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Assuming that “iPhone 13 Pro” presents a smaller notch and a thicker case | Instant News

A report on Tuesday claimed to have the internal information of Apple’s flagship iPhone product that is expected to be launched in 2021, saying that the upcoming mobile phone series will have a larger “notch” and a slightly thicker chassis than TrueDepth. iPhone 12 Pro.

Citing unnamed sources, 91 mobile phones Report expected “iPhone 13 Professional Edition devices will carry over Follow iPhone 12 Last year’s series.

The rendering provided by the site shows a familiar device with flat sides, a “bump” rear camera, and a thin-bezel display. The only change seems to be the smaller TrueDepth notch when the headset is relocated. So-called”iPhone 13“Leak Earlier today.

Previous rumors indicate that Apple will move small speaker units to key imaging devices such as front-facing color and infrared cameras, thereby pushing audio components further to the top of the iPhone.

The phone is said to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 12 Pro. This is a change from website speculation, which may be to accommodate a larger battery.Analyst’s previous report Ming-Chi Kuo note Apple plans to migrate to space-saving products LCP soft board battery By 2021, although it is not clear how the new technology will affect battery size.

91 mobile phones It is relatively new for Apple Rumor Games and lacks important records in predicting the details of future devices.In other words, the publication does provide Accurate information Around 2020 iPad Air.


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“Full load” expectations: no secrets or hidden messages in Apple event invitations | Instant News

Apple officially announced a new product event, which has caused some fanatical fans to release magnifying glasses and tin foil hats again, desperately looking for clues hidden in the event invitation. These clues simply do not exist and have never appeared.

For an example of the types of “hidden” messages you can find in Apple event invitations, let’s go back to October 2010, when Apple invited members of the press to attend Its “Back to Mac” campaign. At the time, Apple had not announced the name of its next major version. Mac OS X, But the invitation clearly spread it out, peeking at the lion behind the rotating Apple logo.

Calling it “secret” or “hidden” is absurd-the invitation is as subtle as a sledgehammer. Sure enough, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released on October 20, 2010, Sherlock Holmes does not need to completely get rid of the Victorian La-Z-Boy figure.

If you still keep drinking, you can take a look at the Macworld 2008 invitation letter, With the slogan “There is something in the air”. Apple will continue to announce the first MacBook Air At the exhibition, but the invitation letter only uses the thin font and the top of the Apple logo, unless you have a product with “Air” in the product name, there is nothing hidden or particularly insightful about the upcoming hardware. Your event bingo card.

Dating back to October 2001, the first iPod release invitation was accompanied by a slogan: “Reminder: It’s not a Mac.” Similarly, it is not completely hidden or secret when it is clearly reminded for you. That is just an ordinary trailer.

Apple likes to use funny word games to cause buzz to laugh at what it will display at the event, but Apple is smart enough not to go beyond this range. Inviting fans to detect with hidden information will make rumors, speculations and expectations out of control. Moreover, Apple is not interested in over-hype incidents, it just disappointed them in the end.

Lift the veil of the first generation IPad In January 2010. The invitation letter says: “Come and see our latest work”, With a white Apple logo on it, splashed with paint. There are rumors that it is clear that Apple will announce a tablet computer (the invitation letter basically confirms this), but speculation about the invitation letter is still crazy, and fans are trying to find something that doesn’t exist.

A popular theory is Picked up Los Angeles Times And other major news media: The splash of paint may hint at the product name of the upcoming tablet: “Apple Canvas”. Do not. That’s far away.

Or consider Apple’s September 2015 event, iPhone mobile phone Was announced.This Cheeky invitation: “Hey Siri, give us a hint” Lead people to speculate on Apple’s Siri voice assistant May be overhauled. Siri did play a role in the event-even on battery power, the iPhone 6s series allows the always-on “Hey Siri”, while the new Apple TV With Siri integration function. But this is not the fantasy makeover that some people get from the invitation, and Siri is certainly not the focus of the speech.

Last September, Apple issued an invitation to participate in the event The slogan “Time Flies” written on it, Obvious Apple WatchThe timing device will be the highlight of this event, as Covid-related delays delayed the launch of the new iPhone to October. The answer is right before our eyes, but there are still crazy guesses.

You will find that in this case, the “Time Flies” event invitation does have a Little secret -Click the logo on Apple’s website on the updated iPhone or iPad, allowing users to view the logo in augmented reality. That’s it. There is no big revelation, no deeper mystery.

That didn’t stop The internet From the suggestion The “hidden clues” in the invitation may suggest new clues ARKit Features announced at the event, or features that have long been rumored by the company Augmented reality headset The veil can be lifted. After all, the time-of-flight sensor on the new camera improves AR technology, and the slogan “time flies” may imply this. There is still no such announcement.

