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Police halt training despite escalating gun crime, recruits left in limbo | Instant News

The upcoming wing of the Royal New Zealand Police College has been suspended. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Police have put the brakes on training new officers, despite increased gun violence and gang activity.

The delays have left hundreds of recruits in limbo and mean the Government is still far from pledging in the past year to put an additional 1800 policemen on the streets last year.

Candidates from the upcoming training wing were originally scheduled to attend the Royal New Zealand Police College in February.

But they were told in the documents obtained Herald on Sundays that their training will be suspended until the end of 2021 once recruitment requirements are reconsidered.

The decision means six months of a new police drought hitting the streets between March and September.

A total of 60 recruits will be deployed in March at the end of the last four months of scheduled training.

Police said the next earliest admission for training was scheduled to begin in May, so no new officers would be available to work until September.

Police stopped recruiting in June last year, due to increased applications during the Covid-19 lockdown, but assured those already in the process that their training would continue.

In a statement, executive director of people and operations Kaye Ryan said a resignation rate of as low as 2 percent meant there was now “less need to recruit police,” although fewer than 400 police were less than the goal of the 2017 Coalition Government Agreement of adding 1,800 new police officers on top. friction for three years.

Ryan said that the growth target is always funded over a five year period.

Police Association President Chris Cahill.  Photo / Mark Mitchell
Police Association President Chris Cahill. Photo / Mark Mitchell

But Police Association spokesman Chris Cahill said he believed police should stop training because they had exceeded their five-year budget. He insisted that the money be brought in so that training could restart immediately.

“Labor actually budgeted this for five years from June 2018 to June 2023 and we thought it was crazy because they said if it could be done, they would do it in three years,” he said. Herald on Sundays.

“New police are needed now more than ever. We have over 200 police staff working in managed isolation facilities so that 200 staff don’t take to the streets. Why don’t you get hired when you get people to want them? Join in and the police have the capacity to train?

“Our members tell us they have seen some real advantages with the extra numbers coming, it has a real impact on morale in the police and their ability to do the job. By canceling the wing, we risk losing all those benefits.”

The government failed to meet its growth target of 1,800 new police over three years.  Photo / Getty Images
The government failed to meet its growth target of 1,800 new police over three years. Photo / Getty Images

Last month, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff asked the police to increase the number of frontline officers to crack down on drug trafficking and organized crime as the city grapples with growing gun violence.

Gang membership has also increased nationally. At least 900 people are reported to have joined the gang in 2020, a 13 percent increase from the previous year, according to police figures.

National police spokesman Simeon Brown said the suspension of training in this regard reflected a “lack of commitment” from the Government to “an objective in law and order to keep New Zealand safe”.

“What happened was a failure in the Government that didn’t deliver on their promises and failed,” Brown said.

“It’s about time we took this seriously and really made sure we had the appropriate police resources.

“The public is aware of the fact that crime is on the rise, especially organized criminal activity, and they need the police to be as effective and resourceful as possible.”

Cahill added that he worries that May’s admission means only 40 recruits are being trained and will only resume if the cutback rate increases.

He worries that the extended delay will cost them a potential candidate in the police force.

One police candidate, who asked not to be named, agreed that the process was “disappointing”.

“There is a huge lack of communication with recruits and I feel neglected,” they said Herald on Sundays.

“It’s sad to meet all the requirements on my part, through a long and expensive process, only to be told they don’t know exactly when we will be shipped.

“Recruitment seems very misinformed and very touching. It’s hard to make life decisions when sitting in uncertainty.”

That Herald on Sundays asked Police Minister Poto Williams why the Government didn’t withdraw money from its five-year budget to train more officers now.

A spokesperson on duty said the government had nothing to add to the police response.


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‘Worst’: Melania Trump’s legacy was brutally ridiculed | Instant News


Viva Fashion Editor Dan Ahwa took notice of Melania Trump’s fashion statement during the child migrant crisis.

Melania Trump’s days at the White House are now numbered clearly despite her husband’s denial about his election defeat.

But as the First Lady quietly prepares to live out of the spotlight, attention has turned to what kind of legacy she’s leaving.

And that’s not all that great for a 50 year old mother of one.

