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This is all you need to know about the Big Tech antitrust hearing | Instant News

A little accountability system will definitely be good now.

Wednesday Congressional hearing, Will see the CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google testify before the House Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee, which may provide an opportunity. The hearing focuses on the company’s respective market dominance and anti-competitive practices. This hearing will give frustrated members of Congress the opportunity to destroy some of the most talented people in the world. And, if you are lucky, it will help solve a series of antitrust problems faced by all four technology giants.

Of course there is Participating members Including Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who submitted a Criminal referral Against Mark Zuckerberg-the hearing may be a long, lengthy sentence myth Social media favors conservatives.

If the senior members of the subcommittee more or less maintain the subject of the hearing, this is why you should be paying attention-why Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook all have many answers.


The main problem facing CEO Jeff Bezos will be what Amazon calls data collection, which is collected from companies that use its business platform to create and sell competing products. It is worth noting that Amazon has long denied that it has done so-past and current sellers (and past Amazon employees) have disputed this claim.

in January of this year, PopSockets CEO and inventor David Barnett (David Barnett) spoke to the Congressional Subcommittee on BBQ Bezos on Wednesday and described what he called Amazon’s predatory behavior.

Barnett explained: “We have repeatedly found that Amazon itself has purchased counterfeit products and sold them together with our own products.” He added that business dealings with Amazon can basically be attributed to “bullying with a smile.”

Not only that, PopSockets also received this treatment from Amazon. In April, of Wall Street Journal Reported Amazon uses seller data (some of which is proprietary data) to inform the production and pricing decisions of many Amazon-branded products, including car trunk organizers and office chair cushions.

“We know we shouldn’t do this,” a former Amazon employee told the media Log“But at the same time, we are producing Amazon-branded products, and we hope they can be sold.”

In June, we learned that officials in California and Washington reportedly Investigate Amazon Its anti-competitive behavior.


The social media giant inflated its video viewing metrics for more than a year Up to 900% And in the process directly caused Thousands of jobs, Is currently involved in an ongoing antitrust investigation. Therefore, it makes sense that Mark Zuckerberg will be one of the four CEOs attending Wednesday’s hearing.

According to reports, the current investigation of Facebook led by the Federal Trade Commission is completely separate from another FTC investigation, which led to Fined $5 billion Filed a lawsuit against Facebook in 2019. A subsequent investigation determined that Facebook violated the 2011 settlement with the FTC on user data. Although the exact details of the ongoing investigation have not been disclosed, New York Times report It may focus on Facebook’s use of acquisitions to suppress competitors.

Think facebook Purchased in 2014 Buy WhatsApp for $16 billion, or Acquired in 2012 Acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

This will undoubtedly be the focus of many issues at Wednesday’s hearing.

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg may consider surfing with electric hydrofoils in Hawaii for a day.

Image: Tom Williams/Getty

Next is Facebook’s dominance in digital advertising. At the end of 2019, the UK Competition and Market Authority Published midterm report claim”[Facebook and Google] Now, they are so big and have such extensive data access rights that potential competitors can no longer compete on an equal footing. “

The report pointed out that Facebook occupied “50% of the nearly £5 billion display advertising market” in the UK.

The report continued: “The weakness of digital advertising competition will increase the prices of goods and services across the economy, and damage the ability of newspapers and other companies to produce valuable content, thereby harming society as a whole.”

The idea that Facebook is “harmful to the wider society” is likely to come under fire on Wednesday.


by app Store, Apple controls its ecosystem, determining which applications can and cannot thrive on hardware products such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This control measure has allowed Apple to conduct at least one overseas investigation- Launched last month -By the European Union. Now, on Wednesday, members of Congress will question whether Apple CEO Tim Cook’s control of the Apple App Store gives Apple a greater unfair advantage over third-party app developers.

At least, the App Store provides a huge source of income for Apple. In most App Store sales, the company’s cuts ranged from 15% to 30%. Companies like Spotify Refer to By forcing the use of Apple’s payment system (and paying corresponding fees), its own products have become more expensive than Apple’s competing music apps.

“If we choose not to use Apple’s payment system,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said in March 2019 blog post, “Abandoning fees, Apple subsequently imposed a series of technical and experience restrictions on Spotify.”

Recently, Apple has It is said to require The coronavirus pandemic forced ClassPass to take classes online, resulting in a 30% reduction in ClassPass.


