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Preparatory roundup: Lady Hurricanes claims the 5-AAA title in dramatic fashion | Instant News

With the District 5-AAA regular season championship – and the top seed for the district tournament – at stake, East Hamilton and Soddy-Daisy needed two additional innings to determine a winner.

After a goalless play into the ninth half, Lady Trojans pushed a lap at the top of the inning, but East Hamilton answered at home with a two-run home run by Syerra Rogers for a dramatic 2-1 win.

Rogers also won the ball, spread five strokes and scored 16 goals for Lady Hurricanes (20-6-1, 11-1), who managed just two shots from Lady Trojans starter Taylor Lloyd, who scored 13 goals.

Hope Ingle made three hits for Soddy-Daisy and Makayla Perez also had a pair of hits.

Photo gallery

East Hamilton vs. Soddy-Daisy


* Whitwell 5, Grace Academy 4: Senior leadoff hitter Trevor Davenport scored a goal tying the game to midfield in the 12th inning and Dakota Morrison followed up with an RBI walkoff for a home win – a regular season final that took four hours to complete.

“This win put us all together. It was not easy, but we got the job done in the end,” said Davenport. “This win will definitely stick with me. So many different men did their job and winning our last home game meant a lot to me.”

Morrison and Hunter Cookston both had three strokes for the Tigers who took their punches throughout the game. Senior Zach Scissom grabbed the win in release while Cole Burns stood out with two strokes and RBI.

“Entering this year are only five players on the team who have university baseball experience,” said coach Whitwell Heath Thacker. “They all came together tonight and found a way to fight and get this victory. It was an extraordinary moment for many of our people. The results of their hard work paid off tonight.”

Grace Baptist starter Caleb Adams had a strong eight innings and scored eight strokes and also hit a home run in the park to take a 4-3 lead in the 12th inning. Noah Bastian also stands out on the pitch and on top of the Golden Eagle mound.

* Marion County 9, Sale Creek 7: Nathan Hoback scored three shots for the Warriors while Bryce Weeks went on four. Jakob Elrod scored three strokes for the Panthers, who allowed four expensive strokes in the second and fourth innings.

* Bradley Central 7, McCallie 1: Dakota Peace and Cooper Casteel had two hits apiece while Daniel Cox rode in a pair of runs for the Bears. Casteel grabbed the win on the mound which allowed one round in three innings. Kyle Berry went 2-for-4 with the RBI for McCallie.

* Notre Dame 2, CCS 0: David Brownlee scored two strokes while Mith Grannan raced through for the Irish and also scored three strokes. Ryan Eiselstein also threw a 3 1/3 innings shutout at releif for Fighting Irish. Cole Headrick went 2-for-4 for CCS.


* Silverdale Baptist 14, CCS 1: Emry Masterson, McCade Cooper and Bentlee Stiner all progressed in three rounds while Katie Willoughby scored eight of five one-shot ball innings.

* GPS 8, Boyd Buchanan 7: The Bruisers scored six points in the third set to help make the difference as McKamey Bratcher and Emily Leinberger tripled each. Boyd Buchanan had six additional basic strokes while Izzy Messer went on three strokes and homer along with Presley Williamson.


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How to avoid travel scams | Instant News

