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Food City to add stores in Winchester | Instant News

Food City is expanding to Franklin County with a new supermarket now under construction in Winchester, Tennessee.

The 54,200-square-foot supermarket that forms at the intersection of Highway Cowan and Halfmoon Road in Winchester is expected to open early next summer and will include a pharmacy, gas station, Starbucks cafe, and an in-store bakery and delicacy.

“We look forward to building state-of-the-art supermarkets that will create quality jobs and tax revenue for residents of Winchester and Franklin County,” said Steven C. Smith, president and CEO of Food City, in a breakthrough ceremony for the new store last week.

The new location will feature several award-winning energy-saving concepts, from energy-efficient glass cooling doors, LED parking lights and signs to motion sensors and 100% LED interior lighting, as well as open rafters ceiling designs. Inside the new Food City, the shop will include a hot food bar with fancy soup and salad bars as well as a pizza oven with a stone fireplace for making fresh food for the 38-seat cafe built with a fireplace.

Smith said a full-service meat and seafood department with an in-house butcher will offer pre-marinated and seasoned oven-ready products, plus a full selection of natural, high-quality meats, including Certified Angus Beef and fresh sushi.

“Grocery store multiplication, frozen food and production departments will go beyond normal rates with a great selection of gourmet, international and specialty items,” said Food City spokesman Tammy Baumgardner.

The Food City Flower Boutique will be run by a designer seven days a week and offer fresh cut flower bouquets, bouquets, gift items and more. A fast checkout service will be provided by six traditional check-out lines and eight self-check-outs.

The store will also include a Food City Pharmacy, equipped with a drive-thru and consulting room for discussing patient prescription needs and arranging immunizations, a Food City Gas N ‘Go fuel center, a Starbucks cafe, offering a wide variety of hot and cold mixtures. coffee and drinks and beer tasting. The new shop will also offer a GoCart roadside pick-up service.

Headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia, Food City’s parent company, K-VA-T Food Stores, operates 134 retail outlets throughout southeastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia, East Tennessee, northern Georgia and soon in Albertville, Alabama.


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Chattanooga expects hotel and tourist traffic as Thanksgiving travel outlook affected by worsening pandemic | Instant News

