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Prince Philip’s role in promoting Pak-British relations will always be remembered: PM Imran Khan | Instant News

PM Imran Khan (Left) and the late Prince Philip. Photo: Files

Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter and sent his condolences to Britain over the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99 on Friday morning.

“Britain has lost a wise elder who was imbued with a unique spirit of public service,” wrote PM Khan.

“His role in promoting Pakistani-British relations will always be remembered.”

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on Friday morning, Buckingham Palace confirmed in a statement.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who is 99 years old, was recently hospitalized and had a successful heart procedure.

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty announces the death of her beloved husband, Her Majesty Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh,” he said in a statement.

“Your Majesty died peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”

Philip had tied the knot with Elizabeth II in 1947, five years before she took on her role as Queen.

She became the longest royal consort in British history.

The couple have four children together, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Although the cause of death has not been revealed, Philip has been hospitalized for the past few years, most recently in February.

The news of his death comes as the monarchy is recovering from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interviews with Oprah Winfrey, in which they make stark claims against the royal family.

What to expect

The coffin with the body of the Duke of Edinburgh is expected to be moved in the next few days to the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace in London.

Princess Diana was also buried for a few days prior to her funeral in 1997.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the public will not be allowed to see bodies.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s final resting place is expected to be at Frogmore Gardens, on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

England will continue in a state of national mourning in the same way as if the Queen had died.

The mourning period will last until the duke’s funeral, which may be carried out earlier due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Government buildings and military facilities will lower their flags at half-mast, particularly the naval flag because of Prince Philip’s links to the Royal Navy.

However, the Royal Standard flag would continue to fly at full pole because it represented the monarchy, therefore, was never taken down.


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Ulama play an important role for harmony, promoting Islamic values: Qadri – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in March 28, 2021 18:34

Ulama play an important role for harmony, promoting Islamic values: Qadri

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-Ummah Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said Ulama and ulama play an important role for harmony and promotion of Islamic values.

Speaking at an event in Peshawar today (Sunday), he said Prime Minister Imran Khan had highlighted the sanctity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatimnabiyyin Sallallaho Alahe Wa Aalayhi Wa Ashabehi Wassalam and the state of Medina in an international forum.

The minister said the government was in consultation with Muslim Ummahs to draw up a comprehensive plan to end the blasphemy act forever.

Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said clerics would never be a part of dirty politics to protect national resources looted from some political elements.

He said the baseless accusations and propaganda against Pak Army by some elements were very embarrassing.


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The governor emphasized the role of expats in politics | Instant News

LAHORE: Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar urged Overseas Pakistani to become part of the politics and parliaments of the countries they work for because as a member of the parliament of a country, one can influence the policies of that country.

Twenty Pakistanis currently serve as members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It is a matter of pride that Pakistanis hold important positions in many countries including Britain, said the governor. He addressed a reception in honor of American Democrat Tahir Javed at the Governor’s House here on Saturday. The country’s leading political, social and business figures also attended the reception and congratulated Tahir Javed on receiving Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from the President of Pakistan. The governor also gave him a shield in recognition of his services to Pakistan. The governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and the President have recognized Tahir Javed’s merits. He has worked tirelessly to strengthen Pakistan-US relations and Tahir Javed’s service to Pakistan-America is also laudable. The governor said Pakistanis overseas are our country’s ‘assets and ambassadors’, adding that they always stand in solidarity with their compatriots in difficult times which is a testament to their love for Pakistan. US Democrat Tahir Javed said he would continue to work to strengthen ties between the United States and Pakistan. As a long-time diplomat, President Joe Biden has had good relations with Pakistan, adding that the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States will grow closer in the future. Tahir Javed said that the United States must take steps for the economic development of Pakistan. Many members of the US Congress want to provide assistance to Pakistan in the economic field. Efforts are being made to approve a tax exemption and relief bill in other areas, he added.


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The commissioner, the food authority issued a notification in defense of the rising milk prices | Instant News

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has issued notices to the secretary of the provincial head, the Karachi commissioner, the Sindh Food Authority and others about a petition against the sale of milk at an increased price.

Petitioner Abdul Sattar Hakim submitted in his petition that the high court had previously set the price of milk at Rs90 per liter as per government notification; however, milk vendors in various parts of the city sold milk for Rs140 per liter in violation of court orders.