Q. We are looking for airline tickets for a summer vacation. What advice can BBB provide? A. With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, travel is coming back. This is great news for summer vacation plans … and scammers. BBB Scam Tracker, bbb.org/scamtracker, receives reports of scammers creating fake airline ticket booking sites or customer service numbers. If you are buying an airline ticket, be careful and verify the URL or phone number before providing your credit card information. How The Scam Works By searching online for cheap flights, you come across what appears to be a good deal with a major airline. You book the flight – either through the website or by calling a customer support number – and receive a confirmation message. However, when you take a closer look at the email, you notice that you never received your ticket. In another version of this scam, you book a flight through a travel website that offers deals on airline tickets. You pay with your credit card as usual. But shortly after you make the payment, you get a call from the company that there was a sudden price increase or additional charge to finalize your reservation. This is something a legitimate business would never do! Either way, you call the airline to track your flight. After talking to an agent, you find that they have no record of your reservation. It turns out that you accidentally bought tickets through a scam website or fake customer service number. A victim told BBB Scam Tracker: “I got a phone call right after [I booked the flight] stating that they wanted $ 100 per passenger to finalize my flight. Then, after calling the airline to complain, the victim discovered that “the flight was not available initially. The flight was never booked … this company just debited my card. “How To Avoid Travel Scams Do Your Research. If you come across a company that you’ve never dealt with before, research them before you make any purchases. Look at BBB.org for reviews and comments from previous customers . Check the URL before entering your personal and payment information. It can be easy to click on a sponsored ad or impostor website without realizing it. Before entering sensitive information, make sure you are on the correct one website and the link is secure. (Secure links begin with “https: //” and include a padlock icon on the purchase page. Learn more at BBB.org/BBBSecure.) Beware of sites Third Party Web. Some Websites seem to offer a legitimate service, but are just scam facades. Beware of websites without a working customer service number and physical address. Typos and gramma errors ticals can also indicate the work of a con artist. Shop online with your credit card. F Exorbitant charges made on a credit card can usually be disputed, while it may not be with other payment methods. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the personal information you have shared. For more on planning a getaway during COVID-19, check out this tip from BBB. For more information on how to protect yourself from travel scams, visit BBB.org/TravelScam. Learn more about scams at customer service number bbb.org/article. If you have been the victim of a plane ticket or other travel scam, please report your experience to BBB.org/ScamTracker. By doing this, you can help others avoid falling prey to con artists. Jim Winset is president of the Better Business Bureau in Chattanooga. .

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As Chattanooga travel trends heat up, industry leaders urge caution | Instant News

