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The Italian government praised the appointment initiative for marginalized groups and regions in KP | Instant News

CHITRAL: The Italian government appreciates a development initiative launched to develop marginalized groups and regions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, an official of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency said at a meeting of local residents here on Friday.

“Our country is committed to working with the Pakistani government to build many similar projects in many sectors to help transform the lives of marginalized and marginalized groups,” said Italian Development Cooperation Agency Director Emmanuela Bennini while addressing people in Khairabad Drosh after inaugurating a jeepable. bridge over the Chitral river.

Syams Badruddin, Group Head of Infrastructure Development for the Poverty Alleviation Fund of Pakistan, Chief Executive Officer, Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP), Masoodul Mulk, Deputy Commissioner for Lower Chitral Hassan Abid and a number of community elders also attended the occasion.

The Rs18 million 200 ft jeepable bridge was built by SRSP under the financial support of the Italian government and the PPAF.

The communities have identified the bridge as an important obstacle to their development as they have to cover 10 kilometers to get to the main road. Approximately 450 households benefit from this scheme.

Community members said that the absence of a bridge created many problems in service provision in the valley and denied them economic opportunities.

SRSP officials said the bridge was part of a program funded by the Italian government in Bajaur, Dir and Upper and Lower Chitral. In addition to infrastructure development, his party provides assistance to improve government facilities in the fields of Health and Education and provides livelihood grants to communities through community-based programs.

Deputy commissioner Chitral praised the contributions made by the Italian government, PPAF and SRSP.

The community shared the difficulties they faced before the bridge was built to improve their standard of living.

They insisted that local communities should be closely involved in future programs to identify the poor because external consultants lost local understanding of poverty.

Later, Ms. Bennini visited the Drosh Rural Health Unit where the District Health Officer and hospital staff explained to her about the improvements made to the old puskesmas through improved water supply improvements in various units and provision of essential supplies and equipment, assistance in fighting Covid-19 and establishing nursery for children during childbirth.

Recently, Ms. Bennini met a women’s community group in Drosh who showed off their crafts and shared the benefits they received from women’s mobilization activities and business training.

The elders of Drosh laud the contributions made by the SRSP in Drosh tehsil, the construction of a 35 km long road in remote Arandu, the rehabilitation of government schools and the construction of roads and bridges for the Urtsun valley.


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The SC ordered the removal of wedding halls from residential areas in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Thursday observed that the Revenue Department, the Sindh Building Control Authority and the sub-registrar’s office in Karachi had become the place to print billions of rupees.

Hearing the petition against illegal encroachment on public parks and amenities in Karachi, the three-member Supreme Court judges, led by Supreme Court Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, took exception to Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah for not taking appropriate action to improve the country. Karachi’s affair despite court directions.

The court observed that the chief minister of Sindh was directed to submit a report regarding steps being taken to improve the situation in Karachi due to the complete collapse of all civilian bodies in the city, however, the CM report provided clear information. to the Revenue Council, SBCA and Karachi Water and Wastewater Council stating that “all is well” in the department.

The court observed that the Sindh Building Control Authority was acting on behalf of the builders and that they could permit the construction of buildings even in the Chief Minister’s House and the Supreme Court building.

The court observed that the SBCA offices and sub-registrars in the city had become the top places to print money and billions of rupees were accumulated by these departments.

The court took exception to the construction of a high-rise building in Shahra-e-Faisal near the Sindhi Muslim Housing Community by breaching a service road and asking the SCBA director general how multi-storey buildings were allowed to be built on it. manipulated and fake documents.

The court observed that there were other people involved in SBCA affairs behind the scenes and the role of DG SBCA was nothing but a stamp. The Court observed that DG SBCA should be aware that all its negligence in connection with the unauthorized construction award will lead to the registration of a National Accountability Bureau case. The court observed that it is time for high-ranking government officials to raise eyebrows as has happened in cities.

The court also ordered the Karachi commissioner to remove all wedding halls in residential areas regardless of jurisdiction and submit a compliance report. The court was notified that 158 ​​wedding halls on the facility grounds had been removed.

The court directed the marriage hall counselor in the Korangi area to debate how the status of the residential land could be converted into commercial purposes under the Sindh Building statutory regulations.

