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Final Fantasy 7 remake movie soundtrack is now available on streaming service | Instant News

This is a very important week Final Fantasy VII, To say the least.Not only Square Enix Announced New edition FFVII remake For PS5, Called Level conversionBut another The remake series has also been revealed to be moving to mobile devices. However, in many news, the best thing related to iconic games recently may be music.

Since the game’s release last year, Square Enix has announced the game’s official soundtrack after receiving requests from fans Final Fantasy VII Remake Now it will also turn to streaming services. In general, the total score of the game since then appeared on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited. Obviously, in order to listen to the soundtrack on any of these platforms, you must be a subscriber. Despite this, this version still gives music more access from the end of Square than ever before.

Final Fantasy VII For a long time because of its iconic music and brand new Remake Iteration has done an excellent job of bringing these songs into a new era.Have you played FFVIIR Last year or not, it’s hard to deny that Uematsu’s score was extraordinary. In fact, the original soundtrack has received such great acclaim that it won the best music award at the Game Awards only a few months ago.

The best thing about Retaken In addition to these services, it also joined other Final fantasy The soundtrack that already exists on the platform. Therefore, if you are a big fan of the series, now you are very likely to experience your favorite tracks from many different games. Now, we have to blame, and hope that this trend will continue into the future.

So what do you think Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack enters streaming service?Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments or at the top of Twitter @ MooreMan12.


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How to get free Apple TV Plus and who is eligible | Instant News

Apple TV+ (Image source: Reuters)

Since Apple has previously increased the free trial period for streaming media services from October 2020 to February 2021, the current expansion may also apply to customers in India.

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Apple TV Plus free trial subscription has been extended again. Currently, its subscription will be set to members who expire from now to June, and they must not be able to enjoy the free subscription until July 2021.First of all apple The TV Plus free extension expired in February this year and was announced in October. Apple can try its streaming service for free with newly purchased Apple devices (such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc.). Customers need to redeem the offer through the Apple TV app within 90 days of purchase.

According to the 9to5Mac report, Apple TV Plus members whose annual subscription expires between February and June will also receive the same additional month of service at no additional cost. Although Apple has not officially announced this progress, there are reports that the company will begin to notify qualified customers via email in the next few weeks. Apple TV Plus members do not need to do anything from scratch in order to extend the free subscription.

The 9to5Mac report added that, unfortunately, users who cancel the free subscription are not eligible for this offer. Since Apple has previously increased the free trial period for streaming media services from October 2020 to February 2021, the current expansion may also apply to customers in India. However, the company has no official news.

Apple also hopes to continue to seek renewal of existing members after the existing Apple TV Plus subscription expires. The second round of expansion gives the company more time to expand TV Plus content and increase the value proposition of the service, as the company will release new flagship series and movies as well as popular releases for the second season. Some of the notable upcoming films include the Russo Brothers’ Cherry starring Tom Holland. The second season of “All Mankind” and Billie Eilish, a documentary about popular touching, are also in preparation. Streaming services in India start at 99 rupees (monthly) and are also bundled with Apple One subscriptions at a price of 195 rupees a month. One subscription also includes iCloud storage and music subscription.


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Apple sets a single-day spending record on New Year’s Day, highlighting its service in 2020 | Instant News

Apple has Announced today On New Year’s Day, the new single-day expenditure record exceeded $540 million app Store, Because the company celebrated many highlights of its various services in 2020.

Apple announced in its 2020 review that the most downloaded apps this year were Zoom and Disney+, and the games on the “App Store” were “more popular than ever.” Apple revealed that since the “App Store” was launched in 2008, developers around the world have now received more than $200 billion in revenue from digital goods and services. Apple added that in the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, “App Store” customers spent $1.8 billion on digital goods and services, which was mainly driven by games.

2020 too Apple music. More than 90% iOS 14 Listeners have used new features such as “listen now” and “autoplay”, and their interaction with the real-time lyrics feature of ‌Apple Music‌ has doubled last year.

