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The court adjourned the hearing of Shahbaz’s application until the 13th | Instant News

LAHORE: The district court and additional sessions on Tuesday adjourned hearings until April 13 over a request filed by NA Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif seeking an initial trial of defamation suit against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Shahbaz stated that Imran Khan started making false and malicious statements against him and that the latter offered Rs10 billion to the former through an ordinary friend in exchange for withdrawing the pending Panama Papers case before SC.


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The court adjourned the hearing of Shahbaz’s application until the 13th | Instant News

LAHORE: The district court and additional sessions on Tuesday adjourned hearings until April 13 over a petition filed by NA Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif seeking a preliminary hearing on the defamation suit against PTI Chairman Imran Khan waiting before the court for three years.

As per the defamation suit, Shahbaz stated that Imran Khan started making false and malicious statements against him and that the latter offered Rs10 billion to the former through an ordinary friend in exchange for withdrawing the Panama Papers case awaiting in the Supreme Court.


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How to locate your mobile application and get more downloads from the App Store and Google Play Store? | Instant News

The characteristic of application store optimization is a series of technologies for organic positioning in the application store.

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April 6, 2021

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SpicyMinds website expert Juliana Santos (Juliana Santos)

According to data from the following industries, the application industry is considered a very competitive market Application business This is the reason for 2020. This is why one of the biggest mistakes when developing an application is to launch the application in the corresponding application store, expecting users to search and download the application.According to the data provided Application business, By 2020, 2.5 million applications have been created in the Play Store and 3.4 million applications have been created in the App Store, adding thousands of new applications every day.During the search, we were network , The user is interested in the top 10 results found in the list. But how can they find so many results? We will start by answering the following questions and ask ourselves the following questions:

What is ASO?

App store optimization , Better known ASO . The feature of this strategy is the use of a series of technologies aimed at organic positioning in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store.

It is based on the same concept SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , But its focus is on optimization application Developed specifically for mobile devices, aiming to: Market application The products in the category have good brand awareness, and users are interested in downloading and maintaining their active status on the device. In order to achieve this goal, we must not only focus on the title, description and keywords, but also the visual elements and a good user experience.

Because this is a strategy, it must be implemented, and the results it produces and the necessary adjustments must be constantly monitored, and new operations must be added that will help maintain a position in the best and recommended applications.

ASO technology/pictures aimed at organic positioning in the App Store and Google Play Store: Depositphotos.com

On the other hand, what are the benefits of having a good positioning in the market application?

  • Increased visibility: The better the location of the application, the greater the chance of being understood and downloaded. >Products quality: Know what users think and follow up with their Feedback, Allows continuous updates and improvements to the application.Therefore, user satisfaction is achieved, leaving good reviews and Review , Win trust, and ultimately become a high-quality product that attracts more new users.
  • competition: Since this technology is little known, well-executed search results are usually better compared to competitors. Therefore, if you don’t know much about her, it’s time for you to continue reading this article.

We tell you 5 important factors to consider, which will help you increase your positioning Apps in the market

1. Title: Not just the name! Through the title, the user can understand the purpose of the application, the title must be associated with its icon. These two factors will be the first method for your future users to use the application. AppStore allows up to 30 characters, and PlayStore allows up to 50 characters. You can add value keywords next to the name to generate more visibility in searches.

2. Icon: Is the most relevant visual element because it will provide your users with the first impression of the app. A creative and attractive icon represents the quality of the design, which is essential for users who are interested in learning about the application and considering downloading it.

3. Description: Usually one of the most challenging elements. This is not only to write a summary, but the user can easily understand the purpose and purpose of the application. This description is one of the best ways to increase visibility and ranking, as it ultimately results in the text attracting users to download.

4. Keywords: One of the most important projects ASO . Keywords have a great influence on search algorithms and can increase the number of times the application is displayed in search results by 2 to 4 times.To this end, investigate Key words The best platform that can run according to the category and theme of the application. It is recommended to choose keywords with large search volume and low competition to obtain excellent results.

5. Comments: Although comments are not directly controlled, users will rate the personal experience of the app to confirm whether its content, design, and usability meet the recommendations in the description and images. Every experience is unique, which is why many people regard user feedback as the deciding factor before downloading.

After letting them download, direct interaction with reviews is essential to understand what users think and understand whether they have a positive or negative experience with the product, or whether there are new areas of improvement opportunities.

If there is a problem or difficult to use, support channels are very important. Not only can they resolve errors, but they can also avoid negative feedback, keep reviews satisfied, and get positive reviews.


