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Riverside County Offers Free Foods for Seniors, People with Disabilities – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Riverside County officials on Wednesday shared a list of food sources for seniors and adults with disabilities who might be stuck at home or struggling to buy groceries because coronavirus pandemic.

Through the Riverside Regional Office on Aging, adults over 60 years old or those with disabilities have several options for taking free food or sending it to their doorstep.

“We have a number of programs, depending on the needs of our callers and nutritional risks. We will adjust registration to one or more of these important nutrition programs,” said Gary Robbins, Aging’s deputy director for programs and operations.

Robbins said food demand has tripled in recent weeks, and the department is on average calling nearly 1,200 calls per day.

Kim Tobin reports for NBC4 News at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

Elderly or disabled adults can call 800-510-2020, or visit www.rcAging.org to see if they qualify for the following resources:

  • Grab-and-go meals: Up to seven to two weeks of cooked and frozen food that can be taken.
  • Courtesy pantry: A two-week food supply is sent within five to seven days after being requested.
  • Food delivered at home: One or two weeks of food delivered without person-to-person contact for vulnerable adults.
  • Emergency food: Up to three days direct food is delivered to “fragile” adults and seniors, according to the department.

Local restaurants are also asked to send emails [email protected] if they are interested in participating in departmental programs.


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