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Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Covid-19 Testing with the Minister of Defense | Instant News

Durbin Discusses Withdrawal of Troops from Germany, Testing Covid-19 with the Minister of Defense | RiverBender.com


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City police units get separate budget allocations | Instant News

Karachi police chief Requests additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon for a separate budget allocation for each Karachi police unit, including the police station, has finally been approved by the Sindh government.

Speaking to The News, Addl IG Memon said, “I thank the Sindh government for approving budgets for the Karachi police station, traffic officers, sub-division police officers and DSP traffic.

“Our team of young officers worked very hard to develop budget requirements for each office. Whatever we propose, IG Sindh and the Sindh government agreed. I think this step will help motivate the cleaners to volunteer for the SHO slots who are otherwise reluctant to advance. “He added that the Karachi police were now working on an eight-hour shift. “We have been doing this for the past four months. Even though this is not sustainable but we will try to attract as much as we can. However, these three policing turns will be permanent after our 5,000 new members will join us next year. “

The officer said stepping up investigations was his top priority. “We have made a policy to increase investigative officers so that each officer may not get more than 20 cases a year. We have made a policy that all officers without exception must serve in the investigation branch for at least two years to be promoted to sub-inspector. “

According to Supplement IG Memon, the police revived the government’s development scheme of 12 investigative complexes for use by SP investigations. He said nine crime scene units had been formed with highly professional and trained police staff working in three shifts who carried out DNA testing professionally.

“Over the years, we have used all funds under investigation costs in the last financial year. All OIs are paid an investigation fee through a cross-examination. “This year we got about 230 million from the investigation fee, which is more than double last year,” he said.


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ICCI requests reallocation of Sector I-17 | Instant News

Islamabad: M Waheed, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Islamabad (ICCI) has requested CDA to reallocate Sector I-17 for the establishment of a new industrial estate in Islamabad that will encourage industrial development in the region and create jobs.

He said that there was no room to establish new industries in the existing industrial estates in Islamabad. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced new incentives for the construction industry which would also be beneficial for the establishment of new industrial estates in the federal capital, which was an urgent need at this time.

M Waheed said that about 10 years ago, an industrial estate was announced in Sector I-17 Islamabad and for this purpose local residents were paid the price of land but for some unknown reason, the I-17 Sector was notified for the industrial estate . However, this move disappointed prospective investors who were interested in establishing a new industry in Islamabad.

The ICCI president said that the industrial zone had also been proposed to be established in Islamabad under the CPEC project but the CDA had made the excuse that it had no space to establish an industrial zone in Islamabad and that the federal government could direct Punjab to set up an industrial zone. He further said that the plots in the industrial sector in Islamabad had become so expensive that the cost of establishing a new industry had doubled so that it was impossible to establish a new industry in this sector. He said that the condition of the industrial sectors in Islamabad had also worsened while the Kahuta Industrial Triangle still lacked basic facilities despite years of passing. He appealed to Financial Advisor Dr. Hafeez Sheikh to reallocate Sector I-17 to the Industrial Estate to promote industrialization in the area and allocate funds in the next budget for its formation.


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