The court also took exception to the behavior of the Karachi commissioner in filing a compliance report on the court order and ordered the Sindh government to replace the commissioner with several capable officers, who had knowledge of Karachi affairs.

The court was notified that the illegal building had been removed from Bagh-e-Ibn Qasim and the YMCA area. The court directed the commissioners to restore parks and playgrounds in Bagh-e-Ibne Qasim and the YMCA and submitted a report in this regard.

The chief judge expressed surprise at the appointment of Mukhtiarkar Ferozabad in the East district by the Sindh Revenue Department for maintaining land records relating to the federal government and observing that he learned for the first time that Mukhtiarkar of the Revenue Department was operating. for land relating to federal territory. The Court observed that it was hoped that Mukthiarkar would be appointed to administer the DHA land.

Advocate General Sindh tries to defend Mukhtiarkar’s appointment under the Land Revenue Law because of land transfers. The court observed that the advocate general tried to defend the law, which did not apply on federal territory land.

The court observed that no one knew what was going on in the city and how much trouble residents faced when the courts themselves faced difficulties in resolving problems. The court directed the advocate general of Sindh, SBCA, to file a report regarding the approval of multi-storey buildings on the service road encroached on in the area as well as Mukhtiarkar BOR’s role on land associated with federal territory.

Regarding the operation of the Karachi Loop Railway, the court ordered the Border Works Organization to complete the underpass and flyovers for the smooth running of the Karachi Circular Railway within nine months. The Court was notified by the Railways Secretary that the circular rail was operating on a 30 kilometer line from Pipri to Kota Orangi while other services would operate upon completion of underpasses at 14 different places for the smooth running of the KCR.

The transportation secretary conveyed that the provincial government has released Rs25 million to the FWO for the underpass pre-design feasibility and a meeting is also scheduled for April 10 to discuss the construction of the underpass and overhead bridge.

The FWO representative stated that the organization will try to complete the project within the time given by the Supreme Court and in any case the FWO will hand over the construction project to Pakistan Railways within nine months. The advocate general, Sindh, said that the Sindh government would fencing the KCR line in a timely manner.


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Demographic Trends in People Receiving Covid-19 Vaccination in the United States | Instant News

The CDC is working with jurisdictions to provide more information on the demographic characteristics of vaccinated people.

These demographic data are representative of the geographic areas that contribute data and may differ according to the population prioritized in each jurisdiction’s vaccination phase. Therefore, these data may not be generalizable to the entire US population. The percentages shown in the chart below represent the percentage of people vaccinated in each age group.

Data will be updated as soon as it is reviewed and verified, often before 8:00 pm ET each day. However, daily updates may take longer if there are delays in data reporting.

Data on vaccine doses administered include data received by the CDC at 6:00 AM ET on the reporting day. Vaccination data on the CDC COVID Data Tracker is updated daily (including weekends) between 1:30 PM and 8:00 PM ET. Updates will be made the following day when reporting coincides with a federal holiday.

This data represents the subset of individuals in the jurisdictions (states, territories, and local entities) for which data has been reported. Demographic data includes people vaccinated through all parts of the program, including those vaccinated through pharmacies, the Federal Pharmaceutical Partnership Program for Long-Term Care (LTC), and federal entities.

Reported demographic data have varying degrees of data loss and cannot be generalized to the entire population of individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccination.

Missing data may be affected by inconsistent collection of information at the time of vaccination, differences in jurisdictional electronic data programs, and some jurisdictional policies or laws that do not allow demographic data to be reported.

Vaccinations by age group at the US level, visualized in two pictures:

Percentage by age group among people who received at least one dose of vaccine and
Percentage by age group among people who were fully vaccinated.
All reported numbers may change over time as historical data is reported to the CDC.

* Texas does not report age-specific dose number information to the CDC, so data for Texas is not represented in this figure.

Doses reported as given before the start of the national vaccination program on 12/14/2020 are not included in the figures but are included in the cumulative total of the total doses given in the CDC COVID Tracker.


People who received at least one dose ** (previously “received 1 or more doses”) represent the total number of people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Fully vaccinated people ** represent the number of people who received a second dose of a two-dose vaccine or a single-dose vaccine.

