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Trump vs Biden: How will it affect Pakistan? | Instant News

(MENAFN – Gulf Times) The race over the White House between US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has made history even before voting day. More than 91 million people have cast their votes in the weekend before Election Day.
That’s about 43 percent of all registered voters in the country and two-thirds of the total vote tally in the 2016 poll. Never before have so many people cast their ballots early using the incoming ballot to make sure their votes were counted.
Apparently, the Americans believed that the two candidates made the right choice. But can the outcome of this contest be as important as Pakistan’s?
When the Trump administration took office, bilateral relations between Washington and Islamabad were languid. They stayed that way for at least Trump’s first two years in office.
But a reset was in the works at the end of 2018. And in July of the following year, Prime Minister Imran Khan sat in the White House as President Trump praised Pakistan’s efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan and announced its intention to increase bilateral trade by 20 times its current level.
But big talk is fruitless, if any. Obsessed with trimming the runaway U.S. trade deficit, the Trump administration has taken no practical action to increase trade with its trading partners, including Islamabad.
Pakistan’s exports to the US have continued to increase at the same rate for a decade, aid flows to Pakistan have shrunk while imports from the US have continued to increase.
Expected investment flows, such as Exxon Mobil’s return to the domestic market after a two-decade absence, also appear uncertain. The company’s plans for offshore oil and gas exploration stalled and were withdrawn from the LNG terminal project.
What’s more, there isn’t much desire for a deal that breaks doors, at least among Pakistani businesses. The Pakistan Business Council recommended a limited trade deal that could help US soybean farmers and Pakistani textile companies.
The trade body does not support an all-encompassing free trade agreement that it says will open floodgates to imports but does not lead to a proportionate increase in overseas sales for Pakistani businesses.
In short, diplomatic relations have improved greatly in the Trump era but they have not had a major positive impact on economic relations.
Could this trend change significantly if Biden took the lead?
After all, he differs from Trump in a number of policies. Trump lowered taxes for people and companies and wants to extend those cuts from 2025 to 2030.
He has pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and weakened the World Trade Organization. On the other hand, Biden wants to raise taxes, especially for the rich and says his administration will honor US commitments to climate change.
But the incumbent and the challenger are not very different in their views on foreign trade. President Trump appears much more confrontational with China. His first presidential campaign focused heavily on the scapegoat for Beijing because of the US’s declining competitiveness in manufacturing.
During his tenure, Washington has imposed higher tariffs on Chinese exports worth more than $ 350 billion. The Trump administration is also aiming for Chinese tech giants like Huawei which are pioneers in global 5G technology.
But be tough on China, not just Trump’s doctrine. Biden also showed no intention of being more lenient.
Although he has said he wants to involve US allies in dealing with China, he has made no commitments to cancel US tariffs or other measures against China taken during the Trump era. Biden is also in no rush to sign trade deals or distribute more concessions to trading partners.
He said he would prioritize increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies before signing more international trade deals.
In a recent interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked whom he would prefer to deal with as the next US president. Khan responded by describing the similarities between his own political career and his American counterpart. But he didn’t mention favorites. Is that a diplomatic response?
Maybe, but as far as economic relations are concerned, it’s an accurate assessment.


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Covid 19 coronavirus: The New Zealand-Australia bubble – claims transtasman trips will resume before Christmas | Instant News

New Zealand

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said this was the ‘best news’ the company has experienced in months of opening the transtasman bubble. Video / Provided

Australian media have once again claimed that a quarantine-free two-way journey between Australia and New Zealand is imminent.

But the New Zealand Government said talks between the two countries were ongoing and no date had yet been set for the travel bubble.

Australian media organizations today reported that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a transtasman bubble when she swears in her cabinet next week.

Reports in the Daily Mail and The West Australian, citing Western Australian government sources, say travel arrangements will be put into effect by Christmas at the latest.

Ardern’s office was asked for comment.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said discussions about the New Zealand-Australia trip were still ongoing.

New Zealand remains committed to introducing two-way travel as soon as it is safe, but a start date has not yet been decided, the spokesman said.

“There will be various health and border requirements that will need to be met before New Zealand allows quarantine-free travel from Australia.”

Australian media reports that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a trans-Tasman travel bubble when she swears in her new Cabinet.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Australian media reports that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce a trans-Tasman travel bubble when she swears in her new Cabinet. Photo / Dean Purcell

This is not the first time Australian media have reported that a travel bubble is imminent. In early October, Ardern poured cold water on the grounds that a two-way trip was “more day“.

