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Japan is tapping Australia and Brunei for the purpose of importing hydrogen | Instant News

TOKYO – Japan plans to build a hydrogen supply network that includes Australia and Brunei as it aims to import 300,000 tonnes of fuel a year around 2030.

Hiroshi Kajiyama, minister of economy, trade and industry, presented his vision of a hydrogen-based society on Wednesday at the virtual Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting. Proof of concept trials will be conducted prior to full launch.

The three countries will work together to lower the cost of hydrogen to compete with fossil fuels, laying out a viable pathway to reduce their carbon footprint.

The key to low cost hydrogen is extraction from lignite coal, which is abundant in Australia. Due to its poor quality, lignite is not shipped widely worldwide and costs are low.

A trial operation will be set up in Australia to separate hydrogen from lignite. Carbon emissions during the hydrogen production process will be reduced through capture and storage technology.

First in the world liquid hydrogen carrier, built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, will begin transporting hydrogen to Japan in early February or March.

In Brunei, a plant extracting hydrogen from natural gas was completed in 2019, and deliveries to Japan have begun.

The Japanese government aims to lower the cost of hydrogen to 30 yen (28 cents) per so-called normal cubic meter by around 2030. The final target is around 20 yen.

Hydrogen will then be considered as a competitive fuel with liquefied natural gas after accounting for a lighter environmental load.

The targeted 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen is roughly equivalent to the output to a nuclear reactor.

The government wants hydrogen to achieve the same cost competitiveness as LNG power plants. To make this happen, the volume of hydrogen obtained must be around 5 million tonnes to 10 million tonnes per year.

While Japan looks to hydrogen overseas, more domestic companies are starting to produce it domestically. This year, one of the largest hydrogen extraction facilities started operating in Fukushima Prefecture. The electricity that comes from solar panels separates the hydrogen from the water. The hydrogen output is said to be sufficient to fill 560 fuel cell vehicles a day.

Both Australia and Brunei depend on exports of coal and crude oil. Facing pressure to back away from coal, they will partner with Japan in the hydrogen trade.


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Afghanistan’s preferred export destination: Qaiser | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – National Assembly chairman Asad Qaiser has stressed implementing the recommendations of the executive committee of the Pak-Afghanistan Friendship Group to fully realize the country’s export potential.

“Promoting exports is critical to Pakistan’s economic stability and development, because Afghanistan by location is a preferred export destination, apart from being on a transit route to Central Asia,” said the National Assembly speaker, chairing an assessment meeting of the Pakistan Parliamentary Afghanistan Friendship Group (PFG) executive committee. ). The aim of this committee is to review the implementation of decisions regarding Pak-Afghanistan Trade and visa facilitation.

The NLC representative informed the committee that container cleanings had reached an average of 1,870 per day due to the deployment of additional personnel and the rapid clearance of bound containers to Afghanistan and would be increased to 2,000 containers per day.

The speaker appreciated the performance of FBR and Customs regarding the release of containers at the Torkham and Chaman border. He directed FBR and Customs to ensure the cleanup of Afghanistan’s Transit Trade containers within a week.

He also said that easing the scanning requirements for Afghanistan Transit Trade would facilitate traders and direct the Customs Department to complete the process within a week. He directed representatives of the State Bank of Pakistan to ensure the establishment of a bank branch on the border of Angoor Adda and Ghulam Khan to facilitate traders. SBP representative informed that the Bank of Khyber and National Bank of Pakistan will set up a bank branch within the stipulated time.

He praised the cabinet’s approval of the visa liberalization policy for Afghans on the recommendation of this committee. Asked about the implementation of issues related to the dismantling of imported containers at Miran Shah instead of Ghulam Khan and the placement of FIA personnel in Ghulam Khan, Angoor Adda and Kharlachi, the speaker directed the M / o Interior secretary to immediately assess the field situation and submit the earliest reports to facilitating the Afghanistan Transit Trade.

Reviewing progress on the issue of waiving demurrage and containment fees for Afghanistan Transit Trade containers, the committee unanimously recommended to forward the matter to the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee. The committee also unanimously recommended bringing in a legislative bill on waiving the demurrage issue. Asking about the reduction in the number of checkpoints, the speaker directed the Special Assistant for PM Establishment to hold a meeting with the Balochistan government, stakeholders and inform the committee about the rationalization of the number of checkpoints required.

SPAM stated that the Cabinet’s recent approval of rationalization and visa liberalization policies for Afghanistan was due to the efforts and substantive considerations of this executive committee. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan during the approval of the visa policy for Afghanistan has been directed to provide all facilities for visa seekers at the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul. Prime Minister Sadiq Khan’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan said that the coordination of the FBR and NLC was very important to facilitate transit traders. MNA Mohsin Darwar and Shahdana Gulzar Khan suggested field visits to Torkham, Chamman and Angoor Adda, in addition to providing retrospective legislation on the waiver of demurrage issues.

MNAs Mohsin Darwar, Salahuddin Ayubi, Shandana Gulzaar, Sajida Begum, senior officials from the Ministry of Trade, Home Affairs, National Food Security, Maritime, Foreign Affairs, State Bank of Pakistan, FBR and KPK and Balochistan Government Representatives attended the meeting.


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Azul from Brazil is reaping cargo opportunities in a pandemic crisis | Instant News

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Pakistan is recognized as a tourist destination because of the government’s policy: Murad | Instant News

Communications Minister Murad Saeed said because of the government’s wise policies, Pakistan is now known for tourism, not terrorism.

In a statement on Saturday, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan had emerged not only as the leader of the Islamic world but also a global leader.

Murad Saeed said as soon as PM Imran Khan’s speech began at UNGA, India’s representatives chose to opt out of the forum.


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Art-Centric Galleria Vik Milano Reopens in Italy | Instant News

Vik Retreats has announced the reopening Vik Milan Gallery. The hotel first opened its doors in late 2019. Located within the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the most iconic landmarks in Italy, Galleria Vik Milano offers views of the famous Galleria and the bull. The opening of the property is carried out simultaneously with Milan reopening the door.

The hotel has implemented check-in and checkout without contact for guests, will ensure that rooms have been vacant for at least 48 hours before arrival, and extensive housekeeping will only be carried out prior to arrival and following departure as part of new practices that have been applied .

The hotel Experience Concierge team is available to help tailor each visit, promising a smooth visit. Guests are within a few steps of the Milan business center, La Scala opera house and other landmarks, upscale boutiques and retailers, as well as many of the top restaurants, ice cream and coffee shops in the city.

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Like all Vik retreats, art, architecture and design play a central role in Galleria Vik Milano. With a recent comprehensive redesign and renovation, the hotel is launching an interior that highlights artists to celebrate Milan’s history and culture. Upon entering the reception, guests are welcomed by the famous bronze statue of Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, as well as deep dry wall paintings that cover the ceiling and walls by Italian artist, Alex Folla. There is also an extensive international art collection and a mix of contemporary, medieval, antique and antique furniture. Each hall has a variety of art, some covering the wall completely.

Galleria Vik Milano has 89 unique rooms and suites. The suite includes many installations by Italian, Uruguayan and international artists.

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