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Route Network Update for Marshall Islands Air | Instant News

Air Marshall Islands added a second 8-100 Dash to serve Bikini

12.11.2019 – 23:41 UTC

Marshall Islands Air (CWM, Majuro) has received its second delivery Dash 8-100, P2-MCU (msn 208), which will operate for virtual operators Air Bikini (Majuro) to develop tourism to the UNESCO-listed atolls in the northern Marshall Islands, The Marshall Islands Journal reports.

This aircraft was previously operated by Air png (CG, Port Moresby) and sold to the Kili-Bikini-Ejit Local Government, which owns Bikini Water. It was transported from Port Moresby through Rabaul and Kosrae to Majuro during 19-20 September 2019.

The government plans to use the plane to relaunch tourism at Bikini Atoll. The atoll, a site of numerous US nuclear tests between 1948 and 1956, is practically uninhabited due to continued exposure to low levels of radiation but has been registered with UNESCO since 2010. While it is not possible to remain long-term on the atoll, the government hopes to revive it. diving tours in Bikini.

“The government will work with the development of Bikini so that the Bikini diving operation can …

Marshall Islands Air is again eyeing regular international flights

14.03.2017 – 11:03 UTC

Marshall Islands Air (CWM, Majuro) plans to try scheduled international flights in the coming weeks and months following an advertisement on its website for the service Tarawa in the neighboring island state of Kiribati.

No exact date has been revealed with further updates expected in due course. The route has been mentioned several times in the past, but has not yet been launched on a long and sustainable basis.

As the national airline belonging to an island nation, Marshall Islands Air is currently connected Majuro with twenty-seven destinations spread across Atolls of Bikini, Enewetak, Kwajalein, Rongelap, and Ailinglaplap. Currently operates one Dash 8-100 and two Do228s.

Air Marshall Islands acquired Nepalese Dornier 228

03.12.2014 – 03:25 UTC

Marshall Islands Air (CWM, Majuro) has obtained a Do228 from a Nepalese operator, Tara Air (Kathmandu), with delivery scheduled for January next year. The $ 2.1 million transaction was completed by Marshall government officials and representatives of Nepalese airlines in Kathmandu last week.

After repainting Manila Ninoy Aquino Int’l next month, the aircraft will be transported to Majuro where it will be certified by the Marshall Islands Directorate of Civil Aviation (MIDCA).

Marshall Islands Air currently operates Do228 and a Dash 8-100 on charter flights as well as regular scheduled internal flights to Bikini Atoll, Enewetak, Jeh, Kwajalein, Rongelap, and Woja.


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Jio partners AeroMobile United Kingdom for in-flight connectivity services | Instant News

New Delhi: Addiction Jio has been launched in flight call / SMS / data service for postpaid users traveling abroad, in collaboration with those based in the UK AeroMobile connectivity provider.

Jio inflight roaming packages starting from Rs 499 will offer 250 MB of data, 100 minutes of outgoing calls and 100 SMS for one day for Jio customers traveling abroad. The service will be extended to domestic flights as well once service is available in Indian airspace, Jio said in a statement on Friday.

Jio is the first Indian operator to launch on-board cellular connectivity.

“We are very pleased to present this new service to our customers, who will be able to enjoy smooth, high-quality and safe roaming at an altitude of 20,000 feet, keeping every JioPostpaid Plus user connected, always,” Akash Ambani, director, Jio said.

“With the new inflight roaming package, JioPostpaid Plus customers no longer have to worry about connectivity while traveling,” said Kevin Rogers, Senior Director of Mobility at Panasonic Avionics, CEO. Airplane.

For in-flight access, users need to activate airplane and roaming modes to connect to the AeroMobile network.

The other two bundles are priced at Rs 499 and Rs 999.


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Britain’s next generation combat program opens new suppliers | Instant News

LONDON – A raft of top system suppliers has been recruited to join the UK’s leading team in the development of the Tempest generation fighter.

Bombardier in Northern Ireland, GKN, Martin Baker, and Qinetiq, together with the British arm of Aerospace Collins, GE Aviation and Thales, have signed up to collaborate with a team led by BAE Systems working on air combat systems in the future, announced July 20 what was supposed to be the opening day of the Farnborough air show before Covid-19 led to the cancellation of the event.

At the same time as the announcement, Saab Sweden revealed that they were building a British hub to potentially participate in the work of future air combat systems between the two countries.

It’s been almost two years when wraps were taken from the Tempest fighter plastic mock-up at the Farnborough event.

Britain revealed the partnership led by BAE, also involved Leonardo, MBDA, Rolls-Royce, who would begin to investigate the technology needed for future air combat systems.

About $ 2.5 billion so far has committed to this program.

Now, just a few months before the outline business case to develop further programs will be sent to the British government, the Tempest Team, as the industry team is known, has signed its first seven system suppliers.

With the first phase of the new partnership being signed, the company will look for opportunities to join established projects and developments with the Tempest Team’s core partners.

More than 60 technology demonstration activities are currently underway on a future combat air system in the UK that employs 1800 people – the number is expected to increase to 2,500 by the end of this year.