The hashtag #WorstFlotusEver has started appearing on Twitter, with criticism heaping on the previous model by listing their many grievances and mocking its accomplishments over the past four years.

So, what were they so upset about?

Melania’s sad legacy

The majority of social media users called the famous Trump “I really don’t care, do I?” the jacket, which he wore while on a trip to visit children imprisoned under the President’s family separation policy.

“You will be remembered as the heartless birther who wore a jacket that said, ‘I really don’t care, do I?’ to meet the children your husband separated from their parents in a cage, “is just one of the countless summaries of Zara’s online catastrophe.

Another common theme is the divisive all-red Christmas tree that Trump unveiled at the White House in 2018 which is much compared to a “horror film”, while his “tone-deaf” tidies up a finished White House tennis pavilion while the coronavirus claims hundreds of thousands. lives are also highlighted.

Melania Trump introduces the White House Christmas decorations. / White House

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, others slammed the First Lady’s rant about the holiday in the recently released footage, while many claimed she would be best remembered for allegedly plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech, rumors of multiple and repeated body use. slapped her husband’s hand at a public event.

Another widespread complaint is Trump’s relatively unsuccessful Be Best campaign aimed at tackling issues affecting children, while many others say he is “the worst FLOTUS ever” for leaving no legacy at all.

That’s a sentiment that was echoed by Peggy Drexler in a scathing opinion piece published by CNN.

“… Whatever Melania Trump’s present attempts to make a legacy, as she is reportedly pondering when she left her East Wing role, she is probably most memorable for not being that impressive at all,” she wrote.

Melania’s next step

The often cold-faced First Lady has shown a beaming smile during recent public appearances – sparking rumors she is secretly happy to leave the White House and continue her previous lifestyle out of the spotlight.

According to a recent CNN report, Trump is desperate to escape the White House, with insiders telling the network “he just wants to go home”.

The report also claims that Trump is busy figuring out which personal items to send from the White House to the couple’s pad in New York and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, while the source also said he was quietly asking what. only. possible taxpayer funds that could be allocated to the former First Lady.

Last month, insiders told Page Six that Trump was in talks about a memoir deal that could be worth “big money,” while more recent leaks suggest he could work on a coffee table book in his White House style.

And meanwhile, the end of Trump’s presidency has also sparked speculation about a potential divorce, with former The Apprentice contestant and former White House assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman claiming that Trump is “counting every minute until he leaves office and he could divorce.”

US divorce lawyer Jacqueline Newman, managing partner of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, told Town and Country that Trump can expect to receive as much as $ 50 million (NZ $ 70 million) in divorce settlement.


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Migrants are ordered to leave New Zealand after sex texts apply for visas, relationship questions | Instant News

An Indian man has lost his appeal against deportation after admitting to sending sexually explicit texts to escorts, despite claiming to be in a loving and long-term relationship. Photos / Files

One man has been ordered to leave New Zealand after admitting to immigration officials that he sent sexually explicit texts to escorts, despite claiming to be in a loving, long-term relationship.

A 28 year old Indian citizen came to New Zealand in 2012 on a student visa.

After completing his business diploma, he extended his stay, first through an employer assisted post-study work visa, and then a student visa.

And in May last year, the man applied for a partnership work visa, based on his relationship with a Cook Island Māori woman and New Zealanders whom he met on social media sites.

But when the couple were interviewed in February, immigration officials doubted the “authenticity and stability” of their partnership.

Immigration New Zealand also wrote to the man with concern that he was working as an Uber driver for violating visa requirements and failing to demonstrate that the partnership was “genuine, stable, credible or exclusive”.

The visa application was denied and the man was responsible for deportation back to India.

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He then appealed to the New Zealand Immigration and Protection Court on humanitarian grounds, claiming it would be “unfair or too harsh” for him to be deported.

But the court, at a recently released decisions, rejected his appeal.

The ruling indicated that the man, identified only as JS, confessed to immigration officials in February that he sent sexually explicit texts to bodyguards but did so “out of pleasure”.

When his colleague found out that he had met a bodyguard, he did not object, the court heard.

The couple was “mature” enough to handle the situation, JS said, adding that “going to places like that” was not against the law.

They accused Immigration New Zealand of prejudice because they came from a different culture and race, arguing that they were subjected to a “superficial and unfair judgment” process.