The four-day Thanksgiving weekend is typically the busiest holiday of the year at the Chattanooga Metro Airport, with a busy Wednesday as people take to the skies and a “gangbuster” Sunday upon their return, Airport CEO Terry Hart said. But there’s nothing typical about 2020. “My instinct is that we’ll see half as many people as we’ve seen in the past two years,” Hart said Thursday, the same day as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has issued grim guidelines discouraging travel. in the face of a worsening pandemic. “Everything seems to be down, and I’m just not sure some people are going to cancel and not leave.” (READ MORE: ‘COVID fatigue’, impending flu season poses challenges as coronavirus pandemic continues in Chattanooga area) Hiren Desai, CEO of 3H Group Hotels, said his properties The big markets weren’t expecting much business over the long holiday weekend, but its hotels in drive-in markets such as Chattanooga and Knoxville are in full swing. “We’re full, but at a lower rate,” said Desai, whose portfolio includes 19 hotels, including five in the Chattanooga market. “Weekends keep us going, like many hotels across the country.” (READ MORE: Labor Day weekend trips driven by road trips as people stay closer to home as COVID-19 pandemic persists) Airlines have also cut fares, as well as capacity, because they’ve reduced the number of flights they do, Hart says. For travelers on the road, gasoline is cheaper than it has been since 2016, but the number of travelers will drop significantly further, GasBuddy, a travel and navigation app, predicted. In a statement on its annual Thanksgiving 2020 travel survey, GasBuddy reported that 35% of Americans will take to the roads this year, a decrease from 65% last year. AAA predicts that 50 million people will take a car trip over Thanksgiving weekend – about 4% less than last year – as it predicts that air travel will be cut by almost half, to about 2 ,4 million. In Tennessee, 1.2 million travelers are expected to take state roads, said Jennifer Flynn, spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. 2020 Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers Automobile2020: 47.8M2019: 49.9M Change: -4.3% Air2020: 2.4M2019: 4.58M Change: -47.5% Other (bus, train, cruise) 2020: 353,0002019: 1.5M : -76.2% Source: AAA “However, these numbers could be even lower as Americans monitor the public health landscape, including the increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, the renewal of restrictions on quarantine and travel health advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “she said. The US Travel Association held a virtual press conference on Thursday in which Dr. Michael Parkinson described the COVID pandemic -19 as “unprecedented, uncontrolled and dangerous.” “If you are traveling you need to know something about your destination,” Parkinson said, citing the prevalence of the disease in the community, local mask requirements and social distancing guidelines among important factors to know. Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger on Thursday extended a county-wide mask term in January, citing the need for continued vigilance as the coronavirus spreads. Photo gallery Thanksgiving travel outlook affected by worsening pandemic, though Chattanooga expects some hotel and tourist traffic See 8 photos (READ MORE: Hamilton County Mayor extends tenure again mask amid COVID-19) Local attractions have taken precautions including limiting capacity, ahead of time, improved cleaning and requiring masks, said Barry White, CEO of Chattanooga Tourism Co. “They made a great job with precautions and safety measures, ”he said, adding that some attractions had already sold out some long holiday weekend slots. “We continue to communicate to encourage safety, encourage physical distance, wear a mask, especially with the recent outbreak, not only in Tennessee but across the country.” The long weekend also provides a good opportunity to get out, one of the safest activities available during the pandemic, White said. “Even if it’s just to get out and hike, walk, we have a beautiful city, beautiful parks, and now is a great time to be outside and enjoy your city, ”he said. Contact Mary Fortune at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @maryfortune. .

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No fans are allowed at UTC basketball games until December | Instant News

The staff file photo / UTC basketball game at the McKenzie Arena will not be attended by fans in November and December, the school announced Thursday.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will not allow fans at home basketball games until the end of the calendar year due to “challenges and safety concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a UTC release.

The decision, announced Thursday, will affect seven games at the McKenzie Arena: four for the men’s team – season opener versus Bellarmine (November 25), plus Northern Kentucky (November 28), UNC Asheville (December 16) and Southern Conference opener against Furman (December 30) – and three for the women’s team – season opener versus the University of Alabama at Birmingham (6 December), plus Vanderbilt (December 13) and Eastern Kentucky (December 18).

The women’s team has already canceled two matches due to COVID-19 concerns – November 25 in the State of Tennessee and November 29 at home against Tennessee Tech – and the men’s team had December 16 against Cumberland, the NAIA program from the Nashville area, canceled for COVID -19 related reasons.

“We have a very passionate and supportive fan base, and I hate not giving them a chance to see our student athletes perform live,” said UTC athletics director Mark Wharton in a release. “However, after consulting with the university medical staff and the executive leadership team, we feel that for the health and safety of everyone involved, this is the best decision. We will re-evaluate this before the start of the match in January and communicate any changes in plans at the time. that. “

All games will be broadcast on ESPN Plus / ESPN3, with radio broadcasts on the Moc Sports Network on WFLI 97.7 / 1070 AM and on GoMocs.com.

Fans who purchase tickets for the November and December home games will be contacted by UTC ticketing office staff with the option to receive a full refund or ticket for the next match or convert the purchase into a contribution to the Mocs Fly Together Fund.

Contact Gene Henley at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @bayu_joo.

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Food City is eyeing downtown Chattanooga for its grocery store, Gas’ N Go outlet | Instant News

This story was updated Thursday, November 12, 2020, at 7:34 pm to correct the spelling of Abingdon, Va.

Food City is looking to find the first full-scale supermarket in downtown Chattanooga.

The Abingdon, Virginia-based grocery chain, which already operates more than two dozen Food City stores in the Chattanooga area, is developing plans to find a unique two-story grocery store downtown as part of a new development on the former Carter site. Distributing warehouse Co. along Broad Street between Main and 13th Streets.

