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Has Huawei abandoned Android on smartphones? Will the new HarmonyOS become popular? | Instant News

Huawei recently released a more stable version of the EMUI 11 user interface for many different models in China, and was also able to launch updates similar to the known Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei Mate 30 Pro for its international market. The company expects to test smartphones equipped with its own operating system (called HarmonyOS or Hongmeng OS) later this year and early 2021.

Huawei: Switch from Android to HarmonyOS?

After receiving the upcoming update, owners of Huawei smartphones will have the option to switch to this operating system. In the more stable EMUI 11, enthusiasts can find that According to Huawei CentralThis is a sign of the company’s different preparations trying to switch from the current Android to the new HarmonyOS.

On the initial startup screen, certain specific inscriptions are displayed as “Powered by Android”, which shows a special evidence that this goal is indeed being promoted. Previously, a specific custom Android brand front was initially used alongside the popular Android logo. So far, the text displayed now has no actual logo, and the font is very different.

This story is GizChina report It pointed out that in the instructions for a given security patch version, there is another tip included in the specific settings in the “About Phone” section of the phone. Another new thing is that users will now only see the “security patch level” instead of the Android security patch level.

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Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi ranked first in the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2020

A special analysis agency is called Gartner, see cnTechPost articlesIn fact, another report on the entire smartphone market has been released. It turns out that in the third quarter of this year, approximately 366 million different smartphones were sold. Compared with the same period last year, it decreased by 5.7%.

Although the decline is quite significant, it is actually less than 20% of the market decline in the first half of 2020. Samsung is still leading with sales of 80.82 million units, with a market share of 22%. . Overall, among the top five smart phone manufacturers, only Samsung and Xiaomi’s sales increased by 2.2% and 34.9%, respectively.

Huawei currently ranks second with 51.83 million smartphones sold. The current market share is 14.4%. Xiaomi also sold 44.41 million smartphones this year, equivalent to a market share of 12.1%. Apple ranked fourth. From July to September, Apple sold 40.6 million smartphones, gaining 11.1% market share!

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COVID-19 Travel: Airlines Hope New Digital Health Passport App Will Boost International Travel | Instant News

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – There will soon be an app for international travelers that will store all of their COVID-19 test results and other important data to enable faster and safer border crossings during the pandemic. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is in the final stages of developing a new digital health passport. It’s called the IATA Travel Pass. The passes allow airlines to collect and standardize passenger coronavirus data regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and test results. Airlines are hoping the IATA Travel Pass will help jumpstart international travel and lift travel bans across the world. The IATA Travel Pass comes in the form of a contactless travel app and will launch in Q1 2021 for Apple devices and in April for Android. .

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Shocking iPhone 13 design leak, Apple’s Black Friday offer, ignoring the new MacBook Pro | Instant News

Looking back at Cupertino’s news and headlines for another week, this week’s Apple Loop includes shocking iPhone 13 leaks, some Black Friday deals, reviews of iPhone 12 Pro Max, and a deeper understanding of MacBook Pro M1 and why you The choice may want to deliver the new MacBook, Apple moving some products out of China, the new HomePod Mini holiday advertisement, Apple Watch 6 vs Watch SE, and how COVID-19 has changed smartphones.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of the many discussions surrounding Apple in the past 7 days (You can read my weekly Android news summary on Forbes).

The latest iPhone 13 leak no longer has a gap

Looking to the future, it is obvious that adding MagSafe wireless charging to the iPhone will not only be used to introduce a portless iPhone, but will not weaken the chassis, but also provides Apple with a gatekeeper technology to protect its spirit. Made for iPhone approval seal. Gordon Kelly of Forbes Details the latest leak of Jon Prosser from Front Page Technologies:

He explained: “Next year not all iPhones will be portless, but it will be… the transition is taking place.” MagSafe is the bridge between lightning and lightning. [portless]. This is also how Apple can make something proprietary without making it as universal as USB-C. “”

Read more on Forbes.

