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“Apex Legends Mobile” will get regional Beta version on Android this month-TouchArcade | Instant News

Apex Legend Ads from EA and Respawn Entertainment have been confirmed for mobile devices for some time. Recent report It even revealed that it was developed at Tencent under the supervision of Respawn.Although that is Set to soft start Last year, EA finally revealed Apex Legend Will be officially called Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile It will enter the regional Beta version later this month.Reborn Blog post in order to Apex Legends Mobile It also shows that the company has established a dedicated team to lead Apex Legends Mobile This is a joint effort with “other partners”. Apex Legends Mobile It will be played for free, and it is specifically designed for mobile touch screens with simplified controls. Since this is a standalone version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile Will not cross play with PC and console.

This Apex Legends Mobile The regional Beta version will be available on Android in India and the Philippines, and will initially support thousands of players. It is expected that this year will be promoted in more regions around the world. iOS support also provides more beta news along with the pre-registration of the game.Rebirth and confirmation Apex Legends Mobile You will have your own battle pass, cosmetics, unlockable items, and more items unique to the PC and game console versions.See how Apex Legends Mobile Compared with the Nintendo Switch version, and compared with the newer console, its appearance and operation.Hope the global expansion of this product Apex Legends Mobile The beta release will be later, and Respawn will confirm details such as controller support in the near future.Have you played Apex Legend Still waiting on PC and console Apex Legends Mobile Released in your area?


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Environmentally friendly smartphones are surprising | Instant News

If you are looking for an extremely low-priced smartphone, Teracube’s Eco 2e It’s worth taking a closer look. However, this does not only mean that the upfront cost of the phone is good.

The company also provides the best support for any Android phone I have ever seen, including well-known companies such as Motorola, OnePlus, and Samsung. The Earth Moon encourages us to reduce the impact on this rock we call home. This is a better time.

Mobile phones that cost less than $200 usually end up as unofficial disposable phones. It’s not that they are damaged after a year, although the quality of buildings is often compromised in order to achieve such low prices.Instead, they usually have very much Brief Android support.

what does that mean? The manufacturer of your phone will guarantee a certain number of software updates and security patches, and the average support period is about two years. This means that your phone has the latest features and has been protected from the latest threats for two years. After that, even if your earpiece is still working, you can be alone. The loss of customers due to planned obsolescence is a major (and increasing) e-waste problem, and single-use technologies have contributed to this problem.

Teracube hopes to do this by providing three years of Android and security updates, and only large manufacturers usually promise to do so. It also has a four-year warranty, free shipping (two-way) and a fixed repair fee of $39. All for $200. The entry point is cheap, and follow-up support means that your phone will last longer than the new OnePlus 9.

But is the phone okay? Cheap price tags usually indicate some compromise.Yes there Yes The compromise here may discourage some buyers, but some of the surprises of this phone do not represent its price.

For example, modern design does not say how cheap the price of a mobile phone is. I like the teardrop display, and there is an old-fashioned flashing notification light that brings me back to the HTC Desire Z era. It is not the thinnest. It is only 10.1mm thick, which is bigger than my more powerful 8.9mm Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but it is small and unrestrained.

This extra thickness depends in part on the removable back panel, which can store user-replaceable batteries. This is part of Teracube’s environmentally friendly and value-added products: once the 4000mAh battery reaches the end of its life, it can be easily replaced.

More expensive modern smartphones use a fusion design that does not allow the battery to be removed, which can protect the phone from water and dust, and it can also make the phone more fashionable. But this also means that once the power pack contains all the power that can be accommodated, the phone must be thrown away, replaced with a new one for refurbishment, or the phone must be disassembled with tools such as a heat gun and small screw heads.

Teracube sells alternative batteries. The downside is that there is no IP rating for dust and water resistance, because the easily removable panel is also susceptible to these elements. In addition to having an environmentally sound structure, Teracube 2e is also made of 25% recycled plastic and equipped with a fully biodegradable shell made of wheat starch and biodegradable polymers.

I didn’t find the answer, but this kind of bioplastic is becoming more and more popular in sustainable production. There are also no charging bricks (the company starts assuming there are extra bricks around you), and the box is made of recycled paper. As far as the company’s environmental qualification is concerned, the intention and execution are there.Noble

The 6.1-inch, 60Hz 720p IPS panel is also surprising. The color does not look fading, and the image quality is clearer than you expect, clearly visible on a clear day. There is no such fancy thing as HDR here. The refresh rate is set to 60Hz. Considering its moderate price tag, this is not surprising, but most mobile phones, even cheap ones, are now up to 90Hz. The difference between is very obvious.

