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The senate panel cleared Zindagi Tamasha for screening | Instant News


The Senate Functional Committee for Human Rights on Tuesday approved the long-awaited release of Zindagi Tamasha from Sarmad Khoosat, rejecting objections raised against the film.

PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, who chairs the panel, said in a tweet that the committee had “found nothing wrong” with the film and the censorship board “had asked us to release post-Covid”.

He added that detailed “reasons” would follow later.

The controversy surrounding the award-winning film, which had been premiered at the Busan International Film Festival, began when the trailer was released.

The film is expected to be screened in theaters on January 24 this year, but the government has stopped screening the film after Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) objected to its portrayal of a struggling cleric and threatened to protest across the country against his release. The government decided that the Islamic Ideology Council (CII) would be consulted to determine whether the film was suitable for public exhibition even though it had been cleaned twice by the censor council.

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The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) invites CII members to preview the film at the instruction of the government.

In February, TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi announced that he would never let Zindagi Tamasha be screened even if the government cleaned it up. He added that the film would be released “over his body”.
In March, the Senate panel on human rights decided to address this issue and barred CII from reviewing the film.

The committee, chaired by Senator Khokhar, was briefed by officials of the central and provincial censorship councils. This directs CBFC to provide him with a copy of the film so that the panel can determine whether there is something unpleasant in the film.
Speaking to reporters, Khokhar said only parliament had the authority to refer matters to CII and no ministry could consult with the advisory body on its own.

He added that with the details provided in the camera briefing, there appeared to be no objections in the film.

Earlier, filmmaker Sarmad had written an open letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, claiming there had been an attempt to stop the film from being released even though it had been cleared by a central censorship board.

Irfan Ali Khoosat, director of Khoosat Films Private Limited, led a petition in the Lahore court against TLP for trying to ‘disrupt the smooth, public screening and release’ of the upcoming film.
The applicant determined that nothing could be rejected in the film that could damage the reputation of any party or religious group.
He explained that by releasing Zindagi Tamasha, Khoosat Films aimed to “bring a gentle image of society among the wider community, to reduce the pressure from the minds of the people in the country and to promote positivity in society”.

The petition was named the Sindh Film Censorship Board, the Punjab Film Censorship Board and the Markazi Film Censorship Board as respondents. He also clarified that the censorship council was “a mere (proforma) defendant and the plaintiff had not claimed assistance to them”.

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Youm-e-Ali procession is forbidden, majalis in Imambargah, houses are permitted | Instant News

LAHORE: The Punjab Interior Ministry on Wednesday imposed a complete ban on the Youm-e-Ali (RA) procession and allowed the Majalis to indoors in the province.

The Ministry of Home Affairs ordered that processions during Youm-e-Ali not be permitted in all provinces while Majalis holding in Imambargah and residence were permitted.

According to a letter available with The News, the Ministry of the Interior has imposed a total ban on processions on Youm-e-Ali (21st Ramazan) and Aitkaf.

The Ministry of Home Affairs directs Provincial Police Officers (PPO), Lahore City Police Officers (CPO), all deputy commissioners, all Regional Police Officers (RPOs) and all district police officers to ensure the implementation of SOPs issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Majalis in Imambargah or at residence are permitted to submit to the following conditions. The deadline for holding the Majalis must be one hour and the administration concerned must apply the Majalis time strictly. The number of Majalis participants must be limited by a distance of six feet, said the letter. The Majalis must hold on to the clean Imambargah floor instead of the carpet or the seeping mat. The crowd must be avoided before and at the end of Majalis. Children and people over 50 years old and sick people are not permitted to attend Majalis. Imambargah floors must be washed with chlorine before handling the Majalis. The distance between participants and rows must be at least six feet each.

The letter added that participants must observe ablution from their homes. Everyone must wear a mask and gloves. During Majalis, people must refrain from wagging hands and embracing each other. The loudspeaker is only allowed in accordance with the provisions of the Punjab sound system, 2015.

In addition, no arrangements were made for the Sehri and Iftari collectives. Administration will remain in contact with the provincial government, district government and police. According to the letter, the permit is conditioned if the SOP becomes non-compliance, the Punjab government will take corrective steps. In addition, taking into account the current security situation and the perception of threats, security is certain to be guaranteed.


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Italy makes locking easy, the US stops some restrictions | Instant News

But the freedom of newly discovered Europeans was limited because officials feared it would trigger a second wave of infections. In Italy, mourners can attend funerals, but services are limited to 15 people. The restaurant scrubbed the floor in preparation for take-out service, but the service sat a few more weeks.

In Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis said restaurants and retail stores can open at 25% capacity starting Monday, some business owners aren’t sure how to look at things.

Tony Loeffler, owner of Atlas Body and Home, a men’s clothing and lifestyle store in downtown St. Petersburg, said he was very worried and excited.