Apple event invitations are fun and smart, but they are not meant to be a mysterious box with deep and secret secrets about the meaning of life, let alone the next iPad. Most of what you see is what you get. Leave your detective expenses in the escape room.

For the event next week on April 20th, Called “spring loaded” The invitation contains colorful swashes in the shape of the Apple logo-you might use Apple pencil On the iPad. The waveform is also spring-like. get it? “Spring-loaded”? Very smart, that’s all.

In other words, don’t expect to have Apple headphones or Apple Pogo Stick.


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Pro Display XDR’s marketing drops the ‘far beyond HDR’ label in the UK | Instant News

Apple has changed the way files are marketed Pro Display XDR in the UK following a complaint to advertising regulators, no longer using the words “Far beyond HDR” to describe the screen.

Apple’s Pro Display XDR is impressive powerful monitor, capable of displaying HDR10 content as well as Dolby Vision and HLG playback. While Apple routinely proclaims display excellence, it should at least change its message in Great Britain.

Following a complaint filed with the Advertising Standards Authority, Apple has updated its website to remove the phrase “Far beyond HDR” from Pro Display XDR descriptions. The second paragraph on the page omits terminology from the final statement, which previously read “Far beyond HDR, it’s Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR).”

ASA website shows Apple is the subject of a complaint that was “resolved informally” on April 7. This refers to a situation where ASA and the companies involved agree to small changes that do not require a full investigation or a more formal, public decision.

Regulator confirmed to 9to5Mac that the complaint in question is about the marketing of the Pro Display XDR, and that ASA asked Apple not to use the three-word statement.

This is not the only change made to the Pro Display XDR page which includes the United Kingdom. A footnote has been added to his description of the P3 wide color gamut, making it clear that the display covers 99% of the color space.

Apple made changes only to the UK page for the Pro Display XDR, as ASA only regulates domestic marketing. The same page for other regions remains unchanged.


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Sony plans to increase its efforts to bring PlayStation series products to the iPhone | Instant News

Sony hopes to expand its mobile game workload and publish a job advertisement, indicating its intention to enable many PlayStation franchises to be played on it iPhone And the future iPad.

jobs advertising Looking for someone to serve as the “Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Studios” in California. The list states that the candidate will “lead all aspects of game development, from consoles and PCs to mobile and real-time services”, but the focus is on “successfully adapting the development of PlayStation’s most popular mobile game.”

The successful applicant will also be responsible for “building and expanding the mobile leader team” and will serve as the “head of the new business unit of PlayStation Studios.”

Judging from the job advertisement, Sony is eager to accelerate the development of its mobile games, but it may take some time to appear. European games Report roadmap The mobile business roadmap will last three to five years.

The PlayStation Mobile release tag already exists and works, and has produced some mobile games, including “Run Sackboy! Run!” with “Unknown: Fortune Hunter” among them. It has also served as the publisher of certain PC ports of PlayStation games, including “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Everyone Struggles for Running”.

Sony used to have an important position in the field of mobile games, such as the Xperia Play smartphone and its handheld game consoles PlayStation Portable and PS Vita. You can also use the following devices to play PlayStation games on your iPhone or iPad: Remote playback application Stream from the console over the network.

Sony is also rereading the path that Nintendo has already taken. In 2017, Nintendo began to release iPhone games based on major franchises, such as “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Well received By the public.


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Will Apple Arcade’s new big game expand the service’s appeal? | Instant News

Apple Arcade is massively expanding its offering this month. The ever-expanding service added more than 30 games in early April, and the offering features heavy hitters that will keep core players noticed.

It’s an essential mix of mobile classics like “Monument Valley” and blockbusters like “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition”. The company even added titles based on timeless entertainment like chess and crossword puzzles. The diverse portfolio caters to a wide audience and makes the $ 4.99 per month subscription service an attractive offering. It also raises the question: If Apple made it, would gamers come?

These new additions are a sign that Apple is providing a wider net for the service. The older generation may like the idea of ​​the Eternal Classics category. Think of it as a service version of Nintendo that is really great “Club House Games: 51 Classics Worldwide.” It creates virtual versions of backgammon, crossword puzzles, and solitaire.

This version of the game was created by a third-party developer, but some of the offerings have a classic twist. For example, “Really Bad Chess” by Zach Gage upsets the concept of rooks, knights, and queens by creating an imbalance.

“People are fascinated by chess, but pure justice makes people uninterested,” said Gage. “That’s the idea of ​​justice. We want the rules of the game to be fair. “

But that makes the game play unfair. He mentioned the underdog idea and David and Goliath. “We prefer it when there is injustice.”