Google search was once considered to be the most effective way to find information on the Internet, but it has become a swollen tool. Critics argue, To a large extent prefer their own services. In addition, Google’s control of the Android mobile operating system is said to allow it to launch its own products at the expense of competitors’ prices.

In 2018, the European Commission Google fined 4.34 billion euros Violation of antitrust rules. Specifically, it found “[since] In 2011, Google imposed illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators to consolidate its dominant position in general Internet searches. “

See also: CEOs of large technology companies will face claims of “anti-conservative bias” at the hearing. They are BS and very dangerous.

According to an expert, this modus operandi continues to this day. Flag survey. The report was released on Tuesday and quantified how active Google is to promote itself.

The report said: “Google assigns 41% of the first page of search results on mobile devices to its own attributes and so-called “direct answers.” These answers are filled with information copied from other sources, sometimes without their own. Informed or agreed.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai apparently has done the work for him.

You can watch the hearing live on July 29 at 9 a.m. Pacific time.


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It is said that photos of the 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” display pop up on Chinese social media | Instant News

A pair of pictures popped up on Chinese social media, and the poster claimed that they were parts pre-installed on the smallest iPhone, said to be in “iPhone 12“Line up.

These images, published by “Seekdevice” on Weibo, depict a screen component with a familiar notch, but excluding the TrueDepth camera and other sensors.

Allegedly released a 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” screen assembly on Chinese social media

apart from Social media postsFor unknown reasons, these images were also briefly posted to Slashleaks before being deleted.

The leaker has a good track record of accuracy, especially concerning iPhone and other mobile device screens. According to the edited data, the source of the photos cannot be verified at this time. They may be used in counterfeit iPhones or other devices with notches.

Allegedly 5.4 inches

Allegedly released a 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” screen assembly on Chinese social media

Apple is expected to release four new models as part of its “iPhone 12″ product line. Specifically, the alleged product lineup includes the lower-priced 5.4-inch “iPhone 12”, 6.1-inch “iPhone 12 Plus”, 6.1-inch “iPhone 12 Pro” and 6.8-inch “iPhone 12 Pro Max” which are said to be described here. .”

All four models are considered to have OLED display and 5G connectivity. The low-end model is rumored to have a dual-camera setup and 4GB RAM, while the Pro model may be equipped with a triple-lens camera, 120Hz ProMotion display and 6GB RAM.

There have been rumors recently that the device will Launched on September 8, Shipped from late September to early November.


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Apple Insider reveals surprising new iPhone 12 version | Instant News

we Almost all know About Apple The redesigned iPhone 12 series Except for the release date. But now we have it, which is surprising.

More on ForbesThe new iPhone 12 Pro Max Renders shows the best look of Apple’s new iPhone

Apple insiders are eye-opening Hacktu Not only will the iPhone 12 series be released on time, it will be the earliest flagship iPhone event in many years. In addition, Apple will use it as the first of two conference events this year, when there will be new iPhones, iPads, the first Apple Silicon Macs, AirPower and the next generation of Apple Watch.

To break this down, iHacktu revealed that Apple will hold the iPhone 12 launch event on September 8. Only iPhone 7 (September 7) has been released since the iPhone moved to the Q3 window nearly ten years ago. Informed sources said that in addition to the new iPhone, Apple will also announce the sixth-generation Apple Watch, the new entry-level iPad and its long-awaited AirPower wireless charging pad.

After that, iHacktu claimed that Apple will hold its second hardware event on October 27th. It will launch the new iPad Pro, the first Apple Silicon-based Mac (MacBook and MacBook Pro), and possibly even Apple Glass. The last of these voices is out of reach, but the fourth quarter of 2020 is the previous date Reveal Written by Jon Prosser, he is arguably the most accurate Apple leaker of the year.

However, when I returned to iPhone Land, the real shock was that considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global manufacturing industry, Apple managed to avoid delays and instead accelerated the release. However, what remains to be seen is the tight supply in the weeks after the release (date yet to be confirmed). The previous report stated that the unit may be in Short supply until November.

Either way, expect the iPhone 12 series to sell like hot cakes. Despite recent concerns about them Display limit with Battery capacity is reduced, The product lineup will be Apple’s first 5G iPhone (There are two variants),deliver The biggest design change Provide four models in three generations Two new screen sizes, New camera technology with Undercut competitors’ prices This is the first time in iPhone history.

So now that you can circle your calendar, it’s time to get very excited.


