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Azul from Brazil is reaping cargo opportunities in a pandemic crisis | Instant News

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Airbus extends leave in the UK, Spain in the latest effort to overcome the effects of COVID-19 | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: The Airbus logo is depicted at the Airbus headquarters in Blagnac near Toulouse, France, March 20, 2019. REUTERS / Regis Duvignau

(Reuters) – European plan maker Airbus SE (AIR.PA) said on Friday it was expanding its leave program for 5,300 employees in Spain and the UK in the latest effort to overcome the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

“This will take effect from May 20 to September 30 and affects all Airbus Operations SL employees in Spain (with a few exceptions), which means around 3,100 employees,” an Airbus spokesman told Reuters in a statement by email.

“Airbus helicopters and Airbus DS employees in Spain are not affected,” the spokesman said.

In Britain, the leave period of around 2,200 Airbus workers will begin on July 20 and end on August 9, the statement said.

“In France, all employees of the commercial aircraft division are in some way affected,” the spokesman said. He added about 29,500 employees in France worked on average about 30% shorter weeks.

Sources told Reuters in May that the largest aerospace group in Europe was exploring a restructuring plan involving the possibility of cutting “in-depth” work as it prepared for a prolonged corona virus crisis after laying off thousands of workers.

The company has told senior staff that it must be “resized” in plans to be set around the end of June. The corona virus pandemic has caused a global airline crisis, with operators and suppliers asking for help.

Earlier this month, France launched what it described as a 15 billion euro ($ 16.76 billion) support package for the aerospace industry, saying a significant amount of work was at stake amid a decline in air travel demand due to the corona virus.

Total including 7 billion euros in aid has been announced for Air France (AIRF.PA) and acceleration of existing orders for Airbus tankers and other military equipment, the French government said.

Reporting by Kanishka Singh in Bengaluru; Editing by Leslie Adler


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Decomposition of the black box will begin on June 2 in France – The New Indian Express | Instant News


KARACHI: Work on the flight and cockpit voice recorder of a Pakistani plane that crashed in a densely populated area, killing 97 people, will begin from June 2 in France, the French aviation investigation authority said.

The Airbus A320 aircraft from the national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had 91 passengers and eight crew when it crashed into the Jinnah Park area near the Model Colony in Malir on Friday, a few minutes before landing.

Ninety-seven passengers were killed, while people left on the ground were injured.

The 11-member team from the Airbus facility in the city of Toulouse, France, arrived in Pakistan last week to conduct an independent investigation into the accident involving the aircraft.

Flight data recorder (FDR) records the time, altitude, air speed, direction, and attitude of the aircraft as well as other flight characteristics.

Cockpit voice recorder (CVR) is a device used to record audio environments on the flight deck for accident and incident investigation purposes.

This tool records and stores the audio signals of the microphone and pilot headset earphones and the area microphone mounted on the cockpit.

BEA said that the Pakistan Aircraft Accident and Investigation (AAIB) team will fly to France after work at the crash site is complete.

The team of foreign experts included representatives of the Airbus company and members from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries.

They visited the crash site for a week and inspected aircraft debris and escape and found a cockpit voice recorder.

Previously, aircraft flight data recorders were found.

The investigation team, which reached Karachi on May 26, will return after two days.

Because the team was unable to track down some of the key evidence needed for the investigation, they extended their stay.

The team conducted a forensic examination of aircraft wreckage and also collected different parts of the aircraft that would help in identifying the cause of the accident.

They also use drone cameras for that purpose.

The team also visited the radar center at Jinnah International Airport and escaped and reviewed arrangements made for landing and taking off aircraft, checking equipment in the radar room.

The team then visited the control tower and reviewed the code of ethics that was followed after receiving an emergency call.


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Airplane Tickets With Only Business Class Seats Help Continue Traveling On Air Canada Post-Coronavirus | Instant News

Airbus A319 usually has 120 seats, but soon the trunk route is the version with only 54 all-business seats either near a window or aisle – and none in the middle.
This is the newest way airlines are looking to rebuild travel demand while meeting passenger preferences for more space.

A319 is only business class in Air Canada

Air Canada

The all-premium A319 starts flying June 1 with Air Canada from Toronto to Montreal and Ottawa.
“Airlines like Air Canada are trying everything they can to motivate traffic back to the plane in this transition period,” Air Canada CFO Michael Rousseau told Wolfe Global Transportation Conference this week before the A319 plan was announced.
In addition to a wider interior, land experience is also enhanced.
Air Canada said flights on the all-business-class A319 will be at the “prime” airport gate, reducing running at the terminal. With fewer passengers, boarding will start only 25 minutes before departure.

A319 is only business class in Air Canada

Air Canada

All business class flights are sold as premium economy. They are cheaper than ordinary business class, but still more expensive than ordinary economy.
A319 rates start at $ 424 one-way for sample dates. That’s more than the $ 245 economy seat for other flights, but cheaper than the $ 544 business rate for economy and business class flights.

