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Chicago will ban “Grand Theft Auto”: Authorities say this will affect the rising number of carjackings | Instant News

Illinois legislators want to ban “Grand Theft Auto” in Chicago because it will affect more and more carjacking cases. They are also considering banning other violent video games that allegedly affect the minds of many young players.

(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images Photography)
A window displays the advertisement for Grand Theft Auto IV released in New York City on April 28, 2008. The popular and controversial video game released by Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. celebrates the dirty side of urban culture. It is predicted that Grand Theft Auto IV will break the industry’s video game sales record after being released in US stores tomorrow.

according to Fox 32 ChicagoIn the latest report, Chicago residents saw many teenagers running and carjacking, which is similar to the scene in “GTA”. This led the authorities to believe that popular adventure games may have influenced these teenagers to commit these crimes.

They report that some of the arrested suspects are not even old enough to drive cars or motorcycles. They included two 15-year-old players and a 16-year-old boy who were charged with carjacking and later arrested by the authorities.

Is “GTA” really related to carjacking?

On the other hand, philanthropist Early Walker claimed that violent games (such as “Grand Theft Auto” (Grand Theft Auto)) may affect young players. He met with Illinois State Representative Marcus Evans in January.

Chicago authorities claim that

(Photo: Rosie Greenway/Getty Images Photography)
A customer bought the 18-certified computer game “Grand Theft Auto IV” at the Zavvi store on Oxford Street on April 29, 2008 on the day it was released in London, England. The game was released today on Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION3 consoles, and sold out at the branch in central London on the morning of the release.

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Because of Walker’s interpretation, a law was drafted to amend the 2012 law that prohibits the sale of “Grand Theft Auto” and other video games to young residents of Illinois.
Currently, five different countries have banned various versions of this popular adventure title. However, “Grand Theft Auto” is still available in the United States, which is one of the largest markets for games.

However, once Chicago officially bans the popular game, this situation may soon change. On February 19, last Friday, a former policeman reported that his vehicle had been hijacked in his driveway in the southern suburbs.

He said: “These guys think they will back down immediately, especially because they are teenagers.” Fox 32 Chicago.

Will violent video games really affect young players?

Harvard Health PressThe official website explains that games that show violence, gore, and blood may affect the way young people think. Researchers found that 97% of young people prefer to play video games that contain violent content.

Only two-thirds of them like to play action and adventure games. On the other hand, research in 2008 showed that male players are usually the ones who get titles of violence. This means that “GTA” may affect your carjackers in Chicago.

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Covid 19 coronavirus: Is the vaccine really free? | Instant News

While the authorities are working on the details of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, general practitioners hope the shots will be free unless consultation is required.

Consultations are usually not required for vaccinations so most people will have them done by a nurse, said Dr Bryan Betty, medical director at New Zealand Royal College of General Practitioners.

He hopes that the time and equipment for nurses will be borne by the government.

“The understanding is that there will be no cost barrier to getting vaccinated, and this will be the hope of doctors across the country,” he told the Herald.

Vaccination for the general public is slated to begin in the second half of 2021, in what is called the largest full-scale vaccination campaign in New Zealand history.

The government has announced that Covid-19 vaccination will be free and voluntary for everyone in the country regardless of visa status.

“We have bought enough vaccines to cover all New Zealanders and are doing it for free,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday.

Border workers and managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) will be the first to be vaccinated starting Saturday in Auckland, followed by their household contacts.

They include cleaners, nurses performing MIQ health checks, security personnel, customs and border officials, airline staff and hotel workers.

The second group of people to receive the vaccine were health workers and essential workers in the second quarter of this year.

Responding to the Herald’s inquiries, the Ministry of Health said DHB was leading this initial launch, but that common practice will play an important role in the general public phase.

Funding arrangements will be worked out near the date and doctors will be “given the resources to do this (vaccination) in a safe and timely manner”, said a spokesman.

Whether consultation fees will be funded has not been discussed at this time, Betty said, but most vaccinations must be done once without consultation.

“In terms of immunization rollouts, I don’t think so [consultations] will be part of the funding, because that will be the decision of the patient when vaccinating, “said Betty.

The country’s first batch of Covid-19 vaccine arrived on Monday.

Manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech, it is approved for use in New Zealand for people 16 years and over. Under 16 years of age were not included at this time because they were not part of the clinical trial.

New Zealand has purchase agreements for three other Covid-19 vaccines, which are made by Janssen, Noravax and AstraZeneca.


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New Zealand police assist in the search for Paul Mora, the New Zealand banker wanted by Interpol | Instant News

Paul Robert Mora is wanted by Interpol. Photo / Provided

New Zealand police are assisting German authorities with their investigation of a wanted kiwi man

Interpol, based in Lyon, France, posted a “red notice” on its website seeking information on the whereabouts of 53-year-old Paul Robert Mora, who is suspected of facilitating and concealing fraudulent transactions worth more than € 113 million ($ 190 million).

The 53-year-old is known to be in New Zealand, where he owns property in Christchurch.

A police spokesman said they were fully aware of the Red Notice issued for New Zealand.

He said they had been working with German authorities for some time on this issue.

Property records indicate Mora also owns shared property in the Christchurch suburb of Scarborough.

He allegedly acted on the investor’s behalf when he worked at a large bank between 2006 and 2008.

The Frankfurt prosecutor, who is handling the investigation, said Mora had “many contacts overseas, including in New Zealand, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia and Spain”.