“We feel we have to do this, even though we feel a little conflicted,” he said. “But we practice all of the CDC common sense and requirements so I feel that in the end we are safe. But it is very difficult to know how other people are, how seriously they respond to it.”

The California state assembly also resumed its legislative session on Monday, although the Senate did not bring members back until May 11.

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said members must be at the Capitol to participate in committee hearings and meeting sessions, based on legal advice that votes taken remotely “are likely to be challenged in court and banished.”

He said anyone who did not feel comfortable coming “was encouraged to remain at home. We certainly did not force anyone to come to work.”

Often, it is not clear what will be reopened.

The giant downtown in the Cobb mall, on the outskirts of Kennesaw, Atlanta, reopened Monday, but many stores remained closed, with dark interiors and locked gates at Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, and other stores.

A one-way labyrinth passes through the dining area, marked with signs and blue electrical tape stuck to the floor. But the policy is not consistent. The four workers at the Chick-fil-A counter wear masks, and customers stand on black X about 6 feet apart while they wait to order. Next to the American Deli, workers Monday morning were not wearing masks and there were no signs for customers to separate, although in the afternoon some employees wore masks.

In the restroom a sign said only six people were allowed in, and social distance was imposed in the men’s room with a red electric tape covering each other urinal.

In Early County, Georgia, which has one of the highest death rates for COVID-19 in the US, a hospital official said he worried that Georgia had been so aggressive in reopening business.

I am very concerned, “said Ginger Cushing from LifeBrite Community Hospital, noting that over the weekend” it returned to normal just by looking at the number of cars on the road and the people at the food place. They still stand outside and maintain social distance, but this is much busier. “

Meanwhile, the city of Miami Beach closed South Pointe Park by the beach after too many people refused to wear face masks or keep social distance during the weekend.

Cruise Line Carnival, Meanwhile, witnessing a series of well-known outbreaks on his ships, Monday announced it would start another voyage in August, departing from Florida and Texas. The Caribbean trip will be the first for the company since the pandemic forced a total break in the global shipping industry.


Sullivan reports from Minneapolis. Associated Press reporters around the world contributed to this report.


Follow the AP pandemic coverage at http://apnews.com/VirusOutbreak and https://apnews.com/UnderstandingtheOutbreak


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Industries that are allowed to reopen must apply SOP: Chaudhry Sarwar | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said the success of smart lockdown depends on the implementation of a complete SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), otherwise it will cause more harm than good.

The governor said the government wants the economic wheels to start moving along with appropriate preventive measures to avoid coronavirus infections. Saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to turn Pakistan into a truly prosperous country, the governor said the government had introduced a financial support package for small entrepreneurs and Rp 12,000 for families who had lost their jobs after the coronavirus pandemic. “Poor and vulnerable families will not be left unattended during the testing period,” he said. The governor spoke at a meeting with Forestry Minister Sibtain Khan, Haji Muhammad Ramzan and others at the Governor’s House on Sunday. The governor said that people faced a severe economic crisis along with serious health problems. “Because the business community is facing a serious problem after locking, the government is making efforts to switch to smart locking. However, if the industry fails to meet agreed SOPs during smart locking, there will be more harm than good. Industries that are allowed to open their businesses must implement SOPs and save valuable lives, “he stressed.

The governor said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan the government took innovative steps to help all those who lost their jobs during the ongoing pandemic. The governor said that every day betting, workers in shops and industries could register themselves in a separate portal in the Ehsaas Kafalat Program and receive financial assistance of Rs 12,000. He acknowledged that daily betting was the hardest hit segment of society and that was why they were given a transparent Rs 200 billion package without political discrimination.


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Refugees were allowed to disembark from the Italian quarantine ferry | Instant News

About 180 refugees rescued at sea and detained in isolation with an Italian ferry will descend on Palermo on Monday.

According to AFP, migrants have been pulled to safety in two separate operations carried out by NGO rescue vessels and placed on the Rubattino ferry after Italy closed its ports in view of the coronavirus epidemic. All were declared virus negative.

The Avvenire newspaper reported that detaining them longer than the 14-day isolation period would leave Italy open to allegations of illegal detention of migrants – something that the right-wing leader Matteo Salvini will be very wary of who will be tried on that charge. Last year, while acting as interior minister, Salvini blocked migrants from getting off the coast guard ship at the insistence that they were not allowed to leave until an agreement was made with the EU about who would be responsible for their treatment.

It is not yet known whether 183 people who descended on Monday, including two women and 44 minors without a companion, will be sent to other EU countries.

Nearby Malta currently refuses to allow 57 refugees rescued from the gloom this week to descend until they get an agreement with the European Union about their future placement. The refugees were detained outside Malta’s territorial waters on a private boat normally used for cruise ship tours, the Mediterranean island state government said.

It remains unclear whether Italy will reopen the port as the country gradually lifts two-month lockdown on Monday. Malta officially recorded four deaths from the corona virus, compared with more than 28,000 reported by Italy.


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