Calendars are filling up as vaccinations roll in, and people looking to bring people together anticipate a brisk summer and busy fall for travel and events in Chattanooga. “There is a lot of pent-up demand,” said Barry White, CEO of Chattanooga Tourism Co. “People are ready to go out.” White and Terry Hart, CEO of the Chattanooga Airport Authority, predicted encouraging travel trends, but also called for continued caution. Their comments came during a conversation Tuesday at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual business expo, which was hosted online for the second year. While Hamilton County’s mask mandate will soon be lifted, a federal mask mandate will remain in effect for airports, Hart said. And people are more likely to go to communities where they feel safe, White added. “The [local] The mask’s term is ending soon, but we still have to maintain a certain level of safety because we don’t want the surge, we don’t want the bottom to fall again, “White said. Top attractions including the The Tennessee Aquarium, Rock City and Ruby Falls have limited capacity thanks to the timed ticket booth and have requested that visitors wear masks since they were allowed to reopen last spring. These measures have been key in reassuring people about Chattanooga being a safe place to visit, White said. “We didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” he said. amenity kept us going. In terms of hotel occupancy, Chattanooga came second, behind only Gatlinburg, in 2020 in Tennessee. According to a recent ranking of Google travel searches by state, Tennessee has fallen from u 27th to 16th place in terms of seizure frequency. ches, and Alabama dropped from 30th to sixth. The tripstodiscover.com study also found that searches for Hawaii dropped from fifth to 33rd. In 2019, tourism had an economic impact of $ 1.2 billion in Hamilton County. Those numbers were down 11% in 2020, but it wasn’t as gloomy as the 42% they fell nationally, White said. At the Chattanooga Trade and Convention Center, the fall events schedule is so tight it’s running out of dates, CEO Mike Shuford said. Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Tullahoma, Tennessee, residents Paisley Woodcock, 4, Donna Jones and Lee Martin watch the fish at the Tennessee Aquarium on Thursday, April 1, 2021. “Your big events want to come together on weekends and there’s only so much capacity, “Shuford said.” Once you’ve passed Labor Day it’s hard to find dates. “Most events are still booked with extra space for the distance. social, but the use of the mask has varied a bit, Shuford said. For example, it is difficult for participants in competitive sporting events, including the cheerleading and volleyball competitions that the site hosts, so they remove their masks when they compete and then put them back on, Shuford said. By the fall, he expects masks to be less common overall, Shuford added. “When we get to fall, I suppose all c those who want a vaccine have one, ”he said. “I hope everything is back to normal once we get to Labor Day – we are now operating on that assumption.” At the Tennessee Aquarium, ticketing and mask requirements will remain in place for now, said marketing director Thom Benson. “We hope that everyone who wants to get vaccinated will be fully vaccinated before Memorial Day, and then we will review our game plan for the rest of the summer,” he said. The aquarium increases its capacity by extending the hours and has had some success with this approach during the spring break period, when people bought tickets for 8 a.m., Benson said. “We want to make sure that we maintain space in our buildings,” he said. “We take a measured approach to everything.” But some local attractions are starting to consider loosening some restrictions. Ruby Falls, which has been operating at around 40% of capacity, will open its normal attendance volumes over Memorial Day weekend, CEO Hugh Morrow said. “The demand is there – people are traveling and they want to go back,” Morrow said. “People are comfortable with traveling and we are expecting a very good summer, certainly a lot better than last year.” The Lookout Mountain attraction maintains its mask requirements until May 31, but it plans to lift the mandate to wear a mask afterwards. “We reserve the right to extend this [mask mandate] but we believe that by May 31 everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated and there should be no reason that someone should not be vaccinated by then, ”he said. Ruby Falls only made about 40% of its normal volume last summer during the pandemic – the worst downturn in the underground waterfall attraction’s 92-year history. But Morrow said he expects a much busier summer this year. “We’ve worked really hard to get to where we are today and I think we ‘“ It’s time to get back to work. ”However, it’s a little easier said than done, a- One of the biggest challenges for Ruby Falls and other companies in the hospitality industry is finding “There were a lot of people working after retirement in the hospitality industry and they just didn’t want to take of risk during the pandemic, “Morrow said. Shuford has similar challenges, he said. ready to offer his laid-off employees full-time work for the time being, and they are r off on unemployment for the time being. moment, he said. “I feel great in the future, summer is picking up, and now the challenge is to try and get the employees back,” he said. Writer Dave Flessner helped this report Contact Mary Fortune at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @maryfortune.

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Want to ask about the Chattanooga Lookouts game? Get your answer here | Instant News

On August 25, 2019, Chattanooga Lookouts swept the Montgomery Biscuits at AT&T Field.

Next Tuesday night, Lookouts will play their first home game in 617 days, the biggest distance between contests since professional baseball returned to the city in 1976.The outbreak of the coronavirus is delaying all minor baseball leagues in 2020, and this upcoming season features many changes. at a 6,340 seat facility, as Lookouts and all minor league franchises now take their orders from Major League Baseball.

For starters, Lookouts is only offering tickets for the first 18 home games – or three of the first six – and next Tuesday’s game against Rocket City Trash Panda has sold out under social distancing guidelines.

“We will be in the south 50% and will probably be closer to 40-to-44% for the first 18 games,” said Scout president Rich Mozingo. “We know that the rules and regulations must be obeyed, but we think they will change, which is why we postponed sales of the next round of tickets until we get more direction from Major League Baseball.

“I really thought that number would go up quite substantially for the second 18 games, but we knew we would be 3,000 south to do so.”

The Lookouts has in recent weeks announced a digital ticketing initiative and it is AT&T Field will be cashless, with the exception that cash can be used to purchase Lookouts gift cards, which can then be used for concessions or items from team stores.

