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CM announces the formation of a media colony for journalists | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on Wednesday announced the creation of a Media Colony for journalists in the proposed Model City of Peshawar, a one-time special grant of Rs 20 million for the Peshawar Press Club (PPC) and a 100 percent increase in the start-up fund of the Journalists Welfare Endowment Fund.

He made this announcement during a speech at the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected PPC board here, said an official leaflet.

Apart from the Chairperson of the Provincial Assembly, Mushtaq Ghani, CM’s Special Assistant for Information, Kamran Bangash, Information Secretary Arshad Khan, the newly elected PPC President, M. Riaz and Secretary General, Imran Bukhari, as well as a number of journalists attended the ceremony.

The Chief Minister said the KP government was well aware of the problems facing the journalist community, adding all possible steps would be taken to resolve the issue.

He directed relevant officials to the necessary steps to amend the relevant legislation to increase the annual grant-in-aid for PPC and to prepare PC-1 for the establishment of a digital studio there.

Mahmood Khan called the media the fourth pillar of the country and urged the journalist community to play their effective role in projecting the government’s public welfare initiatives.

He said the merger of ex-Fata into Khyber Pakhtun-khwa, completion of the Bus Rapid Transit, Swat Motorway Phase-I and the extension of the Health Card Plus for all provincial residents and other major development projects were among the major achievements of the province. government.

The Chief Minister said that the Rashakai Special Economic Zone was ready to be inaugurated and that hopefully Prime Minister Imran Khan himself would soon start groundbreaking this mega project.

He said the KP government was working on other mega development projects including the Dera Ismail Khan Motorway, Dir Expressway and Khyber Pass Economic Corridor, adding this mega project would help promote large-scale trade and economic activity by integrating various parts of the province. .

Speaking about various economic zone projects in the province, the chief minister stated that the Dera Ismail Khan Economic Zone project, Jalozai Economic Zone and expansion of the Nowshera Economic Zone have been inaugurated while progress in five other economic zones in different regions of the province is ongoing.

On that occasion, the Minister of Home Affairs announced the nomination of the late journalist Fakharuddin Syed for the civilian award who died from the corona virus last year. He also announced Rs200,000 as medical assistance for two sick Peshawar journalists.


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Karachi’s college degrees are in limbo because KU has not announced a policy on a two-year program | Instant News

More than 80 state-run colleges affiliated with the University of Karachi (KU) have yet to announce acceptance to their degree programs for the 2021 academic year due to a decision taken by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) in November last year, which fully enforces degree programs. associate who was introduced in 2011.

KU has not announced its policy on whether its affiliated colleges should offer admission to the traditional two-year degree program that has been canceled by HEC or a two-year associate degree program approved by the commission.

Due to this uncertainty, the fate of thousands of students hangs in the balance. Also no college offers admission to an HEC approved associate program nor can it continue with a traditional BA and BSc or a four-year BS.

“The majority of universities do not have the capacity to initiate a four-year undergraduate program, while the Academic Council of Karachi University held two consecutive meetings held in 2017 against phasing out the two-year bachelor’s and master’s program. On the one hand, HEC has informed students that the two-year degree will not be verified but on the other hand, an affiliated body [KU] not ready to accept the HEC policy, ”said Munir Alam Khan, a senior member of the Sindh Time-Scale Association of Professors and Lecturers (TSSPLA).

He called for initiating the admission process at a public college in Karachi according to a two-year degree program approved by the KU Academic Council. He said that due to the slow admissions process in 2021, a large number of students would turn to private universities and that would, in practical terms, downgrade college degrees to secondary colleges.

HEC Policy

The notification, issued on 17 November 2020, by HEC reads that the commission has removed the program two years after the 2018 academic year and then 2019.

HEC expressed concern in the notification that the two-year program is still being offered by degree-granting universities and institutes, as well as colleges with which they are affiliated.

“In this regard, universities are directed not to offer admission to two years of BA, BSc programs and that the degree will not be recognized by HEC for students enrolled in the program after December 2018,” read the notice. The commission also posted a message on its official website, warning students not to enter into a two-year degree program.

However, HEC has also clarified that colleges can start a two-year associate degree program that was introduced in 2011.

