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Riots in Pakistan: Hindu editorial about the movement against Imran Khan’s government | Instant News

Events in Pakistan’s Sindh province in recent days suggest that Imran Khan’s government is facing a serious political crisis, perhaps its biggest, since then. took office in 2018. Eleven opposition parties, currently in existence formed the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), has staged two massive rallies, as part of a national agitation plan, calling for the resignation of the PTI government over law and order, food shortages, inflation and gas cuts. They called the Prime Minister a failure in government and military “doll”. But what surprised many was the solidarity and sharpness of their attacks: at the rally in Gujranwala, former PM and head of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif, speaking from London, appointed Army Commander General Qamar Bajwa and ISI Commander Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed over “fraudulent elections”, restrictions on the media, harassing journalists, putting pressure on the courts and subverting other democratic institutions. While most Pakistani politicians, including Khan, have attacked Pakistan’s almighty military establishment in opposition, and abandoned rhetoric when they came to power, Sharif’s comments reflect popular sentiment that undermines Pakistani restrictions. The PTI government’s response is an outdated text. Over the past few months, government prosecutors, on Khan’s orders, have focused on preparing cases to send as many members of the Opposition as possible to prison. Co-chair of the Pakistan People’s Party and former President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, has been detained on money laundering charges, while the government has repeatedly asked Britain to extradite Mr Sharif so that he can be prosecuted and tried again.

With the next generation of Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz taking the stage at the PDM demonstration, the government moved on to the next action: arresting Nawaz’s husband, Captain Safdar, after a midnight raid on their hotel in Karachi, accused him of disrespecting Jinnah’s mausoleum by raising anti-government slogans there. What caused the fuss were the arrests reportedly made after Army police surrounded Inspector General Sindh’s house and forced him to sign the FIR against Mr Safdar. Top Sindh police officers, supported by the PPP provincial government, rose in anger, applying for mass leave after expressing their distress at the humiliation of their chiefs. This is an unprecedented response that could lead to more serious fighting between the police and the Army. Things are under control for now after General Bajwa promised an investigation report into the controversial arrests within the next 10 days. However, with politics heating up again and the PDM planning at least four more rallies this year, it is clear that Pakistan’s ruling party will crash more often.


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Army adds barracks, supports buildings in a $ 190 million expansion in German training areas – News | Instant News

The army added barracks, supporting the building in a $ 190 million expansion in German training areas

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany – The Army has announced a $ 190 million project to expand its training area at Grafenwoehr in southern Germany, even as the Pentagon moves forward with plans to withdraw troops from the country, said US Army Garrison Bavaria.

The expansion will establish an “operational readiness training complex” at the Grafenwoehr Training Area, where US troops based in Germany and elsewhere in Europe visit for major combat exercises.

The complex will include new barracks, dining facilities, a fitness center and other support buildings to accommodate more US troops who are expected to rotate through the area for training, garrison spokesman Donald Wrenn said.

The project, which is still in its infancy, is in the works before President Donald Trump orders the Pentagon to draw up a plan to reduce troop numbers in Germany by 12,000, Wrenn said.

The Army said it would continue Grafenwoehr’s expansion as the Pentagon worked through the details of reducing troops in Germany. The training area in Bavaria was not closed to close as the Ministry of Defense outlined an initial plan in the summer of how and where a withdrawal could occur.

“We will continue to move forward on the projects that Congress has ordered us to complete,” said Wrenn.

The construction project will improve the living conditions of troops while they train at Grafenwoehr, contributing “to our primary mission of strengthening security throughout the region,” he said.

Some of the buildings to be replaced with new construction have been in use since the 1950s, he said.

Construction, which will focus on the Camp Aachen and Camp Normandy areas, will start in fiscal 2022 and take 10 to 12 years to complete, Wrenn said.

The project is one of two major initiatives announced in recent weeks to upgrade facilities at Grafenwoehr. The German Armed Forces said earlier this month it would launch a multi-year, $ 141 million project to construct 25 buildings in the Normandy Camp section of the training area. The new building will replace old facilities used by German forces and will help address accommodation shortages caused by increased troop rotation, Lieutenant Colonel Florian Rommel, commander of the German training area at the site, said at the time. The project will be fully funded by Germany, he said.

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Esper: The 2nd Cavalry Regiment, scheduled to leave Germany, can spread to the countries of Eastern Europe – Europe | Instant News

Esper: The 2nd Cavalry Regiment, slated to leave Germany, could spread to the countries of Eastern Europe

WASHINGTON – The Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment may maintain a “lasting” presence in Eastern Europe even after more than 4,500 of the unit’s troops withdraw from Germany, Defense Minister Mark Esper said Tuesday.

Esper said he is close to or has reached an agreement with defense officials in several Eastern European countries to host a rotation of American troops as the United States seeks to withdraw some 12,000 troops from Germany. In July, the defense minister announced plans to move troops out of Germany, saying the 2nd Cavalry Regiment – now the only US brigade-sized ground combat unit stationed full-time in Europe – would be moved to a new base on the United continent. Union.

“Since that announcement, as well as the signing of the defense cooperation agreement with Poland, my recent meetings with defense ministers from Romania and Bulgaria, and correspondence received from the Baltic countries, there is now a real chance to defend the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in some of these countries continue to survive, ”Esper said in a speech to the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank.

Esper’s initial troop restructuring plan was announced on July 29 when President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to remove troops from Germany, accelerating a long-planned review of American troop posture across Europe.