With the start of the eagerly awaited season in Chattanooga approaching the 11th hour, here are some answers from Mozingo to the questions that remain:

Hamilton County’s mask mandate is scheduled to end this weekend. Does that mean there are no masks in the game Lookouts?

“It’s not going to make any difference to Lookout. Major League Baseball needs a mask in the game, and that’s the attitude we’re going to take.”

The pinnacle of the Tennessee Aquarium peaks behind AT&T Field as Scout pitcher Zack Littell (16) pitches on the opening day against the Birmingham Barons on Thursday, April 5, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

What about when a fan reaches their seat? Can they take it off?

“We asked them to wear masks while sitting in their chairs, and it was difficult. While we will make sure people have masks coming in, I don’t think you will see many of our people running around, giving headaches and making sure people- people wear their masks, but we will ask people to wear their masks when they are in rough ground. “

Will the vendors move through the crowd?

“Next Tuesday, there will be no vendors in the stands. Nobody will walk past and sell coke and beer. We will look for ways to do it more efficiently than the stand-alone stands in the concourse area.

“Again, I say fully confident that things will change for us over the summer. Most of the things we do have been arranged through Major League Baseball.”

If no national anthem is allowed out on the pitch this season like you say, then where will they be?

“The Chattanooga Boys’ Choir will sing the national anthem next Tuesday, and it will be recorded. The National Anthem will probably be broadcast live in an affixed area of ​​the beer garden.”

What if any of us entered the front gate struggling with digital tickets on our phones?

“We’ll have enough 21 and 24 year olds around the gate to help you. We’ll take care of that.”

Will Wanda Goins share the program again this year?

“We’ll have a digital program this year that will allow fans to update stats and tell them what’s up with each game. Wanda will be there letting you scan a QR code that will take you straight to our program and get it right on your phone. We couldn’t open without Wanda. “

Contact David Paschall at [email protected] or 423-757-6524.

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Wanda Goins, who has been with the Lookouts for 26 years, presented a free program for the Lookouts home opener against the Generals at AT&T Field on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in Chattanooga, Tenn.


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An English-language Netflix drama influencing spring-autumn bridal wear in the Chattanooga region | Instant News

The wedding dresses worn by fashion-forward women of 2021 are influenced by the styles that were worn 200 years ago, thanks to Netflix’s “Bridgerton”.

“Bridgerton” is a county-era romance based on a series of books written by Julia Quinn. The first season of the British period drama drew more than 82 million views, making it the most-streamed show on Netflix to date, according to bridal sources The Knot.

The series focuses on the Bridgerton family of eight children led by matriarch Violet Bridgerton. Like most “the ton” aristocratic mothers, she is devoted to seeing her children make a perfect marriage match. The first season of “Bridgerton” deals with Daphne’s daughter’s scheme with the Duke of Hastings to avoid marriage by pretending to have affection for each other – only to realize their ruse has come true. The show saw breakout stars Phoebe Dynevor and Rege-Jean Page, who played the couple.

Created by Shonda Rhimes, “Bridgerton” combines warm love scenes set in romantic costumes against intricate backdrops – a TV trifecta for high ratings. The Regency period, from 1811 to 1820, is known as a period of social and cultural progress in the arts, literature, science and music. Dresses in light colors (like Daphne’s favorite, blue), embroidery, ruffles, long jewelry strands and sheer fabrics are worn by fashionable women. A patterned dress on a flowing Grecian outfit – hence the appearance of an imperial waistline which is paired with a low, square (or U-shaped) neckline and short puffed sleeves, or a hat.

Photo gallery

‘Bridgerton’ influenced bridal fashion

The popularity of the “Bridgerton” design has moved from small screens to wedding ceremonies, said local wedding salon owners. The district’s style is reflected in bridal wear, headdresses and even reception decorations. Brides-to-be take their Pinterest boards to bridal salons, say local owners, eager to emulate Regency’s romance.