As per the official HEC statement, the decision to abolish the two-year degree program was taken in 2004 with the aim of improving the quality of the degree program to international standards. However, the commission gave the university a transition period until 2016 to phase out the program.

The two-year associate degree program permitted by HEC is a substitute for bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BSC) degree programs and is equivalent to 14 years of education. Upon completion of the associate degree program, graduates can gain acceptance into the fifth semester of the 4-year BS program.

‘Bad decision’

Responding to this, Munir said that TSSPLA did not side with the D3 degree program because an D3 degree was no more than a certificate or diploma. If those with associate degrees want to apply for government or private sector jobs, they probably won’t be considered for jobs, he said.

He said the HEC decision would have a long-term effect on the education system because it would promote a classroom system in education. He added that since public universities do not have the capacity to offer 4-year BS programs and government-run universities have limited seats, the HEC decision will create two classes in society because those who can afford millions will get tertiary education in private institutions and others will . left with only an intermediate certificate.

The decision shows that the government intends to get rid of the education sector and turn education into a money-producing industry, said Munir.

TSSPLA chairman Prof. Muhammad Zafar Yar Khan agreed with Munir. “When HEC discontinued its two-year degree program and formulated a four-year degree program, none of the decision-makers thought that students who could not afford the huge fees would come out,” Zafar said, adding that thousands of students from working-class families would say goodbye to education as a result of the HEC policy.

KU’s establishment

Regarding the termination of the two-year undergraduate program, the minutes of the KU Academic Council meeting stated that affiliated tertiary institutions were formed to share the burden of the university. “Removing college-level undergraduate and master’s programs would mean that students would be forced to travel unnecessary long distances and would put higher education further out of reach of the lower middle class in Karachi, especially for female students,” the document reads. .

“On the one hand, HEC forces universities to increase their income [its] own source, [and] on the other hand [hand]The implementation of this policy will reduce higher education income from its own sources. The university earns more than Rs650 million from affiliated colleges in different heads for conducting exams and overseeing BA, BSc and BCom programs. The university will lose this money if the university withdraws from the graduate program of the affiliated college ”.

The KU exam supervisor, who is responsible for conducting exams at the affiliated colleges, said, “The university has postponed the announcement of admissions to affiliated colleges for the 2021 academic year due to HEC’s new policy. However, the Academic Council will approve the new policy and after that, the admission date will be announced. “

On Friday, the university appointed Prof. Dr. Anila Ambar Malik as secretary of the affiliate committee to deal with the matter.

Give in gradually

Addressing a press conference on February 4, the adviser to the chief minister of Sindh at the university and council, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, called the abolition of the two-year degree program an attack on provincial autonomy. He announced that colleges and universities in Sindh would continue the two-year program under the University Law, 2018.

After Khuhro’s press conference, the provincial government mobilized the Sindh Higher Education Commission and its chairman Dr Asim Hussain approached HEC to address the problem.

However, instead of convincing HEC, Dr Asim appeared to be convinced by the commission as he later issued a statement saying he was not against the four-year degree program.

Also contrary to the stance of the Sindh government, Sindh University on Friday announced temporary admission to associate degree programs at its affiliated colleges.

The Sindh section of the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan also welcomed HEC’s undergraduate policy in a statement.


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JAC announced a nationwide protest for the recovery of missing persons | Instant News

KARACHI – The Joint Action Committee for Shia disappeared people and families of enforced disappearances, while addressing a joint press conference, at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday expressed deep concern over the lack of recovery of their loved ones so far.

Allama Mubashir Hassan, Alimdar Haider, Ali Hussain Naveed said that the government and state institutions responsible are not serious about recovering missing persons. Despite repeated assurances from the authorities, our young people have not been able to reach their homes.

Our concern is increasing with the outbreak of the corona outbreak. The recovery of the lost weighs on our patience. If our youth does not recover by the end of this month, families of enforced disappearances will stage protests across the country starting April 2. He said that they have reached out to every person in power, including state institutions, but this traditional delay with us is being adopted.

People who have been picked up from their homes if they are involved in any crime must be brought to court according to the constitution and the law.

