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After 2 years of fighting, Britain agrees to extradite the drug cartel kingpin | Delhi News | Instant News

New Delhi: In a urgent diplomatic victory, that is great Britain has been reported allowed that extradition of a high-value target to India after a two-year legal battle.
Top intelligence sources have confirmed to TOI that Kishan Singh, the kingpin of international medicine syndicate, is being shipped to India. It is known that a special team from India is currently in London for extradition.
This is the second significant submission by the UK in a year. Last February, Sanjeev Chawla, a bookie and locksmith accused in one of the biggest cricket match-fixing scandals involving former South African captain Hansie Cronje, was extradited via the Delhi Police.
The most recent extradition came within a month of a London court ruling that fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi could be sent back to India in connection with the Punjab National Bank fraud. Modi faces charges of fraud, money laundering, alleged witness intimidation and the disappearance of evidence.
Apart from him, Britain is expected to soon extradite liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who is accused of defaulting on a loan of Rs 9,000 crore involving its defunct Kingfisher Airlines. He has been in England since 2016.
The Kishan Singh Syndicate was hacked into by Delhi Special Cell Police in 2017. A disc thrower, Harpreet Singh, a silver medalist at the 2004 Australian Commonwealth Youth Games, was arrested along with two of his accomplices, Amandeep and Harnish, and a 25 kg party. drugs Rs 50 crore was confiscated from them. The contraband, Mephedrone, also called Meow Meow, was meant to be sold at rave parties in Mumbai and Delhi.
The three of them were employed by Kishan, a native of Rajasthan. Harnish previously traveled to London on a student visa to take an MBA. He met Kishan while working there. Influenced by Kishan’s lavish lifestyle, they join him in the drug sales business. Kishan wants to expand his syndicate across international borders.


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Nobody is allowed to defame the institution: Buzdar | Instant News

LAHORE: Prime Minister’s Advisor for Accountability and Home Lawyer Shehzad Akbar met with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Saturday and discussed with him on issues of common interest, politics and issues of importance.

The duo congratulated the newly elected chairman and vice chairman of the Senate on their victory.

Usman Buzdar and Shehzad Akbar also congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on the success of the government candidates in the Senate elections.

The two leaders strongly criticized the efforts of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) which allegedly made the institutions controversial.

Usman Buzdar promised that no one would be allowed to defame national institutions and those involved in such efforts were not people who hoped for the good of the country.

“We support our national institutions and will always support them.

The corrupt gang humiliates themselves by trying to do politics on non-issues, “he said.

“This gang has faced disgrace before and will meet the same fate in the future too,” he said adding that any evil gang designs would be thwarted.

Usman Buzdar said that it was his mission to eradicate corruptors and the Qabza mafia from Punjab and added that the state land worth billions of rupees had been vacated over the past two years apart from taking indiscriminate action against the Qabza Mafia, and that the crackdown would continue.

The public service process will be accelerated even more, he promised.

Shehzad Akbar said that respecting institutions is mandatory for all and targeting institutions under a specific agenda is a sad act.

Corrupt politicians have no future and frustrated opposition cannot deceive the people, he added.

Meanwhile, ministers and parliamentarians from various districts came to Usman Buzdar at the CM office. They congratulated CM on the victory of Sadiq Sanjrani and Mirza Muhammad Afridi as chairman and vice chairman of the Senate. The political situation and other matters were also discussed at the meeting where public representatives informed CM about the problems and needs of their respective regions.

The CM directed the relevant departments and authorities to take immediate action to resolve the issue.

Usman Buzdar said the government was determined to make Punjab an exemplary province in development and good governance.

For the first time, disadvantaged regions have been included in the mainstream under a joint development vision, he added.

Real change is being introduced in Punjab which Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised.

We don’t care about the opponent and believe in working hard, said Usman Buzdar, adding that no one can raise a finger at the transparency of the PTI government.

Those who met the chief minister included Provincial Minister Mian Mahmood-ur-Rashid, Dr Muhammad Akhtar Malik, MPA Zafar Iqbal, Haroon Imran Gul and Muhammad Raza Hussain Bukhari.

Chairman of the MPA Punjab Whip Council Syed Abbas Ali Shah was also present at the occasion.

Meanwhile, CM directed Chief Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik to take special steps to control inflation after the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, and ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to check the third wave of Covid-19 in the province. .

The main secretary contacted CM in his office and explained to him about the current situation in various sectors of life.

CM issued instructions related to administrative matters, controlling price increases, implementing SOPs related to the corona, further improving the solid waste management system in the city of Lahore and accelerating the pace of low-cost housing projects.

He ordered to take the necessary steps to deal with rising prices and said the government would not allow profiteers and hoarders to exploit people.

He said that the administrative machinery must ensure the availability of fixed-priced essential commodities on the market in addition to taking indiscriminate action against those who create artificial price increases.

