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The police released the KBT members who were arrested for opposing the Gujjar nullah operation | Instant News

Gulberg police released three Karachi Bachao Tehreek members, who were detained for opposing Gujjar nullah anti-encroachment operations Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, a team from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation anti-encroachment department reached the Farooq-e-Azam Colony in FB Area Block-12 with heavy machinery to destroy houses built along the sewer.

KBT organizer Khurram Ali, Abid Asghar and others also visited the site. They told KMC staff that residents had filed a case with an anti-encroachment court, which is likely to arrest the demolition of the house. KBT members said the court had asked for answers from the authorities on April 14 and that until then, the demolition of certain houses had been postponed.

KMC staff told KBT representatives that they did not destroy the house whose owner had been granted a residence permit. But the demolition of the house mentioned by the KBT members has not yet been detained, they said.

There was a heated argument between the two sides, after which KMC officials called the police. Gulberg police reached the venue and detained KBT Chairman Khurram Ali, Abid Asghar, Bashir, Shayan and Sheeraz.

Ali told SAMAA Digital that they went to the Farooq-e-Azam Colony to support residents’ efforts to save their homes.

“I told them that the residents had posted a notice issued to the authorities on their house and asked them to set aside this house for two days,” he said.

KBT organizers accused KMC staff of threatening them with dire consequences before calling the police to arrest them.

KMC Anti-Encroachment Department Deputy Director Masroor Iqbal said staff were busy with the anti-encroachment movement when some people came and tried to stop it.

“One of them, Khurram (KBT organizer) told me to show me the demolition notice of the house and I asked why I had to show him because he is not a resident of the area,” he said.

Iqbal said he told them they would not touch the houses that the court had granted residency permits, but they could not spare the rest.

Khurram and his colleagues attacked KMC staff and he had no choice but to call the police, he added.

However, the police later released the KBT representatives on the guarantee that they would not take over the law or interfere with government business again.


Residents of the Blok-12 and Blok-17 FB Areas filed a case in the anti-encroachment court on April 3, asking him to stop KMC from destroying their homes built on “leased land”.

They said that their plot had been legally leased by the landlord agent and they built their house after fulfilling all the formalities.

The court has summoned the chief secretary of Sindh, director general of the Sindh Authority Katchi Abadi, administrator of the KMC, director of anti-encroachment of the KMC and deputy commissioner of the District Center along with written replies regarding the demolition of houses in these areas.

KMC has been working to expand Gujjar nullah. It is one of three rainwater channels to be widened to ensure smooth flow of rainwater. The other two are Mehmoodabad and Orangi nullahs.

The Sindh government decided to eliminate encroachment around this water channel after the urban floods in August 2020 in the city.


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Four people were trapped after the building collapsed during an anti-encroachment operation | Instant News

KARACHI: At least four people were trapped after a three-story building collapsed in Karachi during anti-encroachment operations around the Orangi nullah City drainage, ARY News reported on Friday.

The multi-storey building collapsed during an anti-encroachment operation to clear up illegal construction near the town of Orangi nullah. At least four people were trapped in the rubble, but rescue teams rushed over and removed three people from the rubble.

The incident occurred in Orangi Town Sector 9. According to local residents, the collapsing incident occurred because Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) staff were inexperienced.

It turned out that the three-story residential building was being torn down by workers using manual tools, not heavy equipment that suddenly hit them. Efforts are being made to rescue other workers trapped in the rubble of the building.




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The massive anti-encroachment operation along Gujjar Nullah started today | Instant News

KARACHI: The massive anti-encroachment operation along the city of Gujjar Nullah was launched from today under the deployment of law enforcement agencies, ARY News reported.

“All preparations have been completed and the encroachment at Gujjar Nullah has been divided into three parts for the trip,” the official said.

Heavy equipment has been deployed at the operation site, which will be led by the senior director of the anti-encroachment department Bashir Ahmed Siddiqui.

The first phase of operations will be launched between Shafeeque More and Landi Kotal Chowrangi, while the second phase will start from Landi Kotal Chowrangi to the DMC office. The third and final phase of the anti-encroachment effort will take place from the DMC office to the Lyari River, according to officials.

