – MQM-London target killer Azam alias Ganja was killed in a gun battle during an operation carried out by the CTD and intelligence agencies in Bagh Korangi, Karachi area.

Last night in Bagh Korangi, CTD and intelligence agencies killed MQM-London target assassins during a joint operation. According to the CTD officer, the defendant’s accomplice managed to escape.

The accused who was killed was a key member of the MQM-London Junaid Bulldog team. Defendant Azam committed the murders from 2012 to 2013 on orders from the leadership.


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Irish student letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern | Instant News

A 12 year old Irish student cheered after receiving a personal letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo / Getty Images

A 12 year old Irish student cheered after receiving a personal letter from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The young school girl was given a school project during Ireland’s first lockdown in 2020 asking her to write a letter to the chosen leader.

In March 2020, the 12 year old boy decided to write to Jacinda Ardern.

This week, Ardern responded.

His father Philip Bromwell, a journalist for the Irish website RTE, took to Twitter to share Ardern’s letter.

The letter, signed by Ardern, reads: “Thank you very much for your letter. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, unfortunately it has been a busy few months.

“I appreciate you taking the time to write – your kind words mean a lot and they really brighten up my day.

“I hope you and your family stay safe in Ireland, convey my best wishes to them.”

It was also signed privately with a pen, with the PM adding “thanks again, Lily!”.

Bromwell said Lily was “delighted” at the answer.

“During the first lockdown last spring, our 11 year old son had to write a letter to a school leader. He chose Jacinda Ardern.

“Well, after ‘a few busy months’ (!) For NZ PM, Lily was thrilled to get a personal reply! Great in leads, locks & letters.”

Irish media have picked up the story, and locals have taken to social media to share their love for the response.

“Incredible leaders. And congratulations for your 11 year old son to connect with him. They could not have chosen a more inspiring leader in these unprecedented times,” wrote one of them.

Another added: ‘That’s really cool. Lily and Jacinda are definitely legends. Beautiful by NZ PM. “

This is not the first time Ardern has responded to an international letter.

A 14-year-old student from South India was surprised and delighted to have a “beautiful and personal reply” to a letter she sent Ardern.

Amana Ashraf wrote to Ardern in 2019 to convey her admiration for the Prime Minister, praising him for beating “hate with love”.

In Ashraf’s letter, he asked about the Prime Minister’s daughter, Neve.

Ardern replied by saying that Neve was very kind.

“He’s growing so fast. It’s amazing to hear him start talking [she now says ‘hi’ to everyone she sees!]. “

In his reply, Ardern thanked Ashraf for his encouraging words and said that his expression of solidarity had helped New Zealand.

“Knowing that we have friends around the world, who are ready to stand with us to spread love and solidarity rather than hatred and division, has given us strength,” Ardern was quoted as saying.


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Masterton was the first person in New Zealand to conquer the 100 peaks | Instant News

‘The 100 Peaks Challenge’ is a list of 100 mountain peaks scattered across New Zealand. Photo / NZ Hunters Adventures

It took 30 years, but a Masterton man finally screamed from the top of the mountain after becoming the first person in New Zealand to conquer The 100 Peaks Challenge.

The 100 Peaks Challenge is a list of 100 mountain peaks scattered across New Zealand [five in the North Island, the remainder in the South Island].

The New Zealand Alps Club set the challenge in 1991 as part of a centennial celebration that aims to invite mountaineers of all levels to climb.

On February 21, 2021, Don French stepped on the summit of Mount Unicorn [2560 metres] on the Strauchon Glacier on the west coast of the South Island, completing a task he started in 1991.

“There’s a little pride [achieving this] as I remembered at the end [1991] I looked at the list and I thought I would make it a goal of a lifetime to try and hike the 100 all, “said French.

“Maybe it won’t sink in for some time, and maybe it will be 10 years before the next person does.”

Masterton mountaineer, Don French.  Photo / Wairarapa Times-Age
Masterton mountaineer, Don French. Photo / Wairarapa Times-Age

The 62-year-old, whose first mountain to be conquered was Mount Egmont in 1976, admits he has faced a bit of a challenge, having conquered 30 of the listed peaks before he set out to conquer the remaining 70.

“I’ve run 30 times on the board at that stage,” said French.

“But it took me 30 years to climb those 70 years.”

Out of 100, French said he did 14 summits alone, whereas with the others, he has a number of friends accompanying him.

Base camp on Strauchon Terrace.  Photo / Provided
Base camp on Strauchon Terrace. Photo / Provided

The French – who also participated in four Himalayan expeditions and was one of the few to have conquered all the peaks in the country over 3000m – said the hardest of the 100 he climbed was Jagged Peak in the Arrowsmith Range.

This is arguably one of the most challenging alpine ice routes in the country.

He said it was a long, steep winter hike that took 23 hours.

French, who is also an active member of the Wairarapa Search and Rescue team, said he was lucky enough throughout his climbing career, suffering only minor injuries in time.

Asked if he ever felt like giving up at some point, French said it rarely crossed his mind because he was satisfied with what he wanted to achieve climbing the mountain.

The mountaineer arranges the gear for the first pitch.  Photo / Provided
The mountaineer arranges the gear for the first pitch. Photo / Provided

“I was really brooding, with about two or three peaks nearing the end [of the challenge], that I don’t need to let this rule me or control me, “he said.

“I can stop now and still say I have achieved what I wanted to achieve, which is climbing many mountains.

“Participation in the sport was what prompted me to do this from the very beginning. Every mountain is great fun and is an adventure that spends a lot of time with a good climbing companion.

Despite the challenge, French has not had the urge to hang up his mountain boots.

Unicorn Mountain Peak.  Photo / Provided
Unicorn Mountain Peak. Photo / Provided

It’s all about exploration, “he said.