He said that the government must work more efficiently to provide assistance to people.

The chief minister said that stopping the spread of the coronavirus was the government’s top priority.

Necessary restrictions in some cities have been put in place given the increasing number of coronavirus patients, he said, adding the government would continue the steps needed to safeguard the lives of its citizens.

CM ordered the use of all-out resources to improve the sanitation situation in cities including Lahore.

A comprehensive plan should be developed in this regard in addition to ensuring timely waste disposal, he added.

He said that the construction of low-cost housing projects was the flagship program of the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and all issues related to the project had to be brought up immediately.

CM says love, peace, brotherhood, unity and tolerance are the hallmarks of Punjab culture. In his message on Punjab Culture Day, he said that the purpose of carrying out the day is to promote love, brotherhood and unity.

The chief minister said that only developing countries promote their culture. He said Punjab culture has a unique place at the international level as well. The land of Punjab has the aroma of compassion, hospitality and kindness, he added.


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‘No activities, events other than sports are allowed at Karachi Sports Complex’ | Instant News

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) announced on Saturday that as per a directive by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, only sports-related events and activities are permitted at the Karachi Sports Complex.

KMC administrator Laeeq Ahmed said illegal activity was not permitted at the complex. “The wedding hall and other disturbances have been removed from the complex,” the administrator delivered this statement while visiting the Karachi Sports Complex. Senior Coordination Director Khalid Khan, Payroll Director Bilal Manzar, Sports Director Kanwar and other officials were also present at the occasion.

Ahmed said steps were being taken to turn the complex into a sports city and make Karachi a sporting and cultural hub once again. He said Karachi had produced many cricketers, footballers, boxers and other sportsmen who had performed at international level for Pakistan. He said the complex was equipped with all the facilities but young people could not use the facilities.

He said the pool at the complex was Pakistan’s largest, and directed the Sports Director to arrange for people to come with their families.

Myawaki Forest

The administrator said miyawaki forest was the current necessity to tackle environmental pollution. Karachi is a densely populated city and plantations are in great demand. Forests not only increase oxygen but will also beautify the city, the administrator delivered this statement while signing a memorandum of understanding between KMC and the NED University of Engineering and Technology.

He said the university would plant 300 miyawaki trees to enhance the beauty of Karachi, and the KMC was taking all possible measures to make the city green. He also asked other government agencies to come and work for the betterment of the city. Ahmed said that we should all do our part to make this city beautiful by planting trees in offices, homes and elsewhere. Chancellor of the NED University of Engineering and Technology Hashmat Lodhi said the university was with KMC on a plantation campaign and thousands of students were ready to work on the city’s beatification.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Tourists will not be allowed into Australia without a vaccination certificate, signals the minister | Instant News


Ground staff with PPE welcoming passengers disembarking from their flights at Sydney Airport on 10 October 2020. Photo / Provided

Vaccination certificates “very likely” will be required for international travel, the Federal Minister for Australian Government Services said today.

“There are still a number of decisions to be made by the government, it is very likely that a certificate will be required for international visitors to Australia and we will continue to work with our international partners on our framework for vaccination certificates,” said Stuart Robert.

“Australians can have the assurance that the certificate they are going to have will be strong, it will stick with them, so they will know it is their certificate, and it will be widely accepted.”

He did not confirm, however, whether it would lead to faster opening of international borders, saying he would leave “any comments” to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“But any requirement to open borders will require vaccination and that will require widespread use of certificates and that is what we are talking about today,” added Robert.

“Australians can be very confident that their digital or paper-based certificates will be strong.”


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No one has been allowed to block the appointment, said Buzdar | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that no one will be allowed to create obstacles in the development process and progress made under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership.

In a media statement in Jakarta on Sunday, CM said there was transparent and honest leadership on the one hand, a symbol of the disgrace of the former rulers on the other.

CM said unfortunately the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had put aside national interests. People do not vote for corruption but transparency through their votes, he added. The opposition is not a threat to the government as this old alliance fades with the endorsement. time, he maintains.

He said that Vote Ko Izzat Do’s hollow slogan died on its own. CM said that the government will complete its constitutional term and those who create obstacles on the way to progress and prosperity will get nothing.

Usman Buzdar said the disillusioned opposition had disappointed the people on every national issue. The opposition has used all its energy on just verbal submissions, he said, adding that Pakistanis are well aware of the opposition’s double standard.

The opposition must keep in mind this that the public cannot be served by simply issuing a statement but someone has to support it in their difficult times.

The leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) stands by the people and will continue to do so, whereas the opposition failed in the past and will meet the same fate in the future.

The negative attitude of the opposition parties has lowered their credibility among the people, he said, that the opposition has made heinous attempts to destroy national unity for their personal interests.


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