For reporting on the CDC COVID Data Tracer, the CDC counts people as “fully vaccinated” if they receive two doses on different days (regardless of time interval) of a two-dose mRNA series or receive a single dose of vaccine. Clinical Considerations While the current CDC is more specific than a COVID data tracker in two ways:

First, according to interim guidelines, the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines should be given as close as possible to the recommended intervals, but not earlier than the recommended (i.e., 3 weeks [Pfizer-BioNTech] or 1 month [Moderna]). However, a second dose given within a grace period of 4 days earlier than the recommended date for a second dose is still considered valid. If you cannot follow the recommended interval and delay in vaccination cannot be avoided, the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines can be given up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose. At present, only limited data is available on the efficacy of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine provided outside of this window.
Second, to ensure sufficient time for the immune response to occur, a person is considered to be fully vaccinated = 2 weeks after completing a two-dose mRNA series or a single dose of the Janssen Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
** The number of people who received at least one dose of vaccine and the number of people fully vaccinated was determined based on information reported to the CDC regarding dose number, vaccine manufacturer, date of administration, recipient ID, and date of delivery. Because the methods used to determine dosage amounts need to be applied in a variety of jurisdictions with different reporting practices, estimates of CDC dose counts may differ from those reported by jurisdictions and federal entities.

To calculate the national population estimate, the CDC uses, as a denominator, a combination of:

2019 National Census Population Estimates from the US Census Bureau Annual Estimates of Resident Population for the United States (including the District of Columbia [DC]) and Puerto Rico

(https: //www2.census….-2019/counties/)
and the 2018 CIA World Factbook for US territories and free-associated states (American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and US Virgin Islands).
To estimate the population 18+ and 65+ for the US region, the CDC assumes that the proportion of people 18 years and over and 65 and over in the region equals the total of the 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico (78 % and 17%, respectively).
Emergency Use Authorization has been granted for use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine among people aged 16 years and over and for use of Moderna vaccine and Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine (J & J / Janssen) among persons aged 18 years and over. on. Therefore, vaccine use is limited to those under 18 years of age.


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Water supply to parts of Karachi was cut off after power cuts at Dhabeji pumping station | Instant News

Representational image. – Photo files

KARACHI: A spokesman for the Karachi Water and Waste Disposal Council (KWSB) said on Monday that a power cut had occurred at the Dhabeji pump station and as a result, several areas in the capital Sindh would face water shortages.

The spokesman said the blackout damaged a main supply line, causing a suspension of 28 million gallons of water to the city.

“This morning, there was a sudden blackout at the Dhabeji pump station, which caused the water supply to Karachi to be cut off,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said the 72-inch diameter line exploded after a large area around the pump station became inundated.

As a result, the water supply to Gulshan-e-Hadid, Bin Qasim, Quaidabad, Malir, Shah Latif City, Razzaqabad, Korangi and other areas has been cut off.

Speaking of pipe restoration, sources say it may take 24-36 hours.


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The inaugural Aggieville Showdown will feature a cow drive, fashion show | features | Instant News

Champion bulls and heifers will be trampling Moro Street later this month.

The first cattle control of its kind is coming to Aggieville on April 17th.

Kansas State University alumni, Christian Calliham, created the free event, which is called The Aggieville Battle, which will feature vendors from all over the country. It will include western fashion shows and performances by musician Lucas Maddy.

“This is going to be a unique event that will be really cool,” said Calliham.

Officials will close Moro Street from North Manhattan Avenue to 12th Street for the event. The fenced show arena will have animal cages near the Rally House; the animal will have a path.

Calliham postponed the event due to the coronavirus pandemic; Initially he wanted to hold the event on April 18, 2020. Now, he and his crew are finalizing the final details for the event.

“The last few weeks have been great because you see the picture coming together,” said Calliham, who graduated with an agribusiness degree with a marketing focus in May 2020 from K-State.

Calliham says he got the idea one evening while enjoying a drink with friends in Aggieville. He said he wanted to incorporate agriculture into an urban environment.

“That’s what drove the idea,” he said.

Vendors arrive April 16 to Riley County Fairgrounds with a cattle show starting at 9 am April 17 at the fair. The cattle show winner will participate in the Aggieville event – the “grand drive” – ​​at 6:30 pm April 17th.


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