Steve Smith, president and CEO of Food City, said Thursday that Food City is developing plans to build a new 48,000 square foot supermarket along with a Food City Gas’ N Go fuel station on a 5.7 hectare site at 1305 Broad Street.

“Of course we’ve heard from many of our downtown customers express the need for a new supermarket in downtown Chattanooga,” said Smith. “We tried to listen to our customers – that’s what good companies do – and we realized that with all the new buildings and occupants coming downtown, there was a demand for such a shop.”

Photo by Dave Flessnre / Former Carter Distributing Co. warehouse at 1305 Broad Street can be replaced with a new 2-story Food City supermarket if city developers and planners approve the project in the city center.

Chattanooga’s downtown drivers have been eager to bring large supermarkets downtown for decades, especially after the closure Grocery Bar on Main Street in 2015 after operating for only a few years and shutting down Buehler grocery store on block 400 on Market Street in 2017 after 105 years of operation.

Food City operates another wholesale outlet nearby at St. Petersburg. Elmo and on E. 23rd Street, but Smith said the proposed Broad Street location could serve residents, workers and visitors in downtown Chattanooga. Smith said the developer, who declined to identify, also wanted to include a Starbucks coffee shop, dining area, patio space and other facilities in the proposed development.

“We are very excited about the possibilities and I think this will be a unique opportunity for us,” said Smith.

Proposals for a new Food City are expected to be considered in December or in early 2021 by the Chattanooga Form-Based Code Committee, which was developed to promote urban development that conforms to city-center and North Coast policies set by the city. Food City and its developers will meet with neighbors in the downtown area in a zoom meeting next Tuesday, Smith said.

“We have been working with a developer on a proposed project and one of the steps we need to take to move forward is to meet the local environment and get their input on this project,” he said.

River City Co., a downtown development group that has helped spur nearly $ 2 billion in new and proposed developments in and around downtown Chattanooga over the past three decades, has pushed to bring the wholesale chain downtown over the years. Publix and Whole Foods (formerly Greenlife Grocery) have been located in stores on the North Shore for 21 years, but there are no major supermarkets operating in the main downtown area.

“Having fresh produce and a full-service grocery store downtown certainly improves the livability of our city and for many it will provide a pedestrian-friendly alternative to having to drive elsewhere to shop,” said Amy Donahue, marketing director for River City. Co “Having a grocery store nearby where you can walk to or catch a bus and easily visit is very important to many people when they are trying to determine where to live.”

The proposed new Food City site was once a beer distributor that once housed four separate beer wholesalers when it was founded in 1974 along a railroad on block 1300 on Broad Street. Over time, Carter Distributing Co. took over an 85,760 square foot warehouse and the property is still owned by former Carter Distribution President Blair Carter who has been trying to sell the parcels since he retired and now lives in Florida.

Carter Distributing Co., sold to Cherokee Distributing Co. based in Knoxville in 2017. Cherokee Distributing is building and opening a new warehouse on I-75 at the Volkswagen exit in Apison this year, vacating the warehouse downtown in September, Carter said.

Smith said existing facilities would be demolished and new buildings erected under the proposed development plans. Unlike most downtown sites, the one-block long parcel is sufficiently sized to accommodate ample parking for shoppers, Smith said.

Contact Dave Flessner at [email protected] or at 423-757-6340.