But it’s not over. Even though there have been repeated guarantees from related institutions, missing people are still at large. Instead of making it public, more and more people have been secretly arrested. Every day, innocent people are persecuted by the authorities. He said that if the missing person was guilty, they should be punished according to the law. No one has the power to impose a sentence outside the law. The Joint Action Committee has announced a nationwide protest on April 2 for the recovery of the missing Shiites.


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Political parties intensify their activity when the ECP announces a scheduled poll | Instant News

After the Election Commission of Pakistan announced on Thursday the voting schedule in the Karachi National Assembly NA-249 constituency, political parties have stepped up their activities for the closely watched contest.

The seat was vacant after Pakistan’s Faisal Vawda Tehreek-e-Insaf resigned after casting his vote in Senate elections on March 3. By-election will be held on April 29, according to the ECP. Candidates can submit their nomination documents between March 13 and March 17.

Candidates who withdraw from the contest will be able to retrieve their documents before April 7th. The inspection process will begin on March 25. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Muslim Leagu-Nawaz, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan and the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement are the four main political parties in the constituency.

Vawda won the seat during the 2018 general elections after beating PML-N leader and former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif by a narrow margin. The last NA-249 election has been a tough contest, with Vawda securing 35,344 votes to beat Shahbaz, who garnered 34,626 votes.

TLP candidate Mufti Abid Mubarak and MQM-P candidate Aslam Shah were ranked third and fourth after bagging 23,981 and 13,534 votes, respectively. Syed Ataullah Shah from Jamaat-e-Islami was in fifth place with 10,307 votes, while the People’s Pakit candidate Qadir Mandokhel garnered only 7,236 votes and was ranked sixth in the competition.

ANP and JUI-F officially announced their support for Shahbaz in the constituencies in the 2018 elections.

This time, PML-N has fielded its central leader and former federal minister, Miftah Ismail, for the general election and is confident of getting support from the component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement, especially PPP, ANP and JUI-F. PTI has also started accepting applications of the candidate candidates, and in this case a five-member parliamentary council has been formed to settle a candidate to defend the constituencies.

The council is made up of federal minister Ali Zaidi, PTI president Karachi Khurrum Sher Zaman, former opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi and secretary general Karachi Saeed Afridi. The PPP has also been seeking applications from candidates seeking party tickets for the NA-249 by-election.

On Wednesday, JUI-F held a meeting to discuss the upcoming mid-term elections. The meeting participants chaired by JUI-F West Regency and former MPA Maulana Umar Sadiq discussed the names of potential candidates from the opinion poll. Participants included the party’s secretary general, Maulana Rashid Soomro, former MPA Sadiq and Hafiz Naeem Shomozai.

But Sindh leaders from PPP and JUI-F told The News that their party would withdraw their candidate to support PML-N candidate, Miftah Ismail, following the PDM’s decision to support each other in the opinion polls.


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JI declared a long march on March 14 as part of a movement for Karachi rights | Instant News

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Emir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman announced Monday that the party will hold a massive march on March 14 which will start in Quaidabad and end at the Governor’s Building.

He said the JI movement for Karachi rights aims to solve the problem of every citizen of Karachi, a city called mini-Pakistan where people who speak all languages ​​in the country live.

If Karachi develops, the whole country will develop, said the head of the JI city, adding that for the development and prosperity of Karachi, the party will hold a march on March 14 and announce its future actions at the Governor’s Building.

He directed party workers and officials to make extensive arrangements and preparations for the parade to be successful. He gave a speech at a meeting of party members in Idara Noor-e-Haq.

The JI leader claimed that the party’s movement for Karachi’s rights received an overwhelming response from the public because for years, JI was the only one to bring up the basic issues and problems of the city.

He went on to say that the Karachi people were disappointed with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P). Practically nothing was being done for the Karachi people, he said, adding that the three political parties had only made false promises to the people of the city.

He said that although the federal government, of which PTI and MQM-Pakistan were coalition partners, approved the controversial census results, PPP in the Sindh government also did not take action to correct the flawed census count.

Half of Karachi’s population has been missing from the census count, he lamented when he demanded that the census results be corrected. The PPP is not ready to hold local body elections in Sindh based on the latest census and wants to occupy all local bodies in Sindh, including those in Karachi, the JI leader said.


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