In a statement, Defense Minister Ben Wallace said he was “pleased that seven companies had joined this mission to work with the Ministry of Defense, under the banner of the Tempest Team. They will bring ambition, discovery and expertise that will produce breakthroughs that we will rely on for decades to come. “

The increased level of employment and increased industrial support comes at an important time for a program that will determine the future position of the UK in the defense industry, given the importance of the air sector to jobs, skills and exports here.

An integrated defense, security and foreign policy review is underway led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his advisers, who are said to be skeptical of the ability of local industries to deliver large programs on time and on budget and prefer to buy defense equipment off the shelf.

With Covid-19 emptying the government’s coffers, launching a multibillion-dollar program like Tempest is likely to be a problem unless the UK can register several major international partners to share costs.

Last year Italy and Sweden both signed up to investigate a partnership with Britain on a future combat air system, and studies are underway with the two countries not yet committed to the program.

Sweden may not have committed to partnering with Britain and others, but its biggest defense company, Saab, announced on July 20 that it would invest $ 63 million in start-up to build a new future air combat center with other initiatives in the UK.

Saab leads the participation of the Swedish combat air system industry in the future in collaboration with the ministry of defense.

Details of where and when companies will invest in the UK are rare, but Micael Johansson, Saab’s president and CEO, said the move demonstrates the company’s commitment to combat air and British development.

“Saab took the decision to create a new center of the air combat system in the future so that we can further develop close working relationships with other FCAS industry partners and the UK Ministry of Defense. This emphasizes the importance of FCAS and the UK for Saab’s future, “Johansson said.

The British have set their nets outside Europe in search of partners, with India and Japan also holding discussions about potential ties to the future combat air system.

Across the English, French and German channels jointly developed a new fighter jet with the same time frame.

Attempts to merge the two European programs so far have failed, but that does not mean that the post-Covid-19 financial realities may not lead to a potential bond for review.

Howard Wheeldon, from the Wheeldon Strategic Advisory consultant, said that the British government knew what was at stake in the development of future air combat systems.

“Team Tempest is a very significant program for the UK. … Partnerships between government, military, industry and international partners are all determined to succeed, “he said.

“The industry, together with the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office, has reached large numbers in a very short time. “I, for example, have no doubt that the government fully understands the importance of the meaning of ‘Team Tempest’ for the UK, not only for employment and maintaining the necessary skills, but also in the potential that development has prosperity in the future,” Wheeldon said.


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The director of Shaheen Air Pakistan was arrested in Canada | Instant News

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has registered the case Shaheen Air International (NL, Karachi Int’l) on suspicion of money laundering following complaints by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority that the malfunctioning carrier is alleged to have caused more than PKR1.4 billion rupees (USD8, 38 million) in public funds, UrduPoint reported on July 13.

The case has been registered at the FIA’s corporate crime unit in Karachi, the agency’s Karachi director Munir Ahmed Shaikh said.

In the initial investigation it was found that the airline had to pay certain “flight operating costs” to the aviation authority but was suspected of having failed to pay for these payments starting March 2018.

Shaheen Air International suspended flight operations in August 2018, facing a mountain of debt, but then operated on-off until permanently ending operations at the end of September. Then the promise to restart never materialized and the company filed for bankruptcy in February 2019. The owner was reported to have left Pakistan in December 2018.

Shaikh claims that the management of the aircraft carrier, including Kashif Sehbai’s chairman and chief executive Ehsan Khalid Sehbai, had deliberately held back the accusations because of the CAA, the Dawn newspaper reported.

The FIA ​​approached the Financial Oversight Unit (FMU) to submit cash transaction reports (CTR) and suspicious transaction reports (STR) to the individuals accused, and the FMU then contacted the relevant authorities in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police then intercepted two people who had cash worth CAD500,000 Canadian dollars (USD370,000). According to Dawn, Shaikh revealed that Yawar Mehmood Sehbai, a former company director, was one of those who had been arrested.


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What to do about summer travel plans during coronavirus | Instant News

HOUSTON – CDC’s latest practical advice for using public transportation, rideshare, and air travel is consistent with other suggestions about infection prevention: Wash your hands and be careful what you touch. To improve air circulation, open a window, especially in a car. Infectious disease doctor Linda Yancey from Memorial Hermann in Katy said air travel has a greater risk, but adjusting the distance between your family and others can help. “The way your circulation in an airplane works is that you share the air with people on both sides of the aisle with you and a few rows back and forth. Air circulation rotates, not up and down the plane. I know many airlines are trying to keep people in line. alternatively, it’s actually a good way to isolate people in pockets of airflow, “Yancey said. When traveling by plane, bus, car or train, the CDC recommends that you limit touch. Frequently touched surfaces such as: Kiosk Touch screen and fingerprint scanner finger vibrating machineurnstileHandrailsRestroom surfaceLifting buttonsBenchesIf you have to touch this surface, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as soon as possible.face, it’s very important to protect the people around you.Face face covers work well, make sure you have at least two layers of cloth , “he said. Consider traveling during non-peak hours when there are likely to be fewer people. Please respect the social distance instructions offered by the transit authority. For example, look for floor decals or signs that indicate where to stand or sit so that it is at least six feet away from the others. Yancey said this would be the norm for months. So, it’s not always feasible to avoid traveling, but you have to make it a priority to keep yourself and the people around you healthy. Copyright 2020 by KPRC Click2Houston – All rights reserved. .

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