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New 5th Avenue Food Stop, food truck parking lot, betting in downtown Gary, underserved steel factory, carrying Parmesan truffles and other fare | Northwest Indiana Business Headlines | Instant News

“It will be good quality food, not fast food, but cheap,” said Scott Yonover. “There will be breakfast packets, burritos and omelet in the morning, and ribs and bacon in the afternoon and evening. We have counted the cars that enter the steel mill and the number of cars is incredible. All those workers shouldn’t have to carry provisions. lunch. “

The Blacktop BBQ menu will include pulled pork, jerk chicken, and soul food items like collard greens and mac and cheese. The Big Yonni Loaded Fries will be topped with brisket, barbecue sauce, white cheddar cheese sauce, and island coleslaw. Cracked will offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches, tacos and burritos, as well as Parmesan truffle tots and tots smothered in smoked chorizo ​​and sriracha sour cream.

They plan to focus on quality food prepared in an off-site kitchen and cooked fresh.

“This isn’t a cockroach trainer serving instant coffee and candy bars,” he said.

The food truck section will have picnic tables for dining out, although it will also cater to take-away businesses, such as for steel workers commuting to Gary Works.

“This could be considered very visionary or very crazy,” said Scott Yonover. “We are opening amid the pandemic but we think more people will want to eat out or grab and go breakfast, lunch or dinner.”


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