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Brazilian hospitals are ‘running low on oxygen’ for virus patients in Manaus as hundreds are waiting for beds | Instant News

Hospital staff and relatives of Covid-19 patients scrambled to provide facilities with oxygen tanks that had just been flown to the Amazon rainforest’s largest city, as doctors selected which patients would breathe amid dwindling supplies and efforts to transport some of them to the state. other.

As it rained heavily on Thursday in Manaus, Rafael Pereira brought a small tank of five cubic meters of oxygen for his mother-in-law at the 28 de Agosto hospital. She didn’t want to be interviewed for her stress, but she seemed relieved when the tank – which she said would help her breathe for an extra two hours – was put inside.

Health workers at the Universitario Getulio Vargas Hospital carried an empty cylinder to its oxygen provider in the hope that some could be retrieved. Usually, the provider takes the cylinder and brings in a freshly refilled one.

Desperate patients in an overloaded hospital waited for the time for oxygen to arrive to save some, but arrived too late for others. At least one grave Manaus, a city of 2.2 million people, has mourners lined up to enter and bury those who died. Brazilian artists, football clubs and politicians use their platforms to scream for help.

Brazil’s Health Minister, Eduardo Pazuello, said Thursday that a second plane with medical supplies – including oxygen – would arrive Friday, and four others later. The local government’s oxygen provider, multinational White Martins, said in a statement that it was considering diverting some of its supplies from neighboring Venezuela. It was not immediately clear whether this would be enough to overcome the growing crisis.

“Yes, there was a collapse in the health care system in Manaus. The queue for beds has grown – we have 480 people waiting now, “Pazuello said in a broadcast on social media.” We started transferring patients with less serious (conditions) to reduce their impact. “


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The Brazilian state of Amazonas ran out of oxygen as COVID-19 surged | Instant News

MANAUS, Brazil (Reuters) – Brazil’s Amazonas state ran out of oxygen during a new spike in deaths from COVID-19, its government said on Thursday, with media reporting that people on respiratory devices were dying of suffocation in hospital.

The state has made dramatic calls for the United States to send military transport planes to the capital Manaus with oxygen cylinders, said Amazonas Congressman Marcelo Ramos.

“They deprived my father of oxygen,” said Raissa Floriano outside the 28 de Agosto hospital in Manaus, where people were protesting that relatives suffering from a serious case of COVID-19 had been removed from ventilators due to lack of oxygen.

In tears, Floriano said he was looking for an oxygen cylinder to save his 73-year-old father, Alfonso.

Brazil is home to the world’s second-deadliest coronavirus outbreak after the United States, and Manaus was one of the first Brazilian cities to be hit by an increasing death toll and caseload from the first wave of the pandemic last year.

With emergency services pushed to its breaking point, Governor Nelson Lima announced a statewide 7pm to 6am curfew to stop the spread of the coronavirus in a devastating second wave.

Health authorities say oxygen supplies have run out in some hospitals and intensive care wards are so full that many patients are being transported to other states.

People in Manaus are dying again at home from COVID-19.

To make matters worse, a new variant of the virus was detected in Japan on Sunday in four people arriving from Amazonas.

Researchers have yet to determine how infectious or lethal the variant is, but biomedical center Fiocruz said it detected the virus in a 29-year-old woman who had tested positive nine months earlier.

The neighboring state of Pará announced on Thursday that it is banning boats traveling down the river from Amazonas, citing an increase in cases and the identification of new variants.

Amazonas health secretary Marcellus Campelo said the state needed nearly three times more oxygen than it could locally produce and requested supplies from other states.

Public health experts provide dramatic reports of people dying of COVID-9 in ICU without oxygen.

“Oxygen runs out and the hospital has turned into a suffocation room,” Fiocruz-Amazonia researcher Jesem Orellana told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. “Patients who survive can experience permanent brain damage,” he said.

Reporting by Bruno Kelly, Pedro Fonseca and Ricardo Brito; Written by Anthony Boadle; Edited by Matthew Lewis and Grant McCool


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Amazon Ring Neighbors app exposes user data | Instant News

A doorbell device with a built-in camera made by the home security company Ring was discovered on August 28, 2019 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

A doorbell device with a built-in camera made by the home security company Ring was discovered on August 28, 2019 in Silver Spring, Maryland.
photo: Picture from Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

ring, Amazon owned Friends from the police department are everywhere, And encountered another embarrassing safety accident.Monitor Company’s neighbor appThis feature was launched in 2018 and is a “neighborhood watch” feature. Obviously, users can obtain exact geographic data and home address information from the Internetthe Internet.

Neighbors is Ring’s online forum where users can share public safety information about community activities.its Basically a dystopian version of Nextdoor. The neighbor’s post was public, but it was said to be anonymous, and the poster’s full name and location were obscured. However, due to the recent discovery of security vulnerabilities, a savvy web browser will be able to access information about the post’s home address and exact latitude and longitude. TechCrunch report.

Similarly, every time a user posts on a neighbor, the Ring server will generate a unique number for the post.These numbers gradually increase with each post, making it easy to associate the identification code with other information about the poster (including geographic data) TechCrunch. However, all of these are invisible to application users.

The company claims to have resolved the issue: “We resolved this issue shortly after we became aware of it,” A Ring spokesperson said in a statement. “We did not find any evidence that this information was maliciously accessed or used maliciously.” However, these are of course well-known last words.

It is definitely not the first time Ring has encountered a security problem. In fact, last year, Gizmodo revealed How the application exposes data Journalists allowed Find out Thousands of Ring users across the U.S. More unfortunately, Ring Currently being sued A series of hacking incidents occurred last year, in which cyber criminals broke into the home security system and threw racial discrimination, death threats and other threats to unsuspecting homeowners through Internet-connected devices..