However, the court disagreed.

“In making a claim that an applicant has the right to contact a chaperone, the couple has neglected, or failed to understand, the importance of demonstrating that their partnership is exclusive to others,” the decision stated.

“The court cannot be satisfied that the couple’s partnership is genuine, stable, and likely to last.”

The Court concluded that JS was not satisfied that JS met the high threshold required for exceptional humanitarian circumstances and rejected the appeal.

The decision means JS must leave New Zealand within 28 days or he will be deported.

Given the current Covid-19 travel restrictions and uncertainty surrounding commercial flights, the court advised him to contact the Indian High Commission in New Zealand to register for possible repatriation flights or contact New Zealand Immigration for a temporary visa until flights can be confirmed.


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The Indian media tries to divert the world’s attention through baseless propaganda: PM – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in December 30, 2020 19.09

Imran Khan directs effective steps to thwart the negative propaganda of the Indian media

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday that Indian media is trying to divert global attention from the Indian government’s illegal move in Illegal Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), gross violations of human rights and threats to regional peace from implementing a fascist agenda. Hinduism through negative and baseless propaganda against Pakistan.

According to a statement issued by the PM House, the prime minister is chairing a meeting to review negative propaganda and disinformation campaigns including the hybrid war launched by Indian media against Pakistan.

During the meeting he further observed that the aim of this heinous propaganda was to create anarchy in the country.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Senator Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz, Minister of Home Affairs Shaikh Rashid Ahmed, Minister of Communications Murad Saeed, special assistant to PM Dr Moeed Yousaf, Focal Person on Digital Media Dr Arsalan Khalid and others.

Imran Khan directs effective measures to thwart the negative propaganda of the Indian media and create public awareness in this regard.

He stressed that such baseless and contrived campaigns must be balanced with facts and that India’s true face must be exposed before the international community and the public.

The prime minister also expressed hope that the Pakistani media would play a full role in this.


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The conservation condition for Kiwi, Pete Bethune, improved after being bitten by a deadly snake | Instant News

New Zealand

Kiwi conservationist Captain Pete Bethune has been bitten by a venomous snake called Fer De Lance while patrolling the forests of Costa Rica. Video / Provided

Kiwi conservationist Pete Bethune is improving – albeit slowly – after being bitten by one of Central America’s deadliest snakes.

After that, it was a touch that touched the 55-year-old’s heart he was bitten by Fer De Lance two days ago while working in Costa Rica.

This highly venomous snake is considered the most dangerous snake in Costa Rica and Bethune knows how lucky she is to be alive.

“The swelling has decreased a bit and the pain has decreased,” he told the Herald today.

“Doctors thought I was cured. Sometimes snake bites get better than worse – so there is no guarantee I’ll be cured.

“But all the signs are positive at the moment.”

Pete Bethune is lying in hospital after being bitten by a snake in Costa Rica.  Photo / Provided
Pete Bethune is lying in hospital after being bitten by a snake in Costa Rica. Photo / Provided

Bethune and crew members from the non-profit organization Earthrace were in Piedras Blancas National Park, in the Punta Encanto section, when the incident occurred.

He was just walking past a pile of leaves when he felt a sudden stab in the back of his left leg – and knew right away he had been bitten by a snake.

He and the crew were forced to travel about 2.5 kms down rugged jungle terrain and waterfalls to get to the boat that took them ashore for urgent medical treatment.

Within a few hours, her infected leg could double and become so swollen that doctors prepared to operate if the poison had spread further past her groin.

He said his condition remained largely the same throughout the night – until things started getting better this morning.

Conservationist Pete Bethune's left leg has doubled since the snake bite.  Photo / Provided
Conservationist Pete Bethune’s left leg has doubled since the snake bite. Photo / Provided

“The surgery to reduce the swelling is unlikely to happen now,” he said.

Bethune said she also talked to her adult daughter.

“My girls are really pissed off, as you might expect.”

She thanked members of the public, in New Zealand and around the world, for sending her messages of love and support over the past few days.

“I’m very grateful for all their support at home. Sometimes, it’s a lonely show.

“Something like this happened and I realized how much people care about me and my teamwork. A very humbling experience.”


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