Apple claims Apple TV Now, with the help of select LG, Sony and VIZIO smart TVs and launch functions on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the app is now available on one billion screens in more than 100 countries and regions.

Apple makes fun of it Apple TV+ lineup In 2021, “Dickinson”, “Servant”, “All Mankind”, “Morning Show” and “See” appeared in the second season, as well as “Lost Alice”, “Palmer” and “Cherry.” “

Other highlights include the fact that Apple Books attracted “significant” growth in new customers in 2020, and now attracts more than 90 million monthly active users. Apple Pay Now, more than 90% of stores in the United States, 85% in the United Kingdom and 99% in Australia accept the product.The company also celebrated the successful launch of Apple Fitness+ and emphasized the importance of providing “selected world-class news” in the following ways Apple News.


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Various Persona soundtracks are now available on Spotify and Apple Music | Instant News

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Today, the video game record catalogs of Spotify and Apple Music have improved significantly outside of Japan, in addition to people series.

These soundtracks include person 2, Person 3, Person 4with Person 5And the music in derivative games like that Person Q with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. There are even a few live albums when people can safely attend concerts.

AniPlaylist, music planning service, First discovered the soundtrack,put it together Huge Spotify playlist Make it easier for non-Japanese users to find specific albums and songs. Although there are so many great things to choose from here, I have listed some of my favorites below.

Of course, like Capcom with Final fantasy Before playing music, to fully listen to these tracks, a valid subscription is required.

Hard to refute people Music, even if you don’t like its high school-based role-playing brand. Each track is a confusing battle theme, the perfect combination of melancholic piano melody and ethereal soundscape, so that they can be used as excellent background music in any situation. Do yourself a favor and spin some of these songs at work.


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This is the realm of music brilliance and smarter Alexa, all in one | Instant News

If you want to buy smart speakers, there is no better time than now. This year, Amazon, Apple and Google have all made very important moves in the field of smart speakers, which is a very good choice. Very suitable for competition. This means more choices for you. And the choice is better than before. Amazon’s biggest bet is the latest Echo smart speaker, which actually succeeded not only in the previous version of Echo but also in Echo Plus. Because it is so versatile. Now the fourth generation of the new Amazon Echo speakers are competing with this year’s new products-Google Nest Audio and Apple HomePod Mini. The latter is very impressive in sound, with excellent sound performance and compact size. . Constitutive factors. By not doing anything and quickly refuting the latest Amazon Echo, the company has made its intentions clear. It hopes to maintain the crown of the smart speaker ecosystem. If you want to browse the spec sheet of the new Amazon Echo, it definitely means business. The price of the new Echo is Rs 7,999, which is almost the same as the latest price of the third-generation Echo and Echo Plus before the replacement.

Inside, Amazon Echo (2020) will immediately bring your table, mantelpiece, or entertainment center to your desktop for a serious audio hardware upgrade. Although Echo and Echo Plus are equipped with a 3-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter, the new Echo is equipped with a 3-inch woofer and two 0.8-inch tweeters. By the way, Google Nest Audio also has a tweeter. More audio hardware only means that the sound obtained from the fourth-generation Echo is much wider than before. And considering the impact of the new design, the bass seems to be more powerful than before. It’s not that the Echo suddenly becomes heavy bass, but the subtle dial of the low frequency adds to the fun of listening to music. In terms of design and 360-degree sound attempts, this is not exactly the Apple HomePod Mini, but the new Echo does use a new design to make audio spread better in larger rooms-certainly better than Google. Nest Audio, relatively speaking, it still has a sense of direction. You kind of know where the speakers are sitting and where the sound comes from.

