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COVID update: Cities in Germany are implementing a curfew, limiting alcohol sales as cases soar | Instant News

NEW YORK (WABC) – German authorities imposed curfews and restrictions on alcohol sales in Berlin and Frankfurt to combat a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

Several German cities have reached a critical warning level of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Many business owners criticized the new restrictions, fearing they would damage the economy.

Meanwhile, the NFL closed its New England Patriots facility on Sunday morning, marking its third closure there in 10 days, sources tell ESPN. The team is testing Sunday morning and awaiting further direction from the NFL, but the status of the Monday night vs Denver game is questionable.
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Here are more headlines for the day:

The first classical music festival in China
China held its first classical music festival since the start of the pandemic, featuring musicians from the epicenter of the outbreak – Wuhan. Musicians from the Wuhan Philharmonic present a symphony choir dedicated to the victims of COVID-19. It is part of an effort to help the process of healing the emotional state with music written to express frustration, helplessness, and hope.

‘Day of the Dead’ adjustments

Mexico’s annual “Day of the Dead” and flamboyant activities will be scaled back due to the pandemic. A few days ago, two other traditional Mexican plays took to the stage after months of social distancing practice. “The Day of the Dead” is a Mexican national holiday where family and friends get together to pray and remember friends and family members who have died. In Mexican culture, death is seen not as a day of sadness but as a day on which loved ones wake up and celebrate with them.

NY ‘red zone’ update
Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday announced a positive rate of 4.95% in the “red zone” cluster area. The area is home to 2.8% of the state’s population, but 18% of all positive cases reported this week to New York State. “Our numbers remain good news, even as clusters emerge in certain regions of the state,” Cuomo said. “Our testing system is so sophisticated that we can track clusters of up to 2.8 percent of the state’s population and attack the virus in that population. It will take all of us work now to ensure we don’t fall back on our hard-fought progress. We all have to keep wearing our masks, wash our hands, stay socially distanced, and most importantly, stay in New York Tough. “

Know your COVID NYC Zone
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The Australian writer reveals the strange culture shock he faced while living in America | Instant News

An Australian writer who has spent months living in the United States has shared stark differences between the two countries, including how you pay for gasoline, use a public bathroom and buy alcohol.

Madolline Gourley, 30, from Brisbane, Queensland, runs an online blog called One cat at a time, and before corona virus lockdown, spent more than two years sitting cat for families in America.

During that long stay, he was well aware of the way Americans live their everyday lives and how it differs from the Australian lifestyle, from road regulations to adding tax to every purchase you make.

So what are the main variants?

Madolline Gourley runs an online blog called One Cat At A Time, and before the coronavirus lockdown, spent more than two cat years looking after families in the United States

1. Pay for gas before filling

Based on Madolline’s experience, Australians will always put petrol in the car first before paying at the counter, so that station staff know how much fuel they are carrying.

But in the US customers swipe their EFTPOS card, enter their zip code – also called a zip code – and then start filling up their cars.

‘Or you can walk to the repair shop and pay cash, but you still have to pay before you can fill up,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘You can also choose $ 50 when making an EFTPOS transaction, but if your car only takes $ 33, $ 25, or $ 41.90, you’ll only be charged for it. Not $ 50.

“It’s very confusing for me to start with because I’m afraid I’ll be charged the full amount.”

Based on Madolline's experience, Australians will always put petrol in the car first before paying at the counter, so that station staff know how much fuel they are taking (stock image)

Based on Madolline’s experience, Australians will always put petrol in the car first before paying at the counter, so that station staff know how much fuel they are taking (stock image)

2. Always add tax for every purchase you make

Ticket prices are the prices you pay at the cash register in Australia, but they are not the same in America.

‘Tax-free shelf price. When you get to the cash register, they add tax to it. What initially seems like a fair price when you look at the goods on the shelves only becomes more expensive once you convert USD to AUD, ‘he said.

‘I believe the tax rate differs from state to state. So, other states end up being a lot more expensive than others. Some states also have things that are exempt from taxes. As Massachusetts does not impose a clothing or food tax. ‘

3. Password protected bathroom

This aspect of life in America differs from state to state, but nearly all major cities have bathrooms that are password protected – or locked, says Madolline.

‘Every where. Starbucks. Chipotle. Discount retailers such as Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less. Restaurant and takeaway options such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Even some supermarkets, ” he said.

Only paying customers can use the bathrooms in cafes and restaurants, so you have to buy something to even be allowed to use the bathroom.

‘The way around this is to go to a large shopping mall or department store like Macy’s. Gas station showers are also available for anyone to use, ‘he said.