The Paramilitary Rangers have been called in to provide security protections for the sake of maintaining law and order. SSP Central and DG Enforcement teams have also been called in for anti-encroachment operations.

Recently, the land and anti-encroachment department has demanded cancellation of leases on plots next to rainwater drains.

In a letter addressed to the Director General Katchi Abadis and the Directorate General Karachi Development Authority (KDA), the anti-encroachment department demanded the cancellation of the land lease agreement adjacent to Gujjar Nullah and Orangi Nullah.

The leased plot is a major hurdle in the implementation of the rainwater drainage expansion project, the letter said. “Work on this project can continue without a hitch after the cancellation of the leased plot.”

The Karachi drainage system is being renovated after heavy rains passed through the monsoon season in the city due to clogged drains and large nullah.

Experts put forward their recommendations suggesting restoration of rain channels and drainage of rainwater in their original form by removing the structures flanked by nullahs.




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More than 70 concrete buildings were destroyed in the Gujjar nullah Karachi operation | Instant News

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation demolished 75 concrete structures during the ongoing anti-encroachment operation along Gujjar nullah.

The operation was launched Thursday. KMC began cleaning up rainwater drains from the Nala Bus Stop in New Karachi.

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui said they were targeting encroachment on the 4 km route from the Nala stop to Shafiq Morr.

“We have completed 90% of the demolition work on the left side of the Prophet,” he said. “About 40% of the work has been completed on the right side.”

Nearly 120 houses and concrete structures are in the 4 km long patch, according to the official. KMC has not dismantled the 45 houses on the right bank of the sewer.

The operation was affected because of the residents’ protests, said Siddiqui. He said the government gave them a payment order, not a compensation check, which the bank didn’t cash out right away.

The 4 km long drainage channel will be cleared of disruption on Saturday, KMC officials said. That part will then be handed over to the Border Works Organization for road construction, he said.

The authorities have decided that the Gujjar nullah construction work will be carried out in conjunction with the demolition process. KMC will hand over the cleared areas to the FWO every three days.

Siddiqui said they had used their own power together with the anti-encroachment team to dismantle the concrete structure.

“We are currently demolishing the concrete structure manually,” he said. “The use of heavy equipment carries the risk of damage outside the marked areas.”

Last week, KMC cleared the channels of all soft encroachment.


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More than 200 illegal farmhouses were destroyed in Malir Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Anti-encroachment operations have started in Malir Karachi to destroy more than 200 illegal farmhouses belonging to influential people including political and religious leaders, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Following orders from the deputy commissioner, anti-encroachment operations were initiated in Malir to destroy more than 200 illegal farmhouses under a decision taken on 11 December 2018 to cancel 30-year leases on government land across Sindh.

The farmhouses are reportedly owned by influential people including political, religious leaders and police. A farm house belonging to the Opposition Leader in the Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh Assembly was also destroyed by the anti-encroachment team.

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The government has leased land for 30 years for agriculture, dairy farming and poultry farming. However, the illegal trade in government land is carried out for commercial purposes.

In addition, DC Malir has also sent letters to related departments, including Deputy Inspector General (DIG) East and Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Malir, Director Anti-Encroachment Cell, Rangers Sindh, Commander Rangers 62 and 42 Wing and others related to further retrieval. of 500 acres of land worth billions during the anti-encroachment movement.

Hundreds of officials from the police and other relevant departments are taking part in the anti-encroachment operation which will continue for one week. The Council of Senior Revenue Members (SMBR) said in a statement that no one would be allowed to occupy government land.

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In a statement, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that his cousin Tariq Qureshi’s farmhouse was being destroyed in Gadap, whereas, heavy equipment was being sent to destroy his brother Azeem Adil Sheikh’s farmhouse in Malir.

Syekh said that the owner had complete documents regarding land ownership, but this action was still carried out by the authorities even though there was a court stay order.

The politician called it a political revenge carried out by the chief minister of Sindh at the behest of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari after he took over as leader of the opposition.




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