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The Australian broadcaster slammed the NZ Government for not supporting concerns over the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 origin report | Instant News

TV presenter Andrew Bolt harasses the New Zealand government and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, saying they ‘curry favor’ on China. Video / Sky News

Renowned Australian broadcaster Andrew Bolt accused New Zealand and its Government of “insulting” Australia, in live rant for seven minutes on television.

This comes after New Zealand was not on the list of countries raising concerns over the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covid-19 origin report.

The WHO released a report on Tuesday on the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its transmission in China, which is based in Wuhan, before it spread globally.

In May last year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the government supported calls to evaluate the origins of Covid-19, but did not want to see it turn into a witch hunt.

The virus has so far infected more than 128 million people worldwide and killed nearly 3 million.

Bolt described the New Zealand government as “currying” the Chinese by remaining silent about their concerns.

“Why are they letting Australia depend on the wind? Why don’t they support us in a very serious confrontation with the Chinese dictatorship?

“This is actually New Zealand’s assessment of Australia.

“This is New Zealand which is siphoning off China’s dictatorship.

“May I ask what New Zealand has done while Australia is being punished for defending freedoms, which includes New Zealand’s? New Zealand sold us.”

Bolt said it was part of a “shameful” pattern in which New Zealand did little to confront China while Australia was punished by Beijing for calling it out for Covid-19, its actions in Hong Kong and the treatment of Uighurs.

PM Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta.
PM Jacinda Ardern and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta.

However, it was only on Wednesday that Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta expressed her concern about electoral changes.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is very concerned about passing China’s electoral changes to #HongKong. The changes are inconsistent with the Sino-British Joint Declaration & will further erode the # Hong Kong democratic institutions and freedom of speech and association,” tweeted Mahuta.

Last month, Ardern said relations between New Zealand and Australia remained strong despite fears of friction between the transtasy nations.

He said relations between himself and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison were “very good” and they worked together frequently.


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Racing: Sydney invites the winner of the New Zealand Derby | Instant News

Rocket Spade won Gr. 1 New Zealand Derby (2400m). Photo: Kenton Wright (Racing Image)

Twenty-four hours after winning Gr. 1 New Zealand Derby (2400m) with Rocket Spade on Sunday, coaches Lance O’Sullivan and Andrew Scott enjoy the glory of a job well done.

The coach duo appropriately celebrated the blue ribbon victory with close friends and family in Matamata on Sunday evening after leaving behind taciturn Ellerslie, who had a feature meeting a day later than planned under COVID-19 level 2 alert conditions.

“It was a really satisfying and good win for the whole team at Wexford,” said O’Sullivan.

“Scotty and I both woke up with a headache this morning.”

Racing by the Hermitage Thoroughbreds, a race and breeding operation led by Hong Kong businessman Eugene Chuang, the Rocket Spade connection was eager to win the Derby and O’Sullivan said it was very satisfying to complete the mission.

“Five years ago, the owner gave us the opportunity to buy a horse for them, and that’s in a nutshell, to try and win the Derby,” he said.

“It was the third runner for the owner in the New Zealand Derby. Dragon Leap ran fourth last year and we also had Cha Siu Bao contest in the Derby which Gingernuts won.

“The saddle slipped and he came out of the gate and finished the last 40 distances. It was their introduction to the Derby runners so it was a bit demoralizing, and it was very satisfying to get the result on Sunday.

The journey across Tasman is now on the way for the son of Group One winner Fastnet Rock.

“We’re going to Sydney but what we’re going to do, we’re not 100 percent sure yet,” said O’Sullivan.

“The owner wants to go. I know the Australian Derby (Gr. 1, 2400m) is clearly visible racing, but we have nominated him for a few races and we will make that call with the owners.”

Apart from the Australian Derby, the three-year-old also holds a nomination for Gr. 1 Rosehill Guineas (2000m), Gr. 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes (2000m) and Gr. 1 Doncaster Handicap (1600m).

As a well-bred Group One champion horse, O’Sullivan admits the value of the Rocket Spade’s potential stud can influence which races he enters in Australia and he also recognizes that it is challenging to get to the top on many occasions.

“It was the grand final for us yesterday, that’s what we thought,” said O’Sullivan.