When you put the phone under pressure, the lower refresh rate is even more noticeable. Generally, for daily tasks, MediaTek chips perform well. A lot of RAM makes money here. However, if you are using a slightly more expensive phone, then you will find that Teracube 2e took less than a second to complete certain applications such as opening the gallery or camera, but this hardly caused note.

In more demanding tasks such as games, mobile phones can easily cope with the fast actions of “Need for Speed ​​without Limits” and the complex situation of “Call of Duty Mobile Phone”. The latter is the problem I expect, but the performance of the phone is very good, but the frame rate and performance issues are minimal. Loading and gameplay are not as fast and responsive as my S21 Ultra, but this is to be expected-the price of the phone will be more than $1,000 higher. There are also some good ways to help improve performance, for example, the Duraspeed function will limit background applications to improve performance. Manufacturers may have exaggerated these types of claims. Android does not need a lot of help to manage computing resources, but it does work and is significantly different.

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent application that can improve camera quality, which is a pity, because the results of 13MP and 8MP wide and deep snaps are mixed. In daylight, the main 8MP sensor performs well-especially in HDR mode, although it will take a while to shoot. Obviously, it can pick up a variety of colors with reasonable accuracy, a surprising amount of detail, and the overall image looks better than I expected.

However, the wide-angle seems to have difficulties in focusing and exposure. When shooting in medium and low light conditions, the situation is completely different. Both sensors struggle with noise and loss of detail, and the wide-angle focus problem is even more serious. The night mode does not seem to have any effect. In broad daylight, the camera will take qualified photos. Under poor lighting conditions, it will spread out.

The application is also very slow and looks very basic. Although the shutter speed in standard photo mode is fast, it takes a while to switch between options. There are a large number of manual shooting options, including an adjustable ISO, which is effective under the correct lighting conditions, but not effective in darker environments. Hope some of them can be fixed in future software updates.

You shouldn’t spend $200 on your phone and expect to have Samsung-level camera capabilities. What you are buying here is a fully functional mobile phone, which on the surface will not affect the environment like Samsung. This is evident in the recycling packaging, the mobile phone can be put in a shopping bag, and there is no bundled charger. Long-term warranty and operating system support give you peace of mind, and the upfront price means there is almost no competition at all. If you are used to more serious flagship products, this may not be your main phone, but for your kids or families who are not familiar with technology, this is definitely your best choice, even as your main phone It can also be used as a reliable backup phone when it is lost or damaged.


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This new Android feature will remind you to look up on your phone while walking-BGR | Instant News

We have all been there-staring at our smartphones while walking and crashing into pedestrians, trees or stop signs. You will receive text messages and phone calls, you need to check the navigation instructions, and then there will be an endless list of notifications, please check the screen. If you spend too much time staring while walking, you may collide with other people, hit buildings and road signs, or drive directly into traffic. Google is aware of this problem and is developing a new feature that all distracted walkers can benefit from.

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Google’s new Heads Up feature can be found in the Digital Wellbeing app on Android.This feature was discovered for the first time In the middle of november When the disassembly of the app finds the code describing the features that the app has not enabled. If “head up” is enabled, you can prevent you from using your phone while walking. Or, at least, the feature will ask you to look up from time to time to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

The function will be displayed in Reduce interaction Section where you will find the new Be careful menu. Click on it and a welcome screen will appear to start the setup process:

Look up and watch your steps.

If you are walking while using a mobile phone, you need to remind you to pay attention to things around you.

Please use it with caution. Looking up does not replace attention.

The head-up prompt reminds you to stop using your phone when you walk after the setup process is complete. Based on previous disassembly, these reminders include warnings such as “watch your steps”, “keep alert” and “look for”. Ultimately, it depends on the user’s response to the prompts on the screen. Google does warn in the settings screen that the head-up prompt cannot replace your attention. This feature does not actually prevent you from viewing the screen.

To work properly, the app will need access to sports activities. The app will also ask for location data, which seems to be a strange permission that is not necessary, because the physical exercise permission should be enough to let the phone know that you are using it while walking. However, location permissions are optional.

The head-up function is Has been introduced to users, The Pixel 4a owner posted a screenshot of the feature. To try Heads Up, if you already have the app installed, you only need to update Digital Wellbeing. This feature may be launched on Pixel phones first, although other devices may also get this feature soon.

