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Cricket: Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has criticized India for the double standard Virat Kohli claims | Instant News

Virat Kohli will miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series. Photo / Getty Images

Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar has named his own country for allowing Virat Kohli to miss the remaining three test matches in the Australia-India series to attend the birth of his first child while asking other players who have not yet met his newborn daughter to take charge of netball.

Gavaskar, the record-opener who missed the birth of his son Rohan while on tour of New Zealand in 1976, went offensive in the column for Sportstar after India’s defeat in the first test in Adelaide.

He questions why Kohli left while fast bowler Thangarasu Natarajan remains separated from his family.

Princess Natarajan was born while she was playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League, which was held in the United Arab Emirates from September to November due to the Covid-19 lockdown in India.

He was mentioned in the party on the India tour to Australia and traveled directly to Sydney from the T20 tournament. After making an impressive impact in the visitors’ 2-1 T20 win, Gavaskar said Natarajan was asked to stay for the test series.

“But not as part of the team but as a net bowler,” wrote Gavaskar. “Imagine. A match winner, albeit in another format, is asked to be a net bowler. Thus, he will return home only after the draw ends in the third week of January and be able to see his daughter for the first time. And there is a captain who returns after the first test for the birth of her first child.

“It’s Indian cricket. Different rules for different people.”

Gavaskar’s stance divided opinion in India.

“The reason Kohli is different from Natarajan is because the former has the power of advertisers, the freedom to set the rules at the BCCI, the compliant BCCI admin, the troll army of social media, and the media that sucks access to him. The latter has a Yorker,” wrote author Arnab Ray.

“Disagree with Gavaskar. Nobody forced Natarajan into the net. He realized it was a stepping stone for him. Kohli decided to return was a personal choice. Cricket was his profession, part of life, not his whole life. If it made him unfit to play, then Of course, fire him, “replied columnist Kartikeya Tanna.

Gavaskar is also aiming for the shortage of safety star Ravi Ashwin has experienced during his testing career despite his world-class production at home and away.

Ashwin took 4-55 and 1-16 in the first test to make his career tally to 370 test wickets with a 25 average.

“Ashwin has suffered too long not because of his bowling skills that only rude people would doubt, but because of his honesty and expressing his thoughts at meetings where most people just nodded despite their disapproval,” Gavaskar wrote.

“Any other country will welcome a bowler who has more than 350 test wickets and also doesn’t forget four centuries of trial matches. However, if Ashwin doesn’t take that many goals in one game, he is always absent for the next game. That doesn’t happen to the batsmen. established. Even if they fail at one game they get another chance and another and another but to Ashwin the rules seem different. “


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There will be no negotiations on the islands until the PIDA regulations are withdrawn, said Murtaza Wahab | Instant News

The Sindh government has reiterated its stance that it will not enter into negotiations with the Center on the two-island issue off the coast of Karachi until the presidential decree establishing a Pakistan Islands Development Authority is withdrawn.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Chief Adviser to the Minister of Law and Environment Sindh Murtaza Wahab said the presidential regulation had been promulgated in an attempt to seize provincial government land.

Lawyers for Wahab, who is also acting as spokesman for the Sindh government, alleged that the federal government also wanted 13,000 hectares of land at the Pakistan Steel Plant in Karachi.

He said Sindh would not allow the federal government to exploit labor because the Steel Mill land would automatically be handed back to the Sindh government if the Center attempted to share it with others.

He added that the Sindh government had started work on the Malir Expressway in Karachi and very soon the groundbreaking ceremony for the proper project would be held.

Wahab’s lawyers claim that the Sindh government has completed work related to the reconstruction of 11 roads in Manora and the SITE area in Karachi.

He said work had finished up to 90 percent for the reconstruction of Jalan Ibrahim Hyderi. The Sindh government spokesman said the federal government should be questioned about the delay in completing the K-IV bulk water supply and Green Line Bus Transit projects in Karachi.


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Germany floats asking the Thai king to appoint a regent for his next visa | Instant News

HAMBURG, Germany – King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s inexplicable preference for living in the southwestern German state of Bavaria is testing Berlin’s longstanding hands-off approach to his near-constant presence, particularly as anti-monarchy sentiment increasingly dominates pro-democracy protests in Thailand.