This aspect of life in America differs from state to state but nearly all major cities have bathrooms that are password protected - or locked, says Madolline (stock image)

This aspect of life in America differs from state to state but nearly all major cities have bathrooms that are password protected – or locked, says Madolline (stock image)

4. A different ‘big’ supermarket in each state

Australia has two major supermarkets – Woolworths and Coles – regardless of which part of the country you are in. There are also Aldi’s scattered in every state.

But the US has Ralph, PigglyWiggly, QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, Smith’s Food and Drug, Kroger, Public, all depending on which state you are in.

“There are Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s all over the US, but these more alternatives like Flannerys are here,” he said.

“Whole Foods even has an in-store bakery that will embarrass some Australian patisseries.”

A corner store or convenience store is what Americans refer to as a ‘bodega’ and is mostly family owned unlike a traditional department store like 7 Eleven.

5. The pharmacy can be a one-stop shop for cigarettes and alcohol

Pharmacies, or ‘drug stores’, in the US sell alcohol and cigarettes.

‘Beer, liquor, cider, you name it. This appears to run counter to the aim of Australians using pharmacies … which is to get drugs and supplements to get better and stay healthy, ‘he said.

“Or you go to the pharmacy to buy nicotine patches, not to buy a bag of tobacco.”

Depending on the city, some pharmacies also have proper supermarket components such as fresh fruit and food stores.

'Beer, liquor, cider, you name it.  This seems to run counter to the aim of Australians using pharmacies ... which is to get drugs and supplements to get better and stay healthy, 'he said

‘Beer, liquor, cider, you name it. This seems to run counter to the aim of Australians using pharmacies … which is to get drugs and supplements to get better and stay healthy, ‘he said

6. Refunds for cosmetics that you have opened

Madolline says that this is a great part of living in America.

If you have opened your lipstick, mascara or foundation, you cannot return it in Australia or exchange it either.

“Most drugstores and major department stores in America allow you to return products as long as you have a receipt,” he said.

“Most grocery stores have testers and pharmacies in the US state do not, but you are still allowed to get a refund even if you test foundation in the store.”

If you have removed your lipstick, mascara or foundation you cannot return it in Australia or exchange it (stock image)

If you have removed your lipstick, mascara or foundation you cannot return it in Australia or exchange it (stock image)

7. It is okay to turn right at a red light

Australia does this in some parts of the country (turn left instead), but it’s not something you know as a tourist with an international license.

“ It’s also not a signed road regulation, so please sound it if you’re sitting at a red light when it’s safe to turn right, ” he said.

It’s only worth turning when there are no pedestrians to cross.

8. What exactly are “chips”

In Australia ‘chips’ can mean french fries, any kind of french fries or a bag of potato chips.

When you see ‘chips’ on an American menu, it’s literally a bag of potato chips to eat with your burger or grilled sandwich, says Madolline.

French fries of any kind – crinkle cut or otherwise – are American ‘fries’.

In Australia 'chips' can mean french fries, any kind of french fries or a bag of potato chips

In Australia ‘chips’ can mean french fries, any kind of french fries or a bag of potato chips

9. Pedestrian traffic lights make no sound

The pedestrian lights don’t make a sound when you can cross in America, you have to keep your eyes open otherwise you won’t know when it’s safe.

Some also have a button you have to press while others are automatic.

‘In much of Australia, you have to press a button to acknowledge your presence. Several cities have automated this since COVID so there’s no need to touch the germ button, ‘he said.

‘There is also this in some parts of the US where you hit what appear to be pedestrian crossing lights and cars are expected to stop in place to let you cross.

“It’s actually very dangerous on Melrose Ave where there’s a lot of traffic and LA drivers don’t like stopping for anyone.”

10. An electronic receipt is issued

Stores like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom will ask for your email address so they can email you a copy of your receipt.

‘This is good and bad. Good that you have a copy of the receipt in your inbox. But bad because you have to spell out really long names and email addresses all the time, ‘says Madolline.

‘Americans also have trouble understanding when Australians say “O” or “R”. It makes it even more complicated and you end up repeating yourself a few times before they realize what you were trying to say. ‘


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Former drug addict, alcoholic chef serves poor people through special food | Instant News

Saint Anthony – A San Antonio chef uses his passion for food to serve the needy in our community. This call to action was motivated by his own experience as a former drug addict, alcoholic, and almost displaced.

Starting young, life for John Meyer, owner of the Best Little Food House in Texas, looks great.

“I started about 37 years ago as a dishwasher and worked hard,” Meyer said. “I work for big chains, Hyatts, Plaza Americas and more. I spent most of my career in Dallas but I traveled the world. I used to work for Jerry Jones for 18 years in the old and new Cowboys stadium. I had to meet George Strait, do three Olympics and all things are different as a chef. “

Meyer is still young and a popular celebrity chef.

