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Australia emphasizes finding the origin of COVID-19 at UNGA | Instant News


Australia stressed finding the source of the deadly coronavirus on Friday when its prime minister said the infection had affected all of humanity.

“There is also a clear mandate to identify the zoonotic source of the COVID-19 virus and how it can be transmitted to humans. Australia highly recommends this review, ”said Scott Morrison at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly.

The virus is causing disaster for the world and its people, he said. “We have to do all we can to understand what happened to nothing but prevent it from happening again.”

He detailed his country’s battle with COVID-19 and insisted that any possible vaccine should be available for the rest of the world.

“Whoever has the vaccine, share it with everyone and as Australians, we promise to do the same if we are able to deliver it first,” he said. “Our goal is simple: to deny the virus is the goal of destruction
visit us, for our lives and our livelihoods. “

He also reflected on the global health threat from COVID-19 and said, “We have all been reminded of the importance of multilateral cooperation.”

The pandemic has claimed more than 979,300 lives in 188 countries and territories since it was first reported in China last December. The US, Brazil, Russia and India are currently the worst affected countries.

More than 32 million cases have been reported worldwide, while more than 22 million patients have recovered, according to figures compiled by US-based Johns Hopkins University.

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The pandemic could lead to new beginnings, the Italian PM told the United Nations | Instant News


The Italian prime minister on Friday said the pandemic had been a world-changing tragedy, but it might also be an opportunity for new beginnings.

In a video message delivered at the 75th session of the UN session on Friday, Giuseppe Conte reminded that Italy is the first country in Europe to face a COVID-19 emergency on a large scale.

He said that thanks to its response to the crisis, Italy had become “a symbol of collective effort, earlier human efforts rather than sanitation and political efforts, which were then carried over to the rest of the international community.”

Conte added that the pandemic has taught us that “health is a common good and needs to be given to every man, every woman on the planet.”

The Italian prime minister also stressed that the European Union understands the importance of this challenge, which means “rethinking our world, making it more sustainable, greener, more digital, more inclusive” – ​​a key pillar of the Next Generation EU project.

Conte said that Italy’s G20 presidency in 2021 will be an important moment to test new multilateral cohesion and a key step for the international community.

He said Italy’s agenda would be based on “people, planet and prosperity,” adding that it would specifically focus on empowering women, small and medium enterprises, and precarious workers.

Italy has managed to contain the COVID-19 outbreak – one of the deadliest in Europe – since the end of a three-month lockdown in May. But it has seen a constant spike in new infections after the end of the holiday season.

However, the number of new infections remains much smaller than those registered in other European countries, such as France, Spain and the UK.

Italy reported another 1,912 infections on Friday, bringing the national tally to 206,235. According to Health Ministry data, another 20 people died, raising the country’s official toll to 35,801.

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The Turkish director won a prestigious award in Italy | Instant News


Turkish director Ferzan Ozpetek was appointed on Thursday for this year’s FICE award, the prestigious Italian cinema award.

The Italian Federation of Arthouse Cinemas (FICE), formed by renowned Italian film critics and writers, announced that it will award this year’s award to Ozpetek, who is a resident of the country.

Ozpetek received credit for the admiration she received for the consistent quality of screenplays, especially her latest film, Goddess of Luck (La Dea Fortuna), and her ability to perform them.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ozpetek said: “I am honored, delighted to be awarded such an important award.”

He said he would attend a cinema event on October 5-8 in the city of Mantova, with an awards ceremony to be held on October 7.

On September 4, Ozpetek also received a special SIAE Award at the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

He has shot many of his films in Italy, where he has lived over the years, including La Dea Fortuna, which was successfully shown in Italian cinemas before the COVID-19 outbreak hit the country hard in late February.

La Dea Fortuna, Ozpetek’s 13th feature film, will be released in Spain on Friday.

* Written by Sena Guler

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Afghanistan’s main peace broker to visit Pakistan | Instant News

KABUL, Afghanistan

The top Afghan peace negotiators in talks with the Taliban will travel to Pakistan next week to discuss matters related to ongoing talks in Qatar’s capital, Doha.

On Monday, Abdullah Abdullah will leave for the first time since 2008 to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, at the previous invitation of the Prime Minister of South Asian country Imran Khan, according to his office, the High Council for National Reconciliation, which is the appointed-level body to broker the peace deal. with the rebels.

Speaking to the US Council on Foreign Relations think tank on Tuesday, Abdullah said there was “a lot of distrust, founded or unfounded” with Pakistan, as well as “a lot of grievances on both sides.”

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Abdullah called for finding a “middle ground” in talks with the Taliban to achieve sustainable peace in the war-torn country.

In an unprecedented development, government representatives and Taliban leaders met in Doha for important intra-Afghan talks starting on September 12.

“The situation here [Afghanistan] also has to change and people have to see it […] We still insist on reducing violence, a humanitarian ceasefire and finally finalizing a national ceasefire, “said Abdullah, who returned to Kabul last week after attending the inaugural ceremony for intra-Afghan talks.

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Pakistan reports the lowest COVID-19 case since May | Instant News


Pakistan on Friday reported around 900 new cases of the corona virus, the lowest daily rate in three months, official statistics showed.

With 903 new cases reported during the past 24 hours, the total number of infections to date has reached 278,305, with 1,146 of them in critical condition, according to Ministry of Health data.

This is the lowest daily rate since May 14 when the country reported only 490 confirmed cases.

Following a gradual decline in the number of deaths, around 27 patients died from the deadly virus throughout the country, increasing the number of deaths to 5,951. More than 88% of patients, or 247,171, have recovered so far.

According to the ministry, Pakistan has conducted more than 1.97 million tests so far, with 20,507 samples tested over the past 24 hours.

On Monday, the government announced tight restrictions to curb the spread of the virus during the Eid al-Adha holiday.

During the holidays, wedding halls, business centers, exhibition halls, restaurants, amusement parks, public parks, sports clubs, tourist attractions, retail stores, and shopping centers will remain closed.

Authorities have imposed local-based locking on virus hotspots in 20 cities since June, and many officials, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, have credited this strategy for increasing the number of countries.

“The world is widely acknowledging our smart locking strategy because our cases are gradually declining,” Khan said at a press conference on Monday.

However, he urged people to continue to follow the steps against the virus during the Islamic holidays and months of Muharram.

“Viral cases can surge again if people ignore the safety guidelines on Eid al-Adha and Ashura,” the anniversary of martyrdom of Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Khan warned.


With a record number of 55,079 cases, India on Friday surpassed the 1.6 million figure, along with 779 deaths in the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry said.

The ministry also said that India “reached another landmark” with more than 600,000 COVID-19 tests carried out in the past 24 hours.

Since it originated in China last December, a global pandemic has killed more than 673,000 people in 188 countries and regions.

* Ahmad Adil contributes from New Delhi.

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