Brides-to-be looking for a look that fits a royals will find that the Regency fashion silhouette features three main design elements: U-neckline, cap sleeves and empire waistline. This is interpreted in modern wedding dresses to include one of more than three.

“Right now it’s a fashion-forward look. It’s driving the bridal industry,” said Rebecca Hake, manager of Ever After Bridal in Cleveland, Tennessee, of the “Bridgerton” influence.

Here’s an overview of what the “Bridgerton” bride might be wearing this season. And even if your groom doesn’t mumble the now famous line “I’m on fire for you,” he’ll definitely think you’re hot.


* “The square neckline is huge now,” said Hake. “Not going anywhere. We haven’t seen a popular royal waistband for eight years, but it’s back. It’s classy, ​​sleek and great for tall and curvy girls. In fact, it looks great for all sizes, but especially those who want an effect. slimming it, “said Hake.

She says this style is very popular in satin (which “Bridgerton” customers use for Daphne’s wedding gowns for the structure), but no matter what fabric the bride and groom prefer, she will find all interpretations of the design mimic “that simple and pretty look. Some have lace or bling, but from what we saw, it looks better without it. The look is simple and sleek, “said Hake.

* “Must be square, back. U neckline. Great,” agreed Allie Holland, owner of Monica’s Bridal in Chattanooga. “It replaced the deep V neckline which replaced the lover’s neckline.”

Holland says he hasn’t seen a request for empire waists at his salon because “a lot of girls think their waistlines are the best feature and want to flaunt it. But we’re looking at the ‘Bridgerton’ influence in detail, and puffed sleeves, or a cap is definitely a part of it.”

* Veatrice Conley, owner of Unveiled in Chattanooga, says brides are asking for romantic dresses, lots of lace and long sleeves (another “Bridgerton” look and features an autumn dress forecast). The Unveiled website shows a collection of Daughters of Simone dresses featuring cap sleeves and an Amsale gown depicting long, fitted sleeves.


While each District “first diamond” wore a tiara on a ball to signify social status, they haven’t been a part of bridal attire since the mother or even the grandmother of today’s brides wore them in the 1950s and 60s. But prepare for their comeback.

* We saw the headdress was gone, but the girls are asking for it now, “said Hake.” We just came back from a bridal market in Utah and bought a crown and tiara because brides came up with their Pinterest boards and said, ‘I want that. ‘”

* “We love tiaras in the bridal world, but have a lot more demand for headdresses,” says Holland. “Girls want something in their hair, but not necessarily a tiara. The three-quarters of the veils we make are cathedral lengths or more.”

* Conley says jewelry, like big brooches, is very popular with brides who don’t want headphones.

“The gem brooch is perfect for wearing on the side of the head or with a bun. I think it’s the next level tiara because it gives you a feeling of grandeur.”


The party after has moved from the warehouse and into the ballroom, or even the tent, decorated with chandeliers, strands of lights draped from ceiling to wall, tulle covering the ceiling or walls, and flowers, flowers and more flowers – especially roses. as seen in the TV series. Several articles online discussing the “Bridgerton” influence suggest the following decor ideas:

* Bunches of candles or candelabrums to create lighting.

* Big flower statements like wisteria hanging from the ceiling; flower vines covering the walls; flower arch at the entrance or altar.

* Fireworks as seen in outdoor ball scene episodes 1 and 2, if the idea is within budget and permitted by the venue.

* Dining area so guests can take a walk around the party floor like in episode 2.

* The champagne tower as the focal point of a room.

* Themed color presentations, such as Green Ball episode 3 or Red Ball in episode 2.

* All places with high ceilings, which will give a magnificent party atmosphere.


Although the “Bridgerton” romance permeates bridal fashion and reception decor, there has been no change in popular menswear, said David Long, manager of Men’s Wearhouse.

“The big ones are lighter colors, brown shoes, and everyone wants pants that are slimmer,” she says.

Send an email to Susan Pierce at [email protected].


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