Black Friday special offers

With the advent of Black Friday, retailers are offering many big discounts for Apple products. Some aspects worthy of attention:

  • iPhone SE (64 GB)-BestBuy-Buy iPhone 7 or later at a discount of US$199; or activate the qualification link.
  • iPad (32 GB)-BestBuy-Offer $50 to $280. link
  • iPad (128 GB)-BestBuy-discounted from $70 to $360. link
  • AirPods (with wireless charger box)-Amazon-save $150 to $150. link.

iPhone 12 Pro Max review

The iPhone 10 Pro Max starts at £1,099 and is a large phone in every way-especially when you increase its maximum storage capacity to 512 GB. The enhancement of camera functions is one of the main selling points, but not the only selling point. Samuel Gibbs reviews the biggest iPhone, And view its physical properties and performance:

“Because of the hard edges, I found that gripping the 12 Pro Max is significantly easier than its round and equally heavy iPhone 11 Pro Max. I can use it with one hand with my fingers for gymnastics, and I didn’t suffer any hand pain. Trying to grab the 11 Pro Max like soap.”


回顾新款MacBook Pro M1

得益于M1处理器的性能,新型M1驱动的Mac机器在最初的评测过程中在可用功率和基准测试方面获得了好评。 现在可以购买这些机器了,第二波意见就到了,基于ARM的Macs的实用性也越来越清晰。 毫不奇怪,它不再是黑白的。 帕特里克·摩尔黑德 已经深入研究了关键领域,包括仿真,性能和电池寿命。 他总结了经验:

“新款MacBook Pro 13 M1对于只使用Apple软件的用户来说将是一个很好的选择,但对于那些需要更多功能的用户,我建议您多花100美元购买英特尔版本,或者寻找更具竞争力的基于Windows的多样化选择。那里。



M1 Macs将是有史以来最慢的

新型M1驱动的MacBook Pro,MacBook Air和Mac Mini机器可能是市面上最快的游戏(至少在您仅关注Apple生态系统的情况下),但务必记住这些是第一代产品。 M1芯片将是运行ARM的最慢的Mac,而Apple仍然使用Mac的较早设计。 著名的分析师Ming-Chi Kuo报告了即将在2021年进行的外部设计重新设计,明年情况将会更好, 正如我本周早些时候解释的那样

“值得注意的是,Kuo的日期大概是在M1 Mac推出一年后的2021年下半年。TimCook和他的团队不再依赖英特尔的芯片开发来确定Apple的发布时间表。随着Axx芯片每年更新一次,并与硬件版本相匹配,我们可以合理地假设,第二季度末发布的所有mac硬件都将使用名为M2的产品。”



根据本周的报道,富士康应苹果的要求将iPad和MacBook的部分组装生产线迁出中国。 此举表示对美国和中国之间贸易紧张关系的加剧表示欢迎,中国是组装大多数苹果产品的地方。 李艺谋报道


这位知情人士说:“富士康正在越南东北的北江省(Bac Giang)的工厂建造苹果iPad平板电脑和MacBook笔记本电脑的组装线,该人士称,该计划是私人的,并拒绝透露。”



苹果推出了假期的最新广告。 它具有说唱歌手Tierra Whack缩小到HomePod Mini大小的功能。 您还将获得奥斯卡金像奖得主Spike Jonze和作曲家FKA小枝的荣誉。 大卫·格林纳(David Griner)报告

“该地点将成为该品牌2020年的假日广告。选择Whack作为广告明星是让人想起苹果早就选择Billie Eilish为其2018年度假活动做广告的想法,那是在Eilish成为全球现象之前不久。

“ …苹果公司以关注新兴音乐人才的品牌而闻名,这次的焦点是Whack。 广告中精选了她的两首歌-“感觉不错”,“胡椒粉和洋葱”。



在Apple的9月活动中提升为“领先产品”之后,Apple Watch的两种型号将在本假日季节争夺成为最畅销的可穿戴设备。 Apple Watch SE具有价格优势,而Apple Watch Series 6具有更多功能。 但是哪个更好? Chance Millar比较,包括幸福感方面的差异:

“此比较的另一个主要区别是Apple Watch Series 6具有Apple Watch SE所不具备的几个显着的健康功能。AppleWatch Series 6的主要功能是其血氧传感器,它使您可以监测血氧饱和度从你的手腕”



冠状病毒大流行对智能手机生态系统的经济影响一直是2020年的主要影响之一,但它对智能手机用户的使用方式有何影响? Kantar在其最新报告中提供了一些见解,例如健身追踪器的魅力:



Apple Loop每个周末在《福布斯》为您带来7天的精彩活动。 不要忘记跟随我,这样以后您就不会错过任何报道。 上周的Apple Loop可以在这里阅读, 要么 Loop的姊妹专栏《 Android Circuit》本周版也可以在《福布斯》上找到

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ByteDance gets a 7-day extension to divest TikTok | Instant News

The Trump administration granted TikTok owner ByteDance a 7-day extension order on Wednesday, instructing it to sell the video sharing platform.