The case against Mora is part of a broader investigation into a so-called cum-ex transaction in which participants would loan each other shares to collect unpaid tax reimbursements.

European countries are thought to have lost tens of billions of euros from these and similar transactions over the years, until bank reporters alerted the media and forced the authorities to stop the practice.

Trials against Mora and other suspects before a court in Wiesbaden, Germany, will start March 25. It has been repeatedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A related court in Bonn last year produced suspended sentences for two British bankers after they agreed to provide detailed information about the fraudulent scheme.

The Company’s offices indicate that Mora still has a number of business interests in New Zealand, and is listed as a director of several Christchurch-based companies.

He attended St Bede’s College and Canterbury University.


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Authorities set up a Karachi vaccination center | Instant News

Authorities have set up a COVID-19 vaccination center in Karachi, ahead of Pakistan’s national inoculation campaign which will start next week.

Residents will be vaccinated gradually, starting with frontline health workers.

The elderly and the general public will be immunized afterwards, said Dr. Aftab Ahmed, head of the vaccination center.

Authorities have also created a cellphone app and started sending messages to the public, asking people to register to be vaccinated.

Earlier this week, Asad Umar, the minister in charge of Pakistan’s virus response, did not say which vaccine to use.

However, Beijing recently promised to give Pakistan 500,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine by January 31.

Pakistan is negotiating with different vaccine manufacturers to get sufficient doses to protect its population.

The South Asian country has recorded more than 11,600 deaths from COVID-19.

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Joe Biden’s Inauguration: DIA New Zealand deploys counter-terror team online | Instant News


A National Guard soldier stands at a roadblock outside the Capitol in Washington DC as security is stepped up ahead of the inauguration ceremony of US President-elect Joe Biden. Photo / AP

The warning of acts of political violence in the United States has prompted New Zealand authorities to deploy an online counter-terrorism team.

The Department of Home Affairs assigned staff to monitor online platforms before, during and immediately after Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration.

Warnings from US law enforcement about the increased risk of domestic terrorism or acts of violence in America prompted the move.

Concerns arose after a crowd supporting defeated President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol two weeks ago.

Jared Mullen, DIA’s director of digital security, said a staff of specialists was ready to detect and respond to content that could harm New Zealanders.

“This includes potentially illegal content, such as videos or images that clearly promote terrorism or extreme violence.”

A protester releases smoke grenades in front of the US Capitol building during the January 6 attack.  Photo / Bloomberg via Getty Images
A protester releases smoke grenades in front of the US Capitol building during the January 6 attack. Photo / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The counter terrorism monitoring team involved staff working in shifts to monitor the situation until at least Friday afternoon.

“Our first priority is to limit the availability of hazardous or potentially illegal materials, especially in cases where the spread of the virus poses a high public risk,” said Mullen.

“After this period, DIA will reassess the need for further monitoring.”

President Donald Trump addresses members of the media while departing from the White House on January 12.  Photo / Bloomberg via Getty Images
President Donald Trump addresses members of the media while departing from the White House on January 12. Photo / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Supporting security precautions in New Zealand in response to an incident in Washington DC is an extraordinary step, said University of Otago political scientist Dr Robert Patman.

It is also a sign of how seriously the current government is taking the threat of right-wing extremism, he added.

Patman said the pictures, the content of the killings were shared on Facebook after Christchurch mosque shooting has surprised many people.

President-elect Joe Biden spoke at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, earlier this month.  Photo / AP
President-elect Joe Biden spoke at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, earlier this month. Photo / AP

Social media platforms are rushing to shut down gruesome content such as the now banned terrorist live streaming, which proliferated after the mosque attacks on March 15, 2019.

Patman said before the Christchurch mosque shootings, local intelligence agencies were more concerned with the threat of Islamic terrorism.

“White supremacist terrorism or extreme white nationalism is not seen as a big problem. That perception has now changed significantly.”

The surge in violent or potentially illegal content has prompted DIA to deploy a team that tracks online traffic before, during and after Joe Biden's inauguration.  Photo / 123RF
The surge in violent or potentially illegal content has prompted DIA to deploy a team that tracks online traffic before, during and after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Photo / 123RF

Patman said the relationship between conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters who refuse to accept the US election results is not isolated internationally.

And he says many members of the group carrying out the deadly Capitol siege appear to have gotten most of their information from conspiracy theory sites.

Martin Cocker, executive director of Netsafe, said the DIA initiative was a possible way to get ahead of malicious content instead of catching up.

In the days following the Capitol riots, security was reviewed at Parliament in Wellington after a glass door was smashed in an ax strike.  Photo / Provided
In the days following the Capitol riots, security was reviewed at Parliament in Wellington after a glass door was smashed in an ax strike. Photo / Provided

“There is intelligence [indicating] likely people want to interfere with the inauguration, “he said.

Cocker understands that groups identified in US intelligence include entities that previously produced harmful and objectionable content.

“Most groups, even with very extreme ideologies, have followers around the world.”

Cocker said news media attention to the inauguration meant some attention-seekers might engage in provocative or extremist action to gain mainstream media coverage.

The Capitol attack also raises questions about security in the Wellington Parliament area.

The Parliamentary Service finally announced a security review – but only after the man with the ax broken glass door in Parliament on December 13.

The attack on Congress earlier this month was the first time the US Capitol was violated since 1812, when British troops invaded.

Joe Biden’s inauguration as United’s 46th President begins at 6am on Thursday New Zealand time.

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