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The new iPhone 12 Pro Max Renders shows the best look of Apple’s new iPhone

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Cook’s U.S. antitrust hearing is rescheduled on July 29 | Instant News

The postponed U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee sets a new date for antitrust hearings with Apple CEO Tim Cook As well as heads of other technology companies, executives will participate in the hearing on July 29.

Originally scheduled for Monday, July 27, House Judiciary Committee Postponed the meeting To accommodate the later memorial service Rep. John Lewis, The date is set on the same day. The postponement was announced on Friday without a set date, but it was revealed on Saturday that there was only a two-day delay, and the postponement was carried out on Wednesday.

Cook will appear with Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Council of Chiefs is part of the meeting, and they will testify to the House Antitrust Subcommittee to prove the company’s power in competition and the overall market.

The legislators of the subcommittee are expected to release reports and propose new antitrust regulations within a period of time after the collective dialogue with the CEO. The report itself has been postponed and was originally scheduled to be released in April, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced the plan to change.


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German corona virus tracking application criticized for failure warning | News | DW | Instant News

German Coronavirus application to track infections did not work well for up to five weeks because of problems affecting millions of Android and Apple devices, German media reported.

Initially, the picture The daily newspaper said, Samsung and Huawei cell phone users, among other things, did not send a warning if they made contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

This problem was confirmed by the Ministry of Health, which acknowledged that some Android operating systems have blocked applications from the background to save power.

Read more: The first day using the German corona virus tracking application

There is no warning that the application is corrupt

“There are indeed problems with previous versions of Corona-Warn-App in terms of background updates on Android devices,” a spokeswoman for SAP software producers, who worked with the German government to develop applications, told picture on Friday. The ministry said the problem had been fixed.

Then Friday, the news site Tagesschau reported that the same problem was experienced by iPhone users.

“There are problems, and I really hope that they will be resolved very, very quickly or that we will find effective solutions to get functionality up and running,” said Thomas Klingbeil of SAP. “The problem we have is that background updates don’t seem to be called by the operating system.”

Tagesschau said the developer had told Apple about this problem, and said the tech giant recognized a bug in the iOS operating system.

The German corona virus tracking application works by exchanging anonymous codes with other smartphone users who come within 2 meters (6.5 feet) for a period of 15 minutes or more.

When someone notifies an application that they tested positive for COVID-19, a notification is sent to those around that person.

The codes are exchanged whether the application runs in the background or not. But if the background update function is disabled, notifications about the risk of potential infections cannot be sent. Affected users will only be warned if they open the application.

Read more: Mandatory COVID-19 tests urged to return on vacation in Germany

Call for transparency on COVID-19

Jens Zimmermann, center-left SDP spokesman for digital policy, called for “a quick explanation” from Health Minister Jens Spahn.

“It is very annoying that the politician responsible is hearing about this from the media,” he told Reuters news agency. “I want to see open communication from the Ministry of Health.”

In its statement, the ministry stressed that the problem was the regulation of Android, which could have an impact on any application. It said the problem was resolved with a new version of the application which was released on Wednesday.

RKI reported in mid-July that a voluntary search application had been made downloaded about 16 million times since it was launched in mid-June.

German authorities hope the device will help track the virus better and break the chain of infection when cities remove restrictions and return to normal life.

Germany has so far registered more than 205,000 corona virus infections and 9,120 deaths, according to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

nm / mm (Reuters, AFP)


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Tesla Has Giant Enthusiasts: German VW | Instant News

Text size


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Apple “paralyzed” App Store price cut by 30% | Instant News

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) said appleThe App Store is an “absolute monopoly”, GoogleLast Friday, at CNBC’s Squawk Alley, Android’s control of Android “essentially killed competitors’ stores,” and his voice increased the voice of opponents before the CEO testified before Congress in the following weeks.

Privately owned Epic Games is the publisher and developer of Fortnite, which has always been one of the most profitable apps in the mobile app store. But because Fortnite’s in-app purchases are digital goods such as character clothing, according to store policies, both Apple and Google cut game revenue by 30%.

Sweeney told CNBC’s Julia Boorstin: “Apple locked in and destroyed the ecosystem by inventing an absolute monopoly on software distribution and software monetization.”

In 2019, the company released Epic Game Store, a platform for distributing software on Windows and Mac computers, where the main selling point of game developers is a 12% reduction in fees collected from sales.

But the Epic Game Store has not yet been launched on the iPhone because Apple has strict guidelines prohibiting competition for software stores on the App Store.