The petitioner said complaints had been filed with the Sindh Food Authority and the Office of the Commissioner against the sale of milk at a higher price but no action had been taken and instead the Commissioner’s Office had given freedom to the association of milk sellers to sell milk at a higher price. rates.

The applicant’s attorney notified SHC that the Office of the Commissioner had failed to fulfill its legal obligation to ensure that milk was sold at the declared price in the city. He added that the sale of illegal milk at higher rates has had a negative impact on the lives of the general public, especially children and babies.

The high court was asked to direct the food authorities and the Office of the Commissioner to ensure that milk is sold at the declared price, and detain milk sellers from selling milk at a higher price.

The applicant also asked SHC to direct the Sindh Food Authority to ensure that the milk available in the shop is chemical free so that it does not harm children and others.

A bench in the SHC division headed by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar, after the initial hearing of the petition, issued notices to the Karachi commissioner, the Sindh Food Authority and others, and summoned their comments.

Application for zoo animals

The SHC has directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and the conservators’ wildlife department to submit comments on a petition calling for the provision of natural habitats for animals at the Karachi Zoo.

Petitioner S Yahya Ahmed, a representative from a non-governmental organization, stated that the zoo manager was responsible for significant damage to the animals currently being kept at the zoo.

He said there have been reports of deaths and diseases of animals living in the zoo, but the government is reluctant to disclose information about the health and welfare of these animals.

The petitioner argued that the lioness in the zoo looked very tired while the monkeys also lived in a very small enclosure and were not properly groomed. He said the zoo administration was not trying to re-create the tigers’ natural habitat and that the enclosures served as cages rather than shelters. He said zoo administration should be accountable to the public at large and ordered to reform its practices and procedures to improve zoos to international standards.

According to the petitioner, the animals in the zoo are subjected to inhuman conditions and their treatment violates Article 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890.

The SHC was asked to direct the zoo administration to provide a list of all the animals present as well as those that have died over the past decade, and disclose their medical records. The petitioner also asked the high court to convert the zoo’s status to a wildlife reserve and to hire an experienced independent veterinarian to carry out a health assessment of all the animals currently residing there.

KMC and wildlife department officials appeared before the court and asked for time to submit comments on the petition. The wildlife conservator also sent a reply to the cause of the show notification and said that due to some coincidence, the notification was not given to him.

SHC issued a cause of performance notice issued to him at a previous hearing for his failure to appear in court. The division bench chaired by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar directed the KMC and the wildlife department to submit comments by April 15.


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Khuhro said the PM doesn’t enjoy the moral authority to rule anymore | Instant News

Sindh branch of Pakistan People’s Party president Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said Imran Khan did not have the moral authority to act again as the country’s prime minister.

He made this point on Saturday while speaking to media people after chairing a meeting of the party’s Sindh branch executive committee to review the arrangements being made for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) anti-government long march to start in Karachi on March 26.

Khuhro said a new chapter had been added to political history because of the PDM’s victory against the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf in a Senate poll held in the National Assembly.

He said Prime Minister Khan had tried to controversial state institutions by giving the impression that they did support the government.

He said PM Khan before asking for a vote of confidence from the National Assembly had warned his party’s lawmakers that they would lose their parliamentary membership if they didn’t lend support to him.

He claimed that the people belonging to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf themselves were tired of the prime minister. He said one should not call elected legislators a “salable commodity”.

Khuhro is of the view that lawmakers in Senate polls are empowered to cast their votes in support of any candidate they like. He said their struggle would continue to safeguard the economic interests of the masses and also save them from exploitation.

He claims that the motion of no confidence that the PDM will put forward against PM Khan will work.

Speaking on the occasion, the Sindh Information Minister and the Regional Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said the PDM no-confidence motion against the PM would be successful.

He said members of the National Assembly would vote according to their conscience after the PDM moved the motion of no-confidence at home.

He condemned the violent incident against Pakistan Muslim League leader-Nawaz outside the Parliament Building in Islamabad.

The PPP Executive Committee Meeting decided on a subsidiary agency to take care of several matters related to the arrangements that will be made for the upcoming long march.


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