While the original plan called for the return of the regiment and about 2,000 other US troops to the United States, Esper said he would also work to deploy troops closer to Russia’s borders to further reassure allies closest to the rival nation.

“We need to move a little further east [because] it helps us with timing [and] long-range challenge, if you will, if there is some kind of very aggressive action by Russia, “he said Tuesday.

Esper’s original plan envisioned the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and other US-based Stryker brigade combat teams undertaking a healing rotation to toe to train with NATO partners especially in the Black Sea region. Now, Esper says he wants troops to continue training in these countries, as well as Poland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He indicated Tuesday that the role could permanently belong to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, but Pentagon officials said late Tuesday that was not the current plan.

For now, the Pentagon is continuing with plans to move the 2nd Cavalry Regiment to a new base station in the United States, said Army Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, a Pentagon spokesman. However, it remains unclear when the unit will be able to leave its current base station in Vilseck, Germany, or where it will be based.

“The planning process for the projected movement continues, which includes consultations with our allies and partners in the region, as well as members of Congress,” said Campbell.

The Pentagon’s plans to reorganize troops in Europe could run into obstacles in Congress, with some Democrats and Republicans questioning the move. The DPR-endorsed version of the fiscal year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions that would stop troop withdrawals from Germany. The Senate version of the bill, which sets out annual Pentagon policies and spending priorities, does not include such language. The two versions of the NDAA have yet to be reconciled, so it’s unclear whether the final version will solve the problem.

In the DPR Armed Services Committee session last month to examine the plan, Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., Said Pentagon officials were not transparent about their planning. Smith, the committee chairman, added he did not “think this plan had been well thought out.”

Esper has long defended the plan, which Trump said was in retaliation for what the president saw as insufficient defense spending by Germany.

On Tuesday, Esper asked NATO countries to spend more money on defense. In 2014, alliance countries set their respective targets to spend at least 2% of their gross domestic product on their own defense by 2024. To date, only nine countries have achieved this goal.

“We have a lot more work to do,” Esper said. “We need the state to contribute more, and not because of that an arbitrary threshold. I think it’s a solid floor to build on, because if you have that ability … we’ll prevent conflicts [with Russia] and we don’t have to worry about the things we worry about right now. “

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Soldier with Bulldog Battery, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, fires 155mm rounds during live-fire drills in Vilseck, Germany, December 12, 2019.



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Australia and the UK are collaborating on the frigate program | Instant News

Shared media releases

RT. Hon Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defense, UK

Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) further strengthened their lasting defense relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together to build and deliver the next generation of state-of-the-art frigates.

The MoU reaffirms the commitment of the two countries to work together in implementing these important national programs and maximizing mutual opportunities.

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Pakistan Opposition launches movement to overthrow Imran Khan government | National | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – A broad alliance of Pakistani opposition groups on Friday launched a movement to overthrow Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government which it says failed to do.

Tens of thousands of political workers attended the first rally of the Pakistan Democratic Movement – an alliance of 11 opposition parties, in Gujranwala, the political stronghold of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The venue, a cricket stadium with a capacity of more than 35,000 people, is overcrowded beyond capacity despite health warnings amid a second wave of new coronavirus infections in the country. Local media also showed pictures of a large number of people standing outside the stadium.

PDM leaders discussed the failure of the Khan government. Sharif gave a speech from London via video link but his speech was banned in local media by the authorities.

Sharif, who is already facing sedition charges for criticizing the military for meddling in political affairs, crossed new boundaries by naming incumbent military commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Politicians in Pakistan generally avoid naming military commanders, who are considered untouchable in the country, and attribute them to any wrongdoing.

Sharif accused Bajwa and the head of the state’s spy agency, Inter-Service Intelligence, of being behind his overthrow.

“General Bajwa is responsible for 2018 (election) fraud, media restrictions, kidnapping journalists and forcing judges to give decisions of his choice,” he said, adding that the military commander should be held accountable for such acts.

Talking about the sedition accusations against him, Sharif said it was nothing new because “dictators” always label politicians as traitors.

The audience responded to Sharif’s speech with chants that expressed a commitment to continuing the struggle to achieve goals.

“(The establishment) must accept the wishes of the people,” said Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

“Today’s march has given its verdict that Imran Khan’s time is over now,” said Maryam Nawaz, PML-N leader and daughter of Sharif.

The next rally is scheduled for Sunday in the southeastern province of Sindh.

After pressuring Khan with a series of countrywide rallies in the coming months, the PDM plans to launch what opposition party leaders describe as a decisive march in the capital Islamabad early next year.

In the past, such political alliances have succeeded in overthrowing Pakistan’s military rulers.

“The PDM and the rallies are the result of targeted government efforts to corner opposition politicians,” Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, president at Pakistan’s Institute for Legislative Development and Transparency, told dpa.

After such an impressive show, “the establishment can also withstand bold support for the PTI government if they realize that the public mood is turning against the government,” said Mehboob.

Previously, there were signs the government was trying to thwart the protests because the road to the venue was blocked and several protesters and local leaders were arrested.

At least 6,000 police officers were deployed to the rally for security reasons, Mohammad Imran, a spokesman for the Gujranwala police, told dpa.

Pakistan, one of the few democracies in the Muslim world and a nuclear power, has been ruled by generals for nearly half of its existence, periodically breaking the path of democracy.

Prime Minister Khan came to power in 2018 in a controversial election marred by allegations of military fraud.

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