“After his win at Avondale Guineas (Gr. 2, 2100m), he stopped and made a decent lift. We don’t need to improve his job because the race suited him for Derby and he was just in the zone yesterday.”

While it was Scott’s third Derby win, who previously costed Cut the Cake and Xcellent in partnership with Mike Moroney in the early 2000s, for O’Sullivan it was his first in a training capacity, and 28 years later since he saluted on Ship. classic Popsy, coached by his father Dave and brother, Paul.

“It seems not that long ago. I can clearly remember things that happened that day,” said O’Sullivan.

The four runners O’Sullivan and Scott at Ellerslie on Sunday wore the familiar dark green hue of the Hermitage Thoroughbreds’ red chevrons, including the mare that featured in Group One of the Spring Heat, who may have run her last race in New Zealand and did not appreciate the rainy conditions. soft at Ellerslie on Sunday when the third talent appeared Entriviere at Gr.3 King’s Plate (1200m).

“After yesterday, there really isn’t much left for him in New Zealand unless we take him to Australia and have a look at a place like Brisbane,” O’Sullivan said.

“She is a very fast, top-of-the-ground mare.

“She has been an outstanding mare to stall and I can’t see too many other races on the program that will raise her CV any further.”

Summer Passage is seventh in the same race, with six years, the stakes are placed on this preparation for the paddock and will return next season.

O’Sullivan is delighted with Cha Siu Bao’s run in the 1500m open and hopes to prepare seven years for the Group’s target back in Ellerslie next month, hoping for stronger conditions.

“He finished in a creditworthy third and the ground might be a little too testing for him, but there are races like the Easter Handicap (Gr.2, 1600m) that Andrew and I hope to prepare for,” said O’Sullivan. .

Meanwhile, Home hopes to have another runner headed for Sydney, with Group Three winner Force Of Will to go over 1600m at Ellerslie on Saturday in what will be his fifth racing appearance.

“The plan is to run on the Vinery Stakes (Gr.1,2000m) and we will run it this Saturday under special conditions over a mile,” said O’Sullivan.

“He is owned by Sir Owen Glenn and I think he is still untouchable and certainly deserves his chance.

“The plan was to run at the New Zealand Oaks (Gr.1, 2400m) but he had a slight setback in bad blood and missed the race, so we chose to get it right and if he does well on Saturday he will get his ticket to Sydney. . “


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Racing: New Zealand horses Aegon and Probabeel produce gold watches in Australia | Instant News


Aegon claims victory in Australia. Photo / Getty

Aegon gave young coaching star Andrew Forsman one of the most emotional victories of his career with a bizarre Australian debut on Saturday to close off a golden hour for New Zealand racing.

Cambridge Galloper overcame a slow start to beat most of Sydney’s elite three-year-olds at the A $ 400,000 Hobartville Stakes in Rosehill just an hour after Matamata mare Probabeel dazzled at A $ 500,000 Futurity in Caulfield.

Probabeel is stunning after sitting three times wide throughout the race and stepping clear at the top of the straight to hold the Arcadia Queen, with the pair now dominating the market for The Valley’s A $ 5 million All-Star Mile in three weeks.

It was the best win of her career from Probabeel, but as beautiful as it was, it should come as no surprise to racing fans on both sides of Tasman as she continues on her path to becoming a great mare.

If she earns an All-Star-worthy gateway at The Valley on March 13, she can award another young Kiwi training star at Jamie Richards with the richest win ever earned by a native New Zealand-trained on Australian soil.

But it was Aegon who would surprise more than some Australians because he not only beat their Guinea rivals, he gave them a head start and hit them.

Coach Forsman also owns a stake in Aegon’s holdings and while he and training partner Murray Baker are used to winning elite-level races for other people, beating Sydney on one of his horses is a different matter.

“I don’t think I got too emotional after the race for a while,” said Forsman.

“I literally watched the race on my phone pull over the side of the road on my way home from Ellerslie.

“I got very emotional so I’m glad I was alone.”

Aegon is owned by the Zame family where Forsman and Baker won the ATC Derby with Jon Snow and while he could possibly win the classic in April, Forsman admits Doncaster against horses older than a mile may be a better fit.