Thousands of young protesters descended on the German embassy in Bangkok on October 26 and sent a letter personally to Georg Schmidt, the German ambassador, requesting an investigation. Among other things, they wanted to find out whether the king was running Thai state affairs on German soil, which would violate German law, and whether he was responsible for inheritance duties in Germany following his father’s death in October 2016.

Although the monarch has been a hot topic among members of the Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament, a German official told Nikkei Asia that a student petition from Bangkok alone would not be enough to spark a parliamentary inquiry or debate – a development that is sure to continue. stressful relations between the two countries.

Thai protesters alleged that members of the monarch’s security detail in Germany may be involved in removing criticism of the monarchs living in exile in Laos and Cambodia. There were also questions about whether members of his Bavarian harem were being held there against their will.

The German government has said they have no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing.

In late October, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the authorities would “permanently review the incident and act immediately if anything we deemed to be illegal was found.” Maas’ use of the word “treiben” for events above the brow because of its negative connotations and sexual innuendo.

Sevim Dagdelen, deputy leader of the Left party, is one of King Vajiralongkorn’s strongest critics in the Bundestag. He told the Nikkei that the German government should stop accommodating the Thai head of state.

Dagdelen represents his party on the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, and in that capacity asked parliamentary researchers to see the validity of this unprecedented situation. A report was finalized on November 18, confirming that the king had stayed in Germany on a personal visa – not a visa for state guests. That puts the problem in a legal gray area.

The researchers concluded that the actions signaled by Maas, including surveillance and administrative fines, would violate international law. The head of state symbolizes the dignity of a country, they say, and therefore enjoys diplomatic immunity – even when traveling on a personal visa.

King Vajiralongkorn has returned to Thailand since early October and is expected to remain there until the end of December. The researchers concluded that serving him with a re-entry ban would amount to the de facto confiscation of his Bavarian villa. Thus, it would be “questioned in humanitarian considerations”.

Regarding the prohibition of running Thai state affairs on German soil, the researchers concluded that the German government could choose to tie up the issuance of a monarch visa on the explicit requirement that he appoint a regent in Thailand to act in his place whenever he is not there. German.

The solution is very unlikely to attract King Vajiralongkorn, whose district part of the constitution was changed after his accession. The changes were controversially branded by the military-appointed legislative assembly after Thailand’s 20th constitution was approved by a national referendum in 2016. The revised constitution only received the necessary royal approval – the king’s signature – in 2017. The changes led to the appointment of regents while he was in office. abroad as an option for the king – and no longer a constitutional requirement.

“The Bundestag research service does not have detailed knowledge of what the Thai monarch is doing in Bavaria,” the research report said. “What is important in this context is the fact that the Thai constitution dated April 6, 2017, was ‘passed down’ … the king’s obligation to assign regents while living abroad is an unnecessary provision,” he said.

Dagdelen of the Left party argues that the lack of a guardian means no doubt the king is handling Thai state affairs from German soil, and that has serious implications given the current Thai political turmoil.

“If the Thai king along with the military junta brutally crush the pro-democracy movement, he should not be granted a visa by the government for a luxurious long-term stay in Germany,” Dagdelen told Nikkei.

He also argued that Berlin should use its influence in Brussels to maintain the ice negotiations between the EU and Thailand for a free trade agreement. Negotiations were postponed in 2014 after the military took control of the country, but in late October both sides confirmed readiness to resume talks soon.

The Thai monarch has drawn considerable adverse publicity in Germany for maintaining a harem in the 21st century, reportedly violating local COVID-19 regulations, possible inheritance tax evasion and touch-and-go maneuvers on his private jet at the small Hamburg airport.

Opposition MPs in Green vegetable and the Left party is lobbying for the monarch’s visa to be reviewed for alleged violations of German visa regulations, and any role he may play in crushing political dissent in his kingdom.

However, lawmakers in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union remain more comfortable with the longstanding hands-off approach.

“I don’t understand why the issuance of a visa for the Thai monarch should be linked to Thailand’s internal affairs, and I think the foreign ministry has taken a risk,” said Mark Hauptmann, a lawmaker from the ruling Christian Democratic Union. as ‘the hand of Asia,’ says the Nikkei.

