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Encoding error locks authors whose last name is’True’ in iCloud | Instant News

A seeming flaw iCloud Due to the interpretation of the last name “True”, the encoding seems to prevent the author from accessing his account.

The author Rachel True complained on Twitter that he could not log in to his iCloud account.According to the tweet February 27, Due to a coding problem, the author has been unable to access her account for six months.

A tweet that caused this issue showed a diagnostic screen stating that “iCloud has stopped responding” and diagnostic data can be sent to Apple. report iMore. The detail part of the window mentions “Cannot set the value true to the property lastName”, which is part of the content to be sent.

It seems that iCloud will interpret the “true” last name as a boolean flag instead of a text string, and the program cannot interpret and interrupt the text string correctly.

True claimed that she had called Apple’s customer service department for several hours on the issue, but to no avail. Future tweets Has the author made a suggested error and is eligible for her to get Error bounty remuneration.

As of March 6, True still does not have access to the account, but was informed Apple will contact you on Monday or Tuesday and provide further assistance.


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Apple is paying more taxes in the UK following the lifting of the European Union’s profit diversion law | Instant News

Apple could be made to pay more in taxes on income from Britain, a proposal from Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak suggested, with the repeal of laws that could potentially affect how tech giants manipulate their taxes en route.

The UK Treasury’s annual budget outlines changes to inbound taxes and other policy updates that could affect the way individuals and companies are taxed. One small change has been seen in the announcement that paved the way for bigger tax changes that could affect Apple and other tech companies in the future.

Buried as a line in the budget announcement but further explained by the UK government website, proposal found by Bloomberg repeal laws affecting royalty payments.

The repeal of the provisions in the Interest and Royalties Directive affecting UK companies making “annual interest or royalty payments” to related companies within the European Union. In particular, the repeal removes applicable tax exemptions affecting EU companies when funds are transferred in such a way.

Therefore, EU companies “no longer receive preferential treatment than companies based elsewhere in the world,” the policy said. As a result, companies in EU countries will be treated the same as companies based in other regions regarding royalty payments.

Apple, like other multinational companies, uses tax rules to funnel revenue through the most tax-efficient route, minimizing the amount of tax paid to the government. For UK revenue, this involves paying royalties paid to Apple’s European headquarters in Ireland.

Apple’s use of headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes is very profitable for Apple iPhone maker. Currently in the midst of a prolonged legal dispute with the European Union over a $ 14.4 billion tax rules.

The rule change is unlikely to be a big expense for Apple or others at the moment, as the UK Treasury believes it will only generate an additional 10 million pounds ($ 13.8 million) annually to the government. However, these changes appear to be the first step for the government to implement other changes that can minimize the amount of shifting taxes.

“The lifting will make it easier for the UK to target royalty and interest payments to European tax haven countries if the UK is to set aside the tax treaty, as there will not be a second layer of direction to prevent reimbursement,” said TaxWatch executive director. George Turner. With the UK’s “Brexit” from the EU, there is also no requirement to follow its tax directives.

A Treasury spokesman described the policy as a “post-Brexit technical change,” and will continue to comply with international obligations, such as the Double Tax Treaty. Britain “continues to be at the forefront of global action to tackle tax avoidance, with a series of decisive actions to tackle regulating earnings changes,” they continued.

In February, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz warned of that global tax reform “very likely” introduced in 2021, affecting Apple and other tech giants. Negotiations in the OECD are still ongoing to change tax laws, with an international agreement to close a tax loophole that could potentially arrive in the summer of 2021.


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Apple terminates iMac Pro, “while stocks last” | Instant News

Apple seems to have been discontinued iMac Pro, And the Mac model is now only available in a single configuration, but only for “supply duration”.

IMac Pro update from the online Apple Store Checklist Late Friday severely limits the model’s potential purchase options for customers. This change seems to indicate that Apple is completely stopping production of this model and is selling its last batch of products.

The store page contains the text “While Supply last” at the top of the page. Although customers used to be able to configure iMac Pros with different specifications, they can now only purchase one option.

The only option is to provide a 3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor with 32GB of 2,666MHz ECC memory, 1TB of SSD storage, Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB and 10Gb Ethernet. It is priced at US$4,999, and there is no option to upgrade or customize orders from Apple itself.

Previously, there were configuration options for 14-core and 18-core processors, Vega 64 graphics, up to 4TB of storage space and up to 256GB of memory.

This change does not apply to third-party resellers, who will have inventory of some other configurations.

Although Apple has not announced that this model has been discontinued, the minimal configuration options and the warning of “while stocks last” strongly indicate that Apple has discontinued the model. It is not clear whether a new version of the iMac Pro series will be launched in the future, or whether it will be absorbed into mainstream products. iMac Within the scope of future product line updates.

