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World T20, Ashes looms over Australia after a disappointing season | Cricket News | Instant News

SYDNEY: Australia’s international season ended in a crushing defeat to New Zealand in the Twenty20 draw in Wellington on Sunday, leaving many questions to be answered over the coming months.
Unlike the Home Test series defeat to India around New Year’s, there is a situation that mitigates the 2-3 defeat at the hands of the Black Caps eight months from the T20 World Cup in India.
No doubt the squad is weakened by the absence of top players including David Warner and Steve Smith, who was chosen instead for the South African Test tour which was later canceled by Australia due to health issues.
After leaving quarantine, Aaron FinchThe side lost the first two games but came back to equalize before Sunday’s decider.
“I am very pleased with our endurance through the draw to come back from 2-0 down,” said Finch after Sunday’s fifth T20 defeat by seven goals.
“Even when we lost the second game specifically, we were there, maybe one swing from the pinch. There were a lot of characters from the group.”
The T20 World Cup is the only global cricket trophy Australia has yet to win and they will be confident to compete with full-strength teams in October and November.
Many of the players who are likely to lead them to their maiden title will travel abroad again next month to hone their T20 skills in the Indian Premier League.
India’s fourth Test win over England means Australia will not be contesting the latest global trophy in the men’s match with Virat Kohli’s side who now face New Zealand in the World Test Championships in June.
The decision not to tour South Africa was all but determined Australia’s fate on that score but there was a blockbuster home Ash series later this year to look forward to.
The Australians repaired some of the damage done to their reputation by the Newlands ball smashing scandal with the way they defended the urn in England in 2019.
The combined leadership of captain-coach Tim Paine and Justin Langer that orchestrated the feat, however, was increasingly called into question during and after India’s humiliating Home Test series defeat.
Those questions, as well as the big questions about Australia’s mid-level hitting, will be discussed in the coming months and, for Finch and his New Zealand tourists, there is only one thought when they board their charter flight on Sunday.
“It’s been a long summer for a lot of people who’ve been in the bubble, I know some people in WA (Western Australia) haven’t been home in months,” Finch said.
“We all want to go home and see family and all.”


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Ash falls on Italian city after volcanic eruption | News | Instant News

People in Italian cities are cleaning up after a volcano on the island of Sicily erupts again, dropping ash on nearby communities.

Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, erupted early Sunday.

Ash and stone fragments covered roads and buildings in nearby cities.

Residents use rooms and dustpan to collect ash on the streets.

Mount Etna’s Southeastern Crater is the epicenter of activity that began on February 16.

The eruption of Etna has calmed the volcano seven times in the last few days.

This ten thousand, 800 foot high volcano erupts frequently but rarely causes damage.

The last major eruption was in 1992.


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Australia’s leading athletes are calling for greater action on climate change | Instant News

A group of leading Australian athletes is calling for greater action on climate change following the release of a Climate Council report saying Australia’s summer sports could be wiped out within 20 years.

The Climate Council report, “Game, Set, Match: Calling Time on Climate Inaction” says temperatures could reach 50 degrees Celsius in Sydney and Melbourne by 2040, putting the sustainability and safety of summer sporting events in grave danger.

“If global emissions continue to increase, Australian sports will have to make significant changes, such as playing summer games at night or changing schedules to spring and fall,” said Dr Martin Rice, head of research and lead author of the Climate Council.

Paceman Australia and world number 1 bowler Pat Cummins are no stranger to playing in hot conditions at home. But in the summer of 2019/20, Cummins was forced into the middle of the smoke from the wildfires that lingered in Sydney for weeks, and he realized the need for urgent action.

“Like all Australians, I am devastated to see the impact of this [2019/2020] wildfires and some coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, “said Cummins.

“I am used to competing in the fight between bat and ball. The battle for climate change is, of course, much more important than just the game of cricket … we have seen athletes forced out of their events due to extreme heat and fire, and community cricket clubs forced to end their season early. “

Joining Cummins in the call for greater action is long-time environmental fighter and former Wallabies rower David Pocock.

Pocock in 2014 famously tied herself to the mining machine in protest in the NSW country and she has continued to push the case for action on climate change since retiring from rugby, most recently appearing on the BBC podcast Emergency on Planet Sport.

