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Pakistan: Trade unions stop the strike of Balochistan government workers as the state threatens crackdown | Instant News

A two-week strike by thousands of long-exploited government sector workers in Pakistan’s Balochistan province was closed by a trade union alliance last Friday following a court order declaring their work act “illegal”.

The strikers, facing the threat of looming state oppression, demanded a 25 percent increase in wages, and benefits such as those paid to provincial government employees in other provinces. The demand for higher wages resonates among people working across the country, who are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living soars.

Announcing the suspension of the strike, leaders of the All Balochistan Workers ‘union and the Grand Workers’ Alliance claimed work action would continue within a month if there is no progress in negotiations with the provincial government, which is a close ally of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and co. Pakistan populist Islamist Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

There sat the striking Balochistan government employees. (AMPL)

Such a procrastination tactic, which sparked outrage among many workers, is a typical way unions around the world are using to demobilize militant struggles and pave the way for their defeat.

In order to end the strike and sit in the “red zone” of the provincial capital, Quetta, the Balochistan High Court called on negotiators on both sides to show “flexibility” in their talks. Explaining that in practice this means that workers must give up their demands and accept whatever the government claims it is capable of, Chief Justice Jamal Mandokhail stated threateningly, β€œUntil the end of the protests, we will remain in court, and if the demonstrators don’t leave everyone will enter. jail. “

The struggle of Balochistan’s public workers is part of a global revival of the working class struggle as opposed to the capitalist ruling elite who prioritizes profit over the lives and livelihoods of workers amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. With almost no health care system and a social safety net, Balochistan, the country’s poorest province by far, has been hit by the pandemic.

The working poor in the province and the poor have also been hit by a greedy pro-market “reform” program championed by the International Monetary Fund and implemented by Imran Khan and his PTI government. Despite the economic catastrophe sparked by the pandemic, Khan’s government has been relentlessly pushing ahead with everything left over from social welfare programs and price subsidies, raising taxes and closing publicly owned companies, destroying thousands of jobs in the process.

Tens of thousands of workers from various government departments, including schools and hospitals, joined the strike in Balochistan, which started on March 29. They are all paid poor wages, regardless of the critical nature of their jobs. Over the next two weeks there were demonstrations and sit-ins in Quetta and other cities, effectively halting or disrupting government business, until unions submitted to an anti-worker court order and called off the strike on the night of April 10.


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Racing: Big guns raise New Zealand’s prospects at The Championships in Randwick | Instant News


Probabeel trained and tested well in Sydney last week. Photo / Getty Images

Reinforcements are on their way to Sydney to try and reverse a mostly unlucky Kiwi attack at their richest racing carnival.

So strong are the newcomers, it’s no surprise to see three of the favorites being trained by the Kiwi on the second day of The Championships at Randwick on Saturday.

The Sydney Carnival has seen only a handful of top New Zealand winners so far, with team-mate Aegon at Hobartville Stakes worth A $ 400,000 on February 20 and Quick Thinker winning A $ 300,000 Chairman’s at Randwick on Saturday, a bright spot of a fruitless fall. that matter. Lots.

But NZ winner Oaks Amarelinha and rising sprint star Entriviere boarded a plane to Sydney today, both in ideal condition after hard work in Matamata yesterday.

“We are very happy with both of them, they are exactly where they want to be,” said coach Jamie Richards.

Amarelinha could start to be a favorite on the A $ 1 million ATC Oaks, with the odds increasing with each hour of sunshine between now and Saturday, which is expected to be a lot.

He’s never been beaten by a foal and earned $ 6 with Australian bookies over the weekend, with some concern he won’t make the trip if the tracks appear wet.

Once he lands in Australia today and if the weather remains good he will have to head to the market on Saturday, especially after his trial in Ellerslie last Tuesday showed he was taking no losses from the Oaks win and the trip to Trentham.

Opie Bosson will go to ride it and Richards is making his first trip to Australia in more than a year, both knowing that if all goes well, they can return next Monday without needing to be quarantined as the new transtasman bubble takes effect.

Entriviere, who has been a sensation in the sprint lineup at Ellerslie, looks like he has found the perfect race for his Australian debut in the A $ 300,000 Group 2 Sapphire Bet, which James McDonald will ride.

The Sapphire bet sees the horse being penalized more for Group 1 and 2 wins, while Entriviere has only won at the Group 3 level (twice), meaning he will only weigh 1.5kg over the base weight for his age.

Awaiting them in Sydney is the loyal Probabeel, who looks set to be the big shortener in the market for the A $ 1 million Coolmore Legacy this Saturday if the track returns to good.

She fits very well with horse-for-age mileage and has been immensely supported in this campaign’s much stronger weight-for-age race.

Doubts about how he could get through his All-Star Mile fiasco on the wet track were resolved when he put on a resounding trial last Thursday, with his Coolmore chances aided by the fact some of the big names in the early market for the race weren’t. start.

He was $ 4 in Australia last night but can start anywhere near $ 2.

The Matamata mare will headline the New Zealand team on Saturday, with the Quick Thinkers of Baker-Forsman and The Chosen One being the only Kiwis left in the Sydney Cup.

