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India reports 6,767 new coronavirus patients in the past 24 hours – Hiru News | Instant News

India has reported 6,767 new coronavirus patients in the past 24 hours.

This is the third day in a row where more than 6,000 patients have been reported in India and this is the highest number ever.

Thus, the total number of coronavirus infections in India has increased to 131,868.

India has also reported 3,867 corona virus-related deaths so far with 147 deaths reported yesterday.

Worldwide, the total number of corona virus cases is more than 5,400,000, with more than 343,000 deaths.


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In South Asia, Pakistan has the highest number of coronaviruses and deaths per million | Instant News

Of the three largest countries in South Asia, Pakistan has the highest COVID-19 cases and deaths per million people, according to world statistics.

In terms of the number of confirmed cases compared to its population, Pakistan ranks number one, followed by Bangladesh and India, according to Our World in Data, a collaborative effort between researchers at the University of Oxford and the nonprofit Global Change Data Lab.

As per the graph, on May 20 Pakistan had 207 cases per million in the country. Bangladesh has 152 and India has 77 positive tests per million.

In terms of deaths per million, Pakistan once again led with 0.21 deaths per million on May 20, followed by Bangladesh 0.13 and India 0.10.

However, the dashboard noted that the number of confirmed cases was lower than the total number of cases. The main reason for this is that testing is limited in some countries.

Earlier this month, Pakistan began to loosen three weeks of easing to allow several industries and economic sectors to open, following strict protocols.


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One death, 62 cases added to the total COVID-19 Oregon | Local | Instant News

STOCK PIX COVID-19 Testing09

Mark Ylen, Mid-Valley Media

One new death and 62 new cases related to COVID-19 in the state were reported by the Oregon Health Authority on Monday afternoon.

On Monday 8 in its daily report, OHA reported there were also two new suspected cases in the previous 24 hours. The country’s new death toll is 138, while the total number of cases is 3,687.

Three cases were confirmed and new allegations were reported in Benton County and none in Linn County, according to OHA. On its website, Benton County says it has four new cases totaling 53, with five total deaths and one inpatient at this time.

Total new cases in other Oregon states include: Clackamas (5), Clatsop (1), Deschutes (5), Jackson (1), Lane (1), Malheur (2), Marion (16), Multnomah (12)) , Umatilla (5), Union (1), Washington (10) and Yamhill (2).

The last death in the state was a 69-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on Friday and died the same day at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center. He has an underlying medical condition.

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,480,349 total cases, 13,284 new cases in the 24 hour period ended at 1 p.m. Monday. There were 698 deaths in that period for a total of 89,407.

Public health officials do not release the names of people who test positive for this disease because of privacy restrictions and because of concerns that revealing names may prevent infected people from being tested for medical help.


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A call to arrange a commission to investigate the surge in the number of corona cases | Instant News

LAHORE: Jamaah-e-Islam naib ameer Liaqat Baloch said that mass doubts about corona patients increased because patients suffering from cancer and other diseases were also declared corona patients.

He demanded the government establish a national commission to investigate the facts in this regard, he said while speaking on the occasion of donating eight ventilators to Surriya Azeem Hospital by the Al-Khidmat Lahore Foundation.

Baloch said the corona was spreading at full speed. He said people were unclear about smart locking. No one would believe that by the time the corona patient was only 400, the lock was tight but now when the corona patient has reached 40,000, the lock has been reduced.

Meanwhile, speaking with the Kisan Council delegation who met him in Mansoora to inform them of their problems, Liaqat Baloch said the government had announced different packages for farmers and agriculture but they did not benefit from this.

The farmers, he said, were left high and dry when procuring wheat, rice and sugar cane. He suggested that farmers’ confidence would increase with the announcement of the procurement price of cotton. He urged the government to immediately arrange the procurement of two million bales of cotton to facilitate farmers.


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Mass. Top 80,000 Coronavirus Cases, Report 174 New Deaths – NECN | Instant News

More than 80,000 people in Massachusetts have now been infected with a new corona virus, health officials said Wednesday, reporting 174 other deaths.

The total number of confirmed cases now reaches 80,497, after rising 1,165 on Wednesday, and the number of deaths is 5,315, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

It came a day after the department reported only 33 deaths from the corona virus in Massachusetts, the lowest number since the spike, although that was partly due to the late reporting on Monday which included some of the deaths that should have been reported on Tuesday. However, Monday and Tuesday together only an average of 81 deaths per day, about half of the number seen during the surge in mid-April.

However, health leaders and officials have encouraged the public not to draw long-term conclusions from data for one or two days, and the increase in deaths on Wednesday is returning to levels reported during the spike.

Officials have warned that recovery will take place long after the virus stops spreading very quickly. Among them was Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who announced Wednesday that his city has reported no deaths from the new corona virus the day before.

“A day without death to report is certainly a good day but we still have work to do if we want to see it every day,” Walsh said.

Mayor Marty Walsh said that the city still has a lot of work to do before life returns to normal.

When the daily counts decline, indicating that the worst pandemic may be over for now, speculation has changed to when and how Massachusetts can be safely reopened. But Governor Charlie Baker remained silent Wednesday about what businesses will be able to return to work on May 18, when phase 1 the plan will begin.

Massachusetts for weeks became one of the COVID-19 epicenter in the U.S., with the fourth most cases – surpassed this week by Illinois, which now has a surge – and death among all countries.

Baker and other health officials said Massachusetts’ high count was likely due to state testing among the country’s most per capita population – more than 400,000 tests were conducted on Tuesday, according to the Department of Public Health.


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