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iOS 14.5 provides excellent new privacy features for devices that Apple hasn’t announced yet – BGR | Instant News

Apple launch iOS 14.5 beta 3 Earlier this week. The iOS 14 update not only provides performance improvements and bug fixes, but also provides many new features. They also include brand new features.

iOS 14.5 allows users to use the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, add Apple Maps event reports, add AirPlay 2 support to Apple Fitness +, and introduce new emojis. However, iOS 14.5 beta 3 also includes a brand-new security feature, which may have been developed for products that have not yet officially existed.

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We have been hearing rumors that Apple will launch its Tile-like tracker within a year. These devices are called AirTags and can be connected to important objects such as wallets and keys. You can then use the “Find My” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to track those gadgets. These trackers will run on the same ultra-wideband (UWB) technology as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 devices. UWB allows all Apple devices to communicate with each other, so AirTag does not require GPS. As long as AirTags are within range of other Apple devices, they can be located on the map. At least that’s the case in theory, because Apple hasn’t actually announced them yet.

It is widely expected that Apple will launch new products including AirTags this spring. The updated “Find Me” app in iOS 14.5 beta 3 pointed this out because it now lists one project Tags may contain AirTagged items.

This is where the new safety features come into play. Apple devices will detect everything that uses UWB signals, and they can determine if someone puts the device on your body to track your location, 9to5Mac report.

Suppose someone binds an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to their nearby Apple ID account. By tracking these devices, they will immediately know your location. In practice, stalkers may not use these devices to track someone down. They are large, difficult to hide, and they will soon run out of power.

However, the miniature AirTag can be easily placed in a bag or car without the victim’s attention. Moreover, AirTags may have a longer battery life.In this case, iOS will warn users by displaying the following: Trackers that are not related to them may be following them Item safety warning As shown in FIG.

In some cases, this behavior should be guaranteed. People may want to use AirTag to track their parents, children or pets, and the tracker may sometimes be around other iPhone users for a long time, which may trigger a warning. But the purpose of this feature is to prevent the tracker from following other people with the help of Apple’s technology. This happened in the past, edge Point out.A woman’s front release Tile tracker It was shown in the front console of her car in 2018, which allowed him to follow her around.

each Apple Insider, This Item safety warning This feature was launched in iOS 14.3, but Apple later removed it. Its reappearance may indicate that Apple is indeed close to launching its AirTags.

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Chris Smith started to write articles about gadgets as a hobby, and before he knew it, he was sharing his views on technical knowledge with readers around the world. Whenever he does not write about gadgets, despite his desperate attempts, he unfortunately cannot stay away from gadgets. But this is not necessarily a bad thing.


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Samsung beats AirTags with its $30 SmartTags | Instant News

With new Flagship smartphoneSamsung today announced the launch of its Galaxy SmartTags, which appear to be similar in design and functionality to Apple’s long-rumored item tracker Air tag Not yet started.

From a design point of view, the shape of Galaxy SmartTags is wavy, with a small notch on the top, designed to accommodate a key ring or strap to connect it to various items. The size of SmartTag is 1.54 inches x 1.54 inches x 0.39 inches. There are rumors that Apple’s “AirTags” are round, but we are not sure about their appearance.

Galaxy SmartTags has Bluetooth enabled (using Bluetooth LE 5.0) and can connect to a smartphone to relay the location of items. Samsung does not use more advanced ultra-wideband technology, which allows more accurate positioning information to be relayed, and instead relies entirely on Bluetooth.It is not clear why Samsung did not adopt UWB as SmartTag because it is a feature Built-in Newer Samsung smartphones, but Samsung does plan to launch a UWB version called SmartTag+ later this year.

Apple’s “AirTags” will use ultra-wideband technology, which can be used in conjunction with the U1 chip in notebook computers. iPhone 11 with iPhone 12 Models used for more precise tracking, and enable the rumored augmented reality item positioning function

Samsung smarttag luggage

SmartTag can be located in Samsung’s “SmartThings Find” app, which will display the location of the tag (if it is within Bluetooth range), or the last location if it is not within Bluetooth range. You can tap a ring button to make it easier to find nearby items using sound, and you can also use the map to find lost items.