“I lost myself a bit before moving here, which was about eight years ago,” Meyer said. “I moved here because I was on a bad road. Like most chefs, this happens. There have been many successes to be able to travel throughout the world, but there have been many pressures. “

Meyer said that pressure resulted in the use of drugs and alcohol.

“I had a drug party for three years just to look after me because I would get up at 5 in the morning, and work until 2 in the morning and would do it seven days a week,” Meyer said.

His addiction almost made him homeless.

“I succeeded at an easy age,” Meyer said. “I’m in my 20s and I felt success early on. The evil side is wrapped up and stuck with drugs and alcohol. “

Eight years ago, Meyer said he packed up and moved from Dallas.

“I stole my drug dealer because he stole my catering van,” Meyer said with laughter. “I moved to San Antonio with my backpack and started again. I was that close to home, but the first place I visited was Haven For Hope. At that time I did not have anything. “I spend all my money on drugs. I have lots of money. I have a three-story house. I have a nice car. I spend all my money on drugs. I lost everything. My family is fed up. They are done. As drug abusers that is what happens. They are done. “

He said the only way he could change was to let God enter his heart.

“Not only do I stop drugs, I can also get my five children back and on top of that, I have been raising them for eight years now,” Meyer said.

His past motivates his present and future by helping others. He started his own food truck service called Best Little Food House in Texas where he cooked his signature gourmet food for those in need.

“A lot of what we do is go to the HOA to feed people,” Meyer said. “We certainly play our own food. I’m all about serving at home like Somerset. We donate every week be it food, money for the needy or parents, for truck drivers, emergency responders and school teachers. “

Meyer did not let the Covid-19 pandemic stop him from serving others as well.

“As a chef, I thought, ‘How can I contribute?’ Easy. Feed the homeless and needy because I know where I come from. The truck driver had nowhere to go when Covid crashed. The elderly go to look for food that endangers their lives and we know they shouldn’t take that risk. We go out and take care packages and make food for them and feed them so they don’t have to go to the store. School teachers will still work and prepare and assess all of these assignments for children. We go and return the favor to them and feed them. We will not stop. We will proceed. “

Meyer said he was grateful God gave him another chance.

“I gave everything to God,” Meyer said. “Most people who don’t believe don’t understand what that means. I am an unbeliever and I say, ‘What are you talking about? Give to God? ‘I don’t know what that means. When you start walking and talking, you will see that happening. You just need to have that leap of faith. “

Meyer said his mission was to continue to spread love and give to those in need.

“With everything that happens with protests and everything, I understand. I strongly believe in protests in America but there are better ways to do this. MLK Jr. is a perfect example of how you do it. I teach that to my children and my coworkers. No, we will not commit violence. We live in a new world and it starts with love. That’s what I mean when I say give to God. Day after day, I take a leap of faith and every time you think he’s done, he doesn’t. He floods you with more love, “Meyer said.

He said he would use his God-fearing faith to spread love through his cooking while he was still alive.

“My children can tell you eight years ago that they did not know who I was,” Meyer said. “If you ask them the same question today, they will be like, ‘I know who my father is. He is a man of God.’ I cannot get better praise.”

If you know someone like Meyer who makes a difference in the South Texas community or who has a unique story, send us your tips. Contact Japhanie Gray on Facebook or @JGrayKSAT on Twitter. You can also send tips to KSAT 12 & KSAT.com on Facebook.

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What’s Up South Texas !: Men with past paints have problems to inspire others

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Hollywood nervously awaits the Fallout from the explosive johnny Depp sudo | film | Instant News

The’s a Hollywood career more than just a few stars of the film are in danger this weekend as an extremely messy legal battle Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, amber heard, goes into the third dramatic week – the week which team will be heard in the driving seat.

The outcome of the case – a libel action under pressure Depp – can affect many of those involved. Other big names drawn, including Winona Ryder, Paul Bettany and Vanessa Paradisare in danger of bad reputation, will they appear as innocent bystanders or party supporters. Out major franchises family film series Aquaman, Fantastic beasts Harry Potter spin-off and Marvel superhero stable of stars can change as a result.

