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The JI district head criticized the lack of public health facilities | Instant News

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi emir, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, on Sunday inaugurated the al-Khidmat Laboratory Collection Site for coronavirus testing near Nipa Chowrangi.

Responding to the ceremony, he said that in the next two years, 25 such points will also be established in some parts of Karachi where those in need will take advantage of the test facilities for a nominal fee. He said that it was the government’s responsibility to provide health facilities to the public, but due to corrupt practices and government ignorance, public health facilities were revoked.

Billions of revenue are collected by the government but the rulers are incompetent to provide any assistance to the masses, said the JI leader, adding that JI and alKhidmat are at the forefront of providing health facilities for the public.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: National wants MIQ to be moved outside of downtown Auckland | Instant News

Rydges Hotel is one of the Auckland CBD hotels that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility. Photo / Dean Purcell

National is calling on the Government to move the Covid-19 quarantine and manage isolation facilities from downtown Auckland as a way to protect New Zealand’s largest city from a future lockdown.

Chris Bishop, party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, said this could be in the form of a purpose-built facility on the outskirts of Auckland.

There are currently 5,583 people in managed isolation facilities and 76 in quarantine, many of which are housed in facilities within Auckland’s CBD.

The downtown hotels currently used for MIQ are Pullman, Stamford Plaza, Rydges, M Social, and Grand Millennium.

National Party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, Chris Bishop.  Photo / NZME
National Party spokesman for the Covid-19 response, Chris Bishop. Photo / NZME

“The recent Pullman hotel case shows how much risk Auckland is from another community outbreak due to ingrained problems with MIQ,” Bishop said.

“New Zealand can’t afford to let yo-yoing in and out of lockdown and the Auckland economy can’t afford to continue bleeding more than $ 30 million a day.”

Bishop said the Victorian government is currently planning a cabin-style hub outside Melbourne’s CBD to replace its MIQ hotel following a recent outbreak that led to a lockdown.

“This facility will likely be a village with a pre-built one-story building with a separate ventilation system for each room. The returnees share the facilities but do not have the same roof,” he said.

The Pullman Hotel is one of the hotels in the city center that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility related to the recent Covid community outbreak.  Photo / Dean Purcell.
The Pullman Hotel is one of the hotels in the city center that is used as a Covid-19 MIQ facility related to the recent Covid community outbreak. Photo / Dean Purcell.

“Having plenty of fresh air reduces the risk of airborne transmission among returnees, while an isolated location makes it harder for the virus to find its way to densely populated urban areas where it can spread more quickly.”

National believes a similar facility should be built on vacant lots near Auckland Airport, Bishop said and called for an investigation to begin immediately.

These costs can be covered by contributions from the Government, the private sector and payments made by returning New Zealand residents.

“A purpose-built facility may prove expensive but the costs will be reduced due to the economic impact which makes Auckland more locked up,” Bishop said.

“The government must act now to address the problem before the Covid-19 outbreak forces another lockdown. We have more than enough wake-up calls.”

University of Otago Public Health professors Nick Wilson and Michael Baker have called for the closure of the MIQ facility in Auckland “to protect major economic centers” and eliminate the use of shared space at the facility.

“It is clear that New Zealand will need MIQ facilities for some time to come with mass vaccination not possible until the end of the year,” Bishop said.

“We have done well to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, but it will come at a price. Maintaining this effort will require innovative thinking, especially as the virus mutates.

Bishop said if done right, the new facility could be turned into housing once it has served its original purpose.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Seafarers say an overloaded MIQ system is treating them unfairly | Instant News

Seafarers find they are caught in trouble when they have to reserve space in a managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facility and want a change.

They are subject to a Managed Isolation Allocation System like most people crossing the New Zealand border. Currently booked through June.

But Nathan Schumacher and Geiri Petursson say seafarers’ jobs, where they often have poor internet access, and overloaded systems mean it’s almost “impossible” to book a place.

The pair want an allocation set in managed isolation for seafarers and feel like no one is advocating for them.

“That’s the only way,” said Petursson.

They also pointed out that New Zealand has signed an International Maritime Organization (IMO) protocol, which defines seafarers as essential workers.

However, this is not reflected in Government policy and seafarers are treated like everyone else. Meanwhile airline crew are excluded for the same reason.

Petursson, who was on a ship off the coast of Argentina, said gaining space was “impossible” because the system was not designed for people working in their positions.

Petursson left New Zealand on November 19 last year, and said he would normally work two months before returning home for the same length of time.

Instead, she has struck a deal with her employer to work for about six and a half months because of the pandemic. He works 12 hours per day, seven days a week.

“It’s testing to do that for six months.”

He has a visa to enter Argentina when his work ends, where he has to wait until he finds a place in managed isolation.

Petursson’s wife and child are in New Zealand and he thinks they want to see him in less than seven months.

“We are often on a very, very bad internet connection … we can’t see how we can get the vouchers,” he said.

Petursson said also having an Argentine visa put him in a privileged position, but was concerned about New Zealanders who could land, and was only granted a 24-hour transit visa before being expected to fly home.