According to court documents, Reuters, And now ByteDance until Dev. 4 Sell the US portion of its application to a local company.Previously, President Donald Trump had given ByteDance will divest for another 15 days to divest the application—the period is limited to expiration on Friday, November 27.

A person familiar with the matter reported that ByteDance also proposed a “new proposal” aimed at addressing the concerns of the US government. tell Reuters

TikTok is Currently Negotiations with Walmart and Oracle are still ongoing, and the deal will create a new American company, TikTok Global.

The restrictions separate from the Trump administration’s injunction have also been blocked by the federal court.In November, the Ministry of Commerce ordered the suspension will Effectively prohibit TikTok from waiting for legal development.


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What you need to know about Amazon Sidewalk | Instant News

Amazon is now beginning to roll out its Amazon Sidewalk local network system to American customers. This is what you should know.

the first Announce In September 2019, Sidewalk is a new idea and long-term effort to extend smart home to the entire smart community by using various local network options.

From November 24, Amazon began to send emails to Echo device owners to let them know that Amazon Sidewalk updates are coming soon. Although the system will take some time to build, it is now the first step.

With this in mind, here are some important information users should know about Amazon Sidewalk.

Amazon sidewalk

Basically, Amazon Sidewalk is a new type of wireless network that can make smart home functions more effective. A sidewalk bridge connects to your Wi-Fi network and fundamentally extends the connection range beyond what the router can output. Amazon said that in some cases, the range may be half a mile.

It works by using various communication protocols (such as 900MHz radio signals and Bluetooth low energy) for communication between devices. The system will intelligently switch between these protocols according to the required range and power.

However, these sidewalk networks work differently from home Wi-Fi. The bandwidth in the Sidewalk network is not only open to your own devices, but also to neighbors. It’s a bit like a local mesh network, but all over the community.

Most Amazon device owners have installed sidewalk bridges in their homes. The recent Echo and Ring devices will soon receive wireless updates, which will enable them to act as bridges.

Benefits of Amazon Sidewalk

As mentioned earlier, one of Amazon Sidewalk’s primary goals is to expand the scope of smart home gadgets. In fact, the actual situation may be different, depending on your smart home settings.

For example, even if the sidewalk network is far away from your Wi-Fi router, it can ensure that outdoor security cameras or lights work properly. If the device is connected to a nearby sidewalk bridge instead of trying to connect to a further router, it may also mean a faster connection.

If you happen to drop the Tile device while walking around, it may still be within range of the local sidewalk network-and it will be able to use the neighbor’s sidewalk bandwidth to connect to the appropriate server.

The sidewalk will also make the uploading of equipment faster and easier.Amazon also envisions other uses, such as Amazon pickup If the user’s pet wanders outside the preset range, an alert will be issued to the user.

Are there any disadvantages?

On the one hand, Sidewalk cannot replace the home Wi-Fi network. The bandwidth available on the sidewalk network is very small-Amazon stated that the maximum bandwidth is only 80Kbps and the maximum upper limit is 500MB. Therefore, it is only really useful for low-power devices such as smart locks, security sensors, and Tile Tracker.

Of course, there are also security and privacy issues. If your dog’s collar has a tag that connects to the sidewalk, it means you might send Amazon where, when, and how often each dog walks.Amazon does have one white paper Explains some safety strategies related to sidewalks.

Of course, there is a shared network problem. Although Amazon said it will encrypt all traffic sent through the Sidewalk network, users will not know who or neighbors in a particular network may send how much traffic through that network.

All in all, users will only have marginal control over their local sidewalk network. The user is currently unable to determine which Sidewalk Bridge the compatible device is connected to.

Can I opt out of the sidewalk?

If it is not enabled by default, the shortcomings and hidden dangers of Amazon Sidewalk will not be so urgent. The system opted out instead of opted in.

Once Amazon actually activates the sidewalk, users will see an information splash screen explaining its purpose. There, they can choose to disable it-turn it on by default.

Users can also disable the local network system through the Amazon Alexa application.This option is in Settings>Account Settings> Amazon Sidewalk.

If the user does disable the sidewalk, his device will not be able to connect to his local neighbor network. On the other hand, neighbors will not be able to use their sidewalk bandwidth.


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