“The foreign ministry must remain humble about this issue,” said Hauptmann.


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Sindh nationalist parties staged protests against PIDA | Instant News

KARACHI: Thousands of protesters from the nationalist political party Sindhi staged a demonstration outside the Governor’s Building here on Sunday against the controversial Pakistan Islands Development Authority Ordinance. The protesters are demanding to back down from an act that, they say, amounts to violating provincial sovereignty.

The protests were named by the Sindh Action Committee, which is a collection of nationalist political parties, including the Sindh United Party, the Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz and Jiye Sindh Mahaz among others.

They demanded that the government call a Joint Interest Council hearing on the matter and warned that if the regulations were not withdrawn they would expand their protest campaign across the province.

SAC leader Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah said the federal government’s policy of taking over the islands of Buddo and Bundal, which are owned by Sindh, violated the Constitution and would kill fishermen’s livelihoods on a large scale.

STPP leader Qadir Magsi said the people of the province had rejected the PIDA Ordinance and would take to the roads from Karachi to Kashmore if the government didn’t withdraw it. He said this was the same as taking Sindh from Sindhis.

Others who spoke included JSQM leader Sanan Qureshi, SUP leader Syed Zain Shah and JSM leader Riaz Chandio. Previously, the SAC passed a resolution demanding the federal government to repeal the PIDA Ordinance, settle island ownership in the CCI session, enter them the Deh Surveys Revenue Record and release political prisoners.


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QAT demands that the Center repeal the PIDA regulations, criticizing Sindh for ‘tricking’ people | Instant News

The five-day ‘Sindh Awareness Parade’ – a rally organized by Qaumi Awami Tehreek to protest against the federal government’s plans to develop cities on two Karachi islands, the provincial government’s plans to sell the Karoonjhar Mountains in Tharparkar, and other issues ‚Äúpose a threat “Against the autonomy of the Sindh province – ending at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday.

The parade, which passed through various cities on the way to Karachi, started from Kandhkot and reached Karachi on the fifth day after covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers. A large number of party activists, members of civil society and other supporters of the nationalist Sindhi party came to the press club to greet the rally participants. Female activists also attended the parade.

Addressing the participants, QAT chairman Ayaz Latif Palijo accused the federal government of capturing the Sindh islands in violation of the constitution and the spirit of provincial autonomy.

Palijo, who is also secretary general of the Supreme Democratic Alliance, a Sindh-based electoral alliance that is part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf coalition government at the Center, warned the federal government that the resistance of the Sindh people would strengthen if the president’s regulation for the creation of the Pakistan Islands Development Authority (PIDA) ) not immediately withdrawn.

“The president of that country should uphold the constitution, but he is against it,” he said. “We will not allow anyone to pillage Sindh in the name of what is called development.” Criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan, Palijo said citizens across the country had suffered from terrorism, hunger, bad governance and inflation in his ‘Naya (New) Pakistan’.

“Except for Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Abdul Malik Baloch who were clearly against acts that violated Sindh rights, the leaders of the other component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement, an eleven party anti-government alliance, said nothing. about provincial issues. “

Palijo accused the Pakistan People’s Party of selling Sindh’s natural resources and heritage sites. “Although the Sindh government has not publicly stepped back, it seems that it is trying to deceive the people of the island problem.”

The PPP leadership has allowed the federal government, in return for guarantees about its government in the provinces, to continue its “occupation of the islands” plan, he accused.

“We also reject the sale of the Karoonjhar Mountains in Tharparkar,” said the head of QAT, referring to the recent controversy that provincial government officials have denied. He said the Karoonjhar Mountains are not just hills where granite can be extracted to make money, they are a cultural heritage and an asset of Sindh. “Karoonjhar Hill is the pride of Sindh as it symbolizes the provincial resistance movement against colonial powers.”

Palijo also expressed his disapproval of the Karachi committee, which is made up of the leaders of the PTI, PPP and MQM-P, and declared it an “unconstitutional attempt to usurp Sindh authority” and a move to sever the metropolitan city from the province.

Another speaker said if the Sindh government considers the PIDA regulations to be a wrong move then it should mobilize the Joint Interest Council or the top court to inform the forum that this plan is unacceptable to the Sindhi people.


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