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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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The recreation areas in Karachi remain close until August 4 – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when July 27, 2020 8:21 a.m.

Parks, beaches, fitness centers, play areas, sports activities will remain suspended.

KARACHI (Dunya News) – To prevent the spread of a new coronavirus pandemic in the country, the Karachi government has decided to keep closing all recreational areas in the metropolis during the Eidul Azha holiday until August 4.

According to a notice issued by the Karachi Commissioner, parks, beaches, fitness centers, play areas, sports activities will be closed.

Previously, the Islamabad government had decided to close all recreational areas in the federal capital during the Eidul Azha holiday.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat said Monday the Murree Expressway, Margalla Hills, and other picnic spots will remain closed on that occasion from July 31, Friday to August 2, Sunday.

He urges people to stay home and avoid making road plans during these days to keep you and your family safe during a pandemic.

Responding to questions about Eid prayers, he said the government had the same plan as used on Eid.

Arrangements will be made in an open space by following standard operating procedures (SOP) with different prayer times to avoid meetings.

“Eid al-Fitr prayer is not the main problem, the problem is when exchanging Eid greetings traditionally on the day when people will avoid social distance prevention measures,” he said.

Citizens of the federal capital must show a sense of responsibility by complying with SOPs because law enforcement officials can monitor the people in their homes, Shafqaat added.

“If people don’t follow the SOP right now, the situation could be worse than after Eid,” he warned.

For other questions, he said SOPs were strictly enforced on livestock markets and animals were also vaccinated against the Congo virus.

Residents were asked not to bring parents and children at the cattle market to buy sacrificial animals, he said.


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Tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada will now be able to visit Costa Rica, the US continues to be excluded | Instant News

(MENAFN – Costa Rica News)

Costa Rica will open its air border for tourists from the European Union, Britain and Canada, starting this August 1. This was reported by the new Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, in an official announcement which also stated the continued exclusion of travelers from the United States, the main source of tourists for our country, but currently suffering from the biggest onslaught of the Coronavirus novel in the World.

According to the Minister, the reopening will be ‘gradual’ and, in practice, that means restarting operations with five flights per week, by taking reference requests made by airlines to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Segura asserted that the country would take steps ‘very gradually and highly analyzed’ to revitalize the tourism sector, but stressed that any decision taken would be very careful, so as not to further jeopardize the country’s difficult health situation. ‘As you can see, it is a very dim hole, very shy, but it allows us to practice it all the protocol . These are only a few tourists per week, but this is a step in the right direction, ‘he said.

Segura pointed out that the first reopening announcement was only a ‘drop of hope’ for more than 600,000 Costa Rican citizens who depend directly or indirectly on tourism, amid a context that calls for a wider reopening of the border in ‘the coming months’. On improving the permitted routes in the following weeks, he only commented that it would depend on ‘permanent and coordinated analysis, which depends on many factors.’

Segura made no secret that the decision to reopen operations was complicated during the pandemic; However, he stressed that this was a well-planned learning process amid extraordinary and unusual contexts.

“This decision is not simple, they are coordinated between various institutions, and analyze various factors. We all learn to manage Pandemic because this is new

for everyone, public and private administrators, because you have to make very careful decisions. ‘

Costa Rica will open its air border after more than four and a half months. This country has been closed since March 16, when President Carlos Alvarado issued a national ‘state of emergency’, due to the first recorded infection from SARS-CoV-2.

On July 20, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, has indicated that the reopening date is scheduled for August 1, although he stressed that any decision made to raise or lower the relevant limits will depend on the national situation and of each country considered. as a provider of tourists who is likely to avoid more infections and medical requirements.

“We know that giving permission when there is a total lack of control over the Virus, and with the increasing number of cases, requires great attention to avoid the possibility of more people becoming ill,” Segura said.

President Carlos Alvarado promised that the country would conduct an orderly reopening, following the strictest protocol possible. “The recovery of the tourism sector will be achieved with caution and with strict sanitation protocols, always with the highest confidence to ensure the health and lives of all people.”

Need proof

To enter the country, each traveler must undergo a test for the Coronavirus novel at least 48 hours before arriving in the country. And that should give negative results. Likewise, tourists must have completed the form of digital epidemiology issued by Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), which will be activated in various languages, visitors must also purchase travel insurance that includes accommodation in the case of quarantine and possible medical costs for acute illness.

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Starting in August, most Android users can use sharing near Google | Instant News

It seems that Google is about to complete the final stage of testing of its AirDrop-like file sharing alternative. The source of this news is not official, but we have been hearing about the topic for some time now, and now we have a suggested release time frame. Starting in August, all Android users currently running Android 6 and above can seamlessly get support for this feature.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

The minimum operating system version requirements are the same as what Google has shared in the “nearby sharing” beta testing that Google is conducting. The latter is still carried out on certain eligible devices, only need to choose to join the Beta version of Google Play services. Since Nearest Share is part of the framework, rather than some other lower-level parts of the Android OS itself, in a completely reasonable sense, all existing Android 6 users and higher version users will end up with a simple Play Store This function is obtained in the form of an update package.