The win capped a big day for the Baker / Forsman side after they won the Avondale Cup at Ellerslie with Robusto, where they also finished third with Star Tsar, both now heading for the Auckland Cup on March 13.

Another feature in Ellerslie, the $ 120,000 Avondale Guineas, is omitted by the favorite Rocket Spade, who, like many others, is racing to the Vodafone Derby on March 6.


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Abused youth recounts time in Rangipo Prison: ‘Like nothing else on Earth’ | Instant News

Stanmore Road Boys’ Home in Christchurch ‘is kind of a violent place’ but what’s worse is coming for a man who has shared his experiences with RNZ. Photo / 123rf

By Andrew McRae for RNZ

One man who came through state care at an orphanage, boys’ home, corrective training and finally prison, believes his life has been pushed back by at least 30 years by the way he was treated and the physical and psychological abuse he endured.

Aaron, who is 50 years old, comes from a broken home and his interview with RNZ is the first time he has spoken publicly about his experiences in care.

He lived on the streets for a year at the age of 9.

Aaron ended up at Stanmore Road Boys’ Home in Christchurch at 13 o’clock.

Her stepfather beat her if she made a mistake and one day she stood up and beat her back. The police were called and Aaron was sent to Stanmore.

One of his first memories of being at a boy’s house was seeing a drug addict using a syringe. “ It’s kind of a violent place. ”

He said those who run the house put one of the older boys in charge, as a kingpin to fire shots.

“Anyone who doesn’t do what he wants or behaves badly, he will make other people beat them. That’s perfectly normal. ”

She said she was never sexually assaulted like some of the other men in the house at the same time, but there was a lot of physical abuse.

Aaron was sent back to the Stanmore Road home when he was 14 or 15 after fighting and assaulting someone.

At the age of 16 he was sent to Rangipo Prison (now Tongariro Prison) for three months on the central North Island for what was then called corrective training.

A place of constant violence

He described it as the worst place he had ever been. “ That’s so unreal. ”

He was sure that all of the officers were former soldiers.

He said prisoners were forced to run all over the place and work in the forestry blocks and there was a lot of violence – “heaps, all the time”. “

“ You will not look at a prison officer, you will only be punched.

“ I had officers beat me, choke me, do dirty tricks like inserting a fire hose through my window in the middle of the night and then turning it on. ”

There is "pile" violence at Rangipo Prison Plantation on central North Island, said a former convict who was only 16 years old when he went there.  Photo / National Library of New Zealand
There was a “heap” of violence at Rangipo Prison Farm on central North Island, said a former inmate who was only 16 years old when he went there. Photo / National Library of New Zealand

He said the inmates had to do a 20 km run every weekend and although he was lucky to be fit, others were not so lucky.

” You will get a new person there and he will not know what the way is and they will not be fit and decide to get into the truck with the runners – big mistake.

In the back of the truck there are always half a dozen officers there smoking drugs, so whoever gets into the truck is beaten and kicked out about 60 seconds later.

“ They would be covered in blood and we sometimes helped them get up and other times we were forced to do push-ups when they got together and started running again, but they ran away after that, ” he said.

Self-harm is an option

Aaron said some inmates were taking bold action to leave Rangipo. This includes injuring yourself for transfer.

“People try to break their arms all the time or break bones because if you can’t work there, you can’t stay there and you have to go to the main prison.

“ I saw a friend, a good Māori boy, he had to work first, jumped out of the truck first and took the ax used to cut the bushes in the forest and walked behind the bush and cut off his leg, telling boss that he slipped with an ax.

“ His boots are flapping and he has cut off quite a bit of the toe. ”

He said the inmates would fight amongst themselves but if they were caught, they ended up being beaten up by “ some screws ” (prison officials).

At the age of 18, Aaron was convicted on a range of charges including murder, assault and grievous physical assault and sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.

He is serving a five-and-a-half year sentence but says three months in Rangipo is much more difficult.

“ Before going to Rangipo, I thought I was lucky enough to live on the streets when I was 9 or 10 years old because it made it difficult for me. ”

Prison opportunity ‘to find out’

He was 24 years old when he was released from prison and has since tried to stay straight and narrow.