“What motivates me to climb is discovering what is around me. Sometimes I wonder with my years, ‘can I still do that?’

“But once you get to the top of the mountain, you look out and you can see hundreds or thousands of other mountains, and then I start thinking, ‘I wonder if I should climb that, that looks interesting’.

“I noticed the mountains got a little steeper and a little higher,” French said.

French’s 100th hike was well documented by the film crew of the NZ Hunter Adventures television show, who climbed Mount Unicorn with him.

Part one will premiere at Duke on March 17 and part 2 the following week.


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Pakistani Prime Minister Khan will seek a vote of confidence after the general election steps down | Instant News

ISLAMABAD / KARACHI – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan will seek a vote of confidence in parliament after the government’s finance minister lost his bid for a Senate seat in Wednesday’s election, the foreign minister said.

Khan’s ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and its political allies are trying to wrest control of the Pakistani Senate from opposition parties in indirect elections of up to 37 seats in the upper house of the 104-member parliament.

Full results are yet to come out, but local media reports suggest that PTI and its allies are gaining support in the Senate, perhaps enough to gain a majority.

However, an election official announced that Khan’s finance minister, Abdul Hafiz Sheikh, had not managed to win the seat he was fighting for.

The losses dealt a significant blow to Khan and the government, as the electoral college in the Sheikh’s case was the lower house of parliament, which elected the country’s prime minister and in 2018 handed over the majority to Khan.

Sheikh also led important talks with international lender IMF aimed at stabilizing the economy. However, he can continue as finance minister, meaning the political damage is largely symbolic at this stage.

“Imran Khan and his party have reached a consensus decision that Imran Khan will take a vote of confidence from parliament,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told a news conference.

Information Minister Shibli Faraz told Geo News the move was to show political opponents Khan that he still had confidence in parliament and it was “a sign of a brave person.”

The Senate contest was designed as a measure of confidence in the Khan government, Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, head of the independent research organization PILDAT, told Reuters.

Pakistan financial advisor house Topline Securities said in an advisory note soon after the results of the Sheikh chair were announced that the losses were likely to increase pressure on the ruling party.

Opposition parties, which have united behind a mass protest campaign aimed at overthrowing Khan, are calling for the dissolution of the government and new elections.

If Khan and his allies gain a majority in the Senate by the time the final results are announced, it could help him pass important legislation stalling in the assembly and slow progress on talks with the IMF.

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The MoPH lowers the age threshold for the Covid-19 vaccine

17 Jan 2021 – 14:13

As a continuation of the implementation of the national strategy for COVID-19 vaccination which consists of four phases distributed throughout this year, the Ministry of Public Health has announced changes to the age threshold for priority groups of vaccine recipients.


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Boxing: Joseph Parker retaliated after taunts from heavyweight rivals | Instant News


The two fighters Joseph Parker hoped to next publicly mocked him after his defeat to Junior Fa at the weekend, but the Kiwi heavyweight suffered nothing.

Parker, the WBO number three fighter, beat the Fa by unanimous decision on Saturday night, even though many viewers thought the Fa deserved more points than the jury eventually awarded him.

The fact that the fight went so far, after Parker’s team admitted before the match they needed an early knock-out to make a statement, has opened New Zealand’s top heavyweights to criticism. And it is the potential opponents who score the goals first.

Even before Saturday’s bout, Parker was eyeing Derek Chisora ​​and the winner of the title fight while Oleksandr Usyk and Joe Joyce WBO are believed to be scheduled for later this year.

“I’m open to fighting anyone,” Parker told Sky Sports News. “But with talks from my promoters, Eddie Hearn and Matchroom and with [manager] David Higgins, they’ve got a clear path for me this year.

“Take care of Junior, then against Chisora, then against the winners Usyk and Joyce.”

Looking at Chisora’s social media accounts, this ever-present British competitor is in no way constrained by prospects.

Post on Twitter immediately after the end of the fight, Chisora ​​posted a photo of herself and Parker as well as their career statistics; however Parker’s head has been replaced with a chicken and the hashtag #chisoravchicken has been posted on the side.

Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker.  Photo / Twitter
Derek Chisora ​​takes down the provocative Joseph Parker. Photo / Twitter

Chisora ​​confirmed with Sky Sports UK that the two sides are in discussions to fight and that he is not at all impressed with the Auckland game.

“The fighting is not good,” said Chisora. “The simple reason is they don’t train much. They are not fit, they are not training hard enough. There is no fear factor for either of them.”

As soon as Parker saw Chisora’s post, he immediately replied; labeled the British as “donkeys” afraid to fight outside Great Britain, let alone New Zealand.

“Come to NZ if you think you’ve got what a donkey needs. I’ll get this done anywhere,” Parker wrote on Twitter as he tagged his manager David Higgins, British promoter Eddie Hearn and Chisora ​​promoter, David Haye.

This isn’t the first time Parker and Chisora ​​have exchanged verbal blows. In 2019 Parker promised to send Chisora ​​into retirement with a knockout defeat in front of his London supporters – if he ever gets another chance.

“I told him beforehand that I would retire him and I would be his last fight. Locked in the fight, I will put on a good show. He will get the money he wants, but I will make him retire. He has a good career,” said Parker. to Sky Sports UK at the time.

Meanwhile, Joyce also took to Twitter after watching the Parker-Fa fight to say she wasn’t threatened by what she saw either.

“Either of the two, it doesn’t matter,” he wrote.

For Parker, Chisora ​​will now likely be the first of those fighters in a hugely popular bout in London where both fighters have huge fan bases, and then, perhaps, a mandatory challenge to the WBO belt he once held against Joyce, or Usyk.


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