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Amazon apologizes for the tweet and vowed to improve driver conditions | Instant News

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Amazon.com Inc. Apologize for the tweet denying workers urinating in bottles, a rare case from the world’s largest e-commerce company.

Amazon earlier responded to a tweet on behalf of Mark Pocan, accusing the company of working so hard that they could not use the bathroom. Dave Clark, the head of consumer, said in a direct address to Pokan: “You really don’t believe what’s in a urinal, do you?”

After several days of criticism, the company released Blog post Friday apologized and said Amazon has been referring specifically to warehouse workers, not contract drivers, who often have difficulty finding restrooms when delivering packages.

Amazon said in the blog: “This is a goal, and we are not satisfied with it. We have to apologize to the representative of Pokan.” “First of all, this tweet is incorrect. It does not take into account our huge driver. Groups, but mistakenly focus only on our fulfillment center.”

The company said that many of its delivery drivers are struggling to find restrooms, and the problem has become more serious during the pandemic.

“Whether this is Industry, We want to solve this problem. “Amazon said in the blog. “We don’t know how, but we will look for solutions. “


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Opto-mechanical accelerometer performance is better than similar instruments | Research and Technology | March 2021 | Instant News

Gaithersburg, Maryland, March 12, 2021-A laser-driven accelerometer (a sensor that detects sudden changes in speed) operates in a larger frequency range than similar non-optical instruments and has a higher Accuracy. Researchers at NIST have developed a photomechanical accelerometer device with a thickness of 1 mm that bypasses the dependence on mechanical strain by using light as its activator. The researchers said that the device does not require regular calibration.

Although there are other light acceleration sensors, the NIST design provides higher accuracy than similar and similar instruments.

All accelerometers record speed changes by tracking the position of a mass proof or freely moving mass relative to a fixed reference point inside the accelerometer itself. The distance between the inspection mass and the reference point will only change when the accelerometer changes speed or direction.

For example, in a vehicle moving at a constant speed, the distance between the seated passenger and the dashboard remains constant. However, if the car brakes suddenly and throws it at the passengers, the distance will change.

In motion, the detection mass produces a detectable signal that can be sensed by the accelerometer. Researchers at NIST use infrared lasers to measure the distance difference between two highly reflective surfaces, which are pre-determined with a blank space. They use flexible beams to dangle one-fifth of the width of a person’s hair. If the free matter moves freely, it will support one of the mirrors. The other reflecting surface is composed of a fixed micro-machined concave mirror and is used as a fixed reference point.

The mechanism of the surface and free space forms a cavity in which infrared light resonates or reflects back and forth at a precise wavelength, which is determined by the distance between the mirrors. With this intensity, if the detection mass moves in response to acceleration, thereby changing the interval between the mirrors, the resonance wavelength will also change.

Researchers use stable single-frequency lasers, lock them on the cavity, and track any changes in resonant wavelength with high sensitivity. In this way, coupled with optical frequency combs, they can measure light in the cavity with high accuracy.

The NIST device consists of two silicon chips, the infrared laser enters the bottom chip, and then shoots out from the top. The top chip contains an inspection mass suspended by a silicon beam, which allows the mass to move up and down freely in response to acceleration. The mirror coating on the inspection mass and the hemispherical mirror connected to the bottom chip form an optical cavity. When the device accelerates, the inspection mass will move, thereby changing the length of the cavity and changing the resonance wavelength. This changes the intensity of the reflected light. The optical reading converts the change in intensity into a measure of acceleration. Provided by F. Zhou/NIST.

When the mass moves during the acceleration point, which changes the length of the cavity, the intensity of the reflected light changes as the wavelengths associated with the frequency comb move in and out. resonance With cavity.

This design ensures the quality of the verification and the support beam acts as a harmonic oscillator or a simple spring, and vibrates a single frequency within the working range of the accelerometer. Researchers say that converting the displacement of the detection mass into acceleration is an operation that plagues existing optomechanical accelerometers.

In the test, the accelerometer allows the engineering team to obtain the smallest measurement uncertainty, with an acceleration frequency ranging from 1 to 20 kHz. They do not need to calibrate the instrument. The current iteration of the device is capable of detecting displacements of standard masses less than one thousandth of the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The acceleration it detects is as small as 32 parts per billion ag (where “g” is the acceleration due to the gravity of the earth).

The research team said that further improvements will enable the optomechanical accelerometer to be used as a portable, high-precision reference device for calibrating accelerometers other than laboratory settings.

NIST researchers Jason Gorman, Thomas LeBrun, David Long and colleagues at Optical (www.doi.org/10.1364/OPTICA.413117).


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Freed Zaghari-Ratcliffe lawyer says no information about his Iran travel ban – TV | Instant News

DUBAI, March 7 (Reuters) – Lawyer for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British Iranian released aid worker, told Iranian state television he had no information on the status of his imposed travel ban by Iranian justice. about the travel ban, ”Hojjat Kermani said on state television. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was released on Sunday after a five-year prison sentence, but was again called to court on another count. (Writing by Parisa Hafezi edited by Raissa Kasolowsky).