Samsung has a “Galaxy Find Network” that uses other people’s Galaxy devices to find lost items, similar to how “AirTags” work. ‌AirTags‌ will be available Find mine application.Apple in iOS 13 Added “Find My Function” Even without a cellular connection, it is possible to use devices owned by others to track lost devices, which is also expected to be used for “AirTags”.

Samsung smarttag application key

With the help of the SmartTag provided by Samsung, nearby Galaxy devices can scan the tag and then send the location information to the owner of the item. At the same time, the application can also provide a history of the tracked location of the SmartTag.

Samsung smarttags app tracking

SmartTags also have smart home functions, which is a rumor of “AirTags” that we haven’t heard yet. SmartTag can control IoT devices, which can realize smart home automation. Just press the button on SmartTag to activate it. So, for example, if you have a SmartTag on your button and you return home, you can press the button to turn on all the lights inside.

Samsung smarttags application homepage

SmartTags has a replaceable CR2032 battery. Regarding battery information, we have different opinions on Apple. “AirTags” can have a replaceable battery, but there are rumors that they can be charged.

Samsung told edge SmartTags are only designed for Samsung Galaxy devices and are not compatible with other Android phones or iPhones.

Samsung will sell SmartTag in single or two packages, and the price of a single tag is $30. We don’t have any price data on “AirTags”, but Apple is likely to want the price to be competitive with other product tracking tags on the market (such as Samsung’s SmartTag).

SmartTag can be Book from Samsung Starting today, shipments will begin on January 27.


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Apple may plan to release a surprising product on Tuesday – BGR | Instant News

  • Apple may be preparing to announce a new product on Tuesday, December 8.
  • A leaked memo shows that Apple is telling technicians next Tuesday, 5:30 AM Pacific time, to prepare for AppleCare-related changes. Apple made this request before the iPhone 12 was announced.
  • AirTags or AirPods Studio may be revealed in a press release on Tuesday.

Apple has just concluded one of its biggest hardware release seasons in years, holding three virtual events in the past three months, launching new Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac models. The slogan of Apple’s recent activities-“And one more thing“- It seems to imply that Apple has made all announcements in 2020, but an internal memo Obtained by Mcrums May hint this week continued Things coming this month.

according to Mcrums, Apple recently sent a memo to service providers informing them that they plan to make AppleCare changes at 5:30 am Pacific time on Tuesday, December 8. The memo tells the technician to prepare “new product SKU, new/updated product description, and new/updated product price”.

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As the website explains, Apple has issued similar memos in the past before product launches. A few days before the release of the iPhone 12, Apple told its technicians that they should prepare for AppleCare-related changes, which are scheduled for October 13th at around 10 am Pacific time (when the event starts).

It seems that Apple has no plans to hold another virtual event, especially considering that this week is over and the company has failed to issue any invitations, but 5:30 AM Pacific Time / 8:30 AM Eastern Time has always been the time Apple chose to share online The press release in the press room announced new products, including the second-generation AirPods in March last year, the 16-inch MacBook Pro in November last year, and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro in May this year.

This does not guarantee that Apple will release a new product on Tuesday, but it does align with the latest tweet from Twitter user @.dream, He has accurately destroyed multiple Apple announcements before. On November 14, the leaker said that Apple was preparing a “Christmas surprise” and hinted that it would be “good for winter.” It is not clear which device Apple plans to use in the cold months of the year, but we know that the development of multiple devices including AirTags trackers and AirPods Studio headsets is not yet mature. May have found their design in the iOS Beta code.

Apple may not be as skilled in secrecy as before, but if a new product is announced next week, it will be well covered up. We only need to wait until 5:30 am Pacific time on December 8 to find out.

Jacob began to report on video games and technology as a hobby in college, but soon he realized that this was how he wanted to make a living. He currently lives in New York and writes for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.


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The photo depicts the so-called AirTag keychain | Instant News

There are rumors that Apple will be available soon Air tag The Bluetooth item tracker will come with various accessories that can be connected to items. Now, a purported AirTag keychain has appeared on Twitter.

Leaker fudge (@choco_bit) Shared AirTag carrying accessories that may be saddle brown.

