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PM News Summary: Drought Emergency, Tanner Ainge Leave & Air Quality Impacts of Forest Fires | Instant News

Wednesday night, March 17, 2021


The Asian American Community in Utah Reacts To The Atlanta Shooting

On Tuesday night, eight people died in a series of shootings at spas around Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian women. Utah’s Asian-American community condemned the shooting. Senator Jani Iwamoto, D-Salt Lake City, said incidents of Anti-Asian hatred in the state were highly underreported. “We are not immune to it,” said Iwamoto. “We don’t have statistical reports on hate crimes, but a lot of people are afraid to report them.” Local leaders from the community released a joint statement Tuesday saying these types of incidents can be traced back to when the pandemic first started. Read the full story.Ivana Martinez

Governor Spencer Cox Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought Conditions

Utah Governor Spencer Cox has declared a state of emergency due drought conditions of the country. The whole of Utah is experiencing moderate drought and about 90% of the state is experiencing extreme drought. Most are seeing extraordinary drought conditions. The governor’s office said last summer and fall were historically dry. This year’s winter snowbags averaged about 70%. The last emergency status was issued due to drought was in 2018. Cox said people should reduce water use by doing small things. It could be taking shorter showers, fixing leaks, and turning off water when brushing your teeth. – Ross Terrell

Highest Number of New COVID-19 Cases Since Early March

Utah health officials reported 699 new cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday. This is the most cases in one day in the last two weeks. More than 700 cases were reported as of March 3. There are currently 180 people being treated in hospital for the virus. That’s up compared to last week at this time. Five more people have died from COVID but officials say four of those deaths occurred at least a month ago. Nationally, there were more than 29.5 million cases of the corona virus. – Ross Terrell

Northern Utah

Tanner Ainge Leaves Utah Stake Commission

Republican Tanner Ainge resigns from the Utah County Commission. He went on to join the board of the Governor’s Office for Economic Development. Ainge is the most moderate member of the three-member Utah County Commission. He said the Daily Herald The district’s financial situation has improved during his time on the commission and he is proud of the work he has done. He still needs to be confirmed by the state Senate for his new role. – Sonja Hutson

Southern Utah

Rural Countries Get Opportunity to Better Spend Hotel Tax Revenues

Rural Utah with national parks and recreation areas have to pay for services and infrastructure for millions of tourists, but they have a small tax base. That’s a problem as more people visit the southern part of the state, according to Rep. Carl Albrecht, R-Richfield. He passed laws that allow rural districts with national parks or recreation areas to spend about 60% of their hotel tax revenue on services and about 40% on tourism promotion. The current law requires a division of around 50-50. Grand County administrator Chris Baird said the bill was not perfect, but it was a good compromise with the tourism industry. Read the full story.Kate Groetzinger, Bluff

Region / Nation

Fire Smoke Worsens Air Quality Across the US

Air quality is improving across the US thanks to fewer cars on the roads from around March to July – that’s because of the pandemic, of course. But those gains were quickly lost when fire season broke out of historic strength. That’s according World Air Quality Report released this week. Last summer saw the biggest wildfires in the history of California and Colorado. The report found that the average level of air pollution across the country actually was higher in 2020 compared to the two previous years. – Maggie Mullen, Mountain West News Bureau

Arizona Authorities Want the Strongest Sentence For Adoption Scheme

Authorities in Arizona are seeking the toughest possible sentence against former Maricopa County Appraiser Paul Petersen. She was convicted of fraud for running an illegal three-state adoption scheme involving women from the Marshall Islands. This Friday is the second of Petersen’s three sentences. Prosecutors did not say how many years in prison they expected. Petersen is serving a six-year sentence in Arkansas. Arizona prosecutors are looking for sentences that have been compounded in succession – which could mean 18 years in prison. Petersen wanted five years or less and was allowed to serve the sentence while he served time on the Arkansas case. – Associated Press


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Saharan dust plumes cause a spike in European air pollution | National news | Instant News

The Saharan dust plume that has blanketed southern and central Europe in recent days has caused a sharp rise in air pollution across the region, researchers said Tuesday.

The European Commission’s Copernicus satellite monitoring program said levels of particles measured smaller than 10 micrometers – called PM10 – surged in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Lyon and Marseille on Sunday.

The fine sand clouds blowing north from Algeria paint the sky red and mix with fresh snowfall in the Alps and Pyrenees, making the slopes appear orange.

Although PM10 particles can enter the lungs, causing difficulty breathing, asthma attacks and other health problems, Saharan dust concentrations do not reach levels considered dangerous.

