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The rare Pokémon card has been bid for $170K before the auction | Instant News

The record of the most expensive Pokémon cards may be developing.

An auction house in New Jersey may be on the cusp of setting a new record for the highest-priced Pokémon card ever.

Goldin Auctions’ first edition holographic 1999 Charizard card Boast With a bid of $170,000, there are 10 days to go. The card has passed the “Black Diamond Label Certification” and is classified as “Gold Label Pristine 10” (the most prestigious grade) by the well-respected card grading organization Sportscard Guaranty Corporation. In addition to the credentials, the card is also “irresistibly cloned” and “attracts observers through magnetic visual qualities, which challenge the sufficiency of oral descriptions,” Golding described, which is very important for the 90s. Nostalgia has a soft spot.

The massive publicity of Rhapsody continued to compare the Charizard card with the Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card in 1952, arguing that “both these two projects show characters larger than life and occupy a central position in the fantasy of countless fanatics” and “distribute The beauty of the body. It effectively combines the attributes that resonate even when it is not activated.”

The description also added that the last time a Charizard card of similar quality sold privately saw a rare change of hands, it was sold for $250,000.

Rapper logic Keep records Most of the money was spent on Pokémon cards that were publicly sold: the recently retired artist paid $183,000 (more than $220,000 including the purchaser’s insurance) in October to buy another first Edition Charizard card. Logan Paul, a YouTube influencer, recently took out a large sum of money, bought a set of cards, and bought a set of auxiliary boxes for $216,000. HypeBeast reports.

The new craze for Nintendo’s beloved Japanese-born Pocket Monsters brand is bringing childhood card game lovers into their attic, hoping to find lucrative auction items in their dusty childhood boxes. A former collector said: “I sent them away a few years ago, and I don’t want to hear about my non-existent college fund for my non-existent children.” Tell Polygon.


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Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridges sells for $156,000 | Instant News

That is a nice copy of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nice copy Super Mario Bros. 3 over there.
photo: Heritage Auction

Rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 The NES is the new king of video game auctions and sold for an incredible $156,000 last Friday.

Although many prices are included in the near-perfect quality level of the sealed game, this copy Super Mario Bros. 3 It also came from the early production process and saw “Bros”. It is obviously a big deal to align it to the left instead of to the right in the logo.

“The copy of this game is “Bros”. The format formatted on the left side of the box (on Mario’s glove) as the left side is rare and in a sealed state. Many collectors have been watching for many years, but often Dry.” Heritage auction list display. “When the seal did appear, it brought a high premium compared to the later’right brother’. Version, because this version is much less [sic]. “

The highest price “right brother”.Pass the estate auction Price is only $ 21,600 In September of this year, I just want to know what kind of changes the logo adjustment will bring.

As early as July, the original has been stamped Super Mario Bros For NES It broke the record when it received $114,000 As the seller. Super Mario Bros. 3 Now, this transaction is the most expensive video game record ever, yet to be completed.

I can’t think of a video game that is worth so much money, but then again, I am not the founder of Pets.com.


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