“ Maybe, to me, prison is what I need because it gives me time to stop and start thinking about it. ”

She married shortly thereafter and moved to Australia to work as a diamond driller and in mining.

He returned to New Zealand and studied adult building apprenticeship and now has his own building company that employs people.

“ Many people who know me will not know about my past. ”

Prepare both of them to fail and overcome them

Aaron is thinking of telling his story to the Royal Commission in Abuse in Care.

“ The system in some ways prepared me for a life of failure, but it also set me up to cope in other ways too, for some of the things I was going through.

“ I think the main thing in my life that probably impacted the most was three months in Rangipo. It was truly like no other place on Earth.

“ I saw people who were with me in Rangipo and of course they are victims and they have had other victims and I think it’s just a vicious circle and it has to stop somewhere. ”

He said the time in Rangipo only made them harder, which did not benefit them or their family or community.

“ I don’t know if what happened can be fixed. There are still things in my life that I do and sometimes I have to like to open them up and say: ‘That’s not really what I want to do and not what I want’.

“ Sometimes I have to hold back because some of those things can happen naturally and you don’t even notice it before you’re halfway through.

“There is a lot of hope for the next generation which is certain but it must start now. ”

Where to get help:

• Lifeline: 0800 543354 (available 24/7)
Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 (0508 SUPPORT) (available 24/7)
• Youth services: (06) 3555 906
• Youthline: 0800 376 633
• Kidsline: 0800 543 754 (available 24/7)
Whatsup: 0800 942 8787 (13.00 to 23.00)
Depression helpline: 0800 111 757 (available 24/7)
• Rainbow Youth: (09) 376 4155
• Helpline: 1737

If it’s an emergency and you think you or someone else is at risk, call 111.


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New York State has placed the Turks and Caicos Islands on a COVID quarantine order | Instant News

(MENAFN – Global Caribbean News)

By a Caribbean News Global contributor

PROVIDENCE, TCI – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ostensibly blacklisted the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) on Monday, excluding the country from the list of countries that do not require quarantine when re-entering the state directly from countries the. With an estimated 80 percent of TCI’s winter visitors coming from New York, this puts the Turks and Caicos tourism industry in jeopardy as most people will opt out of believed travel.

A hotelier scheduled to open in November said bookings had now dried up for the winter, saying cancellations were largely the reason phone lines were still functioning.

The executing order was signed by Governor Cuomo on Monday 28 September.

Democrats signed an executive order mandating the rule as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to cancel screening measures at airports that accept international flights.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decision to end improved screening at airports, coupled with an alarming increase in cases in countries around the world, presents an increasing threat to New York’s progress in the fight against COVID-19,” said Governor Cuomo. . . “Today’s Executive Order will require the Ministry of Health to notify all travelers from Level 2 or Level 3 countries of mandatory quarantine requirements, as well as require international travelers to complete the DOH Tourist Health Form to assist with robust contact tracing efforts in the state and further prevent the spread of COVID-19. “

There are currently 31 countries that are not subject to the executive order of the governor.

They are: American Samoa – Anguilla – Bonaire – Brunei – Cambodia – Cayman Islands – Dominica – Falkland Islands – Fiji – Guernsey – Greenland – Grenada – Isle of Man – Laos – Macau SAR – Marshall Islands – Mauritius – Micronesia – Montserrat – New Caledonia – New Zealand – Palau – Saba – Saint Barthelemy – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Saint Pierre and Miquelon – Sint Eustatius – Taiwan – Thailand – Timor-Leste.

The executive order is based on existing travel advisory for states with a significant number of coronavirus cases. The list currently includes 29 US states and territories.

The advisory requires individuals who have traveled to New York from areas with significant dispersed communities to quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine applies to anyone arriving from an area with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 population during a 7-day rolling average or an area with a positive rate of 10 percent or higher for a rolling average of 7 days.

Extract from Albany (WCBS 880) by ERICA BROSNAN originally published September 28, 2020.


Legal Disclaimer: MENAFN provides information “as is” without warranty of any kind. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy, content, images, videos, licenses, completeness, legality or reliability of the information contained in this article. If you have a complaint or copyright issue related to this article, please contact the provider above.


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