Depp is suing the publisher The sunNews group newspaper, and chief editor, Dan Wootton, to describe him as a “wife-beater” article from April 2018, which questioned the decision of Warner brothers to cast him in the film animals. A 57-year-old actor a household name after his role as Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow in disney’s pirates of the Caribbean series, was served a restraining order in Los Angeles in 2016, shortly after their divorce, but he’s already made headlines with accusations that it was heard, not he, with serious violence and alcohol problems. As you know, last week I heard even accused of defecating on her bed. Heard, 34, is in London to give her version of the disturbing events that led to the end of his short, loud marriage ceremony. Her role of Aquaman can be no doubt, if unpleasant accusations Depp and his legal team stick.

Scholars also doubt that the media law will continue to be the case. “How the media can write about domestic violence can be changed forever,” said one legal source. “Journalists who believed that they understood the talk about how dangerous partner when they were already named an interim injunction in America.”

Amber heard arriving at London’s High court last week on charges of defamation of johnny Depp. Photo: Yui MOK/PA

Depp, who has kept great condition, despite the recent legal action against business leaders, he claims cheated him of $650 million, is keen to hang on to the prospect of working on adventure films. The claims and counterclaims of violence and aggressive behavior is unlikely to play well with family audiences or with Disney and Warner Brothers, the studios that own the Rowling franchise.

In America, the actor who admitted a history of heavy drugs and drinking, is also suing ex-wife for $50M over The Washington Post the article is from December 2018, in which she said, survivors of domestic violence. Any reader, Depp claims that to assume that he was a rapist. The victory in the UK next month may help in the future confirmation in America.

On Thursday the trial in the High court of London took an unexpected turn when the rider, ex-fiancée of Depp and French singing star Paradis, Depp’s first wife and mother of two of his children, not to speak for him. The Duo released a press statement that Depp was not a cruel man, and should both act as witnesses. “Statements from the rider and Paradis were not part of the trial, as they were not offered for cross-examination,” the legal source added. “They seem to have been used in the framework of the media campaign without having to stand up in court.”

The decision not to appear in court has disappointed those looking for more star power, but the lawyers heard would like to ask these women about the timing of the end of their relationship with Depp. Heard CITES 14 cases of violence during their relationship, which Depp denies.

Ryder is now known for its role in the new drama channel HBO The Plot Against Americaafter her success in the series Strange Things. Explicit support Depp can be a dangerous move. Three other witnesses Depp appeared last week, despite the strong support of the testimony of some of his friends and former employees. Yitzchak Baruch, artist and longtime friend of Depp, who lives as a guest in a luxury residential complex of Los Angeles, said in court Friday he had not seen any evidence of harm to heard in may 2016 after the final separation of the couple.


Johnny Depp and poppy Corby-Tuech in Fantastic beasts: Crime Grindelwald. Photo: Warner Bros/Allstar

Those in court that morning wondered if Depp may not appear. The actor was late to arrive, explaining that he has taken a morning meeting a movie in his hotel room. A court observer said about the same: “the security Service and officials of the court were not happy, they have a lot to handle, when the stars arrive.”

Peripheral damage can be also applied to English-born Bettany, who plays vision in Marvel the superhero franchise. A close friend of Depp, his name surfaced in court in connection with rough letters, in which Depp complained about his wife, he gave about drug use.

This week I heard appearing as a witness for NGN is expected to try to return it to the original charges of her former husband. In the lawyers last week, Depp made her own complaints about ill-treatment against her, the strategy is driven by the legal counsel Depp, Prosecutor Adam Waldman.

Many fans of Depp’s worldwide reputation, and the group regularly outside of court. Heard entourage includes her younger sister, Whitney, and amber’s girlfriend Bianca, Butti, along with leading Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson, a friend of Amal Clooney.

This week, Robinson thought probably guess, Waldman and Depp tried to stir up trouble in high stakes legal example of “brainwashed”. The case continues.


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Cuomo: There are no alcoholic drinks unless you order food at NY bars, restaurants Political | Instant News

“We are concerned about that,” said Bill Martin, one of the owners of Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery in Seneca Falls. “We are doing things very safe at the moment, but throwing food there is a difficult choice for us to overcome.”

Martin hopes that any food will meet state requirements, such as a small bag of chips or popcorn. He reached the New York Wine & Wine Foundation for further guidance, he said, as to whether he should sell food or just supply it.

As for the new rules on bar walk-up services, Martin said he thought that was already needed by the country’s reopening guidelines. In Montezuma, visitors are asked to sit at a picnic table in the side yard, and are limited to table six to prevent the formation of larger groups.

Like Martin, Good Shepherds Brewing Co. owner Garrett Shepherd also contacted his trading group, the New York State Brewers Association, for guidance.

Shepherd also wanted to know what would meet the country’s criteria for food. He already provided a small, non-priced snack at the Auburn brewery in the city center, but he wasn’t sure if he should start adding extra food costs for drinks to meet the requirements.


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