Upgrading from two drivers to three drivers will definitely make a difference. The new Echo is more suitable for larger rooms than before, which means it may just be too much for smaller rooms (like bedrooms). The sound field is wider and everything is more detailed. If you don’t put the Echo on a bookshelf or a shelf with a shell on the side, you can separate the audio well if you keep a certain distance from the speakers. The voice and spoken language are clear, although the mid-range is not always as shiny as the HomePod Mini. Echo can be tuned by Dolby Audio, but the expensive Amazon Echo Studio is not Dolby Atmos, but that is not a breakthrough at all. Back on the sound stage, the new Echo can better handle complex musical performances, and these instruments are now more reproducible and more focused than before. With the previous generation of Echo speakers, their sound on certain tracks is often limited, and the diversity is not always as it should be.

Amazon supports Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana and Hungama Music. In the test, I tried Apple Music and Spotify most of the time, and compared to all other streaming platforms, the former sounded more dynamic and energetic. If you really want to perfect the music game, you can pair two Echo speakers in stereo mode.

Design undoubtedly brings more than just a new visual experience. The location of the audio driver and the fact that it requires an additional driver makes the audio experience much better. The cylindrical shape has been replaced by the current ball, except that it is flattened at the bottom so that it can be placed upright. You will see double-tone decorations, alternating fabrics and plastics. The front is fabric, you can choose blue, black and white. My recommendation is blue, just because it stands out, but no matter what your home decor is or the basic color theme, it doesn’t seem out of place.

Control buttons for volume, motion, and microphone are located at the top, while the well-known LED ring is now located at the bottom of the Echo speaker. It is really well lit, initially, this is the last position you expect. If you put the Echo on the reflector, it can also emit light well.

Smart home controls have always been the party choice for any Amazon Echo speaker or smart display, and the new Amazon Echo is no exception. It has a complete smart home center inside. You can control smart lights, smart plugs, smart devices, etc. through on-demand voice commands or even set time-based routines in the Alexa app. For example, I continue to use the Amazon Smart Plug with time-based routines to turn on the floor lamp at a certain time in the evening and turn it off before bedtime. With the new Echo, I can also call up smart plugs, or actually any smart lights, smart air purifiers, or more devices to turn them on or off at any time.

Amazon Echo 2020

As always, skill is still a very important job in the Amazon Echo smart speaker environment. Basically, this is where a third-party app can plug into your Amazon account, and you just need to use voice commands through the Echo speaker to get the job done. Book a taxi, order food, get the latest sports scores, follow the news and weather, check new recipes, listen to podcasts and more.

The new Echo will also be able to make automatic sound adjustments based on the acoustics and the layout of the room you are placing, which is what we have seen in Echo Studio smart speakers. There is really no way to know how many changes it has made, because you cannot turn it on or off instantly. This processing is handled by the first-generation Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor. Amazon said that this new silicon module is specifically designed to accelerate machine learning applications, which means a powerful inference engine can run quickly. These features include a full neural speech recognition model, which will be able to process requests faster, allowing Alexa to respond more quickly. This is a major update of Alexa this year-conversation response.

Amazon’s focus is trying to make Alexa more human-like. We may not always take each other’s names, but always ask if there is something we don’t understand. You can now talk to Alexa like this, as if it was a conversation instead of issuing a command every time. As time goes by, you use Alexa more and more every day, and it will start to understand the context better.

The last word: this Amazon echo is a change passed on from generation to generation

I didn’t expect to say that, but that is what it means. The new Amazon Echo is a major upgrade to almost all previous Echos and Echo Plus. There is also Google Nest Audio. The new design, updated hardware, Dolby Audio’s audio processing capabilities, and the more conversational Alexa blend together to make it the biggest update of the Amazon Echo speaker ever. Whether you already own an Echo or plan to buy a new smart speaker this year, the fourth generation of the new Amazon Echo will be in your sight. And Apple HomePod Mini. Although Alexa has obvious advantages over Siri in terms of audio, there is a big difference between the two in terms of audio. Yes, if you have heavy bass music in most of your music playlists, Echo will be better.


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