Sweeney said: “By excluding competitors from all aspects of the business they protect, they prevent the entire business and applications from being swallowed by their ecosystem.”

In addition to Fortnite, Epic also produces Unreal Engine, which makes it easier to make 3D-based video games. The company’s market value is Sony Earlier this month, US$250 million was invested. Tencent Is also a major shareholder.

Google also

The barber said in June The company still plans to introduce the Epic Games Store to Android. In a CNBC interview on Friday, he pointed out that Google also has rules that complicate the release of the product.

Sweeney said: “Google essentially intends to kill competing stores through user interface barriers and obstacles.”

Previously, Epic Games released Fortnite as a “side-loading” installation, without the need to download it through the Google Play app store, allowing the company to avoid Google cutting costs by 30%. But the installation process is not simple, so it is not conducive to adoption. Google eventually accused the Fortnite installer of security vulnerabilities. Fortnite was launched on Google Play earlier this year.

In the end, one of Sweeney’s biggest complaints revolved around the 30% charge that Apple and Google charge for in-app purchases. On the iPhone, users are required to pay for digital goods through Apple’s App Store payment system. Applications that circumvent this mechanism can be deleted from the App Store. Google requires developers to also use Google Play for billing. other apps Companies that make money through apps like Tinder’s publisher Match Group have also publicly criticized the 30% fee.

Earlier this week, Apple releases paid research This shows that its iPhone App Store has no substantial differences in practices or fees from competitors (including Google).

Sweeney said: “If every developer can accept their own payment and exempt Apple and Google’s 30% tax, we can pass on the savings to all of our consumers, and the participants will get the goods. Better deals. And you will face economic competition.”.


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Apple iOS 14 Beta 3: What’s new? | Instant News

key point

  • Apple recently released the third iOS 14 Beta, bringing many adjustments and new features
  • Users can now share Apple Music playlists, songs and albums directly from the “Music” app to Snapchat Stories, and can use Display Zoom on iPhones with 5.8-inch screens
  • Public iOS 14 Beta may be released soon

Apple recently released the third iOS 14 beta for all developers. The Beta will be released about two weeks after the second Beta, and will be released together with other Betas of watchOS 7, tvOS 14, and macOS 11 Big Sur.

The third beta version has a series of changes Apple made to iOS 14. Here is a quick tour of some adjustments Apple Insider Found in iOS 14 beta 3.


The following are some new adjustments to applications and application libraries:

  • When accessing the application library for the first time, a new pop-up window will appear.
  • Users can now access the context menu of application icons in the Application Library list view.
  • The media library view in the music app now has a new app icon.
  • Now, the background of the “music” icon is red instead of white, and has white notes.
  • Users can now share Apple Music playlists, songs and albums to Snapchat Stories directly from the “Music” application.
  • The Health app now provides users with an option to remind them to wash their hands when they go home.

small parts

Here are some changes to the iOS 14 widgets in the third edition:

  • When the widget editor is launched for the first time, a new pop-up window will appear.
  • Now, when the user enters the jog mode from the home screen, the widget will jog.
  • Music widgets now have new colored backgrounds, such as music icons.
  • The Clock application now has a widget.
  • The screen time widget has been redesigned.
  • iPadOS now has a “weather” widget.

the main screen

  • Apple also added a new pop-up window that will be displayed on the screen when the user tries to edit the home screen.

Other adjustments

Apple has also made other adjustments to the third version of iOS 14 beta, such as:

  • Users can now use Display Zoom on iPhones with the following features 5.8 inch screen. These include iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Now, the new mask for Memoji covers more details.
  • Added support for on-device conversion, thereby eliminating the feature’s dependence on remote servers and mobile data.
  • 3D Touch has been temporarily deleted.

These functions are in addition to those already introduced iOS 14 Beta 2. Apple is expected to release new products iOS 14 public beta, But the exact date of its arrival is not yet known.

2020 iPhone SE Picture: Apple


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Apple’s radical new iPhone takes shape | Instant News

Update 07/19 as follows. The post was originally published on July 16

Have Many details in place For Apple The upcoming iPhone 12 series,There’s some left Major omission. Until now.

More on ForbesApple iPhone 12 redesign displayed in eye-catching rendering

Among the most complete videos to date, the popular YouTube channel Acidity technology Bringing together all the content to create the most detailed and comprehensive iPhone 12 Pro rendering I have ever seen. It has enabled the generation of iPhones to be completely renovated for generations.

