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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: Best Buy in a Wine Shop Now | Instant News

WIN OFTEN provides a reflection on the country where it was made. Take, for example, Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand. Even in a year like 2020, both the country and wine have succeeded. New Zealand is nearly COVID-19 free and vintage is one of the best in recent history.

The early months of the year were unfavorable. In the Southern Hemisphere, that’s when the harvest occurs. In 2020, the Sauvignon Blanc harvest runs from late February to early April; by the end of March, nearly all of New Zealand was in strict isolation. But while the virus is attacking badly around the world, it has barely touched New Zealand.

The wines for the Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc winery come from a vineyard in Martinborough. Chief winemaker Julian Grounds said he was initially hesitant about the harvest in the shadow of Covid, but the near-perfect weather changed his outlook. “I truly feel we all share collective relief when the forecast remains so fantastic,” he said in an email.

Jill Sherwood, director of Sherwood Estate Wines in Waipara, recalled the initial uncertainty over whether or not a harvest would occur. After the winery workers were authorized “important” by the government, the harvest went off very smoothly – even more than this year, which is happening now. The winery is currently understaffed as some foreign workers returned home last year and New Zealand continues to restrict the entry of foreigners into the country.

Last year, Sherwood staff were allowed to travel between their home and winery during harvest – with documents explaining why they were on the road – while crew at the Greywacke winery in the Omaka Valley in Marlborough “squatted” at the winery headquarters and at the winemaker house. Kevin Judd. There is also a camper van parked on the property. It turned out very easy, said Mr. Judd. “Vintage wines just passed,” he said, adding that his 2020 wines were “as good as we’ve ever made.”


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German brewers partner with bakers to use excess beer | Lifestyle | Instant News

By DANIEL NIEMANN Associated Press

DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) – With all restaurants and bars closed due to pandemic restrictions, the Duesseldorf brewery found itself with 6,000 liters (1,585 gallons) of unsold copper-colored “Altbier” and close to its expiration date.

But with hard times comes new solutions. The Fuechschen brewery is paired with bakers that already use the leftover grain from the brewing process to produce “Treberbrot”, or “Used Wheat Bread” bread.

“It would be a shame to throw away such good beer,” said Peter Koenig, whose family has run the brewery since 1908.

“Then we came up with the idea to bake bread with beer, to remove water,” he said Tuesday. “I think it’s great that the two craft industries come together like this.”

About a dozen bakeries have been producing Treberbrot since the start of the week, giving the added bonus of a free bottle of Altbier Fuechschen, a regional specialty, with each loaf.

“It is very warm and delicious bread with a crunchy toasted crust and a soft center,” said baker Janika Derksen, whose family runs the Coelven bakery.

He said news about the bread, which his bakery sells for 3.95 euros ($ 4.65) per loaf including a bottle of Altbier, has spread quickly.


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Rates for Wine, Food from Europe for the Current Stay, said the US | Instant News

WASHINGTON – The Biden government has said it will not end tariffs on European wine, cheese and other food imports any time soon – upsetting industry groups who say the levy is hurting US restaurants and consumers.

The US Trade Representative’s Office said on Friday that there was no need for now to suspend levies, which the Trump administration imposed as part of a long-running dispute with the European Union over subsidies for commercial aircraft.

In a regulatory filing, the USTR said it would “continue to consider the actions taken in the investigation,” referring to a 17-year-old dispute about how the government is subsidizing Boeing Co. and Airbus SE. The Biden administration said it was reviewing tariffs and other major trade policy measures adopted by the previous administration.

Under the Trump administration, the dispute has turned into a tariff fight that has ensnared a food and beverage industry unrelated to aircraft manufacturing. Washington imposed tariffs on $ 7.5 billion worth of European wine and food such as cheese and olives by the end of 2019.

The European Union retaliated with levies on US whiskey, nuts and tobacco worth an estimated $ 4.5 billion. The US increased sanctions on December 31 with additional tariffs, putting nearly all wine imports from France and Germany below 25%.


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UK says post-Brexit relations with EU surging amid border woes | World | Instant News

By JILL LAWLESS Associated Press

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s Brexit Chief Minister said on Tuesday that relations between Britain and the European Union have been turbulent since their economic divorce six weeks ago, but he expressed confidence the bloc and its former members would soon enter smoother waters.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove likened the relationship to a bumpy takeoff followed by passengers who stay to enjoy their flight.

“We are not at the gin and tonic and nut stage yet,” Gove told the House of Lords committee. “But I’m sure we will.”

David Frost, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, told the EU Lords committee that relations have been “more than bumpy”.

“I think that’s problematic,” he said. “I hope we can get over this.”

Britain left the European Union politically more than a year ago, and left the bloc’s economic structure on December 31.

Since then, customs and animal inspection have been imposed on goods moving between the UK and EU member states – and on some British goods sent to Northern Ireland because it borders Ireland, the EU country.

The checks have upset the fragile political balance in Northern Ireland, which is part of Britain and where some identify as British and some as Irish. The new measures were opposed by supporters of the British Union, who said they were creating a split between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain.


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Try These 6 Travel & Leisure Stocks To Play A Vaccine-Driven Demand Rebound | Instant News

Business trips fell off a cliff during the pandemic, dragging air traffic with them. The Las Vegas Strip, usually teeming with conference attendees and vacationers, looks more like a quiet resort than a hive of 24/7 activity. No cruise ship – apart from a few latecomers hit by Covid – have only boarded or entered US ports since mid-March. Even domestic pleasure travel, a relatively bright spot in summer and fall, is facing a wave of Covid-19 cases and a new one ….

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