A319 single class has not been reconfigured specifically for the future post-coronavirus.

Air Canada’s business class is only A319

Air Canada

Instead, the aircraft originated from Air Canada’s “Jetz” charter division, which has three A319 all-businesses, which are often used to transport hockey teams between matches. Therefore Air Canada attracts passengers to “fly like a pro.”
“While our favorite sports team is on hiatus, we are bringing our special fleet of Air Canada Jetz Airbus A319 aircraft for you,” the airline said.

A319 is only business class in Air Canada

Air Canada

Its placement is tactical. This aircraft does not have a normal charter flight business and provides an opportunity for Air Canada to seduce passengers back with an all-premium experience.
Air Canada has the advantage of having all premium aircraft, as do several other airlines.
It will be difficult – but not impossible – for other airlines to offer all premium flights. The time and cost involved may not justify the short-term application until the majority of passenger traffic is recovered.
Typically A319 54 all-premium seats will be a large capacity reduction from mixed businesses and A319 economy with 120 seats. But Air Canada temporarily blocked the middle seat, reducing the A319 double class to only 84 seats for sale.

Map of A319 seats business class only Air Canada

Air Canada

Aircraft can also help solve problems.
If business demand returns sooner than leisure travelers in the economy, Air Canada faces a scenario of having flights with normal double cabin aircraft with strong business class demand but weak economic sales.
Air Canada can consolidate business class requests from several airlines to one business class flight.
Toronto-Montreal and Toronto-Ottawa flights used to have high frequency shuttle services.
A319 all-premium will only fly at the peak of the morning and evening which is favored by business travelers. That maintains business class capacity during peak hours while allowing Air Canada to reduce overall flights.
The plane will fly one morning and one night round trip between Toronto and Montreal, and Toronto and Ottawa.
The flight is only about an hour, so the plane is far from being fully used.

Air Canada’s business class is only A319

Air Canada

One plane will start at 7 am, fly from Montreal to Toronto and arrive back at Montreal at 10:34 in the morning. Unless there is a charter flight or other business, it will not fly again until 4:45 pm when it runs the Montreal-Toronto-Montreal night, ending at 8:19 at night.
The second plane also starts at 7 am, flies from Toronto to Ottawa and returns to Toronto at 10:04 am. At 5 pm it starts the Toronto-Ottawa-Toronto night and ends at 8:04 pm.
A319 “Jetz” typically has 58 seats in chartered configuration, but Air Canada shows 54 seats on the Toronto-Montreal / Ottawa seat map, possibly the result of not selling four rear-facing chairs next to two work tables and a buffet table.

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The German government cites US relations in the selection of F-18 aircraft for a stalled nuclear mission | Instant News

COLOGNE, Germany – German defense officials have finally admitted their vision to buy several dozen F-18 warplanes that were upgraded, citing transatlantic relations as one of the reasons for the election.

The 45 aircraft made by Boeing will replace part of the Tornado aircraft in the country, take on the sensitive role of sending US atomic weapons under the so-called NATO nuclear sharing doctrine and purge enemy air defenses to follow the next wave of air forces.

In addition, proposals sent to lawmakers on Tuesday afternoon require the purchase of up to 93 Eurofight aircraft made by Airbus, which will carry out most of the kinetic missions that fighter aircraft tend to carry out.

The defense ministry described the decision as a compromise. On one hand, officials argued, the aim was to prop up a European defense industry which was busy laying the foundation for the Franco-German Future Combat Air System. On the other hand, the F-18 in the Super Hornet and Growler variants will help prevent gaps in the contribution of important capabilities that Germany has to NATO, they wrote.

“This decision strengthens the transatlantic partnership, and it sustains our credibility within NATO,” the statement said to member states.

Even so, the decision remained controversial. Supporters of the domestic industry argue that Eurofighter can take on the role of electronic warfare, where the government’s proposal envisions 15 Borer, by dispatching Airbus’s own disruption package. In addition, according to that argument, Germany can support the British program, other Eurofighter countries, to equip the aircraft with the necessary kits.

As for the nuclear sharing mission, the F-18 decision signifies that German defense leaders want to play it safe, at least as long as Berlin remains committed to the pact in the first place. While the latest F-18 variant hasn’t been certified to carry American B-61 gravity bombs stored here, ordering a fleet of 30-strong turnkey apocalypse bombers from the Pentagon promises to be far more stress-free than trying to get Eurofighters ready for the job.

The nuclear mission, however symbolic, gave Germany a kind of atomic gravity in NATO that had been enforced by the previous government even when public opinion was not supportive.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on Wednesday was careful to frame separate purchases as mere proposals. The Tornado fleet will be able to survive until 2030, which means an acquisition program must be in 2025, with parliamentary approval planned for 2022 and 2023, he said.

“We have not yet chosen the source,” he told reporters after emerging from a closed meeting of the Bundestag defense committee.


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