In other exciting news, Google obviously has plans to introduce support for its new quick sharing feature to other platforms, including Windows, ChromeOS, macOS and Linux. In fact, earlier versions of this feature have been added to some Linux repositories. Therefore, progress is also being made in this regard.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

In case you don’t know anything about sharing nearby, it is a simple and seamless file sharing solution that is very reminiscent of the features that Apple users have enjoyed using AirDrop for many years. The permissions and visibility of “Share Nearby” will be controlled by the settings menu and will be closely linked to the phone’s contact list. The main premise is that as long as you have a specific contact as a contact, and one of their devices is close enough, sending and receiving files using that device will become a one-click operation. No annoying Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct connection negotiation. According to an early investigation of the technology, it seems that like AirDrop, it relies on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the background. The former establishes a connection, and the latter actually transmits data through its higher bandwidth.

There may still be some subtleties regarding the adoption and support of “share nearby”. Some Android manufacturers have adopted similar proprietary solutions. Huawei and Honor, which still lack official Google Play service support, may not be able to obtain “nearby sharing” at all. Again, Huawei Share is already one thing, so maybe it can be expanded and made compatible? We just need to wait and see.

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Malik called on the PM to impose a limited army curfew from July 15 to August | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the House Senate Senate Committee Abdul Rehman Malik on Saturday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan demanding the imposition of a limited military curfew from July 15 to August for the application of anti-coronavirus SOPs and other actions and suggestions.

In a letter to the PM, Rehman Malik stated that let us understand it was a national problem and you must at least consider these suggestions when formulating a national anti-coronavirus action plan. “Based on my local and international research, I have made a prediction some time ago, that if the army curfew is not enforced for the application of strict SOPs, the number of corona virus patients and death rates could increase to unimaginable limits in Pakistan. The same thing has been proven right, because this nation has experienced an increase in the number of infections and deaths, “he said in his letter.

In his letter to PM Imran Khan, Senator Abdul Rehman Malik recommended 10 suggestions which include:

To impose an army curfew for enforcement of anti-coronavirus SOPs without further delay.

To declare health emergencies for July, August, and September, 2020.

The Promulgate Emergency Law, which penalizes hoarders, counterfeiters, illicit marketers of drugs, medical equipment, overfilling of medical care related to COVID-19, and daily commodities; and they must be tried briefly and punished.

TV channels must be instructed to provide news about people arrested and convicted of this emergency-based crime.

To increase the treatment capacity of COVID-19 patients by building a temporary corona virus treatment center in August is likely to be difficult.

The Chinese government may be asked to send more Chinese doctors and nurses to care for coronavirus patients in Pakistan.

To ensure the availability of all life-saving drugs, including Panadol and instruments. Import taxes and duties, can be removed temporarily to fill the gap.

Lift all and all import duties and restrictions on the import and sale of domestic protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and medical staff.

Risk benefits and increase salaries of doctors and paramedical staff to 100% who treat COVID-19 patients, and to offer them compensation equivalent to the police, who give their lives according to duty.

Special arrangements can be made on the occasion of Eidul Azha for observing written SOPs and enthusiasm when the virus around the mass becomes very airborne and there will be more fear of the spread of COVID-19.


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Pak’s tour to the UK is now possible in August | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: There are strong indications that the Cricket Council of England and Wales (ECB) might reschedule the Pakistan Test series in August – provided that the Covid-19 threat subsides – instead of July with the first Test from August 5 behind closed doors.

ECB officials are scheduled to meet with their government officials in two weeks to decide on future actions regarding the international summer.

New plans prepared for international commitments in the United Kingdom revealed that action would begin against the West Indies from 8 July.

The new schedule can only be followed if the British government considers it safe to host international matches. “All this is only possible if we see a sharp decline in the Covid-19 case. I hope things will become clearer in one month, “ECB Chief Executive Tom Harrison said in a television interview.

With The Hundred postponed for a year, Harrison acknowledged that vacant land was “the only option” if the sport could somehow begin this summer.

Speaking to Sky’s Cricket Show, Harrison said: “I think people can understand that the action behind closed doors is the only choice for us this year. The idea of ​​gathering crowds this summer is unrealistic in the context of a public health crisis.”

He, however, hopes that T20 Blast and international cricket will be possible in Britain if the government gives a green signal.

However, he acknowledged that change was a necessity and there was a possibility of an overhaul of the entire schedule with changing scenarios.

The British government has announced that it is carrying out more than 125,000 tests per day in the hope that within a few months everyone in the UK will know their health status.

When ‘The News’ approached a spokesman for the Pakistan Cricket Council to find out whether it had found out about changes in the schedule, he said the ECB had not contacted Pakistan about any changes in the schedule. “The ECB will consider different options amid the Covid-19 threat but we have not been contacted,” he said.


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