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Volkswagen doubles electric car sales ahead of climate rules | World | Instant News

By DAVID McHUGH AP Business Writer

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – Europe’s push into electric cars is increasing – despite the pandemic.

Automobile maker Volkswagen doubled sales of its car with a battery only tripled by 2020 as the new ID.3 electric compact car hits the market ahead of the EU’s new tough limits on car emissions. And Germany, long overdue in adopting electric vehicles, saw more people buying electricity in December than opting for the previously dominant diesel vehicle.

Those are early signs of what is likely to be the coming year of increasing market share for electric cars as EU regulations drive its implementation, despite the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic that has caused the overall auto market to shrink.

Volkswagen said Tuesday its brand sold 134,000 battery-powered cars last year, up from 45,000 in 2019.

Including hybrids, which combine an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, electric car sales reached 212,000, up from 82,000 in 2019.

Volkswagen announcement The auto industry association in Germany reported that one in four cars sold in the country in December had an electric motor, an absorption supported by incentives as part of the government’s stimulus package during the COVID-19 recession.


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Karachi, Lahore is once again on the list of the 10 most polluted cities in the world | Instant News

15 Dec 2020 06:30 IS

Islamabad [Pakistan], 15 December (ANI): Karachi and Lahore once again listed among the top ten cities with the worst air quality in the world, according to data from IQAir.
While Lahore rank sixth on the list, Karachi placed number four behind Bishkek from Kyrgyzstan, Dhaka from Bangladesh and Ulan Bator from Mongolia, reports The News International.

Yours sincerely United States Environmental Protection Agency air quality satisfactory if the AQI is below 50. Karachi and Lahore recorded particulate matter (PM) ratings of 183 and 170, respectively, which were considered “unhealthy”.
According to The News International to reduce smog, the provincial disaster management authority (PDMA) in Punjab has sealed 1,718 brick kilns, 2,658 industries, and seized 11,782 vehicles by December 12.
PDMA has arrested 544 people who violated guidelines issued by the provincial government to protect the environment, according to authorities reports starting November 22. (ANI)


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Amazon fires cause Brazil’s CO2 emissions to spike amid pandemic | National | Instant News

BRASILIA, Brazil – Wildfires have caused carbon dioxide emissions to spike in Brazil over the past two years, undermining President Jair Bolsonaro’s government efforts to restore the country’s environmental credentials.

Emissions jumped 10% in 2019, Bolsonaro’s first year in office, after a decade of minor declines or stagnation, according to a report published Friday by Observatorio do Clima, a network of Brazilian environmental organizations. Preliminary data suggests a new trend will increase by as much as 20% by 2020, even as the pandemic limits the amount of CO2 produced by transportation and industrial activity around the world, the group warned.

“It’s a sizeable increase that is turning Brazil against global trends,” Tasso Azevedo, former head of the Brazilian Forest Service and now in charge of the system for estimating greenhouse gas emissions for the Observatorio do Clima, said in an interview. “It’s basically linked to deforestation; Brazil is moving further away from its Paris Agreement goals.”

The environment ministry did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Brazil has faced global outrage in the past two years as more fires ravage the Amazon rainforest and Pantanal wetlands. In June, a group of prominent institutional investors managing about $ 3.7 trillion in assets sent a letter to the Brazilian government threatening to withdraw from the country unless environmental metrics improve.

Since then, the government has shifted its strategy and is now asking investors to help the Amazon in unconventional ways, such as sponsoring a patch of rainforest. Government officials led by Vice President Hamilton Mourao are also stepping up efforts to convince the world that Brazil cares about the environment, by visiting the forest this week with a group of diplomats from Europe and Latin America.

The Observatorio do Clima figures place Brazil among the world’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide, after China, the US, Russia, India and the European Union. Deforestation was responsible for 44% of the country’s emissions last year, followed by agriculture, with 28%.

Brazil produced 10.4 tonnes of CO2 per capita in 2019, above the global average of 7.1 tonnes, according to the organization.

Despite the government’s attempts to change the world’s perceptions of Brazil’s environmental policies, Bolsonaro has maintained an aggressive style when it comes to the issue. In a speech at the opening of this year’s United Nations General Assembly, he downplayed the seriousness of the forest fires, saying they were caused by farmers and indigenous peoples “burning their fields in deforested areas.”

Some of his cabinet members went even further. In his 2019 speech, Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said the cold May front he was experiencing in Rome was proof that theories about global warming were wrong.

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