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Biden asked his team to go to the Mexican border and report the influx of children | Instant News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Joe Biden has asked senior officials to come to the US-Mexico border and brief him on the government’s response to the influx of unaccompanied minors and steps taken to ensure their safety and their care, a White House spokesperson said Thursday. Biden’s administration faces criticism from Democrats and activists who say unaccompanied migrant children and families are being held for too long in detention centers instead of being released while their asylum claims are considered. For their part, Republicans and immigration hawks complain that the willingness to let more migrants in while their asylum claims are heard has encouraged more migration from Central America. President Biden has asked senior officials of his team to visit the border region to provide him with a full briefing on the government’s response to unaccompanied minors and an assessment of additional measures that can be taken to ensure safety and security. the care of the latter, ”said White House spokesman Vedant Patel. The timing of the visit would be kept confidential due to security and privacy concerns, Patel said. shared with Reuters, a big one-day tally that comes amid growing fears that illegal entries could skyrocket in the coming weeks.Report by Steve Holland and Jarrett Renshaw; Written by Mohammad Zargham; Edited by Chris Reese and Peter Cooney.

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How Shiseido’s Travel Retail Business Outperformed the Americas During the Pandemic | Instant News

Sales of Shiseido have exploded in China. Show here a store in Hong Kong. (Photo by Miguel Candela / SOPA … [+] Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images Against all odds in a raging global pandemic, Shiseido’s business division, which relies primarily on traveling shoppers, has been among the most successful in the world last year. Not bad considering that global tourism suffered its worst year on record in 2020, according to data from the World Tourism Organization. International arrivals fell 74% last year, wiping out a billion travelers from 2019 and bringing the number back to 1990 levels. Yet Shiseido appears to have sidestepped the worst impacts of widespread travel restrictions. While the Japanese beauty giant’s eight sales channels all saw sales decline – by 19% on average – some like Shiseido’s largest Japanese market collapsed by 30% and the Americas by 34%. In comparison, the decline in travel retail was moderate to 18%, which allowed it to register sales of $ 941 million (98.5 billion yen) and overtake the Americas to become the third division behind the China, which grew by 11%; and the domestic market of Japan. The way this happened is mainly due to the offshore duty free activities in Hainan, China, and online shopping. On the tourist island, sales of beauty products for international brands like Estée Lauder EL EL are booming thanks to Chinese tourists using significant new tax cuts introduced this summer. 220% annual growth in Hainan Commenting on travel retail, Shiseido CFO Takayuki Yokota said in an online briefing on Tuesday: “Growth is led by Hainan, which has increased 220% from last year, but online also contributed. In Asia, this market developed among adolescents in the fourth quarter. Brands like Clé de Peau Beauté, Ipsa and Elixir lead travel retail with limited edition sets proving to be popular. As such, the channel – particularly in Asia – remains a strategic channel for Shiseido with additional investments planned. Other areas that will benefit from investment injections are prestige beauty in China which has climbed over 45%, and e-commerce, whose sales share has increased from 13% in 2019 to 25% in 2020. The share of e-commerce in prestige sales is even more impressive from 16% in 2019 to 30% in 2020. Sergi Roberto of FC Barcelona is leading a campaign for Shiseido Men Ultimune care. Shiseido Group These expanding areas of business could not prevent the Tokyo-listed company from recording a sales contraction of nearly 19% to $ 665 million (921 billion yen) and a net loss of 8. $ 5 billion resulting in a marginal drop in the share price of 1.4%. since closing on Monday. 2021 – a different story for travel retail Despite the unexpected strength of travel retail in 2020, concerns persist. New epidemics of Covid-19 in China have created uncertainty over Hainan’s sales dynamics. Shiseido says duty-free sales in Asia, primarily to the offshore Chinese island, will continue to grow and contribute to an overall gradual recovery in travel retail from July. However, while all divisions of the Japanese company are expected to grow in double digits this year, travel retail is the only one to record a single-digit sales increase (of 8%). Among underperforming regions like the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Shiseido believes in making vital improvements to change course. The main solution for the travel retail business remains the return of more international air passengers whose future figures are yet to be expected. “Low profitability is the challenge in both EMEA and the Americas. We will address these issues through reform, ”said Yokota. These reforms have not been disclosed but they could be structural. Wearing a mask has not been ideal for lipstick sales in the United States. getty The US department store market was hit by a series of Chapter 11 filings as well as competitors such as Hong Kong-listed L’Occitane, which affected sales of beauty products. The contraction of the makeup market also affected Shiseido. The company was hampered by the high fixed cost structure in the United States and in the EMEA region by the high level of marketing investments for perfumes. Based on the successful countermeasures, Shiseido forecasts Americas growth of 27% this year, pushing the travel retail division down to fourth and the EMEA area to 12% growth. However, across the company’s eight divisions, only China is expected to perform better than in 2019, which will be key to bringing the entire group back to profitability. Profit guidance excludes the impact of moving the personal care business from Shiseido to a joint venture with CVC Capital MVC MVC. Masahiko Uotani, President and CEO, said he expects a full sales recovery by 2023, driven by the fast growing skin care market in Asia, and China in particular. Through the Shiseido brand, the company will also target the men’s market and to this end has signed a two-year agreement with FC Barcelona until December 2022 covering Japan, Greater China, Italy and Spain. “They say there are a few hundred million supporters of the team in China, so it could be sensational in terms of marketing,” Uotani said. .

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