He has a colleague who arrived in Myanmar at the weekend, where the coup started last week.

“The situation is quite scary,” he said. “Four days ago‚Ķ he was still being told [by the Government] the situation does not meet the exclusion criteria of the voucher system.

“I don’t know what has to happen to meet those criteria.”

Schumacher’s situation was different. Offshore geotechnical engineers are still in New Zealand and completely skipping work as Australia recently suspended quarantine-free travel from New Zealand.

“It was a blessing in disguise for me because I would be in the same situation,” said Schumacher.

But if another job comes up soon, he will most likely leave: “Because I have to pay the mortgage.”

Schumacher says he speaks for people abroad. He’s set up an email account for stranded sailors to contact him, and in the past 24 hours some 50 Kiwis working overseas have found out about their struggles to reserve MIQ places.

“It shouldn’t be part of their job that they know that if they are gone for two months, it will actually be six to eight months before they go home.”

Schumacher said New Zealand could also violate the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) 2006, which allows the unhindered return of seafarers to their country of residence.

MBIE, which keeps the isolation under control, and the Maritime Union of New Zealand were contacted for comment.

– Michael Neilson’s additional reporting


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‘A PML-N’ thug ‘from Sialkot begs for facilities in prison’ | Instant News

SIALKOT: Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Sunday said a ‘thug’ from Sialkot used to show courage by jumping into canals when he was in power, but now he is in prison and begging for facilities.

Apparently referring to the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) National Assembly (MNA) Member Khwaja Muhammad Asif, he said he might be brave, but he was afraid to give a trail of his money and the suspicious details of the transfer of funds.

Speaking to the media here, he said Kh Asif had damaged the honor of Sialkot and its inhabitants with his corruption, and now he is afraid that if he confesses his mistakes, even his family will not allow him into their home. Dr Firdous said it may have been very painful for the soul of the great poet philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal, as he had envisioned a separate state for people with freedom-loving souls like ‘shaheens’ (eagles). But contrary to his vision, slaves have roamed and thrived in the country, he added. Dr Firdous said Kh Asif was a slave to the Sharif family, because his father, Khwaja Muhammad Safdar, was a slave to dictator General Ziaul Haq.

He said the foreign funding case had silenced the arms of the PML-N and the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and they had no answer to former ambassador to the United States Abida Hussain’s recent statement, who accused PML-N. by Osama bin Laden. Dr Firdous said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would emerge clean and clear in the case of foreign funding, having provided a list of all donors to the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP). However, he added, those who have received funds from Osama bin Laden, Gaddafi and Saddam must give up their positions.

He said that the software of the PDM leader, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, had been updated because at this time he said he had no disagreement with any institution, in stark contrast to his earlier arrogant statements leading massive long marches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

He said the opposition was completely free to boycott parliament or offer to resign, but would never succeed in getting an NRO or a deal. She said Maryam Nawaz used to blame her cowardly rivals, but in fact her father, brother and cronies were cowards who had fled the country to escape court and prison, while the Captain (PM Imran Khan) and his team stood firm and firm in the arena. . He said they used to be revolutionaries while staying safe abroad, and became sick while in prison. Dr Firdous said the PTI government would not tolerate any element involved in land grabbing in the province. He said illegal construction had been demolished in the residential community of Kh Muhammad Asif and others during the operation against him.

Previously, SACM visited the Sialkot district prison.

He told reporters that two water filtration plants had been installed in the prison. He said that a 20-bed hospital for convicted drug addicts would be set up in the prison with Rs20 million. He said multi-storey barracks for prisoners were also being built with Rs45 million and Rs2 million being spent building new restrooms and laundry.

He said there are several courses and training programs, which help inmates, especially women, in learning various skills and making money for themselves. She said that 195 female prisoners were given training in household matters such as hand and machine sewing, beauty, sewing, embroidery, etc. And 1,284 young prisoners have been trained as tailors, motorbike and motorbike mechanics, electricians, welders, etc. He said the provincial government was busy taking every necessary action to improve prison conditions in Punjab.


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JSL Foods Inc. family-owned Asian food manufacturer. will unlock the fourth facility at Humble | Instant News

JSL Foods Inc. will open a new manufacturing facility at Humble. Pictured is one of three existing facilities in Los Angeles. (Courtesy of JSL Foods Inc.)

JSL Foods Inc., an Asian food manufacturing company, will open its Humble facility in February at 1219 Carpenter Road, Humble.

JSL Foods president Teiji Kawana told the Humble BizCom Partnership Lake Houston event on January 21 that this is the first overseas manufacturing facility for his family-owned business. The other facility is in Los Angeles.

“I am confident that by 2021, we will create long-term and lasting relationships with Humble and the Houston community,” said Kawana.

JSL Foods officials say this is the fourth facility for the company. JSL Foods produces pre-cooked Asian noodles and wrappers, rice and grain blends, and baked goods. Kawana said the items were sold to restaurants across the US as well as at grocery stores under the company’s Fortune, Twin Dragon and Amber Farms brands. 800-745-3236. www.jslfoods.com


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