“Really Bad Chess” by Zach Gage changes the traditional rules of Chess by creating an imbalance. (Apple)

To create a more interesting scenario in “Really Bad Chess,” Gage creates a board where you have four queens and four knights and your opponent has a lot of pieces. He mixes the pieces. At first, players have cards that are too strong, but as the player increases in the game, it becomes more challenging as the board tilts against them.

“It’s rude but loyal to play it,” he said.

The second group of people targeted by the service may have grown up on mobile gaming or have turned into gaming fans since the App Store opened in 2008. They are people who like “Angry Birds” or “Crossy Road”. For this audience, Apple Arcade created another category called App Store Greats.

The offerings here have a different taste. It’s a game made for mobile and takes advantage of the iPhone and iPad touch screens. That means they’re easy to pick up and play with as well as great for bite-sized fun. Players don’t have to block the afternoon to play it. The levels are short and the experience is good enough to make the train ride home fast past.

Monument Valley Apple iPhone Arcade
“Monument Valley” is one of the main additions to Apple Arcade. It’s part of the App Store’s Great category. (Apple)

The Greats App Store includes things like “Threes!” The original number slider game is addicting and is a type of puzzle game that players can master for hours. Meanwhile, “Fruit Ninja Classic” is one of those games that showcases the potential of the iPhone’s touch screen interface, making for an easy-to-learn game using your fingers to cut melons like a ninja.

Even though these games have been popular, “Monument Valley” is an instantly recognizable title and one of the most important projects on the platform. It’s been downloaded 73 million times and comes to Apple Arcade with all the bells and whistles.

That’s one of the advantages of a subscription service. No advertising or additional fees. What players get is a complete, selfless experience. What it means for “Valley of the Monuments” is that in Apple Arcade it includes downloadable content such as Ida’s Dream and Forgotten Shores.

The approach to gaming is almost a throwback to the old console days. Before the title can be patched if something goes wrong, the title comes out complete on the disc and cartridge. Players don’t have to worry about buying expansion packs to play with their friends or continue the story. The game comes in a box, it works and the players enjoy the finished experience.

World of Demons at the Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade’s “World of Demons” has a visual style reminiscent of the cult favorite “Okami”. (Apple)

Such an approach will appeal to both core and old gamers, whose Apple Arcade is currently dating its Apple Originals. It’s not a new category on the service itself but is reloaded with a number of headlines that will appeal to this crowd.

Platinum Games, makers of hits like “Bayonetta” and “NieR: Automata”, released “World of Demons”. It looks like the sect’s favorite “Okami” and that shouldn’t come as a surprise as game director Hideki Kamiya is one of the studio’s founders. “Demons” brings a console feel with fast-twitching button pounding swordplay, but it has mobile elements like confrontation and bite-size levels. Best of all it works with the controller, for the console it feels on mobile.

For older players, “The Oregon Trail” might be a good afternoon of entertainment. The visuals and some gameplay mechanics have been changed, but it’s basically the same game fans played on the Apple II computer. Players will appreciate the beautiful graphics that go far ahead of the green-and-black images they saw in their childhood.

Fans of “Final Fantasy” should check out “Fantasy” Mistwalker. This is a role-playing game that brings back series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu. What’s important about this RPG is that the scenery is created through real-life dioramas, where characters are placed. It’s an unusual mix of practical and computer-generated effects that combine to tell a riveting story mixed with the mechanics of battle.

Southern Forest in Fantasian
“Fantasy” combines real-life dioramas with computer-generated visuals for a unique experience. (Apple)

While all of these games will appeal to core gamers, the one that may find the biggest audience is “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition”. According to all accounts, this is the full version of the core game. It owns all NBA teams, multiplayer and MyCareer. It works with any touch screen controller or control.

Parts of games like MyCareer are stripped down a little. It still has the feel of a basketball RPG but the story is told through voice narration, not through cutscenes.

What’s important is that being an Apple Arcade game, there are no microtransactions. It’s something that comes packaged with the console version. It makes Apple Arcade games feel like a purer version of the experience. Players can simply tap the game icon and play without worrying about spending extra money. VC is still in the game but is awarded as normal points are used to upgrade characters. Players will not pay more money to strengthen their avatars; instead, it happened through casual campaign play.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
“NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition” delivers console-quality visuals without the headache of microtransactions at Apple Arcade. (Apple)

As for online mode, Tyler Nation, vice president and head of mobile at 2K, says Visual Concepts tries to make matchmaking fair by pitting players on controllers against players on controllers and players on Mac against players on Mac. Online games are the main attraction of this franchise.

All of these additions give Apple Arcade a roster of over 180 games. This is a catalog that is more interesting than ever and is part of a bigger trend. Gaming companies like Microsoft invest in their own subscription services and buy studios and make deals for the content. It’s part of a process that will make the gaming world five years from now look more like Netflix.


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