Patent for “AirTag” accessories

As Fudge pointed out, the design of the ring is similar to that seen in the AirTag patent, but it is easy to forge, so the legitimacy of the accessories in the photo cannot be confirmed. Fudge recommends handling the leak with a “small amount of salt” because it is easy to replicate, but if it is legal, this may be the first time we pay attention to AirTag accessories.

Another AirTag accessory patent picture

“AirTags” themselves are considered to be small discs that can be attached to objects in order to track them on the plane. Find mine Apps next to iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices.

Rendering of “AirTags” appearance

There are mixed rumors about the first release of “AirTags”, and it is not yet clear. “AirTags” may appear at the November event, but given the expected Mac focus of the event, it may be unlikely to appear.

Instead, Apple can hold “AirTags” until sometime in 2021. For more information on what Apple expected when it launched “AirTags”, Check out our guide.


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Apple’s AirTag is reflected in the newly published patent application | Instant News

Two patent applications filed by Apple seem to reflect the company’s broad expectations Air tag Item tracker (via Apple patent).

The file contains a lot of pictures with the title “Mounting base for wireless locating label“with”Fastener with restraining ring“And described a wirelessly locateable tag that can be used to determine the absolute position of an object in a more precise way than GPS. These patents also reveal great potential Air tag feature.

The filing document outlines “labels for tracking physical objects”, that is, “small, easy-to-shape equipment that can be connected to objects”, and has “reliable structural design to ensure reliable use under various conditions and environments.” They suggested: “The label may be waterproof, or at least splash-proof, and may be able to withstand impacts, drops, or other general injuries caused by the normal use of the label.” It may also be able to provide tactile and audible output.

The image in the patent also depicts the potential design of the label, which coincides with Rumored design There is a metal plate on the back and a plastic shell on the top and sides. It is speculated that a leather pouch with a key ring is also shown.

The tag’s location tracking and orientation capabilities are said to be very accurate, so “smartphones may be able to determine the tag’s location to within three feet, or even within an accuracy of one foot or less.” These patents explain how the entire network environment, including tags, smartphones, computers and other devices, provide functions (presumably through an ultra-wideband connection).

In addition to locating misplaced objects, these tags can also be used to trigger actions on other devices when they are within a certain proximity or direction. The patent gives an example of placing a tag in the lobby of a building so that when an individual enters the lobby, their smartphone can detect the tag within the threshold distance, so that the map of the building becomes automatically displayed in the lobby. On the smartphone.”

The patent also explains that the tag can operate in multiple modes. In the “normal operation mode…, the tag can save power and establish instantaneous or intermittent communication with one or more other devices… to confirm the location, and can exchange certain information about the tag status or location., the tag In fact, other devices can be updated regularly.” Interestingly, this kind of communication can obviously run in a one-way system, although the tag is sent, but the tag has not received any information from other devices.

“In response to the unexpected interruption of communication between the tag and one or more other devices, a “lost mode” will occur, allowing the tag to route encrypted transmissions privately through a third-party device to send information to the owner’s device. In other words, when another person just enters the missing tag, he will quietly find the missing tag, so that the owner can see the location of the tag. Different modes can use the same system to report the status of the tags that have been left at home Location and status, for example, are reported through connections to other devices in the home.

The image also shows the label, which is located in a compact storage box, in the Apple Watch strap, wire or belt, and circuit that can be closed or disconnected. The patent also shows that the tag can be charged by being installed on the base, which may be similar to Apple’s tag. Magnetic safety Charging cable.

Strangely, the image also shows how to place tags on the user’s body to monitor posture, track body movements to control games or avatars, or monitor body movements during exercise.

Tags can also be used in augmented reality and AR games. For example, since the position of the tag can be determined with high accuracy, the tag can be used as an AR chess piece. They can then be replaced visually with computer-generated graphics in an augmented reality environment.

Although the patent does not prove that “AirTags” will have all these functions when it is announced, the length and breadth of the application is shocking.At least, they enhance Apple’s Commitment to UWB technology. However, the close association between these files and various “AirTags” rumors may not be just a coincidence.

For more information about “AirTags”, see our Comprehensive review.


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