There is no equivalent function to Heads Up on the iPhone, and it is unlikely that Google will publish any similar content on iOS. After all, Heads Up is part of Google’s larger Android health app. Apple has its own iPhone health application that can process activity data and health information.

Regardless of the platform preference, there is a way to prevent walking distracting, and that is to stop using your Android device or iPhone when walking outdoors.

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Chris Smith started writing about gadgets as a hobby, and before he realized it, he was sharing his views on technical knowledge with readers around the world. Whenever he does not write about gadgets, despite his desperate attempts, he unfortunately cannot stay away from gadgets. But this is not necessarily a bad thing.


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Google will close the Google Shopping app for iOS and Android | Instant News

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If you want to use the Google Shopping app to shop on iOS or Android, you’d better switch to the web version. According to reports, Google will close its “shopping” application within a few weeks.

Found a hint that the axe is coming XDA developers Thursday was coded with a code in the latest version of the Google Shopping app, which allows users to shop in thousands of stores and use their Google accounts to buy goods.The news was later confirmed 9to5Google, Which means that the application will turn black, but will continue to work until June. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Google Shopping is about to disappear.This Web version And the “Shopping” tab in Google search will still be activated.

A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google: “In the next few weeks, we will no longer support the shopping application.” “All the features that the application provides to users can be found on the “Shopping” tab. We will continue to work on the “Shopping” tab. The “Shopping” tab and other Google interfaces (including Google apps) are built into features that make it easy for people to discover and buy products they like.”

The media reported that some users who upgraded to version 59 of the Google Shopping app received a message informing them that the app was unavailable in recent days.

The message read: “The app is currently unavailable, but you can continue shopping on shopping.google.com.”

Given that the web version is almost the same as the app, there is not much to mourn here, which is really surprising considering that it is Google. I am still disappointed by the demise of Google Hangouts and confused as to which Google product is the right choice. (Although there is a guide).

Are you hit by Google Shopping app news? do not be afraid.Will definitely remember it here Killed by GoogleSo far, this large technology giant has decided to record 227 applications, services and hardware.


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LG promises to upgrade the Android OS in the next three years despite the shutdown of smartphones [Update] | Instant News

Since South Korean consumer electronics company LG announced its official withdrawal from the smartphone business earlier this month, users have not known whether they will receive some updates. On April 8th (Thursday), their question had a final answer.

If you are an LG smartphone user now, don’t worry, because this time, the technology giant said it will provide software updates for the Android OS. You can still enjoy upgrades for up to three years.

LG Electronics should still provide necessary OS updates for Android users

(Photo: Screenshot from YouTube/nickscomputerfix)

according to LG News Room, The company’s official news agency is a multinational company based in Yeudo-dong, Seoul, South Korea, which will provide software updates for users with premium LG smartphones.

In addition, the home appliance subsidiary also said that the discount will last for two to three years, so despite recent news that it will exit the world of smart phones, users can still use their devices.

Specifically, mobile phones including Velvet, LG Wing and those belonging to the V series and G series will be the target devices that will receive the Android OS upgrade.

On the other hand, the company also mentioned that mobile models such as K-Series and LG Stylo in 2020 will receive two updates after the announcement. By the end of July, the company’s smartphone business will end.

LG said that due to the saturation of phone competition with technology giants such as Samsung, Apple and Chinese electronics giants such as OPPO and Xiaomi, LG has suffered many difficulties, including losses and declining performance. These companies continue to expand their services globally.

However, it added that it will still resume production of smartphones before the second quarter of this year. This is in line with their obligations when signing contracts with partners and carriers. If you want to buy LG phones, you can still buy those phones in its inventory.

For more details about this announcement, please visit LG’s customer service center.

Please also read: In the past ten years, Dell’s G15 Ryzen gaming laptop has brought back AMD; it is expected to be sold on May 13 for $899.99

Why did LG exit the smartphone business?

In the report The internet LG will focus on production on Monday, April 5 Smart home products For example, speakers and smart TVs.Instead, it will seek to create a large number of products in the following areas robot technology, Artificial intelligence, and even manufacture components for electric cars and other related products.

LG showed the world that environment and technology can live in harmony, so the split of smartphones did not end here. Throughout the service process, the company has recycled more than 20,000 tons of electronic equipment, such as monitors and TVs.

The company’s goal is to prevent solid waste, which can cause harmful emissions of carbon dioxide in the air, which can be converted into more than 55,000 metric tons.

Emissions also come from electricity, which is believed to generate about 9,4,000 houses in the United States each year. If all companies like LG are environmentally conscious, the world will become safer when people enjoy using their electronic products and equipment.

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