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The president of the UAE will arrive next week in a two week visit | Instant News

Rahim yar khan – President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Naihan will arrive here next week on a two week visit. High-level delegates will also accompany him.

The President of the UAE, in his visit, apart from hunting houbara, is also expected to meet with President Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa. In order to review the arrangements for the visit of the royal delegation to Cholistan, former parties from the UAE will arrive in Cholistan. Forest rangers have been deployed in five districts adjacent to Cholistan. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has summoned three companies of Rangers from the federal interior ministry for the security of the UAE royal delegation.

UAE rulers came to Cholistan to hunt houbara for a long time but due to illness, UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed has been unable to come to Cholistan for the past eight years. However, meanwhile, the Crown Prince of UAE Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed used to visit Cholistan every year with a high level delegation and during the last two years his personal visits to Cholistan were then granted official visiting status.

According to sources, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed and Deputy Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum will come to Cholistan for private visits next week with high-level royal delegations and during those visits they will visit Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur. He is also expected to visit the Bahawalnagar, Rajanpur and Cholistani areas adjacent to DG Khan. To ensure security, three Rangers companies will be deployed in these districts until March 31, 2021. According to sources, the personal visit of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed to Rahim Yar Khan may be more than two weeks.


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Preparations for the Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari engagement are ongoing | Instant News

Karachi: Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari’s engagement will take place on Friday at Bilalawal House Karachi, sources informed The Express Tribune.

Mahmood Chaudhry, the prospective fiancé of the PPP Chairman’s sister is expected to arrive in Karachi with his family today.

It will be an outdoor ceremony and no members of Bilawal House Karachi staff will be allowed in unless they have undergone a PCR test for the coronavirus. It was also revealed that all guests will be asked to ensure they comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding the coronavirus.

This development occurred when Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari tested positive for Covid-19, previously, his political secretary Jameel Soomro also tested positive.

Additionally, a catering committee has been set up to exclusively entertain the Chaudhry family while the team tasked with decorations will finish all their work tonight.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari is fully aware of all the arrangements for the event, the source said

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PM Imran Khan arrived in Kabul for his first visit | Instant News

PM Imran Khan arrives in Kabul. PHOTO: Pajhwok Afghan News

Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Kabul on Thursday on his first visit.

The prime minister traveled to neighboring countries at the invitation of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. The move is seen as an effort to build ongoing engagement between the two countries in recent months to enhance bilateral cooperation in various fields.

The last time PM Imran and Ghani met was the last time they visited Pakistan in June 2019. Previously they met on the sidelines of the 14th OIC Summit in Makkah in May 2019. The two leaders had a telephone conversation in September 2020.

A statement from the PM’s Office said the prime minister’s visit included tete-e-tete with Ghani, appointment-level talks and joint press reconnaissance.

“The focus will be further on deepening the fraternal bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Afghan peace process, and regional economic development and connectivity.”

In this context, there have been several high level meetings over the past few months. Apart from regular exchanges between the foreign ministers, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, Afghan Speaker Wolesi Jirga Rahman Rahmani and Afghan Trade Minister Nisar Ghoraini also visited Pakistan.

The second review session of the Afghanistan Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) was held in Kabul on 31 August.

“As part of this process, and ahead of the prime minister’s upcoming visit, Trade and Investment Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood visited Kabul from November 16-18, 2020,” said the PMO.

“The people of Pakistan and Afghanistan are connected through irreversible ties of history, beliefs, culture, kinship, values ​​and traditions,” read the PMO statement. “The Prime Minister’s visit will help forge a stronger and more multifaceted relationship between the two fraternal countries.”


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Covid 19 coronavirus: How will the first available vaccine in New Zealand work? | Instant News

BioNTech and Pfizer’s mRNA coronavirus vaccines could be launched in New Zealand early next year, subject to final testing and approval. Photo / Provided

The mRNA coronavirus vaccine, which could arrive in New Zealand as early as next year, subject to final tests and regulations, will be the latest incarnation of the immunological revolution sweeping science. Professor Graham


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New Zealand Weather: Summer is spring for some, before the rains and rains arrive | Instant News

New Zealand

MetService national weather: November 13-15

Spring has turned into a countrywide summer this weekend, thanks to a high-pressure system in the north and warm westerly winds blowing in the south.

Auckland residents came out enjoying the sunshine yesterday after avoiding a possible lockdown with the latest Covid case genomically linked to a Defense Force cluster.

It was as if summer had arrived in Mission Bay with kids going in and out of the water – and the sand.

The summer mood continues into the day as temperatures in most major centers will hit 20 ° C, with Christchurch, Blenheim and Timaru expecting summer temperatures of 25 ° C and Tauranga 24 ° C.

Upper North Island centers can expect highest temperatures in the lowest 20s – Auckland and Hamilton should hit 22C, Rotorua 21C and Napier 23C.

Temperatures on the North Island are nearly normal for the time of year, but above average for parts of the South Island thanks to nor’westers, says MetService meteorologist Kyle Lee.

“In the east we’re talking 4C to 7C above average.”

Cooler days in the western and southern parts of the North Island – Wellington would be fine but with temperatures of 18C and New Plymouth, also good, 19C.

Most of the place will be dry, with the exception of a few parts further south, Lee said.

“The weather today is quite good. There is a bit of high pressure that keeps most of the country fine.”

Heavy rain could ruin parties in Otago, Southland and parts of Westland and a heavy rain warning has been issued for Fiordland – rain is expected to fall as high as 150mm before 9pm tonight.

Meanwhile, Sunday sunshine in most parts of the country will make way for some to kick off a humid work week.

North Islanders can expect heavy rains to spread over much of the island, from Northland to Wellington, and from Taranaki to the east.

It will be warm in Auckland, with temperatures as high as 22 ° C, but it will rain from late afternoon, with a similar story in Hamilton.

A brief afternoon of rain is expected in Wellington tomorrow, with temperatures as high as 18C.

On the South Island, rain and rain are expected to occur in many places during the day, before it clears up at night.


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