Both Concert Hall and Charles Road have performed so far under their best at the Chairman’s won by Quick Thinker on Saturday, they will miss the Cup and return home, with co-trainer Robert Wellwood suspecting Concert Hall may be suffering from cardiac fibrillation.

“We checked him after the race and his heart looked fine but there was clearly something wrong in the race because he was too sincere to be like that,” said Wellwood.

Also on the plane home and going to the spelling paddock will be the Rocket Derby runners Spade and The Frontman, as well as Aegon, who are unlucky at Doncaster.


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The DMX rapper ‘survived’ in the ICU after a drug overdose | Instant News

Rapper DMX has been hospitalized and is in critical condition after experiencing an overdose. Video / Getty

The DMX Grammy-nominated rapper, real name Earl Simmons, remains in a New York hospital in dire straits following a heart attack triggered by a drug overdose.

Despite yesterday’s reports that he is now breathing on his own, that’s still untrue and the rapper remains in a life-support condition and in critical condition.

His family has been allowed to visit him in recent hours, but DMX reportedly remains unresponsive and with “little brain activity”.

TMZ reports DMX received visits from his fiancΓ©, Desiree Lindstrom, and his mother, Arnett Simmons, who were able to see him in ICU because he was “alive”.

The DMX rapper speaks during the 2012 Rock the Bells Festival press conference and the Fan Appreciation Party at the Santos Party House on June 13, 2012 in New York City.  Photo / Getty Images
The DMX rapper speaks during the 2012 Rock the Bells Festival press conference and the Fan Appreciation Party at the Santos Party House on June 13, 2012 in New York City. Photo / Getty Images

Musicians and other celebrities have used social media to send congratulations to the rapper and ask the world to “pray for DMX”.

“Prayers to DMX and their family,” wrote Missy Elliott on Twitter.

Another celebrity chorus joined the congratulations, as the rapper has remained in serious condition since being hospitalized on Friday (US time).

The 50-year-old rapper, who has fathered 15 children, remains at the White Plains hospital in New York.

DMX has previously opened up about his addiction to cocaine, which started when he was 14 after he smoked marijuana laced with the drug.

The rapper rose to stardom in the early 1990s, with his debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot in 1998, which received critical acclaim and commercial success, selling 251,000 copies in its first week of release.

Since then she has topped the charts many times, in the US and around the world.


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The DMX rapper removes life support, breathes on his own after a heart attack | Instant News

Rapper DMX has been hospitalized and is in critical condition after experiencing an overdose. Video / Getty

US rapper DMX has reportedly been in hospital in serious condition after suffering a heart attack.

The latest information from his attorney says that he has now been removed from life support (starting Sunday morning, New Zealand time) and is breathing on his own again.

“We are concerned. I would not be honest in saying that I am not one to worry about at this point,” said Murray Richman, the rapper’s lawyer.

According to TMZ, a heart attack is triggered by a drug overdose. Entertainment news sites said the rapper’s prognosis was “not good.”

Reports suggest a heart attack was triggered by an overdose and the prognosis is not good.  Photo / Getty Images
Reports suggest a heart attack was triggered by an overdose and the prognosis is not good. Photo / Getty Images

Celebrities have taken to social media to send congratulations to the 50-year-old rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons.

The rapper was admitted to White Plains Hospital in New York on Friday (US time).

This is a story in progress. More to come.


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Floyd’s trial & Biden infrastructure plan, Easter Covid, Mozambique, Italian spy line | Instant News

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It’s hard to be clinical and level-headed if the evidence is so disturbing. Opening trials in Minneapolis of police officers accused of murder of 46-year-old George Floyd. The jury on the opening day showed a nine-minute video of Derek Chauvin holding his leg around the neck of the handcuffed victim. From witnesses to experts and loved ones, every day is filled with emotions – like Thursday when Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, took the same emotions that sparked outrage around the world last May and the question of why this is not an open and closed case.

In the context of Covid, Joe Biden this week unveiled a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan, but rebuilding roads and bridges is only the fourth item on the list topped by expanding care for the elderly and people with disabilities and affordable housing. The US president emphasized America’s job and competition with China.

The French headed to the country well at least those who could afford it. The Easter weekend anniversaries began before the triple Lockdown that the president had tried to delay as long as possible but with hospitals inundated, Emmanuel Macron took to national television Wednesday to deliver bad news.

If you’re wondering how apostate Catholics took edicts from above, one poll said seven in ten French people approved of the government measures but 46% admitted they intended to break the rules. That figure jumps to six in ten for young people.

The Mozambique military claims that the 15 billion euro natural gas project spearheaded by French energy giant Total is safe. Safe from jihadist rebels who last week stormed the northern coastal city of Palma, killing dozens of people, including foreigners, and forcing thousands to flee. Government forces still haven’t regained control, work on the compound has been postponed, and refugees who have managed to escape on foot or by boat come up with chilling stories.

It was the week that the top Covid official in Sicily had to stop when he was caught on tape ordering a reduction in the infection rate and an Italian frigate captain was caught in a Roman car park selling military secrets to a Russian military attachΓ©.

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.


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