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Auckland male job search: 3000 applications, 158 interviews, still no job available | Instant News

Auckland-based man Michael Oliver faces persistent hurdles in his epic job hunt. Photo / Provided

Michael Oliver just wants to work.

The 41-year-old was fired nearly 18 months ago amid structural changes in the government agency where he worked.

The arrival of Covid-19 and its lockdown has not deterred Oliver and since the start of last year he has applied for more than 3100 jobs. She took 158 interviews – in person, zoom, on the conference phone, on the phone, and gave four presentations to potential employers.

He also underwent 48 personality tests.

She makes her own applications but also uses three different recruitment agencies to issue her CV – for eight applications each day of the year.

There have been some successes – he’s been offered the role four times – but all of them have been scrapped as the country has gone into a yo-yo lockdown and unemployment has risen.

“All I want is to pay my bills, provide for my son, and buy little luxury items like coffee or ice cream,” Oliver told the Herald on Sunday.

“I just want to work, whatever it is to help pay the bills.”

Oliver, who lives in Auckland North Shore, began his job search in sales and account management, where he has over 20 years of experience.

But facing brick wall after brick wall, she has been looking for any job to help pay the bills – counting on the support of friends to help her through tough times.

“I’ve applied for supermarket shelf packing, bus driving, fruit picking, cafe work, garbage collection, retail. You name it – I’ve applied,” he said.

Oliver was turned down from some of these roles and told he was too qualified.

“All of this requires hours of input, research, testing, dedication, effort.

“It weighs on your stress levels, mental health when there is no effort from the recruiter and no excuses are given when it doesn’t work.”

Oliver, who is the single father of a 7-year-old boy, says after his spare money dries up, he will have to dive into his home savings to keep him afloat – that means giving up the dream of owning a home.

“The benefits barely cover my rent and child support. Not enough to survive let alone pay routine bills like gas and food. It doesn’t cover the basics of life.”

The latest figures show New Zealand’s unemployment rate at 4.9 percent in the December quarter – down from 5.3 percent in the previous quarter.

But economists also warn that data could be noisy because of the conflicting repercussions of Covid-19 such as closed borders restricting immigration.

“We have seen a sharp decline in the number of people who are losing their jobs, or wanting more hours worked … today’s report is absolutely incredible,” said Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr when the figures were released in March.

Oliver said he received a lot of help from family and friends, but he also became isolated.

“Stress levels have reached their peak – it is a significant strain on mental health with persistent concerns about the cost of living, unstable accommodation, and the need to move without having funds.”


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YouTube brings line art icons on mobile phones to the homepage of the website | Instant News

key point

  • YouTube web version now has outline style icons
  • The update takes effect on March 22
  • Viewers can now experience a clearer and more strategic view of the YouTube network counterpart

There is no doubt that YouTube, the world’s largest visual platform, is always looking for ways to improve its interface. The shiny new feature of the platform is a series of line art icons, initially visible in Android and iPhone smartphone apps.

Outline style icons will replace the existing YouTube web interface design, 9to5 Google report. The new YouTube user web experience officially started on Monday, which means viewers will soon see a similar environment in their mobile apps. However, as with all Google interface changes, it may take a while to reach everyone.

YouTube first introduced outline-style icons in its iPhone and Android device apps in October and November last year. The new YouTube homepage will now open, and the new line icons can be strategically placed in the left rail and navigation drawer. Now you can find “Home”, “Browse”, “Subscribe”, “Original”, “Library” and other options in the left pane.

according to Science and Technology Times, The latest innovation brings a neater look to the popular video sharing application. This update bid farewell to the basic font styles of the sans-serif series on the YouTube homepage. The new interface displays simple fonts and icons.

The interface changes also removed the thick sidebars on the screen, making the view of finer fonts and icons clearer. However, the outline on the homepage of the YouTube webpage is different from the outline on the mobile screen in the way it is displayed on the screen.

Unlike the mobile version, the outline of the web implementation is never populated when viewing a specific page. Instead, the viewed tab is slightly brighter than the other tabs.

For easy access, icons such as video upload, voice search, notification, and application switcher are placed next to the top search bar.

Android police Indicates that the new icon appears along with interface changes made by Google on some of its services, such as Messages and Gmail.

At the same time, although 9to5 Google claims that YouTube Music has been found in the test, it has not yet confirmed its update.

YouTube is taking steps to curb medical misinformation by removing unverified content about the Covid-19 vaccine Photo: AFP/Nicholas Asfori


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