Since its launch in 2017, the iMac Pro has received some specification updates, but there have been no major upgrades in the design.Some people guess Update model Last December, despite supply chain rumors, it did not provide any real details about what was happening.

Apple also plans to actively migrate its Mac products from Intel processors to Apple chips within two years, but iMac Pro seems unlikely to be part of it. Apple is thought to be preparing to redesign the iMac, Apple Silicon freed 2021.


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Apple says it will adopt an amazing new design next year | Instant News

Expect the next iPad Within a few days -New iPad Pro with miniLED screen technology. But now, a report indicates that Apple will perform a large-scale update by switching to another system OLED in 2022.

More on ForbesReported that Apple AirPods 3 leaked surprise features and new appearance

If found Mcrums, DigiTimes announced that OLED will be built in iPad and Apple notebook computers next year.

At first glance, this seems confusing, because Apple will upgrade its tablet screen technology for two consecutive years. This seems very different from Apple. But this can be explained by the display for different iPad models.

It is expected that the miniLED display can only be used in one version of the iPad, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. If it proves to be correct, I believe this model will stick to miniLED for at least a few years.

DigiTimes said that in addition to the Apple Watch and the most recent iPhone, the first OLED screen will be used on the iPad with a 10.9-inch display. As you will know, this size is limited to one model in the iPad series, the latest iPad Air.

More on ForbesReported that the appearance of the new Apple iPad Pro is dazzling Design

The iPad Air, which is far from the most expensive tablet in the series, will first have the most desirable screen technology, which seems confusing. However, Apple debuted new features on the current iPad Air, the most notable of which is the excellent Touch ID screen unlocking system built into the power button. Therefore, it is not surprising that OLED will be launched on Air first.

In addition, the price of OLED on large screens will be higher, so the price of 12.9-inch displays on larger Pro models will be higher.

If the report is correct, then the new tablet will go into production at the end of this year and will go on sale in early 2022. Perhaps in the spring, the iPad Pro will land in 2020 (and possibly again this year).

DigiTimes also claimed that Apple may also apply OLED to a 16-inch MacBook Pro (and possibly a 17-inch model) in 2022, although a final decision has not yet been made.

More controversially, the report also said that it is considering applying OLED to the 12.9in iPad Pro next year. If miniLED is about to adopt this year’s model, I will not buy it.

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iOS 14.5 provides excellent new privacy features for devices that Apple hasn’t announced yet – BGR | Instant News

Apple launch iOS 14.5 beta 3 Earlier this week. The iOS 14 update not only provides performance improvements and bug fixes, but also provides many new features. They also include brand new features.

iOS 14.5 allows users to use the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, add Apple Maps event reports, add AirPlay 2 support to Apple Fitness +, and introduce new emojis. However, iOS 14.5 beta 3 also includes a brand-new security feature, which may have been developed for products that have not yet officially existed.

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We have been hearing rumors that Apple will launch its Tile-like tracker within a year. These devices are called AirTags and can be connected to important objects such as wallets and keys. You can then use the “Find My” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to track those gadgets. These trackers will run on the same ultra-wideband (UWB) technology as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 devices. UWB allows all Apple devices to communicate with each other, so AirTag does not require GPS. As long as AirTags are within range of other Apple devices, they can be located on the map. At least that’s the case in theory, because Apple hasn’t actually announced them yet.

It is widely expected that Apple will launch new products including AirTags this spring. The updated “Find Me” app in iOS 14.5 beta 3 pointed this out because it now lists one project Tags may contain AirTagged items.

This is where the new safety features come into play. Apple devices will detect everything that uses UWB signals, and they can determine if someone puts the device on your body to track your location, 9to5Mac report.

Suppose someone binds an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to their nearby Apple ID account. By tracking these devices, they will immediately know your location. In practice, stalkers may not use these devices to track someone down. They are large, difficult to hide, and they will soon run out of power.

However, the miniature AirTag can be easily placed in a bag or car without the victim’s attention. Moreover, AirTags may have a longer battery life.In this case, iOS will warn users by displaying the following: Trackers that are not related to them may be following them Item safety warning As shown in FIG.

In some cases, this behavior should be guaranteed. People may want to use AirTag to track their parents, children or pets, and the tracker may sometimes be around other iPhone users for a long time, which may trigger a warning. But the purpose of this feature is to prevent the tracker from following other people with the help of Apple’s technology. This happened in the past, edge Point out.A woman’s front release Tile tracker It was shown in the front console of her car in 2018, which allowed him to follow her around.

each Apple Insider, This Item safety warning This feature was launched in iOS 14.3, but Apple later removed it. Its reappearance may indicate that Apple is indeed close to launching its AirTags.

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