Update 07/18: After Apple Chipmaker TSMC commented on its quarterly earnings conference call, another important part of the iPhone 12 puzzle is now grouped together. According to the highly respected technology website Phone ArenaTSMC revealed that its five nano-chipsets (note: Apple’s A14 chip is the only 5-nanometer chipset currently in mass production by the company) are 15% faster than 7-nanometer chips (used in the iPhone 11 series), but Power consumption is reduced by 30%. These numbers should catch people’s attention because the popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro reported earlier this week that the A14 chip will provide Huge performance leap It is equivalent to the achievement of Apple A11 chip on A10. The iPhone 8’s A11 chip is not much faster in single-core operation, but it is much higher in power efficiency, which leads to a huge increase in multitasking performance (about 70%)-Apple hopes that this way Expand this performance. IPhone 12 Pro RAM increased significantly this year. Therefore, the star of the show may ultimately be the internal structure of the iPhone 12 series, rather than the excessive external redesign that it discusses.

Update 07/19: Apple chip maker TSMC has revealed more details about its upcoming hardware. Found Apple Insider, TSMC said that it is close to completing the 3nm process, which will replace the new 5nm process, which will be used to manufacture the upcoming iPhone 12 series Apple A14 chipset. Although the 5nm chip has been significantly improved on the 7nm process of the A13 chipset of the iPhone 11 lineup, TSMC claims that 3nm will provide additional performance improvements, up to 15%, and energy efficiency up to 25%. The latter is the most exciting gain, because Apple can choose between extending battery life or increasing clock frequency to obtain greater performance gains without causing battery damage. TSMC said that the 3nm chip will be available in 2022, which means that the A15 chipset in the iPhone 14 will appear to be the first smartphone to benefit.

What immediately stands out is Seriously leaking angular chassis design This will allow Apple to draw inspiration from the popular iPhone 4 and flat iPad Pro series. But what these misses are missing, and Enoylity brings with Apple’s new quad-core camera setup Brand new LiDAR sensor And a smaller gap-It is understood that Apple is shrinking the iPhone X by three generations.

In addition, Enoylity has made further progress by modeling the internal model of the iPhone 12 Pro and drawing attention to the new Apple A14 chip. It is understood that the chip can provide Increased seismic performance On A13. But this is not good news.

Although it does not affect impressive visual effects, Enoylity proposes two main functions that are questionable. First, you can now display 120Hz ProMotion as Postponed until 2021. Second, the battery capacity of all new iPhone 12 models seems to be available Short, severe vibration. YouTuber has also added padding specifications to the camera module because these details are still unknown (although some details May lower the jaw) No, you will not get pink!

That is to say, these renderings put an iPhone together, and its inside and outside look really impressive, and Wider range of sizes with Lower price point Exceed anyone’s expectations. If Apple can overcome its seemingly Battery failure decision With smart hardware and software, the iPhone 12 series looks like a smartphone to be purchased in 2020.


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“Behind the Mac” video shows the working process of James Blake, Tyler Mitchell | Instant News

Apple will add two other videos to its “Behind Mac” campaign, one of which continues to make music at home with James Blake, and the second video is a portrait series made by photographer Tyler Mitchell.

on July 8, Apple released a video under the “Behind the Mac” series, in which James Blake (James Blake) through Logic Pro X work in his Los Angeles home studio, MacBook Pro. The follow-up report released last Saturday details the operation of the Grammy Award winner on the keyboard and Mac.

The video viewer watched the musician for the entire 24 hours, showing him the process of creating the melody on the piano and then looping and changing the sound in Logic Pro X. The level of musical instruments and vocals has been added to MacBookPro, and the final track has just finished after 1 am

The second video is the work of New York photographer Tyler Mitchell, who is famous for his Vogue cover photo of singer Beyonce. Mitchell filmed for 24 hours in a similar way through a remote camera. People searched magazines and documents for inspiration and edited mood boards for the new portrait series.

The annotations for the desired series are done on a MacBook, which is also used to select the final image from the shot and edit it in Photoshop. Similarly, Mitchell was shown working late into the night to complete the portrait.

Debut In 2018, “Behind Mac” is a series designed to show creative people the process of using Mac to make works. By 2020, the series so far includes Grammy-nominated music producers Warren Oak Field Director of Japanese animated film “Your Name” Xinhaicheng.


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