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What to Remember Before Thursday’s Park and Recreation Reunion Special | Instant News

Parks and Recreation fans who don’t remember how this series ended when it aired in 2015 had several companies in the stars Amy Poehler.

“My children always like,” Mom, what happened? “And I like it,” I don’t know. I do not remember any of that! “Poehler be told Seth Meyers earlier this year, after revealing that he was rearranging the event with his children during the corona virus quarantine. “I remember recording the scene and how I felt when photographing the scene. But the true story from episode to episode, I can’t even tell it. So it was really fun watching again. “

Fact creator Michael Schur needed to research where the characters of the event left before writing a special reunion Thursday night, which unites Parks and Recreation thrown in for a one-night event. “It was really complicated, because the last season of the show aired in 2014 [and 2015] happened in 2017. And then the end of the event … jumped [from] 2017 along the way, I think 2065 in various moments, “Schur be told reporters at this week’s conference call. “So the first thing we have to do is say, where is everyone?”

That’s a good question. Before watching Specialized Parks and Recreation on Thursday night at 8:30 PM ET / PT on NBC, this is a refresh where each main character ends.

Streaming Place Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben (Amy Poehler and Adam Scott)

Before 2020: The couple and their triplets moved from Pawnee, Indiana to Washington, D.C. in the final, where Ben ran for Congress while Leslie took a job with the Department of the Interior.

After 2020: Both Leslie and Ben were approached to run for Indiana Governor in 2025, but it was Leslie who ran and won (he served two conditions). In 2048, at the funeral service for Jerry (Jim O’Hehir), Secret Service agents approached Ben and Leslie, leaving the possibility that one or both would eventually be elected to higher positions. Not that the reunion episode will give an answer. “We made a lot of references in the final into potential things that might happen to various people and things like that. And we just left it all, “Schur said this week. “It really feels like we want all this to be about what’s happening in our lives right now. So there isn’t any kind of Easter egg in the future, I don’t think. At least none of them are intentional. “

Ann and Chris (Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe)

Before 2020: In the middle of the second season of the show, Ann and Chris left Pawnee and moved to Michigan to become closer to Ann’s family and raise their son.

After 2020: In 2025, it was revealed that Ann and Chris had a second child (a daughter named Leslie) and decided to return to Pawnee. It is assumed that Ann remains a practice nurse, who will place her at the forefront of the current coronavirus pandemic. Parks and Recreation real life. But according to Schur, instead of asking Ann to be part of a health crisis, the reunion specifically explained that he was mostly doing outpatient care. “We don’t want to seem like we are underestimating or creating or trying to find humor in what is perhaps the funniest aspect of all this,” Schur said this week.

April and Andy (Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt)

Before 2020: The couple moved to Washington D.C. with Ben and Leslie.


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