Ring, that is In 2018 by Amazon for more than $1 billionCommitted to remedy these problems by strengthening security in other areas.For example, yesterday The company announced that it will start Launch end-to-end encryption for the following products Its products.

The company has It is often plagued by criticism, not only because of its security issues, but also because of its extensive relationship with law enforcement agencies across the country.As of last June The company is at least The 1,300 police departments in the United States are essentially “For-profit surveillance network. ”


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amazon app quiz: Amazon app quiz January 11, 2021: Get answers to these questions to win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance – Latest News | Instant News

Online seller Amazon is back with another edition of his daily app quiz. In today’s quiz, the e-tailer gives participants a chance to win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance. Winners’ names will be announced at a later date.

For those who are not aware, Amazon quiz app consists of five questions based on general knowledge and current events. Usually there is one quiz winner who is selected through a lucky draw.

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The quiz starts every day at 8am and offers prizes such as smartphones, smart watches, speakers and other gadgets. The daily quiz ends at 12 noon.

Here are today’s five quiz questions that can help you win Rs 10,000 in Amazon Pay balance.

  1. What does “day” mean in Latin, what new name did Facebook give for the cryptocurrency ‘Libra’?
    Shut up
  2. The World Economic Forum will hold its 2021 annual meeting in which city other than the traditional Swiss home?
  3. December 6 is considered Mahaparinirvan Divas by millions of great Indian followers and admirers?
    BR Ambedkar
  4. These mythical creatures, found in church buildings around the world, protect stone walls when it rains. Give this creature a name.
  5. Mention these characters from the famous Stephen King Novel.
    Save money


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Health News Summary: Italy reports 361 deaths from coronavirus; The UK has recorded 54,940 new cases of COVID-19 and many more | Instant News

Here is a summary of the latest health news.

Belgium’s coronavirus deaths are at 20,000, still among the highest per capita in the world

Belgium’s death toll from coronavirus infection, one of the highest per capita in the world, has crossed the 20,000 mark, according to official data published on Sunday. Country, home to headquarters Europeans Union and NATO, have played down comparisons to suggest it is one of the world’s worst due to a pandemic, but virologists point to several missteps and systemic problems. A country divided by language, Belgium giving the region a sizeable autonomy and having nine health ministers.

Italy reported 361 coronavirus deaths as of Sunday, 18,627 new cases

Italy reported 361 coronavirus-related deaths on Sunday, down from 483 the day before, the health ministry said, while the daily tally of new infections fell to 18,627 from 19,978. Approximately 139,758 mop tests were carried out on the last day, the ministry said, against 172,119 earlier.

Seven in Marseille tested positive for the new UK COVID-19 variant

Seven people to the south France city Marseille has tested positive for the UK’s new COVID-19 variant, local politician and former mayor Michèle Rubirola said on Sunday. The seven people are part of a group of 23 who were previously reported believed to have made contact with the new British COVID the variant, which has been analyzed has a higher transmission rate.

Has it ended? Israel roll out COVID booster shot

Israel’s coronavirus vaccination campaign, the world’s fastest per capita, turned to a booster shot on Sunday in a bid to protect the most vulnerable next month and ease economic restrictions. Israel Over the age of 60, those with health problems and medical personnel have received the first injection Pfizer Vaccine Inc. since December 19. After three weeks have passed, the vaccine will start for a follow-up, final dose.

The UK recorded 54,940 new COVID-19 cases and 563 deaths as of Sunday

Britain reported 54,940 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, slightly down from the number on Saturday, and 563 new deaths in the 28 days after testing positive, government data shows. Deaths had been above 1,000 for the four consecutive days preceding Sunday, although figures on weekends are often lower due to delays in data collection.

The UK is aiming for its COVID-19 vaccination target when injections reach 200,000 a day: Hancock

Britain is immunizing its most susceptible people to COVID-19 in mid-February and offering injections to every adult in the fall, with about 2 million people having received the first dose, its health secretary said on Sunday. “Over the past week we’ve vaccinated more people than the whole of December, so we’re accelerating the rollout,” Matt Hancock told BBC TV.

Japan discovered a new coronavirus variant in travelers from Brazil

A new coronavirus variant has been detected in four travelers from Brazil Amazon state, Japan Ministry of Health said on Sunday, the virus’s newest mutation was found. A ministry official said research was being carried out to find out the efficacy of the vaccine against the new variant, which is different from the highly contagious variant first discovered in Britain and south Africa which has prompted a spike in cases.

Rare doses and empty vaccination centers: German vaccine launch headaches Proud of their national reputation for efficiency, German increasingly frustrated with the slow roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine aided by its scientists. Scarce vaccine supplies, complicated paperwork, a shortage of health care staff, and an aging, sedentary population are hindering efforts to obtain early doses of the US-based vaccine made by the US. Pfizer and German BioNTech partners into the arms of the people.

The Philippines signed a deal to secure 30 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Covovax: The distributor Philippines The government has signed a deal to secure a supply of 30 million doses of the Covovax COVID-19 vaccine from the Serum Institute of India (SII), its local partners said on Sunday. The agreement was signed on Saturday by Carlito Galvez, a former military general in charge of the Philippines’ strategy to fight the coronavirus, according to a statement issued by SII’s local partner, Faberco Life Sciences Inc.

Russia reports its first case of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus: RIA Russia has detected the first case of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus found in English, in a Russia who came back from Britain and tested positive late last month, the RIA news agency reported on Sunday, citing the consumer health watchdog. Russia suspended flights to Britain last month to January 13 because a virus variant was detected there. It also introduced a mandatory two-week self-isolation period for people arriving from Britain.

(With input from the agency.)


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