“Australia is overweight in sport, winning gold and top podiums, but we are lagging behind in climate action,” said Pocock.

“We don’t have a credible climate policy. We could easily be leaders in clean technology, but our federal government is sticking with it and subsidizing fossil fuels, like coal and gas.”

Key findings from the report include: the fact that athletes and spectators have fallen ill after exposure to extreme heat in recent years, including events such as the Australian Open series and the Ashes; climate change is driving longer and more intense seasons of wildfires, exposing athletes and spectators to dangerous air pollution; Australian sports are worth the $[AU]50 billion for the economy and employing more than 220,000 people, but the government is not ready to increase climate risk.

Netball professional Amy Steel, whose career ended after the heatstroke, said all levels of the sport were at risk unless urgent action was taken to fight climate change.

“Physically I am the strongest and strongest I have ever experienced. I never imagined this would be the last game I would play, that it would end my netball career,” he said.

“The incident left me with lifelong health problems, including chronic inflammation and fatigue. If this could happen to me – an elite athlete – then what are the risks to community sports clubs, because climate change is making heat waves longer, hotter and longer. often?”


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Watch: A volcano spews ashes over an Italian city | Headlines | Instant News

(APTN / Newspath) – Ash from a strong volcanic explosion at Mt. Etna on Friday covered surrounding villages and blew up Sicilian towns tens of kilometers away.

Europe’s highest active volcano lived for more than an hour with an eruption of incandescent lava on Friday morning that reached several meters high and sent lava flows down the remote valley of Valle del Bove.

The violent eruption sent plumes of gray ash rising several kilometers above the volcano’s summit and, pushed by the winds southward, covered nearby cities.

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The Trojan fell in a heartbreaking manner, 35-34 | Instant News

NATCHITOCHES, La. (KALB) – For the first time in program history, the Alexandria Senior High Trojans are in the spotlight by setting a historic record in the 2020 season. Their Cinderella story ended when the Acadiana Rams beat them 35-34 in a Class 5A State Championship match.

The Trojans became the first team from Central Louisiana to compete for the state championship since the Bolton Bears played in 1974. Since 1960, any team from the metro area has emerged victorious.

In the first quarter, nervousness got the best of the Trojans. They collected four penalties for 19 yards. Acadiana took full advantage and scored the first goal after Tyvin Zeno broke into the end zone for the game’s first score.

The Trojans found a spark when Jarvis Newton made a 22-yard blast down the middle to Acadiana 17. That same drive led to ASH’s first goal.

Persistently, the Trojans are evenly matched with Acadiana. Seniors Jermaine McNeal (15 tackles) and CJ Kittling finished the evening with 14 tackles apiece.

Throughout the second quarter, Trojan defenses were tested. The Rams played seven games for 69 yards to put them ahead 14-7.

The defending champion never gives up. After the Trojans fumbled their own 18-yard line, Acadiana found their way back into the zone to take two possession in the half.

The two teams swapped three and dropped out early in the third set. However, the Trojans found more life as senior quarterback Judd Barton shot Abu Kamara wide open for a 28-yard touchdown midway through the third quarter.

The Trojan continued to hit the gas after CJ Kittling stopped Acadiana’s pass to force a three-shot and escape. After that trip, Jarvis Newton found his way into the end zone for the first time that night, cutting the Rams’ lead to 28-21.

ASH’s defense strained, forced first and 10th misses, and second year defender John Parish recovered with less than three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

The Trojans continued to struggle late in the fourth quarter when Barton linked up with Graham Vaughn for 37 yards, cutting the Rams’ lead to 35-28.

ASH will recover the onside shot which will ultimately lead Judd Barton to TJ Johnson 16 yards touchdown, making it 35-34.

What looks like a two-point conversion converted on a pass from Barton to Shield Taylor will be called back for an illegal formation call.

The Trojan breach will try to convert two more points, but that will cause Judd Barton to be intercepted and end the game.

Offensively, Barton finished the night 19 of 30 on a complete pass, 221 yards and three touchdowns. Jarvis Newton finished the evening with 77 yards running with the ball and a goal.

Defensively, sophomore John Parish stunned the crowd who finished the evening with an unsuccessful recovery and nine tackles.

ASH finished the season 7-2.

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