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Tips for vacation travel during the coronavirus pandemic | Instant News

Q. My family is planning to travel by plane for vacation. COVID considerations make planning much more complex. What advice can BBB provide for traveling? A. Are you planning to travel by plane for the holiday season? According to data from Airlines for America, airlines in the United States were only serving about a third of the number of passengers they did a year ago, and although many of them have tempting deals to fly, it’s costing carriers billions just to stay. afloat. As the holiday season begins, some may feel the need to visit families. When looking for the best available fare, read the details required by the carrier to travel safely during the coronavirus pandemic and check out the CDC’s guidelines, www.cdc.gov. Before clicking on the button to buy tickets, BBB recommends the following: Make sure everyone traveling has the correct ID, www.tsa.gov. The deadline for the Real ID required by the TSA has been extended to October 1, 2021; however, make sure parties traveling together have up-to-date, compliant identification as required by each state. Read all cancellation policies carefully. Not all situations, including a pandemic, require a full refund of ticket value and fees. Every travel agency, airline, and online broker is different. Book your tickets only after reviewing the travel restrictions. Save time and stress by reading the updated status of restrictions, www.cdc.gov on the Centers for Disease Control website. Consider travel insurance. Have a full understanding of what the policy covers and what does not. Travel insurance covers things like trip cancellations or medical emergencies. There are different levels of coverage depending on the type of plan you purchase. Ask lots of questions and always read the fine print to see what’s covered and what isn’t. Be an informed traveler. Refer to the Department of Transportation website, www.transportation.gov for details on consumer issues, filing complaints, and other aviation information. During the holiday season or any time of the year, find ways to travel safely and avoid scams, www.bbb.org. Remember to report any suspicious activity. BBB is warning people to plan ahead to save money, avoid scams, and travel safely. Scammers usually target people looking for great deals online by offering tempting vacation packages at unrealistic prices. BBB.org is a great resource for finding reputable and reliable travel agencies, agents, and websites. Here are some more tips from BBB to ensure you have a worry-free travel vacation while on vacation. Plan ahead. The world belongs to those who get up early. Allow yourself time to research hotels, flights and the area where you will be staying. As a general rule, the earlier you make your reservations, the better the deals you’ll find and the lower the risk of booking your preferred destination. Making reservations in advance also locks in rates and prevents you from paying higher prices later during the holiday season. Avoid large-scale internet searches. Try to avoid typing phrases like “best deals” into the search engine you are using. Broad search terms like this can sometimes lead you to websites that look official, but are only designed to scam people. Watch out for travel scams. Beware of phone calls or letters claiming you’ve “won a trip” or websites offering prizes too good to be true. It’s easy to spread questionable offers like these, but the vast majority of them leave hopeful travelers in limbo – and penniless. Do your homework. Ask family and friends to recommend a travel agent or travel website and visit BBB.org for free company profiles. If you use online services to find accommodation, be sure to research the company and read customer reviews of the rentals you are considering. Get the trip details in writing. Before making final payment, get all travel details in writing. This should include the total cost, restrictions, cancellation penalties, and the names of airlines and hotels. Also review and keep a copy of the airline and hotel cancellation and refund policies, as well as the cancellation policies of the travel agency or booking site you use. Paying by credit card gives you extra protection if something goes wrong with your travel reservation. Are you planning to travel abroad? Check for advisories regarding Canada www.travel.gc.ca and the US Travel Association, www.ustravel.org, for any issues that may affect your trip. No matter when or where you travel, there are things you should always do to protect yourself, your home, and your belongings: Wait until you post on social media. We all love to share our vacation adventures with our friends and family, but wait until you get back from your trip. Giving too many details about when you will be away and your house will be empty could attract thieves. Check your home insurance. If your home is left unattended while you are away, make sure you know your responsibilities under your home insurance policy. Some policies don’t cover damage if no one checks your home for a while. Share a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend. Include contact details of someone who is joining you on your trip. Take a map. People rely heavily on smartphones and GPS. Have a hard copy in case of technical difficulties or if you are crossing an area with poor cell phone reception. Check the weather conditions you will be traveling in and pack appropriate supplies and clothing. Avoid traveling alone. Use the buddy system and stay with your friends. Use a hotel safe to store extra cash and keep all valuables locked up. Visit www.bbb.org for more consumer advice. Jim Winsett is president of the Better Business Bureau in Chattanooga. file photo / Jim Winsett of the Better Business Bureau in Chattanooga.

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