“In our view, we are not ready to travel quarantine free with Australia. They have a very different strategy from us, so they made that decision … but for now of course we have to keep New Zealanders safe.”

He also said he hopes to have some kind of tranquil travel arrangement by the end of this year.

New Zealand’s borders have been closed to international travel since March, except for returning New Zealanders and exceptions for healthcare workers and some key industries.

Last month, New South Wales and the Northern Territory started accepting travelers from New Zealand without requiring them to quarantine.

Australian media have once again claimed that quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is imminent.  Photo / Brett Phibbs
Australian media have once again claimed that quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is imminent. Photo / Brett Phibbs

But it’s a one-way arrangement. Kiwis returning to New Zealand will still have to serve their 14-day stint in managed isolation. And Australian tourists cannot travel to New Zealand.

Next week, Queensland plans to reopen its borders with New South Wales, which could mean that the state will be open to New Zealand travelers.

However, the Greater Sydney region was exempted from the agreement due to concerns about a Covid-19 mystery case that cannot be linked to any known groups.

Australian Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said earlier this week that quarantine-free travel between the two countries would be an acknowledgment of how well the two countries handled Covid-19.

“I welcome the fact that Prime Minister Ardern has made some positive comments about opening up reciprocally with Australia, and I hope we can see this facilitated by the end of the year,” he said.

At last count, Australia had about 200 active Covid-19 cases and New Zealand had 68 cases.

Nearly 2,000 New Zealanders have entered Australia since borders were relaxed across the two states. But moving on has become controversial, as New Zealanders were found to be making domestic trips to states that were not part of the travel bubble, including Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.


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Fazaia Housing Scheme cashed Rs15 billion checks among 400 customers | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme has started paying funds to its customers through the Karachi National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as per court order and cashing more than 400 checks worth Rs1.5 billion in a week.

As per the joint efforts of the State Projects Directorate and Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme NAB, the process of disbursing money to Fazaia Karachi’s customers has begun, said a press release by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

He added that the payment process would continue until the money was transferred to the last customer of the Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi. The PAF welcomes orders from the top court in this regard and appreciates NAB’s efforts, said a PAF spokesman.


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A rare photo of the All Blacks archived among newspaper images for sale | Instant News


The 1924 Invincibles performed a haka at Twickenham Stadium in London. Photo / Webbs (with permission) / RNZ


A online auction is selling a rare New Zealand rugby image that was once thought lost forever.

Two hundred pictures from New Zealand’s Fairfax newspaper archives are being sold by the owners of the American collection.

In 2013, an American company that digitized the collection went to the recipient and the photos were eventually sold to the California art dealer, Daniel Miller.

Miller bought a whole collection of vintage photos with the intention of returning them to New Zealand.

The head of art at Webbs Auction House, Charles Ninow, said the collection could sell for more than $ 100,000.

“It’s everyone’s guessing but I anticipate this collection will sell for over $ 100,000. ”

He said the photos included one of the 1924 Invincibles doing a haka while touring in England.

The team is unbeaten during their 32 match overseas tour and their image of performing haka is fantastic.

There is also a fantastic photo of the team called the Kiwis, consisting of New Zealand soldiers who served overseas at the end of World War Two, and before returning home they played matches in Europe. ”

The collection also includes one taken during the first Test match between New Zealand and South Africa at Athletic Park in Wellington in 1937.

The images document the formative years of the national game and cover 30 years.

Ninow said that even if the photos were sold individually, it was possible that someone took the entire collection and they could end up overseas again.

He wants to see the photos remain in New Zealand.

“That’s what we are doing the auction here for.

“ It took some time to secure these photos and my wish, and we would like to see these photos remain in New Zealand in New Zealand hands. ”


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Personal protective equipment is distributed between the officials of the detention center | Instant News

Lahore: the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Lahore Chapter, on Wednesday distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) among officials of the district jail Lahore to protect against coronavirus.

PMA Lahore Chapter President Dr Ashraf Nizami, General Secretary Dr Shahid Malik and the Chairman of the relief Committee Dr. Azeemuddin Zahid gave party PPE to the superintendent district jail Lahore Assad. “It is the responsibility of the government and society to take care of prison staff and prisoners,” PMA officials said, added that in this plan as part of PMA companies understand their responsibility and have provided personal protective equipment for prison staff and prisoners in the district jail Lahore. Assad, on behalf of the officers thanked the officers of the PMA for providing PPE to protect against coronavirus.


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