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Apple does not expect the U.S. office to return to normal in 2020 and encourages retail staff in closed stores to work remotely | Instant News

As coronavirus outbreaks continue to intensify across the United States, Apple is closing retail stores and looking for new roles for retail employees, and no longer expects company employees to return to the United States to work on campus in 2020. Bloomberg.

Apple has Forced to close again Many retail stores in the United States have previously reopened, with stores in California, North Carolina, and Florida, and more stores are currently closed. In these places, Apple requires retail employees to work remotely from the company’s home support positions Already provided Since March.

Retail employees can act as support consultants to handle online service requests and questions from customers who cannot receive services in the store. Apple did not make this way of working at home in retail stores a mandatory requirement, but continued to pay employees’ salaries, but Apple is now pushing retail employees to be unable to return to the store to participate in the work-at-home program because it requires customer support representatives to grow As a result, the service wait time is long.

O’Brien said: “If your store is closed, please register “Retail at home” and then contact your manager, because we really need to make sure we mobilize our team to receive customers remotely at this time.” Video. “We may need to work remotely for a period of time.”

O’Brien added: “This is not the experience we want to provide our customers.” “So, we really want to make sure we move to where our customers are to help them at this challenging time. It is well known that people It really depends on their equipment, especially now.”

For retail employees who can return to work, Apple needs to wear a mask. Apple provides a name tag lanyard that can be customized with Memoji to help retail staff more easily recognize it after wearing a mask.

In addition to encouraging retail employees to work from home, Apple has also adjusted its company plan. Apple told employees in a memo that it doesn’t want all of its American office workers to return to work on site before the end of the year.

However, it is expected that Apple’s offices in Europe and Asia will return to normal in the coming months, and all employees will return to work.

Some employees Start back Go to Apple’s Silicon Valley campus in May. Employees returning to work will receive an optional coronavirus test, and Apple will also provide test kits to its retail and in-house employees.

Apple is restricting the number of employees allowed in buildings and specific work areas. In addition, it requires masks and temperature checks.


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Apple Details Safety Measures When Reopening Apple Retail Stores, Including Curbside Picking and Pulling Options | Instant News

Apple Retail & People’s Senior Vice President Deidre O’Brien today was published letter about Apple’s approach to reopening retail stores. O’Brien mentioned that more than 100 stores around the world have reopened the door.

The letter notes that when a store reopens, face masks will be needed for Apple employees and customers. Apple will also provide face coverings for those who do not bring their own.

In addition to facial masks, a temperature check will be carried out at the shop entrance and posted health questions will help in screening people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. O’Brien also mentioned that deep cleaning of surfaces, display products and highly traded areas will often occur throughout the day.

Customers who enter the Apple retail store will have “a lot of space,” according to O’Brien. Apple will limit occupancy at each store, which will help renew Apple’s focus on “one-on-one, personalized service at Genius Bar and throughout the store.”

O’Brien also details Apple’s approach to serving its customers more effectively. As an alternative to entering several physical stores, customers can expect to see pickup and drop-off options for the side of the road. As always, customers can continue to order online for home delivery. After opening his first US store last week, Apple will continue to reopen its US stores gradually.


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Apple will reopen retail stores in Switzerland next week | Instant News

Apple will reopen all four retail stores in Switzerland starting May 12 at 11:00 am, according to BloombergMark Gurman.

Following the planned reopening of all 15 Apple Store in Germany on May 11, Switzerland will follow a day later, reopening all stores in the country. Apple operates four Swiss stores in Zurich, Wallisellen, Geneva and Basel.

‌ Apple Store in Switzerland will follow similar health and safety guidelines used for reopening in South Korea, Austria and Australia. ‌Apple Stores that are reopening will operate at reduced hours and are primarily focused on repairs, with customers encouraged to make online purchases if possible.

The news came after the announcement that Apple would begin reopening United States retail stores Next week, it starts in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. Apple has announced the reopening date for stores around the world almost every day for the past week.


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Apple Will Reopen 21 Retail Stores in Australia This Week | Instant News

Apple will reopen 21 of its 22 retail locations in Australia on Thursday, May 7, according to Apple’s specific website for each store. All shops that reopened will operate in limited hours for now.

The only Apple store in Australia that will remain closed is the Apple Sydney store. As noted by 9to5Mac, the store was closed in January for a major renovation, and there is a possibility that the global health crisis is causing construction delays.

All Apple retail stores in Australia and elsewhere in the world have been closed since March 14, with the exception of stores in Greater China and one store in South Korea reopened in April.

Apple CEO Tim Cook last week said that Apple will reopen the store in Austria and Australia this week, and the only Apple Store in Vienna will be reopened on Tuesday, May 5.

There is still no news when stores in North America will reopen, but Cook also said that Apple plans to reopen several stores in the US starting in May. Store openings will stagger, with Apple evaluating data that includes local guidelines and recommendations before reopening.

Apple plans to reopen stores in city by city, basis by base, and will implement social distance measures. In South Korea, where a store has opened since mid-April, Apple has focused on repairing devices and ordering pickups rather than shopping and exploring standards, and the same protocol is likely to be followed in Austria and Australia.


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